13 Best Spiderman Toys of 2022

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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can! The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the entire Marvel Universe, loved by boys and girls of all ages. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of different fun products featuring Spidey.

We used our Spidey Sense to find and recommend the best Spider-Man toys in 2022. Here’s a look at our favorites, plus a complete guide to finding Spider-Man toys your kid is sure to love.

13 Best Spiderman Toys

Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Action Figure

A fully-poseable Spider-Man action figure with a classic costume and detailed design.


  • Durable, large action figure for ages four and up
  • Classic design with plenty of details
  • Poseable at head, hips, wrists and shoulders


  • Knees and elbow don’t move
  • Rectangular hole in back has no clear purpose

This Spidey figure is ready to leap into action! He’s 12-inches tall with ball joint articulation which allows for a full range of motion at the head, wrists, shoulders and hips. Spider-Man wears his classic red-and-blue costume.

The action figure is the same size and style as others in the Titan Hero Series. A small port in his back fits accessories from the Avengers Booster Pack. Also fits the voice box accessory from the Infinity War Titan Hero Series (although the effects will be that hero’s voice, not Spidey’s).

Spider-Man Plush Kid Boxing Gloves

Oversized costume gloves which are fun (and safe) for active kids.


  • Large, soft gloves
  • Designed to look just like Spider-Man’s costume
  • Internal bar allows for easy, secure grip


  • Can be hot
  • Re-worked version of popular Hulk gloves

These large plush boxing gloves look like Spider-Man’s gloves. Kids grip a handle inside the gloves, so they’re suitable for even small hands and short arms. These are plush, soft gloves which don’t hurt if kids want to get a bit rowdy.

However, these are only for play. Despite some implications in the product language, these gloves are NOT suitable as training gloves for boxing with a bag. Instead, gloves are more like large pillows. Each glove is 28 inches long.

LEGO Juniors Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown

The LEGO Juniors Spider-Man vs. Scorpion set is specifically made for kids as young as four.


  • 125 easy-to-build LEGO set designed for kids ages four to seven
  • Includes Spidey and Scorpion mini-figs, two vehicles and street scene playset
  • Compatible with traditional LEGO sets


  • Pieces can be easy to lose

LEGO sets featuring Marvel characters are always popular, but they can be a bit too complex for younger kids. This LEGO Juniors set is designed specifically for kids ages four to seven. Features big Starter Bricks, Quick Start Bases and easy-to-understand instructions.

The 125-piece Spider-Man versus Scorpion Street Showdown includes Spider-Man and Scorpion mini-figures, a Spidey-Car, Scorpion vehicle with movable pincers, an alleyway, two-way ramp, catapult and more. All LEGO Juniors sets are completely compatible with all traditional LEGO sets.

Spider-Man Blast N’ Go Racer with Cycle

A Spider-Man action figure with a self-propelled Spider-Cycle which shoots a soft projectile.


  • Self-propelled Spider-Cycle with Spider-Man action figure
  • Cycle shoots a (safe) projectile
  • Fun vehicle/superhero combo


  • Requires flat surface
  • Spidey action figure not very poseable

The Blast N’ Go Racer features a Spider-Man action figure who sits onto a detailed Spider-Cycle vehicle. Kids load the cycle into the launcher to send the vehicle racing across any hard, flat surface. The launcher can also be used to launch a projectile accessory.

The 3.75-inch tall Spider-Man action figure can be played with separately from the cycle. He’s 4.75 inches tall while the cycle is five by five. All pieces are large, but neither the cycle and projectile move forward particularly far or fast, making this toy much safer than it might initially seem. Perfect for young fans of Spider-Man, vehicles and motion.

Marvel Spider-Man Plush Stuffed Pillow Buddy

A super-soft Spider-Man Pillow Buddy perfect for bedtime, quiet reading and more. Easy to clean, carry and care for.


  • Soft and cozy Spider-Man pillow
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Durable construction
  • Fun, kid-friendly Spider-Man design


  • Tiny tears in seams can be hard to detect

Kids are sure to feel safe at night when Spider-Man is by their side. This pillow buddy is perfect for the bed, couch or back seat of the car. Measures 26 inches by seven inches by four inches and filled with 100% non-toxic polyester microfiber.

Pillow Spidey is designed to last for years. Simply spot clean with soap and water when necessary. Fun, cartoony Spider-Man design can bend at the arms and legs.

Spider-Man Marvel Hero FX Glove

Kids can be just like Spider-Man with their very own web shooter complete with push-button sound effects.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Spider-Man glove which makes classic web-shooting sounds
  • Great accessory for a Spider-Man costume
  • Soft glove fits most


  • Only includes one glove
  • Won’t fit adult sizes (usually)

This toy lets kids put on Spider-Man’s famous web shooters right at home. This Hero FX glove has a button in the middle of the palm – just like the one Spider-Man uses to shoot his webs! When the button is pressed, the glove cycles through a series of sound effects including swinging, battling and the famous “thwip” noise from the movies.

