What Are The Best Toy Castles for Children? (2022)

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Kids love playing with toy castles!

Boys and girls across a wide range of ages have long loved toy castles. With dungeons, drawbridges, knights, princesses and more, toy castles are a great place for kids to let their imaginations run wild! But many toy castles are available, in different styles and with varying degrees of complexity. How do you know which castle is the one your little one wants?

Our complete guide to toy castles is here to help. Check out our favorite toy castles, as well as a buyer’s guide with everything you need to know. Ready to get the keys to the kingdom? Let’s get started!

2022’s Best Toy Castles

Fisher-Price Imaginext Castle Lion’s Kingdom

A detailed fantasy-themed castle which includes action figures, sound effects and a collapsible tower.


  • Fantasy/medieval design
  • Includes hero and villain action figures
  • Castle has collapsible tower, jail and more


  • Armor for action figures is hard to remove
  • Requires 2 AA batteries for lights and sounds

This sword-and-sorcery-style Lion’s Kingdom castle is sure to provide days and knights of playtime. Castle contains four levels, toy knights and even a lion. Turn a disk to put the castle in defense mode or have the invaders fire a crossbow at the gates. Includes trap doors, jail and collapsible tower.

With a kid-friendly but medieval style, this castle helps spark imagination play. Great for young fans of knights, dragons and lions (the castle itself has a lion-themed design). The lion figure growls and has light-up eyes.

Melissa and Doug Medieval Wooden Castle

This sprawling, high-quality wooden castle from Melissa & Doug folds up for easy storage.


  • All-wood castle from Melissa & Doug
  • Includes turret, drawbridge and more
  • Opens up to reveal courtyard and other details
  • Closes up for compact storage


  • Doesn’t include figures
  • Not as durable as plastic castles

Melissa & Doug are known as wooden toy royalty, and this castle adds to their reign. Made from sturdy and handsome wood, this medieval castle includes a removable turret, working drawbridge, trap door and more.

Hinges open the castle to reveal three detailed floors and a courtyard. When playtime is done for the day, the castle folds up for compact storage. Detailed, durable and a great way to promote creativity.

Plush Unicorn Castle with Five Stuffed Animal Unicorns

A cute and cuddly plush castle with five stuffed animal unicorn pals, each a different color.


  • Perfect for unicorn lovers
  • Soft plush castle with five unicorn stuffed animals
  • No sharp edges or small parts
  • Castle doubles as a carrying case


  • Castle doesn’t have many features

Not all castles have to be made from plastic or wood. This 11-inch castle is as soft as a pillow and has pink and white coloring. Castle also has five windows – one for each of the included unicorn stuffed animals.

Each unicorn pal is five inches high with soft beanie stuffing. The entire set is soft and machine washable. Plus, the castle can also be used as a carrying case which means the unicorn kingdom is easy to travel with.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Perfect for fans of both LEGO and Elsa, this Sparkling Ice Castle has plenty of features and fan favorite mini-figs.


  • Bring home the magic of Disney’s Frozen
  • High-quality LEGO product
  • Includes Elsa, Anna and Olaf mini-figures
  • Includes wide variety of accessories


  • Not suitable for kids under six

Instead of “let it go,” how about “let it Lego”? Designed for kids ages six through 12, Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle features an icicle tree, secret staircase, ice cream bar and more. Includes Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf the Snowman mini-figures.

As with all LEGO sets, following the instructions is only half the fun. Also encourages kids to build their own inventions and create their own stories. Includes glittery wall elements, decorative stickers and a variety of character accessories.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Castle Dollhouse

An all-wooden castle which doubles as a dollhouse and includes 12 wooden dolls and horses.


  • All-wood castle with a renaissance theme
  • Includes wooden royalty, knights and horses
  • Easy storage and transport
  • High-quality Melissa & Doug product


  • Doesn’t include accessories for dolls

Another quality offering from Melissa & Doug, this is a lively wooden castle populated by many different wooden dolls including a king, queen, knights and even horses. The castle has two stories, and the castle features a working drawbridge, a dungeon and an unlimited capacity for fun.

No assembly is required. Kids simply open the castle up and start playing. Storage and transport are also a snap. The castle simple folds right up when not in use, and even holds all the dolls.

My Little Pony Canterlot Castle Playset

A complete My Little Pony castle playset with two figures and over 10 accessories.


  • Detailed Canterlot Castle playset
  • Includes Princess Celestria and Storm King figures
  • Fits all over 1.5-inch Pony figures
  • Castle includes three stories with working drawbridge


  • Only includes two figures
  • Not all existing MLP toys fit into castle

Bring the magic of friendship to your home with the My Little Pony Canterlot Castle Playset. Includes a detailed, purple-and-gold playset which looks just like the castle from the popular TV show. Castle has three floors with a winding staircase and working drawbridge.

Of course, what My Little Pony castle would be complete without ponies? This playset includes both a Princess Celestia and Storm King action figure. Castle size also fits any other 1.5-inch plastic Pony figures including those in the blind bags and the Friendship is Magic Collection sets.

