The Best Toy Tea Sets for Kids Tea Parties in 2022

Best Tea Sets for Kids

It’s time for tea! Kid-sized tea sets have been a popular toy among girls and boys for generations. Kids can drink pretend tea with stuffed animals or real beverages with friends. Toy tea sets help develop motor skills, social skills, and creativity.

Are you looking for a toy tea set? Well, grab a cup of (real) tea and settle in. We’ve rounded up the best tea sets for kids in 2022. Plus, our complete guide will help you select a set your child is sure to love.

Best Tea Sets for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Play Tea Set

Melissa & Doug’s tea set is durable and delightful with the high quality you’d expect from this top brand.


  • Charming pink-and-green garden theme
  • All items are certified food-safe with no toxins or BPAs
  • High-quality construction withstands years of use


  • Dishwashing can damage cups over time (hand washing is much better)
  • Butterfly design might not appeal to every child

For over 30 years, Melissa & Doug have been considered the gold standard for most toys. Their tea set is no exception. It’s a charming design with safe, high-quality construction ideal for kids between three and five.

The set has a garden and butterfly theme with pink cups and green leaf-shaped coasters. It includes four cups, four saucers, four spoons, and a teapot.

All items are certified food safe. They contain no BPAs or PVCs. You can wash them in the dishwasher without issue. They’re built to last years of use.

Green Toys Tea Set

With soft plastic and plenty of pastels, this charming tea set is perfect for up to four kids.


  • Colorful pastels
  • Meets FDA standards for food service
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic


  • The teapot can develop leaks over time
  • Sugar container has holes in the bottom

They didn’t choose the name Green Toys at random. This tea set is made from 100% recycled material with recycled cardboard packaging. All materials used are non-toxic and meet FDA standards. They contain no BPA or harmful chemicals.

The set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, four cups, four saucers, and four spoons. Lids are interchangeable.

The set has a peaceful pastel coloring with light blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. It’s dishwasher friendly so kids can drink tea, milk, juice and more. Of course, you don’t need a real liquid. It’s also fun to play pretend.

Toysmith 17-Piece Lil’ Tea Tote Set

A classic floral tea set which is easily transported inside the included pink tote.


  • 17-piece set serves four
  • Pink tote holds all items for easy carry
  • Teapot, cups, and saucers made from real porcelain
  • Suitable for kids ages eight and up


  • Porcelain is more fragile than plastic

While plastic sets are great for younger kids, older kids often love something a bit fancier. This 17-piece porcelain set has a painted floral design. It looks just like a fancy adult tea set!

The included pink case has specific, cushioned slots for every item. You can carry the set anywhere without worrying about cracking the porcelain.

It’s a complete set for four which includes a teapot, cups, saucers, spoons, a sugar bowl, and a creamer. Because porcelain is far easier to break than plastic, the set is recommended for ages eight and up (although is probably fine for kids a year or two younger if they’re responsible).

Lucy Locket Woodland Animals Tin Tea Set

A 14-piece tea set for four with delightful decorations featuring owls and a woodland theme.


  • Features great illustrations of owls, foxes and more
  • 14-piece set with cups, saucers, teapot and serving tray
  • All items fit into the cardboard carrying case


  • Best for pretend play
  • Teacups are small

Hold your next tea party outdoors with this woodland animal tea set from Luck Locket. The cups feature charming cartoon owls while the saucers have foxes, hedgehogs, and other forest critters.

It’s a 14-piece set for four. The cups are two inches in diameter while the plates are three and a half. All items fit into the laminated cardboard carrying case.

Note the set is best for pretend play. It’s not rated for food by the FDA. Plus, the tin can become corroded over time if left outside.

But it’s great for imaginative play. The delightful cartoon characters and colorful design are sure to inspire creative fun.

Kidzland Play Tea Set

This working set made from colorful, durable plastic is safe for kids three and up.


  • Durable, easy-grip set suitable for kids three and up
  • BPA-free plastic cups are safe to drink from
  • Bold primary colors appeal to younger kids


  • The design is very conventional

Younger kids aren’t known for being careful, but this tough tea set is perfect for small hands. It’s made from durable, BPA-free plastic. Every item will bounce back from even high falls.

