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Welcome to The Toy Report, your number one resource for toy recommendations for girls and boys of all ages. Picking the right toy for a child can often feel confusing – we’re here to help. Our fully comprehensive site has everything you need to know about choosing toys which are safe, educational, and FUN.

After all, toys do much more than simply keep kids busy. Toys are valuable teaching tools which aid in every stage of development from newborn through the teenage years and beyond.

How We Help You Pick the Best Toys & Games

As every parent knows, kids grow up pretty fast. And their interests and needs can change dramatically from one year to the next. Choosing the right toys is about more than keeping up with popular trends.

Our age-based guides will help you choose the best toys for age-appropriate development. Toys are evaluated with consideration for a child’s motor skills, critical thinking abilities and more. As your child grows, our guides can help you find the best toys for their developmental needs.

Children develop various interests over the years, and their favorite toys will reflect those interests. We’ve also created a series of guides based on types of toys such as the best bath toys, beach toys and more.

Finally, we’ve also published a series of different guides about the history of toys. As it turns out, most popular toys have a pretty interesting history. Plus, learning a bit about the development of popular toys can help you understand what benefits they provide.

We love toys and games. Only the best toys are chosen to be featured in our guides. Each toy is carefully considered according to several criteria:

Is the toy safe? All toys must be made of non-toxic materials and contain no potential hazards. Toy safety is heavily age-dependent. A toy for a toddler is obviously very different than one made for a pre-teen. When choosing any toy for your child, make sure you always follow the recommended age guidelines.

Are there any developmental benefits? Toys for toddlers often teach basic concepts like colors and shapes. When the kids are a little older, toys help teach more advanced concepts like letters, numbers and words. As kids grow into pre-teens, toys help with more specific lessons such as chemistry, math and more.

Is it FUN? Determining how fun a toy is can be subjective, but mainly you want to consider your child’s interests and age. For instance, toddlers actually have very poor vision, so they often respond well to toys which have bright colors and make lots of noise.

What does it cost? When selecting toys, we try to find a wide range of prices suitable for every budget. The overall value depends not just on the price but also how long the child will likely play with the toy. We’ll help you avoid spending big bucks on a toy which your child will only be interested in for a year.

Our Philosophy

The universe of toys is vast, and our goal is to make it easier to navigate. All of our guides are designed to be quick, easy reads which are packed with information. Whether you’re looking for a very specific type of toy or simply have no clue what to buy, we can help. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more turn to our site for honest information about toys for kids of all ages.

Of course, some things are more important than toys. All children deserve safe, healthy living conditions. In order to help give back, we donate a portion of all affiliate commissions earned to the Red Cross.

Who Created The Toy Report?

Brett Gordon is the brains behind The Toy Report.

Sure, he’s a thirty-something Southern Californian climbing the corporate ladder by day, but by night, Brett spends most of his time contributing to the online world of toys and games.

Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, he’s dedicated to positioning The Toy Report as a prime toy-fan resource.

Brett noticed a gap in the market for accurate toys & games real-time reviews and ratings, so he simply decided to something about that. With his technical skills, deep understanding of toy terminology and capability for research, The Toy Report is primed to become a go-to guide for carefully curated, articulate articles and industry information.

Brett built TheToyReport.com website page by page himself. He’s always looking for ways to improve the site and work toward delivering a better user experience.

Got a question or site feedback for him? Hit him up: brett (at) thetoyreport.com or use the contact form. We welcome any and all of your suggestions for making the site as helpful and accurate as possible.

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