The Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys – 2021 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 5 year old boys

Shopping for toys for kids of any age can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many different options, and it can be difficult to know you’re selecting one of the best toys for 5 year old boys in 2021.

Our helpful guide has plenty of ideas that are sure to delight the child in your life. Read on for our list of the best toys for 5 year old boys and some suggestions on how you can be sure you’re selecting a great toy.

INLAIER Remote Control Car

As far as RC cars go, this may be one of the coolest you’ll ever see.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Unique – Drives on walls and ceilings
  • Easy to use
  • Charges fully in 30 minutes
  • Well-made and durable


  • Requires 6 AA batteries
  • Limited battery life

This cool looking sports car goes forward, backwards, and in any direction. Besides the wheels, there’s a vacuum-like element underneath the car that allows it to drive up walls, too. One of our favorite features is the fact that the car charges off of the remote, which eliminates the need for wall power. The car can charge fully from the remote control in about a half hour.

The remote control takes 6 AA batteries, which burn out rather quickly with extended use. It may not be the most economical toy as a result, but any 5 year old boy is sure to be delighted by this unique RC car. Not only does this car work just like a regular remote-control car, but there’s also a second mode which allows you to climb walls!

Brickyard Building Blocks 101 Piece STEM Building Set

If you’re hoping to nurture your 5-year-old’s sense of creativity with your gift, this block set may be a good option for you.


  • Allows kids to embrace their creativity through STEM learning
  • Ideal for kids of all skill levels
  • Includes building guide with 42 ideas
  • BPA free and non-toxic


  • Kids will have to disassemble what they’ve built to make new creations

This set is a much-needed upgrade to the metal erector sets that probably kept you busy for hours when you were younger. It includes a broad selection of different building pieces, as well as all of the nuts, bolts, wheels, and tools your child will need to build whatever they can dream up.

It also includes a storage box, which helps cut down on lost pieces and messiness. The building guide has tons of ideas for different projects your child can build and customize to their liking. Each set includes 101 pieces – everything kids need to build whatever they can imagine.

YOOMAL 22 Channel Walkie Talkies

With 22 channels and a 3-mile range, there’s plenty of opportunity for creative fun with this toy.

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  • High quality – Nearly as functional as professional walkie talkies
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Easy to use


  • Limited battery life

These radios provide an impressively clear transmission and more than enough volume. They’re also the perfect size for smaller hands, which helps make this one of the best toys for 5 year old boys. Kids are sure to love the 3-mile range which allows them to communicate with their friend from long distances.

Any 5 year old will tell you, walkie-talkies are cool. This high-quality set from YOOMAL is available in a variety of colors, and it’s remarkably high quality given its low price.

Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center

A winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, this unique and educational toy may be a great option for the little learner in your life.


  • Allows kids to get creative
  • Encourages STEM learning
  • Winner of 8 different toy awards


  • Battery compartment is difficult to remove

This toy blends the hands-on fun of a construction toy, with an artistic element that will help inspire creativity. Inside, kids will find 120 different colorful kid-sized bolts, a reversible power drill, screwdriver, wrench, drill bits, activity board and 20 fun designs that they can drill into the activity board. Kids can choose to create one of the 20 designs that are included or use their imagination to make their own designs.

Daliac Superhero Costume Five Pack

This toy from RioRand is a great way for your little boy to tap into their imagination while they play as all of their favorite superheroes.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Great value – includes 5 different costumes
  • Perfect for playdates – encourages team play


  • Velcro could be stronger

Each superhero costume includes a slap bracelet, cape, and mask. This toy is perfect for parties and playdates, and they also make good party favors. The capes are made from a surprisingly nice satin material, and they stand up well to extended play sessions. If you’re buying for a child that loves superheroes and role play, this may be a great option for you.

We love the “bang for your buck” on this toy since it includes costumes for five of the most popular superheroes, including Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and The Flash.

Playshire Brain Flakes 600 Piece Building Set

When it comes to STEM learning toys, this enormous building set from Playshire may be the granddaddy of them all.