The 15-piece set has four cups, four saucers, a sugar cup with a lid, a creamer container and a teapot. They’re bright primary colors which are sure to engage young ones.

All items are certified food safe. Of course, you want to closely supervise if serving any hot liquids. But otherwise, kids can eat off the plates and drink from the cups without worry.

Lucy Locket Tin Tea Set

Any kid who loves pretty tea sets likely loves unicorns, too. This 15-piece tea set features a rainbow-colored unicorn friend.


  • Full-color unicorn cartoon
  • 14-piece set
  • Included carrying case


  • Same unicorn drawing repeated throughout the set

Tea sets and unicorns go together like tea and crumpets. Little girls especially love this set featuring an amazing cartoon of a rainbow-colored unicorn.

It’s a 14-piece set with cups, saucers, plates, a teapot, and a serving tray. The magical unicorn pal is displayed on plates, serving tray and carrying case.

The cups and plates are made from stainless steel. While that is safe to drink from, liquids can have a slight metallic aftertaste.

Liberty Imports Deluxe Afternoon Tin Tea Set

You never know when the Queen might come over! This tin tea playset features a three-tier cake stand like just like you’ve seen in the movies.


  • Fancy pretend set with fake food
  • Includes pretend pastries, cakes and more
  • 39-piece set allows for group play


  • Small size

Most kids are familiar with the fancy tea parties where tiers of cake are served. Liberty Imports Deluxe Afternoon Tea Set is a toy version of a tea party worthy of royalty.

It features 39 pieces including cups, saucers, utensils, a serving tray and more. Plus, there’s a three-tier cake stand with pretend cake slices, pastries, and other colorful delights.

All items are made from stainless steel and ABS-free plastic. This is a pretend tea set you shouldn’t eat from, although it’s still safe to touch the items to your lips.

The pieces in this site are relatively small, even for little kids. It’s best as a tea set for dolls and stuffed animals.

Jewelkeeper 15 Piece Kids Pretend Toy Tin Tea Set & Carry Case

A fun-themed tin tea set with everything you need to inspire imagination


  • Made from tin for added durability
  • 100% BPA and lead-free
  • Your child can conveniently transport all pieces in the themed carrying case
  • Quick and easy to clean


  • Size of pieces may seem small in comparison to other kits

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this colorful 15-piece tin tea set. Each set comes carefully packaged in a laminated cardboard carrying case that features a durable metal handle.

Your child can choose from nine different intricately illustrated themes such as ballerina, unicorn, or llama. This lightweight set weighs 1.4 pounds, making it easy to carry on family outings or tea parties with friends.

Because this set consists of tin, it isn’t as breakable as ceramic or porcelain, so it will last through years of indoor and outdoor use. Jewelkeeper tests each tin set to ensure they are 100% BPA and lead-free, making them safe for use. Even more, the set takes very little effort to clean and can be done with a damp cloth.

This set contains small pieces, so it isn’t suitable for children under three. However, children three and up will adore showing this cute and colorful set off to their friends!

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pretend Play Tea Set

Another quality Melissa & Doug product, this stainless steel tea set has a unique look with looped handles and riveted joints.


  • Shiny stainless-steel set has a cool, unique style
  • 11-piece set can serve real food
  • The gender-neutral design appeals to girls and boys


  • Relatively high price compared to similarly sized sets

Check out that shiny polish! Melissa & Doug is never short on unique ideas, and you won’t find anything else quite like this stainless-steel set.

It’s an 11-piece set with a lid, two cups, two saucers, two spoons, creamer, a sugar bowl, and tongs. It’s easy to use, has no sharp edges and is designed for kids three and up. It’s great for pretend play but also safe to serve real food in, too.

Unlike many sets, the sleek look is gender neutral. Great for anyone interested in cooking, too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kids Tea Sets

What are the Different Types of Toy Tea Sets?

Toy tea seats are divided into two general types:

  • Sets for Younger Kids (Under the age of 8 or so)
  • Sets for Older Kids (Kids over 9 or so)

Sets for younger kids are the most durable type. They’re usually made from soft plastic. Look for BPA-free plastic. It contains no harmful Bisphenol A, a type of plastic which can damage your health.