The glove is made of a soft, stretchy fabric, so one size should fit most. Glove fits both right and left hands. Batteries for the sound effect “web shooter” are included.

Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher

This Spider-Man character car with launcher is perfect for fans of both superheroes and Hot Wheels.


  • Car launcher compatible with most standard Hot Wheels
  • Spiderman: Homecoming inspired car design
  • Largest of the Marvel Heroes Characters Cars
  • Durable plastic construction with moveable wheels


  • Launch distance can seem limited
  • Included web car is just plain white

Hot Wheels makes a series of Marvel Heroes Characters Cars – and this Spider-Man car is their biggest and most detailed yet. With a sleek, red-and-blue design, this large car is patterned after the costume from the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. About four times larger than a standard Hot Wheels car, the Spider-Man Web-Car is made of plastic with moveable wheels.

The car also doubles as a fun launcher. An included web car, the size of a regular Hot Wheels car, is inserted into the front of the Spider-Man Car. Then when the spoiler is pressed, the web car shoots out of the front of the Spider-Car. Also works with most standard Hot Wheels cars.

Marvel Spider-Man Coloring and Activity Book

This Jumbo Spider-Man themed book has 96 pages of coloring and activities plus 270 colorful stickers.


  • 96 pages of Spider-Man themed activities and games
  • Includes four sheets of 270 stickers
  • Artistic activities perfect for quiet fun


  • Each activity can only be completed once
  • Stickers are on the small side

Spider-Man has a long success in print media, and this coloring/activity book is another win. With 96-pages, the book contains a huge variety of games, puzzles, mazes, pages to color and more.

Additionally, the book includes four sheets with 270 stickers. Each sticker measures three by three inches and features many different Spider-Man-related illustrations.

Overall, this Spider-Man coloring book is a great choice for budding comic books artists or any kids who need a fun activity while on an airplane, car ride or similar activity.

Spiderman Delta Children Chair Desk With Storage

When your young superhero-in-training wants to do their superpowered paperwork at a place that fits their sensibilities, this Spiderman desk is a great opportunity.


  • Holds up to 50 lbs. in its internal drawer
  • Includes comfortable bench
  • Rounded corners make the desk injury-proof


  • Flimsy table

The best feature of this Spiderman desk is its compact footprint and gaudy Spiderman aesthetic. Spidey’s visage appears on every flat surface of the desk, which makes it great for superhero enthusiasts.

This Spiderman desk includes a cup holder, seat, drawer, and desk. While the seat and drawer portion are high quality and capable of bearing a lot of weight, the desk tray and cup holder parts are not as durable.

Most children should be cautioned to avoid leaning too heavily on the desk portion of their Spiderman chair.

Marvel Spider-Man Blast N’ Go Racer Kid Arachnid with ATV

For the Spiderman lovers who want to play with vehicles in addition to their favorite superhero, the Blast N’ Go Racer Kid Arachnid is uniquely positioned.


  • Vehicular superhero action
  • Launches projectile on command
  • Great for adding to a Spiderman collection


  • Projectile launcher is easy to snap off the ATV

Driving around with Spidey’s ATV and shooting projectiles at villains is great fun for any children who love to play with action figures.

While the projectile launcher is tremendously cool, the part where the projectile launcher attaches to the hull of the ATV is easy to break off. Fixing the issue is as simple as reseating the launcher on the ATV, so it’s far from a dealbreaker, however.

Super Hero Adventures Playschool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Jetquarters

The set is a sturdy, durable plastic that can take a lot of abuse and love, so your little superhero will get plenty of play out of it.


  • Durable Plastic
  • Compatible with other playsets in the series


  • Would be better if it included another vehicle
  • No light or sound features

This playset is great for young Spiderman fans. This set is appropriate for ages three and up. It features a 5-inch Spiderman action figure and toy jet. Open up the plane, and Spiderman fits perfectly in the cockpit. Kids will have a lot of fun whizzing around the room, flying Spiderman’s Jetquarters.

If you open up the jet, there’s even room to store the Spider-Man Arachnid web wheels (sold separately). This set is also compatible with other Super Hero Adventures Playschool Heroes Marvel Playsets (sold separately) to extend the play value.

The only thing that would make this set even more fun is if it had some light and sound features, but otherwise, this is an excellent toy for Spiderman fans.

Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Villians Green Goblin Figure

The only criticism is that this figure would probably be a little more fun if it featured bendable joints at the knees and elbows, but others it’s a quality toy for kids who enjoy action figure play.


