11 Best Batman Toys to Buy in 2022

Best Batman Toys

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-Batman! Although created 80 years ago, the Caped Crusader is as popular today as he’s ever been. Aside from the comics, movies, and TV shows, kids also love Batman themed toys.

You don’t have to be the World’s Greatest Detective to find great Batman themed toys. Here are our picks for the 11 best Batman toys to buy in 2022:

Circle number 1 Top Pick

True-Moves 12″ Batman Figurine

This Batman action figure is 12 inches tall with a detailed costume and 11 points of articulation.


  • 12-inch Batman action figure
  • Features 11 points of articulation
  • Detailed Justice League costume
  • Part of Justice League toy line


  • Doesn’t include a stand
  • The toy doesn’t include accessories

Bring Bats along just about anywhere with this action figure from True-Moves. He’s 12 inches tall with bendable arms, legs, knees, and elbows.

Batman’s blue-gray power suit is detailed and styled after the costume from the Justice League movie. With 11 points of articulation, kids can pose the action figure in a variety of cool ways.

Additional Justice League figures are sold separately including Superman, Wonder Woman and more. With no small parts and an instantly recognizable design, it’s a great action figure for a wide age range of Batman fans.

Circle number2

Fisher-Price Wayne Manor Batcave

This kid-friendly playset includes Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and a Batman figure.


  • Kid-friendly playset
  • Features both Wayne Manor and the Batcave
  • Includes Batman figure with Bat-Cycle


  • Additional figures, including villains, sold separately

There’s a secret underneath famous Wayne Manor. This two-tier playset from Fisher-Price features a mansion level on top of the Batcave. Turn the Power Pad to reveal the secret waterfall entrance.

Additionally, a hidden button reveals Wayne Tower’s hidden launcher which fires off circular discs. Aside from the playset, the set includes a Batman action figure, sword, throne, Bat-Cycle, and four disc projectiles.

The set is made from durable, soft plastic. Each piece is brightly colored and large enough for little hands. It’s recommended for kids between three and eight.

Circle number3

Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Become the Batman with this Voice Changer Helmet complete with 30 battle sounds and famous phrases.


  • Detailed Batman face mask
  • Features 30+ sound effects
  • Includes voice changer


  • Requires three AAA batteries
  • Mask size isn’t adjustable

Put on the mask yourself. It features 30 action sound effects and phrases. Even better, the voice changer lets the wearer talk like Batman.

Complete the mask with the Combat Gear Pack utility belt and Energy Shield gauntlet. While they are sold separately, the complete set creates a Batman costume.

Circle number4

LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase

A fun LEGO set featuring two cycles and Batman, Harley and Deadshot mini-figs.


  • Batman LEGO sets with two buildable cycles
  • Includes three popular mini-figs
  • Safe and fun for kids as young as seven


  • Doesn’t include Joker or Robin mini-figs

Batman and his friends (and enemies) are found in a wide variety of LEGO sets. While practically all of them are high quality, our top Batman LEGO recommendation is the Gotham City Cycle Chase.

It’s popular for a few reasons. The set includes a Batman mini-fig plus two popular villains Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Plus, you can build two separate vehicles, the Bat-Cycle, and Harley’s bike. Both have rubber tires which roll.

The combination of popular mini-fig characters and moving vehicles make this a great choice for fans of both LEGO and Batman. The set’s recommended for ages seven through 14.

Circle number5

Our #5 Choice – 1989 Batmobile Replica from Jada

A detailed, die-cast Batmobile with Batman figure from the 1989 Michael Keaton movie.


  • Fan-favorite Batmobile
  • Suitable for play and display
  • Durable, detailed and die-cast


  • The action figure doesn’t fit into the vehicle very well

The Batmobile from the 1989 movie is widely popular even today. This die-cast replica is extremely detailed down the intake valves and fins. The cockpit opens and the guns move, too.

The total dimensions are eight inches long by 3.75 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. It’s packaged for display with four sides of the box made from clear plastic.

Of course, it’s also meant for play. The wheels roll and the die-cast body is tough. Plus, a 2.75-inch die-cast Batman figure is included.

Circle number6

Hot Wheels DC Batcave Playset

Race and play with all of Batman’s cool vehicles on this Batcave-inspired Hot Wheels race track.


  • Includes exclusive Batman Hot Rod Character Hot Wheels car
  • Detailed, durable Hot Wheels race track with Batcave theme
  • Includes Batjet with a special launcher


  • Assembly can be complicated
  • Tracks can pop out of place at times

Where does he get those wonderful toys? This Hot Wheels set includes a Batman Hot Rod Character Car, Batjet, Batcomputer, stickers and more.

The multi-tiered playset has a corkscrew ramp along with two elevators, a jail for supervillains, secret hideout and launcher for the Batjet.