Liberty Imports Medieval Castle with Army Playset

A large, detailed medieval castle with a drawbridge, catapult and detailed knight figures.


  • Colorful and detailed medieval castle
  • Includes four detailed knight action figures
  • Working drawbridge and catapult


  • Projectile can be dangerous for younger kids
  • Realistic knight theme not interesting to everyone

Get ready to storm the gates with this classic castle from Liberty Imports. Castle has 23 pieces including two towers, a working catapult, moveable drawbridge, jail and tons of detail throughout. Made from durable plastic, the castle is painted a classic gray with a molded brick design.

This castle includes a full army of four knights, a horse (who pulls a cage) and a box of treasure and each treasure chest. Each piece is painted in vibrant colors and includes a ton of detail. Also includes three different shields so the action figures can form different armies. Designed for hours of action-oriented medieval fun. Suitable for ages three and up.


Here’s a look at answers to common questions parents and others often have about buying a toy castle:

What Should I Look for in a Toy Castle?

There’s no one type of toy castle, which makes comparing different types a bit difficult. When shopping for a toy castle, first take your child’s interests into account. Do they like medieval castles with dungeons, a drawbridge and knights? Or are they more interested in a castle filled with ponies and pretty colors?

Next, determine how your child will likely play with the toy castle. For example, would they like a castle with a crumbling tower, launchable projectiles and other more action-orientated features? Or would your child prefer a castle with a bedroom, kitchen and more of a dollhouse-type style?

More than just the castle, the included accessories are also very important. Many castles include at least a few figures but the type can vary significantly. For instance, Melissa & Doug products typically include featureless wooden dolls. But other castles include detailed knights, Vikings and other action-oriented folks.

Don’t forget to compare any figures to your child’s existing toys. For instance, play opportunities are expanded if your child’s favorite Star Wars or Marvel figures can fit inside their new toy castle. Some playsets, such as Elsa’s castle and the My Little Pony playset, are specifically designed to fit in with a larger product line.

What are Toy Castles Made From?

No stone and mortar here. Toy castles are typically made from either wood or plastic. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Wood castles have a timeless look. Kids often like to touch the smooth wood pieces. But wood castles can lack a lot of intricate detail. Plus, wooden figures are often faceless and pretty bland. While wood is very durable, it can’t be exposed to water for prolonged periods of time.

Plastic sets don’t have the same classic appeal as wood, but plastic does allow for a more intricate design. Plus, plastic action figures can have faces and other details. Look for ABS plastic, which is a durable and non-toxic plastic used in many different toys. Another benefit of plastic castles is how easy they are to clean – simply wipe with a damp sponge.

You can also find a few castles made of plush material. While they won’t have the same rigid structure as a wood or plastic castle, plush castles can make a great home for a child’s favorite stuffed animals.

Are Toy Castles Safe?

Generally, toy castles are safe. The main issue is the huge variety in toys castles available. Each potential purchase will have to be examined on its individual merits.

First, always follow the toy’s recommended age guidelines. The main issue you’re trying to avoid is a choking hazard. Avoid castles with moving pieces, lots of accessories and other small parts which could be swallowed when shopping for younger kids.

Also, watch out for projectiles. Some toy castles have plastic projectiles like a toy catapult or battering ram. Make sure kids are old enough to know how to use all moveable parts safely.

As long as you follow the recommended age guidelines, toy castles are a safe toy kids can use without requiring much adult supervision.

What are the Benefits of a Playing with a Toy Castle?

Toy castles help with both gross and fine motor skills. Manipulating the action figures and small accessories of the castle helps little fingers learn to move in complex ways. Plus, moving the larger castle set piece helps develop large muscle groups in the arms.

Toy castles are great for creative play. Playing with the castle, becoming lost in a far-away fantasy world, helps kids expand their imaginations. Being able to pretend is very important to childhood developing, affecting language skills, social skills, critical thinking ability and much more.

Castles also allow for roleplay. Thanks to classic fairy tales and other stories, the basic social structure of a castle is familiar to even small kids. A castle has a king, queen, knights, a villain at the gates and so on. While children play with these roles, they learning valuable skills about real-world interactions at school, home and with friends.

Are Toys Castles Easy to Store?

Maybe. Some castles act as their own storage container. Using a hinge, the child can unfold the castle for play, and then fold it back up for storage.

You want to be careful about selecting a castle with a ton of accessories. They can be difficult to keep track of when traveling. Usually the more pieces a castle has, the less portable it’ll be.

Final Thoughts

Toy castles aren’t always thought of as being the most educational toy, but they’re actually incredibly effective at helping develop social and language skills. Suitable for a wide variety of ages, every boy and girl should be able to find a toy castle which matches their interests – from ponies to dragon-fighting knights and everything in-between.

Your child will likely love a toy castle. Inside the gates a world of fun and adventure awaits!

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