  • Great wow factor – includes 600 pieces
  • Ideal for STEM learning
  • Perfect for imaginative kids


  • Easy to lose pieces

If you’re buying a toy for a child with a vivid imagination, this may be a great option for you. These snowflake shaped blocks come in the full rainbow of colors, and they snap together to allow children to create anything they can pull from their imagination while improving motor skills.

Each brain flake is lab tested to ensure it’s safe, non-toxic and BPA free, so you can rest assured that this toy is designed with the child’s safety in mind. This toy helps to promote creativity, problem-solving, logical thinking and spatial reasoning, so kids can learn while they play.

54 Piece Drawing Stencil Kit

For the budding creative in your life, this kit includes everything little artists need to create their own masterpieces.


  • High-quality components
  • Inspires creativity
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Pencil sharpener could be better

This art kit may be a little pricier than other kits on the market, but it includes high-quality components, and the pencils provide strikingly rich colors. There is a wide variety of stencils included, so kids will be able to create all sorts of creative pictures. The drawing paper features a fun and colorful border, which gives little artist’s work a polished look you’ll be proud to display.

Included with each kit are 14 colored pencils, 14 stencils, 22 pieces of drawing paper, a colored pencil sharpener, two drawing paper clips and an attache case for carrying and storage.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes


  • Fun physical activity for outdoor play
  • Includes three types of stunt planes
  • Gliders can perform cool tricks
  • Teaches kids about STEM concepts


  • Requires good weather in a large-ish outdoor area

These person-powered planes have been a hit for over 25 years. Kids jump on the launch stand to create a burst of air which sends the stunt plane soaring. Everything is entirely kid-powered and requires no batteries or electricity.

The set includes an adjustable launch stand, stomp pad with an air hose and three different stunt planes. The Looper automatically performs giant loops. Next is the glider, which can soar over 100 feet. Finally, the Wildcat flips, turns and performs other tricks. Aeronautical engineers created each plane design.

Regular play exercises not just the body but also the mind. The toy set includes an educational book titled Stompin’ Science. Kids can learn about a variety of STEM subjects including gravity, trajectory, force and more.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike


  • Cool Harley-Davidson design
  • Easy-grip handlebars and extra-wide pedals
  • Prepares kids for riding a bike
  • Improves balance and coordination


  • Might be too large for smaller kids
  • Can be complicated to assemble

Little riders can cruise in style with this Harley-themed trike from Fisher-Price. It’s designed to be a kid-friendly with super-sized foot pedals, easy-grip handlebars, and a stable wheelbase. The rugged, durable tires roll across sidewalks, dirt, solid grass and other outdoor environments. Kids love the secret compartment located under the seat, too!

It’s designed to be a child’s first trike. Boys will learn the basics of steering, balance and vehicle operation. Plus, trikes help kids prepare for learning to ride a bicycle in a few years.

Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tins


  • Simple, classic toy powered by imagination
  • Easy to store in the unique 100th-anniversary tin
  • Includes plans for three structures


  • Contains many smaller pieces

Simple and timeless, Lincoln Logs never go out of style. This 100th Anniversary Tin contains 111 pieces including roof, chimney, porch and fence pieces. All logs are made from real maple wood with bright brown staining.

The quality remains as high as you likely remember. The logs have indentations for quick and secure connections. An included manual provides plans for making a tall tower, large cabin or two houses with a bonfire. Of course, kids can use their imaginations to build unique creations, too.

Clean-up is a snap with the set’s collectible storage tin. Any dirt can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. It’s easy to see why these toys have remained popular since 1916.

HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set

Gather the gang for group fun with the HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set.


  • CPSC approved
  • Guns and vests


  • Not as accurate as some sets
  • Requires 7 AA per gun/vest set

Up to four little warriors can play with the HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set. The vests vibrate for realistic effects. Each of the guns have four settings including single shot, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket with different sound effects and capabilities.

The shooting distance is up to 130 feet, making it a perfect set for indoor or outdoor play. The the HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set is CPSC safety approved. Since this is a toy laser tag set, the vests do not measure hits as accurately as other more advanced sets. Also, each gun and vest combination requires seven AA batteries.

Interactive Talking USA Map

Learn about the 50 states with the Interactive Talking USA Map.