  • Large size is great for young children’s play
  • Very Durable


  • Legs and arms can’t bend

Every superhero needs a villain, and when it comes to villains, Green Goblin is as bad as they come. This twelve-inch action figure is ready for epic battles with Spider-Man or even cross over battles with other Marvel heroes. If your child has other characters from the Titan Hero Series, you’re not going to want to pass on this one.

The Green Goblin action figure is the perfect size for play and durable enough to withstand abuse and the rough play of children ages four and up, but younger children will still enjoy playing with this toy and carrying it around with them.

O3 Kids Toy Spider-Man Mask + Glove + Transmitter

It’s perfect for Halloween; Super Hero themed parties or just dramatic play at home.


  • The light-up mask doesn’t require batteries
  • Plastic disks launch easily with the push of a button


  • The glove might be too big for small children

Your child will love pretending to be Spider-Man with this awesome superhero mask and accessories. The set includes a LED light plastic Spider-man mask and red and black Spider-man glove. To add to the fun, it also comes with a web-slinger launcher that launches four Spider-man themed toy disks instead of messy silly string like other web launchers.

The disks shoot a decent distance, and the mask does not require batteries to work. To work the launcher load one of the included toy disks and push a button on the palm of your hand to launch. The costume and accessories should fit children 12 and under.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spider-Man Toys

There’s no one type of Spider-Man toy. Because Peter Parker’s alter-ego is one of the most popular superheroes in the world, it’s only natural his likeness would appear on a huge variety of different products.

Here are the answers to common questions about how to find the best Spidey-themed toy for your kid:

Why is Spider-Man So Popular?

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man first appeared in 1959 in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15. The Ol’ Web-Head was instantly popular, soon swinging off into not only several solo series but basically every corner of the Marvel Universe. He’s also been the star of three different movie franchises, several TV shows, games and more.

What is it about Spider-Man that has kept him so consistently popular? He’s relatable – especially to kids. Peter Parker is younger than most superheroes, with his origin taking place in high school.

Until Spider-Man was introduced, most superheroes were guys in their mid-thirties with careers like Clark Kent or simply billions of dollars like Bruce Wayne. Younger readers liked the superheroes but weren’t relating to their alter-egos.

Teenage sidekicks like Robin were introduced for young readers. But Spider-Man was the first time the main superhero was the same age as the audience.

Additionally, Spider-Man is likable because he’s funny. The wise-cracking web-head isn’t dark and scary like some other superheroes can be. Spider-Man is good-natured, helpful and witty.

What Types of Spider-Man Toys are Available?

Spider-Man toys can generally be divided into two types:

  • Spider-Man figures
  • Spider-Man themed toys

Spider-Man Figures

These types of toys include action figures, stuffed dolls, Lego mini-figures and other toy versions of Spider-Man. They may or may not be poseable or have moveable limbs.

When selecting an action figure for your child, make sure it fits in with his or her existing toys. For instance, if your child already has a collection of Marvel Titan Hero action figures, you’ll want to get that specific type of Spider-Man action figure. That way all the action figures can be played with together.

When selecting a stuffed Spider-Man pillow or stuffed animal, always check to make sure the insulating materials are non-toxic. Also, check for durable seams to avoid accidental rips or tears.

Spider-Man Themed Toys

Because Spider-Man is so popular, his image is often licensed to a bunch of toys which don’t really have a lot to do with the character. But that can actually make shopping easier. Many kids like Spider-Man plus other types of toys. You might be able to find their favorite type of toy with a Spider-Man theme.

For example, if your child likes Lego, you can find a variety of different Spider-Man Lego sets, including Lego Junior sets for kids as young as four. If your child likes Hot Wheels, choose the Hot Wheels Spider-

Man Web Car Launcher, which will work with their existing Hot Wheels collection. Finding a great gift can start by identifying a type of toy your child likes, and then finding one with a Spider-Man theme.

What Benefits Do Spider-Man Toys Have?

Even though Spider-Man isn’t real, he’s still a good role model. Spider-Man is honest, trustworthy and helps people in need. The basic philosophy of the show, with great power comes great responsibility is a good moral lesson even young kids understand.

Plus, Spider-Man is an established character. Various animated and live-action TV shows and movies are suitable for a wide range of ages. Even young kids will be able to see their toy’s image on screen and understand who Spider-Man is and what he’s all about.

Final Thoughts

Considering how the character is often maligned by the public in-universe, it’s kind of ironic how popular Spider-Man is in the real world. For decades, kids have loved everything about Spidey from the comics to the shows to the toys and more.

No matter what kind of toys your child likes, you can probably find one with a Spider-Man theme. There are also a wide variety of Spider-Man action figures (as well as other Marvel heroes Spidey can interact with). Your child will love all the fun adventures they’ll have with their Spider-Man toy!

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