10 Best Doctor Who Toys of 2022 – Reviews

Best Doctor Who Toys

Calling all Whovians! Doctor Who is the long-running British sci-fi series loved by fans all over the world.

As expected from such a popular series, plenty of toys are available – maybe too many. You have so many options to choose from that finding the right toy can feel as difficult as fighting a Dalek.

Fortunately, our complete guide is here to help. We hopped in our Tardis and searched throughout all of space and time to find the best Doctor Who toys for 2022. Here’s a closer look at the top 10:

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Funko POP Doctor Who Tardis

This six-inch Tardis from Funko POP features plenty of details and a colorful design.


  • Authentic Tardis from Funko
  • Colorful, detailed and durable
  • Fits Funko Doctor figure


  • Only one door opens
  • Sharp edges are unsafe for small kids

The Tardis, Doctor Who’s time travel machine and spacecraft, is available as a Funko POP figure. It’s six inches tall and packed with detail. The exterior is blue with a large “Police Box / Public Call” sign (the Tardis is disguised as police box on the show).

Although made from semi-soft vinyl, Funko POP toys aren’t recommended for kids under four due to their sharp edges.

The Tardis is compatible with other Funko figures. Doctor Who (or any other individual figure) fits right inside.

The right side door of the Tardis swings open while the left remains permanently closed.

Circle number2

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Keychain

Carry your keys in interdimensional style with this Sonic Screwdriver keychain features lights and sounds.


  • Authentic Sonic Screwdriver keychain
  • Press a button to emit lights and sounds
  • Fits into large pockets or clips onto backpacks


  • Doesn’t fit into small pockets

Check out this keychain based on the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi). It’s detailed and durable with an authentic design.

Flip the switch in the handle to activate either a green or blue LED light beam. Note that the light is purely decorative and doesn’t provide enough illumination for an emergency. However, it certainly looks cool!

The keychain is 5.5 inches long, making it too big for small pockets. However, it easily clips to a backpack or belt buckle. Additionally, the large size means its difficult to misplace. It’s recommended for ages three and older.

Circle number3

Doctor Who Action Figure Set

This collection of 11 Doctor action figures is perfect for long-time fans of the show.


  • Large set of 11 action figures
  • Each figure is detailed and poseable
  • Each figure includes unique Sonic Screwdriver
  • Display case includes character descriptions


  • Best for kids 12 and older
  • Doesn’t include the two most recent Doctors

Not sure which Doctor is your favorite? Collect them all with this set featuring 11 different Doctor Who action figures.

Each highly-detailed figure strongly resembles the actor. They each have a unique outfit and sonic screwdriver. They’re fully poseable with articulated legs, arms, and heads.

The figures fit into the included display box. Open the box flaps to reveal detailed biographies of each Doctor in the set.

Note that the set doesn’t include likenesses for Peter Capaldi or Jodie Whittaker, the two actors who played Doctor Who most recently.

The figures average about five inches tall. Due to small parts and sharp edges, they’re best for kids 12 and older.

Circle number4

Tardis Throw Blanket by Underground Toys

A soft, durable throw blanket designed to look like Doctor Who’s Tardis.


  • Soft, comfortable blanket
  • 50 by 89 inches
  • Machine washable


  • Not safe for use in the dryer

The Tardis has never been more comfortable! Underground Toys has created a soft, snuggly throw blanket shaped like your favorite time-traveling spaceship.

It’s 50 inches wide by 89 inches long, which is perfect for wrapping around your feet or shoulders. Keep it on the couch or bed for whenever the temperature drops. It’s roughly the size of a twin bed.

It’s a soft blanket made from 100% polyester. Toss it in the washing machine to keep it clean. However, you’ll want to let it air dry as putting it the dryer will cause shedding.

Circle number5

Doctor Who Friends & Foe of the Thirteenth Doctor

This set will be a welcome addition to your friends & foes of the Thirteenth Doctor, so add them to your lineup today!


  • Looks exactly like the characters on the show
  • Serves as a collectible or a toy
  • It comes with three figures so that you can share with friends


  • Packaging may be flimsy
  • Doesn’t hold up to rough play

If you grew up watching Doctor Who and want to share the characters with your children, check out these detailed action figures from the Thirteenth Doctor featured on the BBC television show Doctor Who from the eleventh season.

The set includes Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair, and Judoon the Trooper, one of the most fierce intergalactic enforcers on the team. These figures encourage children to use their imaginations and reenact some of the episodes they’ve seen on TV by themselves or with friends.

They also learn role-playing and can keep these action figures for years to come. All of the figures available in this set are 5.5 inches tall and come with varying degrees of articulation. These Doctor Who characters are for children at least five years old and may present a choking hazard for toddlers.

Circle number6

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver with Touch Controls

Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver features authentic lights and sounds from the 12th season.


  • Sonic Screwdriver with lights and sounds
  • Authentic designed based on Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who
  • Spring-loaded endpiece simulates a laser blast


  • Batteries are difficult to remove

The Sonic Screwdriver is Doctor Who’s multipurpose gadget frequently used to save the day. This toy version is based on the screwdriver used by Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor.

It’s white and copper with a green “energy blast” at one end. Touching a button on the grip lights up the green section. It also makes the screwdriver emits authentic blasting sounds. The end is spring-loaded; a green piece pops out similar to how it works on the show.

The screwdriver requires three L1154 batteries. It’s recommended for kids three and up (although everyone should be careful not to run when holding the toy).

Circle number7

Doctor Who Companions Set from Underground Toys

A set of seven famous Companions from throughout the history of the show.


