Review: You & Me 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories

Baby dolls have always been classic toys for creative and caring play. Unfortunately, many of them do not include accessories that make playing with a doll so much fun. I recently decided to purchase a set that included some extra items, like bottles and toys, so that my 4-year-old daughter could make the most of playtime with her dolls.

After a bit of research, I chose Dream Collection’s You & Me 30 Piece Accessories set. This kit includes a variety of fun and realistic baby doll accessories that make it perfect for taking care of a doll’s every need.

Who Should Use This Product?

The primary use of this toy is to enrich children’s playtime with their dolls. The sheer number of items included in this set is enough to keep a child amused for a few hours, and the interactive nature of some of the accessories enhances playtime, too. Children can twist lids off of bottles and push down on the lotion bottle pump for bonus fun.

This particular doll accessories kit is most suitable for children age three and up, as there are several small pieces that present a choking hazard.

What You Should Know

There are so many individual items in this set that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Here are the key features of You & Me’s Baby Doll Care Accessories.

  • Compatible with dolls 12 inches and up
  • Comes with a convenient carry case
  • 30 pieces that include a potty, assorted bottles, toys, and more
  • Bib ties and diapers fasten with hook-and-loop closures

With all of these accessories to explore, children are sure to spend a few hours of their day with this set, though the true test is how well it holds up to real play. Let’s find out.

My First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I opened this kit was the enormous quantity of toys. They are mostly made of plastic, though the diapers and socks are cloth, and the duck and fish toys are more like rubber.

I felt there was a decent variety among the toys. Although most of them were bottles, they were different shapes and sizes, and there were plenty of other items to add interest. I thought the potty, bib, combs, pacifier, plate, utensils, mirror, and doll toys were exciting items that my little girl would enjoy at playtime.

Once all of the toys were out of the bag, my daughter immediately started playing with them. She had tons of fun pulling the lids off of the bottles and pushing down on the pump bottle. The training toilet worked great for her doll, though it may be too small for larger ones. The bottles and the pacifier fit perfectly into her doll’s mouth, which thrilled her.

A few of the accessories did not fit my daughter’s dolls, like the large diapers. Also, clean up will probably be challenging for most children. My daughter struggled to fit all of the items back into the bag, eventually gave up, and left it to me to figure out.

The Use Phase

Even after my daughter examined every accessory, she went back to playing with the bottles every time. While they are not high-quality items, my daughter didn’t mind and had fun with them anyway. She also enjoyed the rubber duck and fish toys made of a soft, squeezable rubber perfect for grasping and carrying around.

As the weeks went by, my daughter lost some interest in Dream Collection’s You & Me 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag. The bag ripped along the seams, so we can’t use it for storage anymore. She eventually grew tired of the bottles and now mostly plays with the potty, plate and utensils, and fish toy.


I purchased this set because I wanted my daughter to have accessories she could use to add interest and imagination to playtime with her dolls. This kit served that purpose. Although some of the items are not the right size for my daughter’s dolls, she doesn’t care and loves using them to take care of her toys.

While I still feel that these items are cheaply made, they are more durable than I expected. Besides the bag, all of the accessories remain in decent shape.

Final Thoughts

Given the relatively low price of this accessories set, I think it’s worth the money. Even though the individual items are not premium quality, there is enough variety among them to keep children happy. It is also a very versatile toy that can work for dolls of different brands and sizes. This set is the perfect complement to imaginary doll play.

Overall, I rate this toy 3.5/5. While quality could be improved, my daughter loved this set when it first arrived and still plays with some of the items every day with her dolls.

Brett Gordon

The brains behind The Toy Report. Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, Brett is dedicated to making The Toy Report a trusted space in the world of toy reviews and recommendations.