  • Over 500 facts
  • Can be wall hung
  • Volume control


  • Doesn’t teach capitals

The Interactive Talking USA Map will introduce your little scholar to geography and history as he discovers more than 500 facts about the United States. This map measures 34×26 inches and can be hung on the wall or used laying flat on the floor.

Parents will love the volume control and automatic timer. Kids will love the ease that they can change the mode and state. The map provides climate information and fun facts about each state but does not teach the capitals.

HOMOFY Slot Car Race Track

What better combination is there for a five year old boy than dinosaurs AND race tracks? The HOMOFY Slot Car Race Track has them both!


  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic
  • Combines dinosaurs and racing
  • Compatible with Magic Tracks


  • Only comes with one car

The HOMOFY Slot Car Race Track includes two dinosaurs, four trees, two slopes, one military off-road vehicle, one hanging bridge and an entrance door. Your racing enthusiastic can build his own track with the 142 pieces included. If you need more road, it can be used in conjunction with Magic Tracks.

The only drawback is that the set comes with just one car that is powered by one AA battery. Depending on the use, you may be changing the battery often to keep it going on the road.

Windy City Novelties Spino the Dino

What boy wouldn’t love his own walking, roaring, and light up purple dinosaur for imaginative play? Windy City Novelties Spino, the Dino is ready for some dinosaur battles right from the box!


  • Moves, roars, and flashes
  • Batteries included


  • Roar is loud enough to become annoying
  • Sound can not be turned off

Spino the Dino from Windy City Novelties measures 12 inches in length and is 6 inches tall. The LED lights flash red, green, and blue down the spikes on his back. His eyes and tongue also flash. This dinosaur moves and roars with the flip of a switch.

Spino, the Dino had eye-catching purple and black skin. Both boys and girls will love the realism this toy adds to their dinosaur scenarios. Three AA batteries are included so that the fun can start right out of the package.

The dinosaur roar can get annoying after time. Unfortunately, the sound can not be turned off independently of the lights and movement features. It’s an all or nothing switch. Of course, the sound effects are what makes the kids love it so much!

Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game

Your child will develop his hand and eye coordination along with memory skills with the Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game.


  • Marvel Heroes and Villains images
  • Complexity can be varied with more cards
  • Great for focus and memory development


  • No storage container
  • Some of the characters are not as well-known

The Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game comes with seventy-two 2×2 inch illustrated cards. Each image is repeated four times so that you can vary the complexity of the game. You can remove the extra sets for a traditional matching pairs game. Add the third card for triplicate memory. Use both sets for four times the challenge.

Conversely, you can remove the extra set to be used as replacements in the event a card is damaged or lost, which happens even to the best cared-for games. Loss or damage might occur since there is no separate storage container for the game.

The images have a good mix of superheroes and villains, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Venom, and Doctor Octopus. Other characters are not as well-known, such as Loki, Nova, and White Tiger.

This game can be played alone or with others. Since it has four of each, you can have two games going on simultaneously. Set a timer and see who is the fastest! Older children love to play this, as well. The cards are sturdy enough to hold up when handled regularly. Playing memory improves focus and critical thinking skills. Have fun and learn at the same time!

Crazy Forts

Capitalize on your little guy’s creativity with Crazy Forts building set! Get two sets, and his imagination will know no boundaries.


  • Creative building set
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable pieces
  • Improve motor skills


  • No storage container
  • Best with two or more sets used together
  • Complicated assembly guide for structures

One Crazy Forts set comes with 69 toggles and rods that can be joined together to make an interactive structure to play in. Each of the 25 purple geometrically-precise balls is approximately two inches in diameter and made from lightweight foam with multiple holes for any angle. The 44 green plastic sticks are each sixteen inches long and fit into the holes.

Join the rods and toggles together to build the framework for caves, igloos, castles, or forts. Cover with a bed sheet and let the fun begin! The pieces are durable and easy to assemble. Unfortunately, the Crazy Forts set does not come with any sort of storage container to keep the pieces when not in use.