  • Set of seven famous Companions
  • Detailed faces and outfits
  • Similar size as Doctor Who action figures


  • Some characters not as well-known as others

Doctor Who always enlists the help of at least one Companion to travel with him through space and time. This set from Underground Toys features seven of the most famous fan-favorites.

It includes detailed action figures for Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, Astrid Peth, and K-9. Each figure is fully articulated with movable arms, legs, and heads. At five inches tall, they’re the same size as Doctor Who figures from Underground Toys.

The Companions are far more than sidekicks; they’re co-stars who play a major role in the show. Plus, they’re all positive female role models. The set is a great gift for anyone with Doctor Who action figures.

Doctor Who Action Figure (13th Doctor)

The newest Doctor has an action figure all her own with poseable limbs and a sonic screwdriver.


  • Features the current (and only female) Doctor
  • Moveable arms, legs, and head
  • Includes Sonic Screwdriver


  • Black streak in hair is different than the actor’s appearance

The current Doctor is the 13th incarnation and the first woman, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. The action figure is 5.5 inches.

Her outfit is detailed and authentic with a light blue trench coat and famous striped shirt. She also has a sonic screwdriver which fits in either hand. She has bendable legs, arms, wrists, and ankles.

The toy is safe for kids five and up. It’s made from non-toxic materials.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Building Kit

Build your own Tardis with this detailed LEGO set which includes four Mini-Figs.


  • LEGO Doctor Who set
  • Includes four Mini-Figs (two Doctors)
  • Includes detailed character biographies
  • High-quality LEGO design


  • Recommended for kids 10 and older

Ideas is LEGO’s line of fan-created sets. It features a large Tardis playset with an interior console packed with authentic detail. The Tardis is four inches high by two inches wide.

The set includes four mini-figures: the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), the 12th Doctor (Capaldi), Cap, Clara Oswald, and a Weeping Angel. Accessories include a Fez and a sonic screwdriver.

You also get a detailed booklet with information about the series plus a biography of the fan who created the set.

Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Board Game

Gather the whole family together to play this fun dice-based board game featuring characters and themes from the show.


  • Kid-friendly board game
  • Featuring detailed Doctor play pieces
  • Perfect for family game night


  • Requires at least two players

Doctor Who is featured in a variety of board games with Time of the Daleks the most popular and recently released. It’s a dice-based game made for two to four players. Simple to learn but difficult to master, it offers hours of family fun.

The game includes 55 Adventure Tiles, 40 Timey-Wimey Cards, 45 tokens, and 18 dice. Players select one of the six plastic Doctors for a play token. Each token is highly detailed and represents a different Doctor.

Overall, the game is well-made from heavy card stock and durable tokens. Players feel like the Doctor as they use their wits to battle Daleks and save the day.


Doctor Who Toys FAQ

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show created in 1963. It’s one of the most popular science fiction shows of all time with millions of fans around the world.

The show stars a character called The Doctor. He (and sometimes she, which we’ll discuss in a moment) is an immortal alien who looks like a human. The Doctor travels throughout space and time having adventures across the galaxy. Each episode typically centers around a moral quandary where characters must choose between right and wrong.

Thirteen different actors have portrayed Doctor Who. The show addresses the cast changes with an in-universe explanation. Even though Doctor Who is immortal, he can be seriously injured. Healing from major damage requires him to regenerate his damaged body into a new form.

What are Doctor Who Toys?

Action figures are probably the most common type of Doctor Who toys. You can find poseable figures for all 13 Doctors. When shopping for an action figure, look for the following:

  • Character-specific detail
  • Moveable limbs, arms, and neck
  • Accessories like a Sonic Screwdriver

Make sure you’re buying an action figure for kids and not a high-end collectible. Many elaborate Doctor Who collectibles exist – and they can be pretty pricey. Collectibles are usually meant for adults to display. Kids prefer action figures which move (and parents prefer the price).

Doctor Who board games are another popular type of toy. Board games are often a great family activity. Time of the Daleks is a good all-ages choice, but other options are available, too.

Who are the Different Doctors?

The many different actors involved in Doctor Who poses some challenges when picking the right toy. Most people have a favorite Doctor. Make sure the toy features the recipient’s favorite actor.

Each actor has played the role for many years so that a younger child might have seen only one person in the role. You don’t want to give a toy depicting an actor the recipient doesn’t recognize.

Fortunately, you don’t have to know every actor who portrayed the Doctor. Most toys and merchandise focus on the most recent four. They are:

  • Jodie Whittaker – The first woman to play the role. She’s the 13th and current doctor.
  • Peter Capaldi – An older man with gray hair, Capaldi played the role between 2014 and 2017.
  • David Tennant – A younger, handsome man, Tennant played Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010.
  • Christopher Eccleston – The ninth Doctor had the role for 2005.

If you’re not sure which Doctor to get, choose Jodie Whittaker because she’s currently playing the role. However, older kids might prefer Capaldi and Tennant because they’ve both played the role for a long time so that kids might be familiar with them.

What Accessories Does Doctor Who Have?

The Doctor has two famous accessories:

  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • Tardis

The Sonic Screwdriver is an advanced tool with an almost unlimited number of uses. It’s popular as a standalone toy. Most Sonic Screwdriver toys feature sounds and light which activate by pressing a button.

The Tardis is Doctor Who’s time-traveling spaceship. It’s famously larger on the inside than the outside. Due to a glitch in the system, Doctor Who’s Tardis resembles a blue police box (which was a common sight on the streets of London back when the show originally launched).

The Tardis is the most common accessory. When buying a Tardis, make sure it can fit any action figures the child might already have.

Final Thoughts

Action figures, board games, and other Doctor Who-themed toys are perfect for creative play. Kids can create fantastic adventures at home while learning about science and heroism. Use our guide to find the perfect toy for your young Whovian!

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