10 Best Cash Register Toys – 2022 Edition

Best Cash Register Toys

Cha-ching! Ring up some fun with a toy cash register. The best toy cash registers engage the imagination while also teaching object recognition, math skills, social interactions and more. Cash register toys are available for boys and girls of all ages. Here’s a look at our favorite toy cash registers for 2022.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

The Learning Journey Shop and Learn Cash Register


  • Talks in both English and Spanish
  • Includes three play modes
  • Helps develop math and communication skills


  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Small pieces not safe for kids under two

The Shop and Learn Cash Register has a big smiling face and the ability to talk in both English and Spanish. Three different play modes helps kids learn about numbers, colors and language. Includes five colorful toy foods, five coins and a credit card. Best for ages two to five.

Kids learn counting, addition and other math skills. Because this is a talking cash register, kids are able to also develop language and social interaction skills. Cash drawer pops out and you can run the credit card through a reader.

Circle number2

JOYIN Pretend Play Cash Register


  • Comes in two languages: English and Spanish
  • A good size, so a variety of ages can use the cash register easily
  • Language feature is easy to adjust
  • Has a study mode for learning and a free shopping mode for play


  • Toy doesn’t include any directions
  • Phrases it says are loud and repetitive

This cash register toy is about more than just having fun with your kids – although that’s a critical piece of the whole experience. The cash register toy is a staple for any home toy room. Nothing is more satisfying than the beeping sound of the toy barcode scanner or the authentic bell that rings every time the drawer pops open.

The JOYIN Pretend Play Cash Register focuses on giving your kids an educational experience while also having fun playing like they own a grocery store. With plenty of accessories such as plastic fruit and fake money, you can create a real-life shopping experience.

One of the best things about The JOYIN Pretend Play Cash Register is how it encourages tactile and motor movements in your children. It helps them become more dexterous as they exchange money, type on the keys, and fiddle with the drawer.

The register can change to multiple different languages, encouraging diversity and interest in foreign languages in your young kiddos. The toy is child-safe and non-toxic, making it a great, safe, toy option.

Circle number3

Hape Checkout Register Kid’s Wooden Pretend Play Set


  • Well-made wooden register
  • Includes toy money and credit cards
  • Durable and strong


  • Has no lights or sounds

The Hape Checkout Register is a solid, classic cash register made from wood with a non-toxic finish. The register includes a barcode scanner, credit card reader, cash, coins and credit cards. The drawer opens and the register buttons can be pressed.

Because this is a wooden cash register, it has no lights or sounds. However, there’s a pleasant simplicity to the toy. Plus, it’s a solid toy designed to last for years. Because some of the coins are small, this register is best for children over the age of three.

Circle number4

Little Tikes Count ‘n Play


  • Colorful, durable design
  • Great for younger kids
  • Helps teach color and shape identification


  • Not enough features to entertain older kids

Kids between the ages of three and five will love this Count ‘n Play toy cash register from Little Tikes. Helps children learn color, number and size matching. Sliding the credit card through the slot causes coins to drop into the drawer. Pulling the handle opens the drawer so the child can then grab the coins.

This is a brightly colored toy register with fairly simple operation designed for younger kids. The register has large handles which little hands can grab comfortably. Register also makes a “cha-ching” sound when the handle is pulled.

Circle number5

Bolek Pink Toy Cash Register


  • Solar powered, which helps little ones learn about the environment
  • Includes a shopping basket
  • Extensive emphasis on child safety
  • Includes two scanners


  • Handheld scanner is a bit short
  • Scanners don’t scan individual items
  • Grocery items are made of cardboard

Having a cash register toy around can help kids learn fine motor skills, the importance of organization, and how fun math can be if they put their minds to it. The Polek Pink Toy Cash Register hits all of those boxes.

This cash register is easy to use and promotes fun and learning. There are plenty of accessories that make it even more fun, and the sounds it makes will keep the kids engaged and having a blast the whole time they play.

The cash register comes with a solar-powered calculator that never runs out of batteries because it doesn’t run on batteries. There’s no telling what kind of fun the kids can whip up when they’ve got endless amounts of entertainment.

With 19 pieces that are safe and child-friendly, you can leave your kids alone with this playset and not worry about them swallowing any of the fake money.

Not only does the Bolek Cash Register come in pink, but you can also purchase it in green if your child would prefer. No matter what color you choose, your kids are going to have a blast playing with this fun toy.

Circle number6

Funerica Durable Cash Register


  • Full of features
  • Includes plastic fruit and other groceries
  • Has a working microphone


  • Coins can be a choking hazard for children under one

This Toy Cash Register from Funerica has tons of features for creating a pretend grocery store. Includes money, credit cards and eight special coins. The register makes a fun noise whenever coins are inserted or the drawer is opened. Toddlers and older kids will enjoy the working microphone, moveable scanner and numerous buttons.