The set comes with several plans for structures. However, your child may find following the blueprints complicated, which can cause frustration. If your child is not spatially aware yet, he may require some adult assistance.

JOYIN 150-Piece Marble Run Premium Set

Your child will have hours of rolling fun with the JOYIN 150-Piece Marble Run Premium Set. Endless variations make this toy a long-term entertainment investment!


  • 100 building pieces
  • Comes with 50 marbles
  • Instruction guide
  • Meets US safety standards
  • Non-toxic
  • Improve motor skills


  • Marbles are small enough to swallow
  • No storage case

The JOYIN 150-Piece Marble Run Premium Set comes with 100 transparent ABS building pieces and 50 glass marbles. The tubing allows for any standard size marble to work. The pieces are easy to assemble, and the marble run is stable when put together correctly.

The set comes with instructions for four different runs. However, there are hundreds of fun combinations your child can discover on his own. The JOYIN 150-Piece Marble Run Premium Set has been safety tested and meets US safety standards. The pieces are 100% non-toxic. However, marbles are small and can create a choking hazard if swallowed.

Designing marble runs will develop hand-eye coordination, creativity, and logical thinking. The marbles used are standard size and present a choking hazard. There is also no storage container to keep the pieces when not in use.

omzer Kids Digital Camera

The omzer Kids Digital Camera is the perfect toy for your budding photographer or future YouTuber! It has been designed for small hands and sturdy enough to survive an occasional tumble.


  • Rechargeable
  • Durable silicon casing
  • Lightweight


  • May be too complicated for some 5-year-olds

The omzer Kids Digital Camera takes photographs with 8.0 Megapixels and HD videos at 1920 x 1080p. Dual direction capability allows for selfies too! Get up close with 4x digital zoom or add a little wackiness with eight scene selections and forty funny frames.

It includes a 16 GB microSD card, microphone, USB cable, and a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery with 610mA capacity. You can watch playbacks on the two-inch LCD screen or download pictures and videos to a computer.

The eco-friendly soft silicone shell is durable and non-toxic. The camera’s dimensions are 93 x 42 x 61 mm, and it weighs just 97g, making it perfect for little hands. A lanyard is included so that your child can carry it around his neck for on-the-go use.

You can store up to 300 photos or 5 minutes of video on the included SD card. The auto white balance and automatic smile shooting will help your little one get the best shots every time. The omzer Kids Digital Camera is available in a variety of colors and designs.

Taking pictures is a skill with a learning curve. Because the omzer Kids Digital Camera has so many options, it may be too complicated for some 5-year-olds to manage.

iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine

Encourage active play with the iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine! Help your child learn the basics of two sports while having a blast!


  • Tennis and baseball options
  • Auto or remote control ball launching


  • Adult supervision required
  • Requires four D batteries and five AAA batteries
  • Ball launch may be too fast for beginners

The iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine includes a baseball bat, tennis racket, pitching machine, and six foam balls. Both baseball and tennis help improve your child’s visual processing, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.

Because the baseball bat is thin, your child may have more success initially using the tennis racket with its wider hit surface. As his skills develop, you can increase the challenge by using the bat. The baseball bat has a remote control that lets the pitching machine know when your little one is ready for the ball by pressing the red button.

The pitching machine angle can be adjusted for the height of your child. An indicator light will signal when a ball is ready to be released. In Auto mode, the balls launch every five to seven seconds, which may be too fast for beginners.

The iPlay, iLearn 2-in-1 Baseball and Tennis Pitching Machine requires four D batteries and five AAA batteries. Due to the nature of this toy, adult supervision is required at all times.

CPSYUB Hands-Free Mini Drone

The CPSYUB Hands-Free Mini Drone is a flashing UFO your child can control with his hands.


  • Start/Stop remote control
  • Flashing UFO lights
  • Hand controlled


  • Should not be used outside
  • Battery duration is not very long

The CPSYUB Hands-Free Mini Drone has a remote control device to start and stop it. The five infrared sensors allow the drone to maneuver around obstacles and be directed by the movement of your child’s hands.

The mesh design keeps the propeller from coming in contact with your child or other items as it flies. The three flashing LEDs add otherworldly special effects.

