Top 7 Best Minecraft Toys (Updated for 2022)

Best Minecraft Toys ReviewsMinecraft remains one of the hottest video games for children in 2022, many years after its initial release. Kids who play Minecraft want toys to continue their play when they’re not logged in, however.

Most parents and relatives don’t know much about Minecraft, though. Purchasing the right gift for the Minecraft fanatic is thus a bit difficult. In this article, we’ll give a helping hand and walk you through a few of the best Minecraft toys on the market.

When your special Minecraft lover gets one of these toys, they’ll be elated to take some of their mining into the real world.

Our #1 Choice – UNO Minecraft Card Game

Card games can be a great source of fun, especially when you can bring your favorite series into the game as a twist. This Minecraft Uno set is perfect for families who want their Minecrafters to have fun while enjoying some shared time with everyone else away from the screen.


  • Family fun action
  • Traditional UNO play with a Minecraft theme
  • Portable


  • Same old UNO gameplay
  • No Minecraft game mechanics

UNO can be a lot of fun when you’re playing with your entire family, and this Minecraft-branded UNO set is no exception. Each card has a unique Minecraft-themed image, and if you want, there’s even a special Minecraft game modification that you can try.

Fundamentally, this is a UNO set, which means that it might be a good pickup if you’ve been looking to get your family into UNO. The downside is that your Minecrafter probably won’t want to use this collection to play with their friends when they could be playing Minecraft instead.

So, while you can get some great family time out of the set, it won’t be enough to pass this gift off and hope that it will reduce your child’s amount of screen time. You’ll need to reach out and use the Minecraft theme as a way of adding appeal to a family-oriented time.

Our #2 Choice – LEGO Minecraft Zombie Cave

Legos are excellent for sparking children’s creative mind. Likewise, kidsn love to play with Legos that are based on their favorite universes, and this zombie cave Legos is perfect for Minecraft lovers to do exactly that.


  • Great addition to another Minecraft playscape
  • Contains multiple Minecraft-themed action figures
  • Easy to assemble


  • Low replay value
  • Not a good first choice

As far as Legos go, this zombie cave isn’t the most complicated. The set has 241 pieces, and it won’t take anyone very long to assemble. The point is that it can be used as part of a larger Minecraft Lego playspace that your child assembles.

Your child will get the blocks which make up the cave — including a few veins of precious ores and a treasure chest — as well as a zombie, a player character, a little owl, and a baby zombie.

The best part of this collection is that your child will get a handful of Minecraft-themed doodads which they can assemble into their other Legos. You’ll be contributing to their ability to craft their playspace to their liking. This kit will also be great for reducing your child’s level of screen time.

On the off chance your Minecraft lover is frightened by the depths of the caves, don’t be afraid to remind them that the set technically doesn’t include a roof, so it could also be used as plains.

Our #3 Choice – ThinkGeek Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle

Cool decorations which show off your child’s aesthetic flair never get old. Much like shimmering bottles in Minecraft, this decoration will emanate a pretty glow and help your kids feel safe from Creepers.


  • Excellent for decoration
  • Multiple color options
  • Gentle light won’t wake neighbors
  • Minecraft-themed lighting option


  • Zero interactivity
  • Fragile

In Minecraft, players need to deploy magic bottles around their homes so that Creepers won’t sneak up and cause a problem while the player is puttering around the house.

While the color-changing bottle decoration may not keep away homework or undesirable relatives, it will keep Creepers away from the owner’s real-life possessions too. Importantly, this decoration can’t hold any liquid aside from what is already inside.

The colors change at a press of a button. You can pick between eight different colors, all of which are beautifully incandescent. This makes for a nice gift for a Minecrafter who needs a little bit of extra decoration in their room.

There aren’t many opportunities for active play with this decoration, however.

Our #4 Choice – Minecraft Enchanted Bow & Arrow

Toys for active play are among the best to pick up for your child because they encourage your child to develop healthy habits that get them away from the screen and out of the house.


