10 Best Avengers Infinity Wars Toys of 2020

Best Avengers Infinity Wars Toys
The best Avengers Infinity War toys will vary depending on the person, but our list includes some awesome ideas for fans all ages. If you’re interested in toys such as LEGO Marvel Sets or action figures, our list has several excellent options and some unique toys like Nerf guns and Nerf replica weapons that encourage creative and safe play.

Many of the toys listed below are appropriate for children as young as four to five years old, and they include components that encourage creative play. Many of these toys are compatible with other toy sets so your child can grow their collection of Avengers toys and create a playscape of related scenes and characters.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

The Hulkbuster Smash-Up 76104 Building Kit

The Hulkbuster building kit is for children ages seven to fourteen and features 375 parts.

The Hulkbuster Smash-up building kit comes with a total of 375 pieces, which includes four figurines, and a gun turret. The gun turret has a ball shooter and a special compartment to hold an infinity stone. The Hulkbuster is fully posable and features a functioning cockpit large enough for a minifigure.

The Hulkbuster also has a bashing arm feature that operates using a wheel in the back, and the full measurements are five inches tall by two inches long and six inches wide. The gun turret is six inches tall and four inches wide, and the whole kit is for those that are seven to fourteen years old and adults.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Comes with four different Infinity War action figures
  • This set is compatible with other Lego sets
  • Hulkbuster measures five inches tall

Circle number2

Thor’s Weapon Quest 76102 Building Kit

The Thor’s Weapon Quest Building Kit features an interactive escape pod and three figures.

The Thor’s Weapon Quest Building kit features 223 pieces that include three action figures and a functional space station. This kit has an escape pod that measures two inches tall by five inches long and four inches wide and a space station that measures one inch tall by two inches wide and three inches deep.

This kit also includes action figures of Thor, Rocket, and Groot, and Rocket comes with a gun. There are also additional elements such as other infinity stones and burst elements so you can customize your builds.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Features three action figures, a rocket gun, and a space station
  • A total of 223 pieces
  • Appropriate for ages six to twelve

Circle number3

Endgame Electronic Fist Roleplay Toy

The Endgame electronic gauntlet is a wearable roleplaying toy for children ages five and older.

The Endgame Electronic Gauntlet looks similar to the real gauntlet in the Avengers movies, and there is a central button you can press to make parts of it light up. There are also sound effects, and the gauntlet comes in both the conventional grey and red.

This toy is ideal for those ages five and older, and it fits most kids’ hands so they can wield it as they play with their friends. It also pairs nicely with other Marvel Universe toys and requires two AAA batteries.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Electronic lights and sound effects
  • Features all of the infinity stones
  • Fits most kid hands

Circle number4

Infinity War Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 Building Kit

The Infinity War Sanctum is a massive Lego set with several figurines and extra parts so you can customize your creative play

The Infinity War Sanctum features a corner house that has playable areas on both the front and back of the assembled toy. The kit comes in individual pieces, and there are a total of 1004 pieces in the set which makes it more appropriate for children ages eight to fourteen or adults.

This kit comes with a number of pieces that allow you to customize various aspects of the house, and these include flame and ice bursts, accessories, and historical weapons found in the Sanctum.

Why We Like This Toy

  • An extensive set with 1004 pieces
  • Appropriate for ages eight to fourteen
  • Decorated inside for additional play space

Circle number5

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Child Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet

This officially licensed Gauntlet is a more adult version that has a realistic burnished metal finish, and all six infinity stones.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.

The Infinity Gauntlet from Rubie’s Costume Co. has a much more realistic look than other commercially produced Infinity Gauntlets and the family-owned company that massive them is based in the USA.

This gauntlet features a mostly latex body with realistic-looking plastic infinity stones. This item is safety tested and measures approximately 11.6 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. This gauntlet pairs nicely with other Infinity Wars costumes and accessories in all sizes.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Appropriate for children and adults
  • More realistic than other gauntlets
  • Features latex and plastic parts

Circle number6

Avengers War Machine Buster 76124 Building Kit

The War Machine Buster Build Kit features one mech toy with a functional cockpit and some select figures.

The Avengers War Machine Buster Building kit features a functional mech toy that has an opening minifigure sized cockpit and the option of several different stud-shooting weapons. Two cannons detach from this figure, and there are also two flick missiles and a set of gripping hands.

This toy also comes with four action figures, including two Outriders from the film, Ant-Man, and War Machine. This toy mech measures six inches high by two inches long and five inches wide. There is a total of 362 pieces, and this kit is compatible with other Lego sets for endless creative play.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Functional minifigure cockpit
  • Rapid shooter with six studs
  • Detachable cannons that shoot studs

Circle number7

Marvel Infinity War Titan Hero Series Thanos

The Thanos action figure features a detailed Infinity Gauntlet and connects to Titan Hero Power FX packs.

