The Top 10 Best Toy Doctor Kits for Kids (2019 Edition)

Best Doctor KitsPaging Doogie Houser! Practically every kid loves to play pretend. Roleplaying as a doctor is often a favorite for boys and girls of all ages. The best doctor kits help kids learn about empathy, science, medicine and more.

There are tons of medical kits for kids available – and all those choices can be pretty overwhelming – but we’re here with a cure. Your complete guide to the best doctor kits for kids in 2019 starts right now:

Our #1 Choice
Liberty Imports Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Kit Playset for Kids - Pretend...
Our #2 Choice
Disney Doc McStuffins ORIGINAL Doctor’s Bag- Exclusive
Our #3 Choice
VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor's Kit
Liberty Imports Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Kit Playset for Kids - Pretend...
Disney Doc McStuffins ORIGINAL Doctor’s Bag- Exclusive
VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor's Kit
Price not available
Our #1 Choice
Liberty Imports Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Kit Playset for Kids - Pretend...
Liberty Imports Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Kit Playset for Kids - Pretend...
Our #2 Choice
Disney Doc McStuffins ORIGINAL Doctor’s Bag- Exclusive
Disney Doc McStuffins ORIGINAL Doctor’s Bag- Exclusive
Our #3 Choice
VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor's Kit
VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor's Kit
Price not available

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Liberty Imports Blue Medical Kit Playset for Kids


  • Seven distinct tools with unique functions
  • Cool blue style with durable construction
  • Great introductory set


  • Plastic storage case not included

The Liberty Imports Blue Medical Kit includes a toy stethoscope, reflex hammer, syringe needle, clamp, thermometer, magnifier and flashlight. The stethoscope makes a heartbeat noise, the syringe has spring action and several other tools light up. Tools are about five inches long.

These tools are suitable for ages three through 10. They’re a great choice to introduce a child to the basic tools a doctor uses. At the same time, the tools are all very general and it’s easy to understand how to use them.

Circle number2

Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag


  • Doc McStuffins theme kit
  • Full variety of medical toys
  • Includes character stickers


  • Best for fans of the show

Disney’s Doc McStuffins is a six-year-old girl who talks to stuffed animals and provides medical care. This Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set is great for kids because they can play pretend with their own stuffed animals.

Kit includes a Doc’s magical stethoscope (used in the show), a bandage cuff, blood pressure cuff, syringe, thermometer and more. Also includes a fun set of Doc McStuffins stickers.

Circle number3

VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor’s Kit


  • Light-up cartoons rate patient’s “health”
  • Includes two patient cards for make-believe fun
  • Durable carrying case for easy transport


  • Requires batteries

VTech has a knack for building educational toys which disguise the learning behind tons of fun. Their Pretend and Discover Doctor’s Kit includes a stethoscope, otoscope, bandage, syringe and thermometer.

Toys have a unique light-up face which can look sick, healthy, sleepy, happy and more. Even young kids who can’t read will understand the concept of how medical care helps people feel better. Also includes three fun activities. All items fit neatly into the included carrying case.

Circle number4

Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope


  • Large kit
  • Tons of cool sound effects
  • Secure carrying case


  • Many tools to keep track of

With 12 pieces of equipment, including an electronic stethoscope, the Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit is one of the largest doctor’s kits available. But the real star here are all of the realistic sound effects. For instance, the stethoscope produces realistic coughing and heart beat noises.

Keeping track of all 12 tools and gadgets is actually pretty simple with the included carrying case. Snap-lock latches keep the case secure for easy travel and storage. All toys are made from durable plastic which can be quickly cleaned with simple soap and water.

Circle number5

B. Toys by Battat Dr. Doctor Toy


  • Introductory kit for toddlers
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Nine tools and storage case


  • Older kids might find kit too simple

The Dr. Doctor Medical Kit is a great way to introduce toddlers to these types of toys. All nine toys are super durable and safe for kids as young as 18 months. Includes a stethoscope with a heartbeat sound, safety syringe, safety scissors and more. Equipment is easy to hold and lightweight.

Kids over the age of six or seven might want a more complicated kit. But young ones will love these nine basic medical toys.

Circle number6

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume


  • High-quality doctor costume for kids
  • Seven pieces including jacket and mask
  • Includes four-piece medical kit


  • Medical kit doesn’t have many features

A costume adds to the imaginative play. The Melissa & Doug Doctor Costume seven-piece outfit for kids includes a jacket, mask, reusable name tag and more. The jacket and mask are both machine washable.

Aside from the clothing, this kit also includes stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope and syringe. The stethoscope makes sound effects. Great for everyday play but can also be used for a Halloween costume.

Circle number7

Fisher-Price Medical Kit


  • Nice selection of different toys
  • High quality, safe materials
  • Fisher-Price satisfaction guarantee


  • Features are pretty common

This is a full doctor kit which balances both imaginative place and scientific discovery. The stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and all over items are colorful, durable and soft. This kit is made for kids between the ages of three and six.

Each piece is interactive. The blood pressure gauge spins. The stethoscope makes a heart noise. The thermometer has a toggle between “sick” and “well.” While there aren’t a ton of special features, this is a good all-around medical kit for younger kids.