  • Excellent for outdoor active play
  • Child safe action figures
  • Great for playing with friends


  • Arrow doesn’t fire far

For the Minecraft fanatic that loves to hunt animals or monsters with a bow and arrow, this blocky bow and arrow set will be the perfect new toy. Thankfully, your tot won’t be able to pierce anything with the very blocky arrow, though they might succeed in being an annoyance.

The bow and arrow are surprisingly durable, though it’s important to remember that the blocky string doesn’t have very much elasticity for obvious reasons. While male Minecrafters might be put-off by the pink exterior, they’ll get over it quickly once they learn how to sling the arrow properly.

With this bow and arrow, your little Minecrafter will be equipped for adventures outside the house and deep into the backyard. Make sure that they don’t leave it behind when they’re out playing or they’ll need to go on another quest to retrieve it.

The bow and arrow set is the perfect companion for other Minecraft toys for active play like the pickaxe, sword, or shovel.

Our #5 Choice – Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure

Minecraft’s iconic pickaxe is ready to be used as a toy which can also transform into a coveted diamond sword at the behest of your child.


  • Quintessential Minecraft toys
  • Represents hard work and industriousness
  • Great for playing outdoor with kids
  • Multiple tools in one package


  • Easy to bend or break
  • May encourage exploration of dark caves

Diamond equipment is extremely difficult to produce in Minecraft. Your young Minecraft player is already in the habit of delving deep into the earth in search of tiny deposits of diamonds. Handing them a diamond pickaxe which is also a diamond sword might seem a bit like cheating.

Nonetheless, this toy represents everything that the Minecraft player aspires to accomplish.

Rather than spending hours digging and braving hazards like lava and monsters, you can pass this toy off to your Minecrafter with the knowledge that they’ll cherish it and take care of it like they dug it from the earth themselves.

The toy isn’t as durable as the diamond tools that your Minecrafter seeks in the game, however. They probably aren’t about to pierce any rock with the toy, which they’ll understand.

Transforming the toy from a pickaxe into a sword is a simple joy which will keep the toy fresh for a long time, however.

Our #6 Choice – Minecraft Survival Pack

Survival mode is the core of Minecraft’s gameplay. Getting the basics like a bed, a chest, and a workbench can take a bit of effort — and that’s why this toy set is a great symbol of love.


  • Includes the basics necessary to survive a night in the world of Minecraft
  • Great accessories
  • Great first pick in a Minecraft playscape


  • Kids may need help with assembly
  • More accessories than toys
  • Needs more toys to realize full play value

With this toy collection, your child will get a player character, a bed, a chest, a wooden sword, and a workbench. By the standards of Minecraft, this is a modest yet essential collection which represents the start of a transition from living hand-to-mouth to living more comfortably.

Your little Minecraft player won’t be able to sleep in the bed, of course, but they’ll understand the value of having a respawn point that they can use in their offline play with these action figures and others.

You won’t need to explain the purpose of each item to your Minecrafter. Once the set is out of the box, they’ll be off to a great start in building the real-life Minecraft diorama of their ambitions.

This set is perfect for adding to other Minecraft playsets that let your little player construct a home or factory.

Our #7 Choice – LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom Island

Mushrooms are an essential good in Minecraft because they let the player construct a delicious mushroom soup — and that’s exactly why Minecrafters love to encounter mushroom islands.


  • Full-sized mushroom dimension playscape
  • Creeper-explosion function
  • Fun addition to other sets


  • Not a good first set
  • Creeper explosion may be dangerous for eyes

As with other Minecraft Lego sets, the point of this set is not to offer your child an extremely engaging Lego experience that takes a long time to assemble. Instead, the Lego set is great as an add-on to an already existing Minecraft Lego playspace.

Mushroom islands are lucrative opportunities for Minecraft players, and this set shows off every reason that players find them valuable. With the set, your mushroom farmer will get a player with a diamond pick, a “mooshroom” cow, a “mooshroom” calf, several building-sized mushrooms, and a Creeper.