As you’d expect from Hot Wheels, the quality of the set is high. It’s made from durable plastic with plenty of cool cave detail.

Circle number7

Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batmobile and Cycle

The Dynamic Duo is on the scene with this Fisher-Price set featuring Batman, Robin, the Batmobile, and Robin’s motorcycle.


  • Friendly toys for kids three and up
  • Includes both Batman and Robin
  • Includes a feature-packed Batmobile


  • Cartoony designs might not appeal to older kids

Fisher-Price has a huge line of Batman-inspired toys safe for kids three and up. The DC Super Friends Batmobile and Cycle set includes Batman, Robin, and two rolling vehicles. Characters fit into the vehicles.

The Batmobile is filled with features. It lights up at the push of a button. Plus, a launcher flips up to fire slider discs.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman: Brother Eye Takedown

LEGO’s Batman: Brother Eye Takedown is a larger set with vehicles, characters, and a wide variety of accessories.


  • Large LEGO set for kids six and older
  • Includes Batman and Batwoman mini-figs
  • Features buildable Batplane with stud shooters


  • Brother Eye character isn’t well-known

Looking for a larger LEGO project for kids six and up? The Batman: Brother Eye Takedown set features 269 pieces, a buildable Batplane, two stud shooters, and both Batman and Batwoman mini-figs.

The Batplane is the main part of the set. It’s two inches high by nine inches long and six inches wide. Any LEGO mini-fig can sit in the cockpit.

The Brother Eye character is two inches high, seven inches long and eight inches wide. Brother Eye is an AI-controlled satellite which helps the heroes and is featured (in a slightly different form) in the Justice League movie.

Although Brother Eye isn’t a particularly well-known character, this set is a great choice for fans of Batwoman, who has a new TV show starting soon.

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots: Batman v Superman

A classic toy meets a classic match-up with these Batman and Superman-themed battling bots.


  • Classic battling bot game
  • Detailed Batman and Superman designs
  • The base plays special effects and victory sounds


  • Game doesn’t have much variety
  • Character faces look odd

The Batman v Superman movie might not have been a hit at the box office, but it can still be a hit at home. It’s a two-player game where opponents press buttons to deliver punches. You can also shift each superhero into different positions.

The stand emits super special effects. Special victory sounds play when the winner knocks the loser off the platform (the toy has a controlled collapse). Regular play helps develop hand-eye coordination and good sportsmanship. After all, Batman and Superman stay friends after they fight.

Knight Missions Batmobile with Missile Launcher

A sleek, modern-day version of the Batmobile which rolls on the ground and launches projectiles.


  • Detailed, high-tech Batmobile
  • Rolls on any flat surface
  • Features detachable launcher with projectiles
  • The cockpit fits the action figure from spot #1 on our list


  • Doesn’t include an action figure

Ride through Gotham City in style with this souped-up modern Batmobile. It’s made from detailed plastic molding with rolling wheels and an open cockpit.

Two launchers connect at points across the chassis. They fire soft projectiles at the push of a button.

The vehicle is part of the Knight Missions toy line. While it doesn’t include an action figure, it will fit any 12-inch Batman figure from the Knights Missions line. It also fits the True Moves figure, which is the number one choice on our list.

Bonus Choice – Batman Classic TV Series Bendable Figures

Holy bonus toy recommendation! These bendable figures feature four characters from the classic Adam West TV show.


  • Inspired by the 60s TV show
  • Each character bends and twists
  • Full set of heroes and villains


  • Young kids might not be familiar with 60’s-era Batman

The classic Batman TV series is making quite a comeback in pop culture these days. But even if kids aren’t familiar with the show, they’re sure to love these friendly, funky versions of Batman, Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, and the Penguin.

Each character can twist, bend, and pose in wild and wacky variations. They’re made from non-toxic, safe materials. The toys are recommended for kids three and older.


Frequently Asked Questions about Batman Themed Toys

What are the Different Types of Toys?

Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, which was released in May, 1939. Although he was pretty different during those early years – he carried a gun at times and threw criminals off buildings – he was still instantly popular.

The Caped Crusader has appeared in over 1,000 comics, several animated TV series, ten feature films, and at least two live-action TV series – including the campy comedy from the 1960s, old chum! As you’d expect from a character with such a consistent presence in pop culture, a huge variety of toys are available.

Batman themed toys can be divided into two general categories:

  • Batman action toys
  • Toys with a Batman theme

Batman Action Figures

You can find many different types of Batman action toys. However, not all of them are equally fun to play with.

Batman collectible figures are quite common. While collectible figures are incredibly detailed, they’re not always a great choice for play. High-end collectible Batman figures are a better choice for teens and adults who are more interested in displaying the figures than playing with them.

