The Best Magic Kits for Kids (Top 10 Picks & 2022 Guide)

Best Magic Kits for Kids - Review Guide Featured ImageMany kids find magic simply amazing – and a good magic kit lets them learn the magic tricks at home. But these kits are more than just a fun activity. They also help teach children about science, engineering, math and more. Plus, learning to perform magic can be a great confidence booster for shy kids.

Magic kits are often incredibly varied from brand to brand, so buying the right one for your child can feel like a mystery. But we went behind to curtain to find five of the best kits on the market in 2022. Plus, we’ve also included a complete buyer’s guide.

Let the illusions begin!

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

A comprehensive kit with over 100 easy-to-learn tricks designed for the young, beginning magician.


  • Instructions and props for over 100 tricks
  • Online video demonstrations feature magician Ryan Oakes
  • Cardboard storage case transforms into performance table
  • Includes child-sized cape, top hat and wand
  • Great for beginners


  • Varying quality of tricks
  • Online videos only, no DVD

The Spectacular Magic Suitcase is filled with high-quality props, a huge variety of different tricks and kid-friendly instructions. Includes Hat, Wand and cardboard suitcase which doubles as a performance table and storage case.

A 100-magic trick book and codes for online videos both emphasize teaching kids eight and up how to perform. Tricks taught include the magic card shuffle, cut/restore tissue, vanishing salt, dice escape and more. Ideal for children who already have a slight interest in magic but want to learn a lot more.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

A set of 10 classic tricks with the overall high quality which parents have learned to expect from the Melissa & Doug brand.


  • Classic wood props
  • Over 10 child-friendly tricks
  • High-quality Melissa & Doug product
  • Suitable for ages eight and up


  • Doesn’t include storage case
  • Tricks can be too complicated for kids under seven

Melissa and Doug’s Deluxe Magic Set is a great introduction to 10 basic (but impressive) tricks. Includes all the props and instructions for the Disappearing Ball, Cylinder Squeeze, Vanishing Coin, Secret Silks and many more.

All aspects of the set are stylish, durable and high quality. Wooden props, woven ropes and shatter-proof mirrors make the set kid-friendly. At the same time, a sophisticated, classic design will appeal even to older children. The items in the set closely resemble the props used by magicians on stage and TV so that kids can feel like professionals performing.

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Ideal My First Magic Set

A simple set of 25 tricks designed to introduce younger children to magic without overwhelming them.


  • Great introductory magic kit for younger kids
  • 25 easy-to-learn tricks with 31 props
  • Booklet and video instructions
  • Great for beginners
  • Kid-friendly tricks involving crayons, candy and more


  • Some tricks much more impressive than others
  • Tricks might be too simple for older children

This magic kit from Ideal is for kids ages four and older who want to learn some basics. The set includes 31 durable, high-quality props used to perform 25 tricks. All tricks are easy to learn, with most involving kid-friendly themes such as the Traveling Crayon and Disappearing Candy.

Props include color cube with box, ball and vase trick, cat puzzle, crayon box and many more. Also includes a complete instruction booklet for all 25 tricks, with codes to unlock online instruction videos featuring magician Ryan Oakes.

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Penn & Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit

Officially licensed Penn & Teller magic kit which includes over 200 tricks and plenty of (family friendly) laughs.


  • Only officially licensed Penn & Teller magic kit
  • 200 beginning-level tricks
  • Includes card tricks, “mind reading” and more


  • Included DVD not performed by Penn and Teller
  • Best for older kids (8+) already somewhat familiar with magic

World-famous magicians Penn & Teller have licensed their name to this magic kit, which is best suited for children eight and up. Over 200 beginner-level tricks are included, arranged in humorous categories such as Pretend to Read Minds, Classics of Magic, Baffle with Illusions and more.

Includes an DVD which focuses on how to perform the tricks and illusions as well as increase showmanship the Penn & Teller way. However, Penn & Teller don’t actually appear in the video.