Kid grocers will also love the included six pieces of cuttable fruit, cutting board and knife. Don’t worry – it’s all dull, soft plastic. “Cutting” simply involves separating the fruit into pre-designed segments. Overall, the toy set is durable and well-made with plenty of different activities.

Circle number7

Fisher-Price Classics Retro Cash Register


  • Modern update on timeless design
  • Helps develop fine motor skills


  • No electronics

Don’t be surprised if this cash register looks familiar. The Fisher-Price Classics Retro Cash Register has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Still features the same simple but endlessly fun design. Kids watch the coins roll down the ramp, then they turn the crank to open the drawer as a bell rings.

The toy cash register teaches children counting and color recognition. Handling the coins also helps young ones develop fine motor control. This toy is a classic for a reason!

Imagination Generation Wood Eats!


  • Durable, sturdy wooden design
  • Requires no batteries


  • Minimal features

The 22 piece Wood Eats play set includes a register, cash, change and credit card. Buttons are pressed and the cash drawer opens and closes. The register is made out of wood and painted a stylish yellow and orange.

There aren’t a lot of fancy features here such as sounds or a working calculator. But this is a solid, durable cash register which is great for playing pretend. Portable to carry and requiring no batteries, this is a great item to take on trips.

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register


  • Over 80 fun songs and sounds
  • Durable and colorful design


  • Requires two AA batteries

Vtech is a trusted name in educational toys, although kids are often too busy having fun to notice they’re also learning. The VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register is great for kids ages one through three. The number buttons light up, the credit card reader talks and the toy plays over 80 songs and sounds. Also includes ten pieces of food.

This an interactive register with a lot of visual and audio stimulation. A good choice to help young children improve sense perception and motor skills.

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register


  • Includes tons of songs and sounds
  • Modern flat screen style
  • Working scanner


  • Can be complicated for younger kids

The LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register has a flat screen design to resemble a modern-day cash register. But the screen here is decidedly kid-friendly with a smiling register pal who speaks over 50 phrases. Includes eight pieces of food, 10 coins and a shopping card.

The simulated LCD display lights up when touched. Kids learn about numbers and counting with the help of fun, original songs. Included accessories can be swiped across the scanner and an actual price will ring up on the screen. An interesting modern take the classic register toy.


Frequently Asked Questions

After you start searching for toy cash registers, you’ll quickly find that there are plenty of options to choose from. Toy cash registers can be filled with features or be rather basic. But finding the best option for your child doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the answers to common questions about finding the best toy cash register:

What Features Should the Toy Cash Register Have?

Some cash register toys are packed with features like a working calculator, working microphone and even moving conveyor belt. These can be fun for kindergarteners and older kids who already understand math basics. Toddlers usually prefer simpler toys which light up and make noise but don’t have any complicated functions.

More features certainly aren’t necessary. Sometimes great toy cash registers are the simplest, because they engage the child’s imagination. For example, wooden cash registers can be lots of fun and they don’t require power or batteries.

How Durable Should the Cash Register Toy Be?

This depends on the age of the child. Toddlers and younger kids tend to bang, bash and otherwise treat their toys roughly. A toy cash register made from durable plastic is strong enough to withstand rough treatment, but at the same time isn’t sharp or strong enough to hurt the child. Older kids can handle more delicate features like conveyor belts and scanners.

How Do I Know the Toy Cash Register is Safe?

Cash register toys are generally pretty safe as long as you follow the item’s recommended age range. The biggest potential danger will be the coins and any other small pieces which could be a choking hazard. Cash registers for toddlers will have large coins and credit cards which can’t be swallowed. Only cash registers for older kids will have coins which are close to a realistic size.

You also want to check out the materials used to make the toy. There’s a good chance younger kids will put pieces in their mouth. Make sure the plastics and other compounds used are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins. When selecting a wood cash register, make sure the wood is sealed and won’t splinter.

What are the Benefits of Toy Cash Registers?

Kids can learn a lot by playing with a toy cash register. Obviously, toy registers are a great way to teach math skills. Registers with working calculators allow kids to add and subtract numbers and see accurate results. Even registers without working calculators help younger kids become familiar with numbers and math processes.

Playtime with a cash register also helps kids develop language and social skills. Talking calculators help kids learn language even when playing alone. But when kids play together they can learn even more social skills. One child can be the cashier while another is the shopper. This type of role-playing helps children develop general social skills for non-play interactions.

Kids also develop fine motor skills when playing with toy registers. Depositing coins into drop slots, sliding credit cards and pushing buttons all help kids improve their ability to use their fingers and hands. Toddlers and young children typically respond best when any physical action is reward with lights and sounds.

Even very young children have been to the store and seen a cash register in action. So the ability to play with a toy version at home can be very relatable for the child. They feel like they’re doing “adult” stuff, which helps build confidence and understanding of the larger world.

Final Thoughts

Boys and girls of all ages love cash register toys. They have a universal appeal because they engage with the child in many different ways. Toy cash registers are fun for the eyes, ears and hands. Kids can learn about math, economics and much more. Cash register toys are a classic for a reason.

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