Plastic tea sets should be certified as food safe by the FDA. This means you can safely eat and drink off the plates and cups.

Check the packaging for confirmation, but most plastic tea sets will be certified safe for food. However, be careful about tea sets made from metal, especially tin. Metal sets are common but not necessarily safe for eating and drinking.

Sets for older kids can be fancier. Many are made from porcelain, just like high-end adult sets. Also, many fancier kid sets will feature drawings or designs. Cartoons characters and princess themes are both popular.

You’ll also find many tea sets made from stainless steel. That’s perfectly safe to drink from but does require extra care. You can’t let any liquids sit for a long time otherwise rust or damage can occur. Also, some people find stainless steel cups give liquids a funny taste.

How Do Kids Play with Tea Sets?

Tea sets are great for unstructured play, which means kids can play with them in many different ways. However, usually, tea sets play can be divided into two types: creative and social.

Creative play emphasizes imagination. A child who throws a tea party for her stuffed animal guests is playing creatively. She’s making up scenarios, dialogue, voices and more.

Creative play helps develop problem-solving skills, emotional processing and more. A tea set is a comfortable, quiet toy which gives kids time to think and process a wide range of emotions.

Social play involves other people, like siblings, parents or friends. Kids learn how to communicate with others. Often, props and rules can help young kids feel comfortable communications. With a tea set, the child can serve tea and food, which requires interaction with every guest.

Social play often involves the serving of real food and drinks. Make sure the tea set is certified food safe. Also, make sure the tea set is durable enough for all the guests. For example, a 10-year-old is usually responsible enough to own a porcelain tea set – but her five-year-old sister might cause chaos at the tea party!

Are Tea Sets Safe?

Generally, yes. Just make sure kids (and parents) always follow a few simple safety rules:

First, make sure the tea set is food safe. Even if the set is only used to play pretend, you’re better off with certified safe items. Kids will touch the cups, plates, and silverware with their mouths and hands.

Generally, avoid tea sets made from metal or wood. They’re not safe for contact with lips. Only allow them for kids who are only enough to understand the risks. Otherwise, choose a set made from ABS-free plastic or porcelain. Stainless steel is also safe, but can’t be exposed to water for extended periods.

Porcelain does have risks which plastic doesn’t. If a porcelain dish or cup drops, the broken pieces can cause accidental injury. Unfortunately, porcelain is pretty light, so it can really fly around when shattered. Only older kids should play with porcelain sets.

Finally, always practice proper hygiene. Cups should be washed after every use. Even a small amount of milk, bread or other foods can rot and attract bugs. It’s easy to forget that tea sets aren’t only toys; they’re also dishes.

Many tea sets are dishwasher safe. If not, wash by hand with soap like any other kitchenware. As a good rule, if you can’t wash your tea set by hand (for instance, if it’s made of wood), you shouldn’t be eating off it, either.

What Does a Typical Tea Set Contain?

Most tea sets for kids will serve four. They’ll have four cups, saucers and spoons. Sets will always have a teapot, too.

Fancier sets will have accessories like creamer cups, sugar cube container, tongs and more. The most elaborate sets can be 30 pieces or more.

Storage can be an issue. You probably want a set with a storage case. A case helps to store the items safely. Plus, a case makes the set easy to carry – and what’s better than having a party in the backyard, woods or other new location?

Can Boys Play with Tea Sets?

Absolutely! Tea sets are commonly thought of as a girl’s toy, but they’re fun and educational for everyone. Young boys experience the same social, creative and other benefits girls do from playing with tea sets.

Many boys like the idea of a tea set but don’t like the “girly” designs. Fortunately, you can find sets with woodland creates, plain colors or other gender-neutral options. Tea sets are often fun for boys who like to play with stuffed animals.

Final Thoughts

Tea sets are a classic for a reason. They’re simple, fun and help kids develop a variety of social and creative skills.

When shopping for a tea set, make sure you select one appropriate for the age and interests of the child. You can find durable sets for kids as young as three or fancier sets for older kids and preteens.

Get ready for a tea party—and don’t forget to extend your pinky finger when tipping back the teacup!

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