Dragon Drew Wooden Doctor Kit for Kids


  • Stylish all-wood construction
  • Includes toys not found in many other kits
  • Safe and non-toxic


  • Not particularly water resistant

This all-wooden Doctor’s Playset from Dragon Drew includes a stethoscope, syringe, reflex hammer and other items commonly found in doctor kits. But there are some relatively unique items here, too, including a medical bottle, tongue depressor and prescription bottle.

Each piece is made from 100% real wood with non-toxic paints. The toys comply with all international toy safety standards.

Zooawa Doctors Kit Pretend Play


  • 13 different medical tools
  • Bright colors
  • Safe with no sharp edges


  • Small lid on medicine bottle can be a choking hazard

Instead of a pretend doctor’s office, kids can use the Zooawa Doctors Kit to run an imaginary hospital. Among the 13 pieces are a scalpel, ear probe, injection syringe, medical bottle and more. All pieces are made from non-sharp ABS plastic.

The main focus with this kit is audio and visual stimulation. The stethoscope makes a heartbeat sound. Both the dental mirror and otoscope have lights. Soft and easy to hold, the tools are a safe choice for examining other people (and maybe even pets).

Pet Vet Toy Doctor Kit for Kids


  • Veterinarian clinic with stuffed animals
  • Includes a set of toy medical equipment
  • Clinic doubles as a carrying case


  • Child’s existing stuffed animals might not fit inside clinic

Not all kids are interesting in providing medical care for people. The B. Pet Vet Toy Doctor Kit is a veterinarian’s office playset with toy medical tools and even plush animal toys to care for. All pieces can be stored inside the clinic. Great for ages two and above.

The clinic has separate rooms for each patient. Includes a dog, cat and owl stuffed animal. The child’s own stuffed animals can also be treated as well. A fun alternative for kids ages two and up who love animals.


How to Find the Best Doctor Kit for Kids

There are no specific rules about what items must be in a child’s toy doctor kit. Some kits are stuffed full of high-quality, educational toys. Others? Not so much. When shopping for a doctor kit for kids, you want to consider the number, quality and type of the items contained inside. You’ll want to match the contents of the doctor bag with your child’s interests.

Finding the best doctor bag for your young one is actually pretty easy when you know what to look for. Here are the answers to common questions many people have when shopping for a toy doctor kit.

What Items Should Be in a Toy Doctor Kit?

Doctor kits will typically have between five and 10 different toy medical devices. Generally, you’ll find a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, syringe, thermometer and other common items.

Of course, none of these items will provide medical care (although you can sometimes hear a heartbeat with a toy stethoscope). Instead, the toys will often be slightly larger than the real items, making them easier to hold onto. Toys are usually made from composite plastic with no toxic chemicals.

Some medical kits try to replicate the functions of the tool as closely as possible. This is often fun for older kids who want to roleplay as a doctor. Younger kids tend to prefer toys which light up and make noise. For example, stethoscopes will often make a heartbeat noise.

Most toys which move or make noise require batteries. Wooden toys typically don’t make any noise but they also have more freedom of use because they don’t need power.

Many toy doctor kits will include some type of carrying case for travel and storage. However, this isn’t the case for every kit. If the kit doesn’t include a case, you have an increased risk of losing pieces over time.

What Benefits Do Medical Toy Kits Have?

Doctor kits for kids have a variety of benefits. First, they let children pretend to be doctors. This doesn’t necessarily encourage your child to become a doctor later in real life. However, all roleplay and make-believe play helps children learn social skills, language skills and critical thinking.

Doctor kits also encourage group play. One child can be the doctor while friends, siblings and even parents can play the role of patient. This type of play helps develop empathy. Even the simplest toy medical kits help with these emotional development benefits.

Medical kits also help kids learn about basic science. They’ll have a natural curiosity about what each toy tool is and does. They can learn simple concepts about basic health and anatomy.

Playing with doctor kits also helps kids feel more comfortable during real visits to the doctor’s office. They’ll feel less nervous around the procedures and equipment. If your child is especially frightened about visiting the doctor, consider having them bring along their toy doctor kit. This can be a great icebreaker to help the child feel comfortable with the doctor.

How Safe are Toy Doctor’s Kits?

They should be perfectly safe as long as long as you follow the recommended age guidelines. These guidelines help determine whether the kit has any parts which might be a choking hazard.

Make sure kids know how to properly play with medical tools. If kids are playing together, teach them to be careful and avoid injury. For instance, they should never use a toy to poke another child in the eye. You’ll also want to make sure they understand appropriate behavior as well.

Of course, a child’s doctor’s kit only contains toys. Make sure kids know to never treat actual injuries with their toys. Tell them to go find a trusted adult instead.

Final Thoughts

While it’d be great if your child grew up to be a successful doctor, that’s not really the point of a toy medical bag. The best doctor kits for kids help teach social skills, empathy, basic science, anatomy and more. While toy doctor kits don’t provide any actual medical care, they can do wonders to foster healthy development in boys and girls of all ages.

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