Review: Best Choice Products Kids Educational Cash Register

When my 4-year-old daughter recently asked me for a toy cash register, I began researching features to find the best one. I wanted one that would allow her to use a scanner, a calculator, and a cash drawer and to develop counting skills. After looking into a few different toys, I eventually decided on Best Choice Products Kids Cash Register.

This cash register offers a realistic grocery experience that encourages interactive play with sounds and lights, as well as skill development in math and counting.

Who Should Use This Product?

The Best Choice Products Cash Register is an excellent toy for entertaining young children with its workable scanner and microphone. It also helps kids learn about money and making change. This particular cash register is best for children aged three and up.

I purchased this cash register for my 4-year-old daughter because its primary purpose aligned with what I wanted in a toy for her: one that both entertains and teaches basic skills.

What You Should Know

There are several toy cash registers available from different manufacturers. Here are some key features that set this particular one apart from the rest.

  • Working calculator, conveyor belt, scanner, and microphone
  • Also includes a grocery basket, groceries, play money, and credit card
  • Lights and sounds for engagement
  • No assembly required
  • Needs 2 AA-batteries

After learning about these characteristics, I chose this cash register over others because of the many interactive components I knew my daughter would love.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.

My First Impressions

When I first saw this cash register, I felt it looked very realistic for a toy. The calculator really worked, as did the microphone and the scanner. The money, however, did not look like real money but it does have amounts on it so children can make the correct change. The groceries were a bit on the small side, and I was worried about them getting lost.

Once my daughter started playing with this register, I could see how much she loved it and how well it engaged her. She picked up the scanner right away and especially enjoyed it when it beeped, and the red light flashed. She also enjoyed talking into the microphone, though I noticed that it muffled her voice slightly.

At first, she wasn’t very interested in the money, but once I encouraged her to play with the cash drawer, she liked pushing the button to open it and placing the money inside. Swiping the credit card also occupied her for a little while, along with manually turning the conveyor belt.

The Use Phase

All components of this cash register are easy to use, so kids can play with the toy right away after inserting the batteries. As my daughter played with it throughout the day, she discovered more and more interactive features. Once she grew tired of one, she simply moved on to the next.

We also realized that the Best Choice Products Kids Pretend Electronic Cash Register Set is easy to transport since everything fits into the basket and register. I do recommend that parents attach the key to the register somehow. Ours has already gone missing, though all of the groceries have survived, which is a pleasant surprise.

This cash register held my daughter’s attention for many weeks. Even now, about four weeks after it arrived, she still plays with it almost every day. So far, the paper money is still intact, though I feel confident that it will tear at some point. Otherwise, this register is a high-quality toy that my daughter adores.


My daughter and I are both thrilled with this cash register. Except for the missing key, it remains in perfect working condition. My daughter continues to play with it engagingly. She is still excited to scan items, pop open the cash drawer, and talk into the built-in microphone.

This register served the exact purpose I had purchased it for: to provide exciting play along with skill development. I can see that my daughter’s counting has improved and that she has become more comfortable punching prices into the calculator.

Final Thoughts

I am pleased with this cash register and feel it is an excellent toy for the price point. My daughter loves playing with it even a month after first opening it. It is perfect for encouraging interactive play, both independently and with another person. It also has been an excellent method for introducing her to the necessary math skills.

I rate this cash register a 4/5 for overall experience and durability. My daughter and I have tons of fun together playing cashier and customer, and it provides a delightful blend of education and amusement in one imaginative toy.

Brett Gordon

The brains behind The Toy Report. Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, Brett is dedicated to making The Toy Report a trusted space in the world of toy reviews and recommendations.