Whether your player decides to let the Creeper detonate with the set’s built-in spring-loaded explosion function is up to them.

Either way, they can harvest delicious mushrooms, find a source of “mooshroom” steaks, or simply harvest the caps from the mega-shrooms to make for a delicious bowl of stew.

Your child will also be able to link up this Legos with their other Minecraft Legos, contributing to their playscape. This set makes a perfect companion to the cave set, the volcano set, or the plains and pastoral playset.

Importantly, this set does have a function which emulates the Creeper’s explosion, so the Minecrafters will need to be careful of their eyes if they decide to blow up the Creeper — but they’ll already understand how to handle Creepers carefully, so a gentle reminder will do.


What Are Good Minecraft Toys For Creative Play?

Lego sets are usually the best kind of Minecraft toys for creative play. Lego sets give your Minecrafter the ability to construct something new along the lines provided by others then play within that universe.

Lego sets also give your child the ability to branch out from the proscribed plans and build a world for themselves. They don’t have to do what the instruction manual says.

Furthermore, with Lego sets your child can build new Minecraft worlds in real-life which they can then link up with their other Minecraft Lego sets. This means that Lego sets can give your child the opportunity to play cross-platform as well as cross-context.

Finally, your child can always use the Minecraft Lego sets to hook up to their other Lego sets to play outside of the Minecraft universe if they so wish. As a result, if the Minecrafter needs a break from Minecraft, they’ll still have a valuable and multi-functional playset which won’t let them down.

What Are The Best Minecraft Toys For Active Play?

The best Minecraft toys and action figures for active play are those which mimic the tools that your child can use when they are playing Minecraft on the computer. These toys include pickaxes, shovels, axes, swords, shields, and more.

The scale of these toys are usually 1:1 with reference to the scale they are in the game. This means that they are a bit oddly shaped, but they will be the perfect size and weight for your child to play with. Your child can pretend to dig into a new cave or to hew a tree – or swing a heavy broad sword!.

Likewise, they can farm their lands or even fight monsters. The active Minecraft toys are excellent because they encourage your child to engage with the world in the same way that they do the Minecraft world.

Everything in the environment is malleable with the help of these active toys. This will help your child to both get outside of the house and also become more resourceful in their perspective.

Notably, Minecraft itself is great for teaching kids to think about how they will need to be active to make their creative plans come to life. The tools in the game limit the kind of constructions that your child can make.

The value of this lesson is that your child will learn that they need to cooperate with others in order to make their more ambitious plans come to life.

What Are The Best Minecraft Toys For Imaginative Play?

Most Minecraft toys are great for imaginative play. In fact, the vast majority of Minecraft toys are inherently imaginative beyond what most other toys offer. This means that you won’t need to look very hard to find a great toy to promote imaginative play – like a jewelled sword!

There are a few exceptions to the rule, however. Generally, toys which are decorative are not very fun for imaginative play whether they are Minecraft themed or not. This means that light-up items are generally not very imaginative regardless of their Minecraft branding.

Should I Avoid Any Minecraft Toys?

The only concern which might make you avoid purchasing a given Minecraft toy is the level of the toy’s compatibility with your Minecrafter’s interests and their extant Minecraft toys.

In other words, you should not purchase a Minecraft Ender Dragon toy for your kids if they primarily prefer to engage with Minecraft’s peaceful construction side rather than delve deeply into its combat and exploration side.

Furthermore, you should probably avoid Minecraft toys that are not compatible with each other. This means that buying a Lego Minecraft set will not provide your child with much overlapping play potential if the only other Minecraft toy they have is intended solely for active play.

You can choose to provide your kids with more than one fun modality of play with a Minecraft theme, but remember that it is often more constructive to build out one modality of play — for example, active play — than it is to provide a tiny taste of a handful of different modalities.

For example, you probably shouldn’t purchase your child a life-size Minecraft pickaxe and also purchase them a Lego set. It isn’t that your child won’t use both, it’s that there isn’t as much depth in either the active play or the creative play when you purchase two toys which can’t build on each other.

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