The Thanos action figure is part of the Titan Hero Power series of toys that connect to different voice sound effects packs that you purchase separately. This action figure measures twelve inches tall like the other toys in this series despite Thanos towering over most other characters in the movies.

This toy has a Titan Hero Power FX connection port, can be posed in a limited number of positions, and the design comes directly from the Avengers: Infinity War movie.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Appropriate for ages four and up
  • Part of the Titan Hero Series of toys
  • Action figure measures twelve inches tall

Infinity War Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear

The Nerf Hulk Assembler is a handheld Nerf gun that can combine with other compatible toys into over 100 different combinations.

The Infinity War Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear is part of the Nerf guns series inspired by the Avengers movies. These toys shoot soft foam darts at low speeds, and the various parts of each weapon can be rearranged to make different toys.

This particular Nerf gun fits over the hand, and the different pieces connect to form a small shooter that sits over the wrist. Using just the pieces in this kit, you can make a couple different combinations, and the kit is appropriate for children ages five and up.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Different combinations for the blaster
  • Inspired by the Hulk
  • Includes some Nerf darts

Infinity War 33″ Hulkbuster Ultimate Figure

The Infinity War Hulkbuster folds out into a playset and features multiple rooms and accessories to encourage creative play.

The Infinity War Hulkbuster is a toy that you can play with on its own, but it opens up into a playset with multiple rooms and accessories for more creative play scenarios. This toy starts as a 22-inch-tall figure, but when expanded, it measures 33 inches tall.

The Hulkbuster comes with a zipline, but you’ll need to purchase the six-inch action figures separately. There are multiple compartments, including one in each leg and arm, one in the chest, and two-fold out wing-shaped backdrops.

Why We Like This Toy

  • Multiple modes of play
  • For ages four and up
  • Compatible with six-inch action figures

Avenger 3 Infinity War: Thor Stormbreaker

Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker, is replicated in full color and texture using high-density foam for safe role-playing.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.

This foam axe that replicates Thor’s axe named Stormbreaker from the movie features high-density foam, so it’s safe for younger children to use but is detailed enough to work as a cosplay prop.

This axe measures almost a full thirty inches, and a detailed paint job. The handle features textured cord wrapped around a faux wood handle. The blade on this axe is not sharp at all, and the foam easily bends when it comes in contact with something firm.

Why We Like This Toy

  • The axe measures a full 29.5 inches long by 7.5 inches wide
  • Made from high-density foam
  • The shaft features a high level of detail and craftsmanship


Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars Toys FAQ

If you’re looking for the best Avengers Infinity Wars toys, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions to learn more before you buy so you can choose the right brands.

What Should I Look for In Avengers Infinity Wars Toys?

Before you pick a toy from the line of Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars toys, you’ll want to check out the recommended ages for those toys to make sure they are correct for your child. Some of the best Avengers Infinity Wars toys are appropriate for younger children in the age range of five to seven years old and older.

You’ll also want to consider how they like to play and what toys they would get the most use out of for the most extended period. For kids that are into Legos, a new Avengers Lego set can be an excellent gift, and you can give multiple sets at different intervals and have confidence that they are all compatible.

These compatible toys allow your child to connect different sets and use accessories from one set with another toy set or individual toy. Many lego build kits are also suitable for older kids, and some are even fun for adults who enjoy the movies, remember the comics, or like to build Lego sets.

Are These Toys Appropriate for All Ages?

Not all of the best Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars toys brands are appropriate for all ages, and when you buy a toy for an older age group than your child, you may run the risk of small parts, which are a potential choking hazard.

There are a variety of toys appropriate for children of different ages, and many of the toys are suitable for children as young as four to five years old. Some toys with few to no moving parts or small pieces may not have an age range listed, and you may need to use your judgement for these.

Lego sets are notoriously good at providing a specific age range on their products, and they offer multiple sets in every age range so your child won’t miss out. Typically, the older the age range for a Lego set, the higher the number of pieces in the kit, and the assembly gets more complicated.

Toys are often associated with children, but many of them are also collector’s items, and adults like to collect different things and keep them in their original packaging. The Avengers toys are in one of the genres that attract many collectors, and if you are buying for one of these individuals it may be best to ask them what item they would like for their collection.

All in All

The Hulkbuster Lego kit is our number one choice for the category of best Avengers Infinity Wars toys because it allows a child between the ages of seven and fourteen the change to build their toy creatively. This kit features 375 pieces and is compatible with other Lego sets so their original building can expand to include other kits.

This toy also has neat features like a hidden compartment for the infinity stone, and a Hulkbuster with a bashing arm feature. This toy also features four different figurines that help encourage creative play, and the finished build can also double as a display piece when not in use.

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