The CPSYUB Hands-Free Mini Drone comes with a USB cable for recharging. Each charge will provide between eight and fifteen minutes of continuous flight. It takes about 30 minutes for the device to reload.

The drone is approximately 12 inches in diameter and weighs 4.8 ounces. It is available in red, blue and black. It should not be used outdoors as it may fly away.


Choosing The Best Toys and Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

Around the age of 5, boys undergo tremendous growth with regards to creativity and learning, which makes choosing the best toys for 5 year old boys all the more important. Before you start shopping, you may have some questions about how to select the best toys.

What Kind of Toys Are Most Appropriate?

At this age, it’s necessary to foster the child’s sense of creativity while feeding their desire to learn and explore. Educational toys that teach skills like math and reading are an excellent choice at this age, as are toys like art supplies, dolls, and dress-up clothes.

It’s important to remember that children are like sponges at this age, soaking up information at a high rate. They’re also very impressionable. When selecting an interactive or educational toy for a 5 year old boy, look for options that provide positive reinforcement and encouragement.

For example, a toy that offers encouragement when a child gets an answer incorrect is preferable to a toy that beeps or flashes red when the answer is incorrect.

Toys that encourage children to get outside and be active are also a great idea, so you may want to consider sport related toys and playsets as well.

Is it Okay to Provide a Child With Toys That Aren’t Age or Gender Appropriate?

Every child develops at a different pace. At this age, children are also beginning to establish their own likes, dislikes, and preferences.

While every toy comes with a recommended age range, it isn’t a hard and fast rule. If your child is a fast learner, they may find toys designed for older children to be more fun. If your child learns a bit slower, they may be more interested in toys designed for 3 or 4-year-olds.

Keep in mind that the needs and interests of the child will help dictate whether or not a toy is appropriate. If you’re unsure if a toy is appropriate, it can be a good idea to stick to toys within the recommended age range.

Many toys are designed with either boys or girls in mind, but that certainly isn’t a hard and fast rule, either. It’s important that you allow the child to play on their terms, as this will encourage learning and creativity.

What are Some Developmental Milestones at This Age?

Five-year-old boys reach new developmental milestones seemingly every day. Around this age, you can expect the child to be doing things like:

  • Walking, running, swinging and playing with ease
  • Counting to 10 or higher
  • Expressing themselves using more complex sentences
  • Identifying short written words like mom, dad, dog, cat, etc.
  • Understanding the concept of time
  • Drawing people and landscapes
  • Reciting their name, address and phone number
  • Pedaling a tricycle or bike with training wheels

How Can Toys Help a Child Reach These Milestones?

Most of the milestones the child will reach at age 5 center around physical tasks like running or biking, and mental tasks like learning to read, solve math problems, and apply logic to different situations. Any toy which encourages development in these areas is going to be a great way to provide the child with the tools they need to reach these milestones.

How Do I Know What Toys are Safe for a 5-Year-Old Boy?

Providing fun and exciting toys to your child is important, but the child’s safety is even more important. When it comes to purchasing toys for a 5 year old boy, it’s important that the toy is designed with their safety in mind.

Active toys like bicycles or scooters must never be used without a helmet. Make sure that the child’s helmet is CPSC or Snell certified or both. This certification ensures that the safety equipment meets stringent safety requirements.

Toy darts, arrows or projectiles should have soft tips or suction cups. Avoid any toy projectile with a hard or sharp tip.

Any electronic toy should be UL certified for safety.

Parents or guardians should regularly check toys for wear, rust, sharp edges or broken parts. If a toy is broken, it should be immediately repaired or thrown away.

In Conclusion

Shopping for the best toys for 5 year old boys can be fun and exciting. At age 5, kids are developing at a rapid rate. They’re becoming more creative, they’re beginning to learn scholastic subjects like reading, writing, and math, and they’re beginning to develop their own unique personalities.

While shopping can be a bit overwhelming, thanks to the seemingly limitless number of toys on the market, you should have no problem finding fun and age-appropriate toys for the child in your life. Any toy that encourages learning, creativity or independent play will make an excellent choice for the 5 year old boy in your life.

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