Collectible action figures are typically highly detailed, expensive, and non-articulated. Action figures meant for play will typically have the following features:

  • Articulated legs, arms, and other points
  • Accessories such as gear, gadgets, and vehicles
  • Plastic construction instead of die-cast metal

While collectibles look cool, they’re typically too immobile for fun creative play. Make sure the action figure you select is designed for the age of the recipient.

Action figures are often a great choice for kids who love Batman the character. When selecting an action figure, consider the following:

The size. The Batman figure to be roughly the same size as any action figures the child already owns, so all the toys can be played with together.

The style. Batman has many different versions. Make sure the action figure has the costume and style which the child is familiar with and thinks is cool. (We’ll cover the different types below.)

Batman is a popular action figure in no small part due to the huge variety of costumes he wears. He has a black suit, a blue and gray suit, suits for cold weather, high altitude and much more.

Toys with a Batman Theme or Logo

Aside from action figures, you can also find a huge variety of toys with a Batman theme. If you can think of a type of toy, a Batman version is likely available.

Batman-themed toys are often ideal for kids who like Batman and other types of play equally. For example, a little one who loves toy cars and Batman will probably enjoy the DC Hot Wheels Batcave Playset, which features a unique Batman-themed Hot Wheels race car.

Keep in mind Warner Bros (Batman’s parent company) isn’t always picky about handing out licenses. Just because a toy has a Batman logo on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s high-quality. Look for licensed toys from brands you typically trust, such as Hot Wheels, LEGO, and Fisher-Price.

Are Batman Themed Toys Appropriate for All Ages?

Spider-Man, Captain America and other Marvel heroes are generally considered family friendly. But Batman is a bit more… all over the place. You’ll want to carefully consider the specific story and media before giving something Batman-related to a younger kid.

Dracula partially inspired Batman’s original design, and the Caped Crusader has always had deep roots in horror stories. Plus, many modern Batman stories are violent with a variety of downright-scary villains such as the insane Joker and the monstrous Killer Croc.

If you’re not familiar with the character, finding kid-friendly Batman stories can be confusing. Some of the most popular Batman movies and comic books are likely too intense for younger kids. When shopping for younger kids, you’ll probably want to avoid the following:

  • The Dark Knight Returns (comic)
  • The Killing Joke (comic)
  • The Batman Who Laughs (comic)
  • Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises (movies)

However, the same characters which are frightening and violent in certain stories are downright delightful in others.

You can find plenty of Batman media perfect for little ones. For example, Fisher-Price has a wide range of Batman playsets where the characters have a fun, cartoony design.

The LEGO Batman movies and toys are another popular example of a fun, family-friendly Batman. The stories feature jokes and positive messages with no graphic violence. Most kids are familiar with LEGO Batman making the sets a safe choice for younger kids.

Another popular, all-ages interpretation of Batman is Batman: The Animated Series. Although the show was serious, violence was kept to a minimum. Plus, many kids enjoy the sleek, minimal look of the classic Batman characters.

Finally, don’t forget about the classic TV show. It’s a different take on Batman which has entertained fans since the 60s. Plus, all-new Batman ’66 animated movies and comic books have been recently released to great acclaim.

How Can Kids Role Play with Batman Themed Toys?

Role play, often called pretend play, is a very common play technique for kids, and it’s an incredibly beneficial one as well. The process of pretending teaches kids language skills, helps them develop socially and emotionally, and develop critical thinking skills. All of these skill sets are essential as kids grow into young adults and then adults.

It’s easy for kids to use Batman toys to role play, no matter what type of toy they choose. They can pretend to be multiple characters at once using a LEGO or Imaginext playset or they can pretend to be the Caped Crusader saving the day in their batmobile or with their voice changing mask.

All of the Batman toys on our list and beyond allow kids to advance their pretending skills using their knowledge of the comics, movies, or TV series’ or purely based on their imagination. Pretending to be a superhero like Batman is even more beneficial than regular pretend play because it allows children to express and repeat themes of justice and good over bad.

It’s important that parents or caregivers focus on any superhero role playing on healthy themes like truth and justice over negative themes like violence and death. Batman is helpful in this regard since he has, for most of his existence, sworn never to kill anyone. He is also helpful because of his lack of superpowers, as we discussed earlier.

Batman has a very distinct persona, and allowing young kids to take on his unique way of being can help them to define who they are as individuals. As kids essentially “try on” different personalities through role playing, they begin to add personality traits and abilities to their repertoire. They practice boldness in the face of bullying and other similarly important behaviors.

What is the History of Batman Toys?

The first Batman toy wasn’t intended to be a Batman toy at all.

In 1966, the most popular toys around were the 12-inch G.I. Joe action figures from Hasbro. A company called Ideal Toy Company launched a rival toy called Captain Action. He was a generic action figure with a superhero costume, hat, ray gun, and sword.