Circle number5

Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit

This magic kit emphasizes detailed, kid-friendly lessons from professional magic instructor Jim Stott.


  • Kid-friendly instructional videos
  • Experienced teacher (Jim Stott)
  • Variety of classic tricks
  • Emphasis on self-confidence and positivity


  • Many of the 350 tricks and illusions are very similar
  • Magic trick wand on packaging not included

Jim Stott might not be a household name among non-magicians, but he’s actually been a famous teacher for many generations. He has a friendly, easy-going teaching style designed for young attention spans.

Kit includes a “secret code” where kids can watch a variety of instructional videos online (the code is a website with an access code, just made to look magical for kids). Aside from the videos, kit also includes a physical instruction booklet with over 350 tricks.

Tricks and props include a Magic Card Box, Incredible 3-Rope Mystery, Svengali Card Trick and many more. Stott teaches a wide variety of classic tricks and illusions while also placing emphasis on following directions, practicing regularly and believing in yourself.

Circle number6

Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit

Introduce kids to the magic of magnetism with this gravity-defying penny magnet kit.


  • Unique magnet-based kit
  • Teaches STEM skills and promotes creative play
  • Kids can build a variety of structures


  • Not a traditional magic kit
  • Contains small parts (recommended for ages eight and up)

Looking for a first magic kit with a twist? This Dowling Magnets kit lets you perform 44 magical feats of magnetism. Includes two super-strong magnets, one U.S. penny, 32 British pennies and a complete activity book.

Kids learn to build sculptures and structures which appear to defy gravity. Aside from learning about magic, they also learn basic principles of architecture, science, stability and STEM principles. The included book contains fun facts about pennies and magnets, activities and trick instructions.

Circle number7

Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit

This official kit is from the Mindfreak himself, Magician Criss Angel, and features his personal instructions.


  • Officially endorsed by the Mindfreak
  • 550 tricks with all necessary props
  • DVD features instructions


  • Only provides trial access to website
  • Too complicated for younger kids

Criss Angel has a unique, energetic style of magic which he features in his Vegas stage and popular TV shows. But you can bring that home with this Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit. Includes props for over 550 tricks include Money Printer, Cups & Balls, Flying Coin, Penetration Glass and more.

The DVD features Mr. Angel himself teaching how to perform tricks. Also includes a second DVD teaching you how to levitate with no props required. Detailed, step-by-step instructions make this kit suitable for children eight and older.

Uncle Bunny Start Magic Set

A basic but easy-to-understand beginner’s magic kit for kids as young as four.


  • Basic kit for children ages four and up
  • Instructions from Master Magician Scott Barhold
  • 12 exciting tricks suitable for kids
  • Great for beginners


  • Not a huge variety of magic tricks
  • Kit and instructions too simple for older children

Uncle Bunny is here to teach magic to younger kids. Features 12 exciting but relatively simple tricks including vanishing tricks, removable finger and more. An instructional DVD hosted by Master Magician Scott Barhold provides step-by-step instructions with plenty of demonstrations so young children can easily follow along.

Aside from teaching magic, the kit is also geared towards teaching basic problem solving and public speaking skills. By presenting magic as relatively simple and fun, the kit is designed to instill a life-long love of magic at an early age.

3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit for Kids

This magic set for children between ages six and ten is packed with a variety of classic magic tricks.


  • 75 different magic tricks
  • Includes card tricks, wand, coins and more
  • Includes kid-friendly instruction booklet
  • Designed for beginners


  • The print in the instruction guide is small and can be hard to read
  • Most of the tricks are fairly old and will be familiar to adults

Introduce children six and older to the world of magic with this beginner kit from 3 Bees & Me. It’s filled with fun, classic magic tricks such as the levitating wand, card tricks, coin tricks, disappearing thumb, and other classics. Seventy-five different tricks are included.

All the instructions are clear, easy-to-understand and written for young beginners. Aside from the included guide book, you also get access to online instruction videos. It’s a great gift for any kid who wants to learn about the world of magic including its history.

