Review: Liberty Imports Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Playset for Kids

At my 4-year-old daughter’s most recent doctor’s appointment, her doctor let her look at his stethoscope, and she enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy her a children’s medical set. After a little research, I chose Liberty Import’s Doctor Nurse Medical Playset.

With seven different medical tools, this kit also features realistic sound effects, interactive items, and is a fantastic way to encourage imagination and caring during playtime.

Who Should Use This Product?

This toy set is an excellent choice for children with a desire for creative play and a sense of curiosity. Even those with an early interest in medicine will love it. Children aged three and up will most enjoy this kit, which promises plenty of fun and will also help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

When I bought this medical set for my daughter, I wanted a toy that would foster imaginative play and introduce her to the medical instruments she seemed so interested in at her doctor’s appointment. I was also pleased that this toy offered an opportunity to work on her dexterity and language skills.

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What You Should Know

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase Liberty Import’s Medical Playset.

  • Stethoscope with realistic heartbeat sound effect and light
  • Spring action syringe
  • Reflex hammer and thermometer that light up
  • A clamp that works to grab items or other instruments
  • Magnifier and flashlight each with a white light.

This kit has everything a future doctor needs to start practicing patient care, but the true test came when my daughter began playing with it.

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My First Impressions

My daughter was incredibly excited to play with this kit. She loved the blue color and was interested in all of the different shapes of the instruments. I noticed that the plastic used to make the items looked relatively cheap, and the working syringe seemed fragile.

The sounds and lights on the instruments immediately delighted my daughter. Five of the seven items light up, and she quickly began pushing all of the buttons and shining all of the lights. Once she discovered the stethoscope made heartbeat sound effects, she ran around and pressed it against every surface she could find.

After the stethoscope, she picked up the syringe, pushing it into my arm, the couch, and everywhere else. The stethoscope and syringe were her favorites from the set, though the reflex hammer, which she remembered from her appointment, also fascinated her.

The Use Phase

As my daughter has continued to play with this set over the last three weeks, I have noticed that it keeps her busy for a few hours every day. It has encouraged her to be more imaginative in her play, and she even set up a hospital for her dolls and stuffed animals.

She still loves the stethoscope, but the light is broken now. She has complained that it is uncomfortable to wear in her ears, and when I tried it on, I realized that the plastic is a bit hard and tight. She wears it around her neck now instead and doesn’t seem to mind since the heartbeat sound comes from the other end of the stethoscope, and she can still hear it.

While the lights and sound effects thrill my daughter, the white lights in the flashlight and magnifier are a little too bright. The Liberty Import Doctor Nurse Blue Medical Playset for Kids includes plenty of basic instruments to play with, though my daughter also enjoyed adding other essentials to the kit, like a box of Band-Aids.


This medical set works very well for my daughter. It provides her with hours of play and encourages her to create imaginary situations. She likes to care for her dolls, stuffed animals, and even her friends and siblings. I enjoy that she can play independently with this set or include others for a more collaborative experience.

The quality is relatively low, but it’s what I expected for such a low price. Considering how inexpensive it is, I am pleased with the instruments included. They light up, they have realistic sound effects, and they are interactive. My daughter has certainly played with it enough for it to be worth the money.

Final Thoughts

This medical set is worth it for the hours of inventive play it inspires. At a low price, it is an excellent role-play toy that helps develop motor and language skills. I hope that it may even reassure and prepare my daughter for her doctor visits.

Overall, I rate this toy a 4/5. Although it is not a premium quality toy, these instruments are interactive and exciting for my daughter, and she genuinely enjoys playing with them.

Brett Gordon

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