Additional costumes were sold separately. At first, the costumes weren’t particularly interesting. But a new costume was created based on the hit new show on ABC called, you guessed it, Batman. The first Batman action figure was based on the Adam West TV shows, and it was a secondary costume created for a different superhero.

The original Batman costume included the famous chest plate, blue Batarang, flashlight, drill (for some unknown reason) and utility belt. One year later, Captain Action got a young sidekick named Action Boy. Faster than you could say “Holy copycat,” a Robin costume was created for Action Boy.

While Captain Action was vanquished by his greatest enemy, Low Sales, Batman toys proved to be a solid hit from 1966 onward. One type of Batman figurine or another managed to stay on store shelves consistently for the next 30 years.

The Kenner Years

In 1990, Batman toys took a major leap forward with the release of Kenner’s Dark Knight Collection. Although the Michael Keaton movie had been released a year earlier, Kenner’s line used it mainly as a starting point. Their line featured several versions of Batman, a Quick-Change Bruce Wayne and two versions of The Joker.

Kenner continued to release new Batman figures based on Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. New characters included Catwoman, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Robin. Interestingly, the Batman Returns line included a Robin figure based on a character whose sole scene ended up cut from the movie (“Robin” was a mechanic with an R on his coveralls).

In 2003, the Batman toy rights passed from Kenner to Mattel. Unfortunately, Batman wasn’t as hot of a commodity. The box office failures of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin left the general public tired of the property. Mattel tried a few different lines, including one based on The Batman, an animated WB show.

But their patience paid off with the release of Batman Begins, the blockbuster Christian Bale movie. The Batman Begins line was joined by a line based on the Justice League cartoon. They also released lines based on The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises movies.

Today, many Batman and DC comics action figures are made by either Mattel or Fisher-Price. Mattel toys will generally be based on a movie or TV show, while the Fisher-Price toys are made for younger kids.

Are Batman Toys Safe?

Because there are so many different types of Bat-Toys, you’ll need to check each toy individually to determine if its safe for play. As mentioned above, don’t let the Batman license fool you in thinking the toy is automatically safe.

First, always check the age range of the toy. Manufacturer recommendations should be clearly listed on the packaging. Also, Batman’s style can help determine the general age appropriateness. If Batman has a big smile and a light blue costume, the toy is probably made for little ones. If it’s dark and detailed, it’s probably better for older kids or maybe even collectors.

Be careful about small parts. Many Batman toys, including many LEGO sets and action figures, include a variety of tiny accessories. After all, Batman has lots of gear. Make sure the smaller pieces in any toy won’t pose a choking hazard.

Probably the biggest potential hazard of any Batman toy is an accidental injury caused by a young one attempting to act like Batman. We all want to be Batman. But kids can let their enthusiasm get the better of them and take superhero play too far.

Make sure kids understand not to jump from great heights or play too rough with each other. Kids should be extra-careful when wearing masks, such as the Batman Voice Changer, because their visibility will be reduced.

What are the Benefits of Batman Toys?

Batman’s a rather brooding and serious guy, but he still has plenty of useful lessons to teach kids. After all, he’s a hero. He encourages kids to stand up for others and always do the right thing.

Plus, Batman doesn’t have superpowers. He can inspire kids to do their best and stay healthy. Of course, as adults, we know Bruce Wayne’s vast fortune is a pretty significant superpower all its own, but kids can focus on the personal best aspect.

Batman toys also help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Manipulating action figures requires small, precise hand movements.

The toys are also great for creative play. Kids can create their own Batman stories featuring the characters they know and love. Unstructured play with action figures helps develop imagination and communication skills.

Batman and Academic Research with Children

Here’s something pretty amazing: A clinical study showed when kids pretended to be Batman, they showed increased mental flexibility when attempting to solve a problem.

Dr. Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D., and her team of researchers at the University of Minnesota conducted the experiment. They created a semi-frustrating puzzle box which kids were told to open. Some kids wore their regular clothes while others were given the option of wearing either a Batman cape or Dora the Explorer backpack.

Kids who pretended to be a character showed an increase in executive functioning. Executive functioning is a set of brain skills which allow for:

  • Flexible thinking
  • Working memory
  • Impulse control

Researchers found kids who used made believe were more patient and calmer when faced with frustrating problems.

Specifically, the kids who pretended to be Batman showed executive functioning skills associated with older children. As one four-year-old patiently told the researchers, “Batman never gets frustrated.”

Why does pretending to be a superhero help kids act brave? The make-believe aspect creates a psychological distance. The child can mentally step back and view the problem objectively.

Final Thoughts

Batman’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. He’ll always be featured in movies, TV shows, comics, and the toy aisle.

Finding Batman toys in general isn’t difficult. However, the best toys fit the age and interests of the young recipient. Use our guide as your personal Bat Signal to find the perfect Batman toy today!

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