Mega Magic Tricks Set for Kids

With 28 magic props and an instructional DVD, budding magicians will learn how to perform hundreds of different tricks.


  • Set includes 28 high-quality props
  • Instructional DVD hosted by Magician Leif Davis
  • Features over 100 different magic tricks
  • Includes performance table with two drawers for storage


  • Doesn’t include a top hat, cape or costume
  • Trick quality varies

A great combination of high-quality proper and kid-friendly instructions, the Mega Magic Trick Set has everything an aspiring magician needs to learn the craft. The set has 28 different props including a wand, cups, ropes, cards and more. All props can be stored inside the included two-drawer performance table.

Plus, the set includes a DVD hosted by Master Magician Leif Davis. He provides detailed, kid-friendly instructions for over 100 magic tricks.


Frequently Asked Questions

While a magician never reveals their secrets, we’ve got all the answers to the most common questions about magic kits for children:

What are the Benefits of Magic Kits?

A good magic trick will keep you guessing, but the benefits of magic kits for kids are well-known. Learning about magic helps children develop critical thinking skills. In order to perform a trick, they first need to understand how the illusion works. This can help kids develop the ability to think critically throughout other areas of life.

Plus, magic helps teach patience and skill-building. Nobody becomes a great magician overnight. Your child will learn how dedication and practice build skills over time. When a child learns the benefits of perseverance early, those benefits can extend for life.

Additionally, magic helps teach children confidence and social skills. Whether performing in front of a group or using a trick for a one-on-one icebreaker, magic tricks can help kids feel more comfortable talking to others. Steve Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Muhammad Ali and many other famous entertainers are/were also quite accomplished magicians.

How Do I Find a Great Magic Kit to Buy?

When shopping for a magic kit, consider these three criteria:

  • The Contents of the Kit
  • The Quality of the Instructions
  • The Quality of the Props


Each type of kit will contain somewhat different items, but generally you’ll find card tricks, vanishing tricks, tear-away tissue tricks, rope/knot tricks and more. Many magic kits will also contain presentation related items such as a top hat, wand, cape and table.

The number of magic tricks in each kit will vary. Generally, 25 tricks are considered the average for a basic kit while an advanced one could have 200 or more. If the child is a beginner, usually a basic kit is more accessible and less intimidating.

Instruction Quality

A kit with 200 tricks is actually pretty worthless if the child can’t learn any of them. Instructions are an incredibly important part of any magic kit. Most kits will include both an instruction booklet and video instructions.

Not too long ago, most magic kits contained an instructional DVD. Now more often than not, the kit will contain instructions and a code to access online videos. Generally, online videos are often preferred to DVDs because there will be more content.

The quality of the instructor is pretty important. You want an instructor who not only understands magic but also understands how to teach kids. The lessons should be engaging, short and simple. Plus, kid-friendly lessons should focus on positive messages about the benefits of magic.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the “professional magician” who provides the instructions. Many teachers such as Scott Barhold and Jim Stott aren’t well-known outside the world of magic, but they have a lot of teaching experience.

In fact, you might want to be careful before buying any kits from more famous magicians. The Criss Angel and Penn & Teller kits we listed above both have a lot to offer. But the Penn & Teller instructional video doesn’t actually feature Penn & Teller, which can be disappointing for fans.

Prop Quality

Props should be durable, well-made and stylish. After all, presentation is an important part of a show. Children often like props which resemble the same ones used by professional magicians.

For younger kids, make sure the kit contains no small pieces which could accidentally be swallowed. Also, you’ll probably want a kit with some type of storage container. Many magic kits have a storage box or briefcase which can double as a performance table. This often helps props from becoming accidentally lost.

Final Thoughts

Children often love the mysteries of a magic show, and childhood is often a great time to introduce them to the basics. Excellent magic kits contain kid-friendly instructions, high-quality props and a variety of easy-to-learn magic tricks.

When kids learn about magic, they also end up learning about science, critical thinking, self-confidence and much more.

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