10 Best Black Baby Dolls (New 2020 Edition)

Best Black Baby Dolls

Making the deliberate choice to purchase a doll that reflects an ethnic heritage other than the typical blonde and blue-eyed baby can be extremely beneficial to any child, whether that child is darker-skinned or not.

It is certainly no surprise that a child will bond more with a doll that looks like them, then one that doesn’t. Seeing themselves reflected in a baby, fosters improved self-esteem. Studies have shown that very young children can differentiate race when presented with a variety of toys in different skin tones.

Children who fit the mainstream definition of beauty can benefit from having ethnic dolls to play with. Meeting a child that looks like the toy they love is an exciting experience, which may lead to the development of multicultural friendships down the line. Role-playing with dolls can be an excellent opportunity to help children see differences as positive rather than strange.

Baby Doll Buying Tips

Baby dolls are not all the same. It’s essential to consider the age of the recipient in addition to the safety compliance of the toy. Every year, children under the age of 12 die as a result of choking on toy pieces. Making sure the doll that you purchase is appropriate for the age of the child that will be playing with it will help eliminate this choking risk.

Children Under Three

Children under three should not be given any toy that has parts that could be swallowed. For baby dolls, this means there should be no buttons or other pieces that could fall off and be ingested. Toys intended for this age range should also not have any sharp edges or be made from potentially harmful materials, such as lead-based paint.

The best baby dolls for children under three are soft-bodied and well-crafted. They should not be dressed in clothing that has buttons, ties, or snaps. The facial features should be embroidered rather than attached by other means. Hair should also be firmly rooted. In the U.S., dolls should meet safety standards 16 C.F.R. 1500.18(a)(1), (2), (3).

Children Three to Six Years of Age

Children three to six years old are still learning fine motor skills. Dolls that have removable clothing should have easy-close fasteners to reduce frustration. Children this age enjoy imaginative play, so a more life-like doll would be more attractive to them.

There is still a risk of choking for children this age when toys have small parts. Therefore be sure the doll has no buttons or snaps that can be swallowed. The best baby dolls for children three to six years of age are rag dolls with removable clothing and embroidered facial features.

Children Ages Six to Twelve

Children from six to twelve enjoy manipulative toys and elaborate role-playing, making dolls an excellent gift for any child this age. You can capitalize on their ability to read with books that complement the baby. Don’t be alarmed when the doll’s wardrobe outstrips your own.
Children 12 and up
Children that are a bit older still love baby dolls. Dolls for children twelve and up are the most realistic of all the dolls we’ve examined in this article. The high quality craftsmanship makes them collector’s items rather than rough and tumble toys. There’s less concern for safety precautions because these dolls aren’t chewed on or dragged along on the floor. Instead, they are often shelved between playtimes to be admired, not touched.

Ten of the Best Black Baby Dolls

If you are looking for an African American baby doll, then we have the list for you. You may be searching for a toy that reflects your little one’s heritage, or you may wish to encourage your child to embrace diversity. Whatever your reason, check out this list of the black dolls compiled with fun in mind.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

One Dear World Hope Rag Doll

Hope is a 12-inch cuddly rag doll with dark, curly hair.

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Why We Like This Doll

Hope will arrive at your home with a passport indicating she was born on February 1 in Ghana, Africa. She is a plush 12-inch rag doll with dark curly hair and embroidered facial features. She comes dressed in a white cotton dress and underpants that are easily removable.

Hope’s construction meets the European Toy Safety Standard EN71 and the United States Standard ASTM F963.

Circle number2

Linzy Toys Aissa Handmade Fabric Rag Doll

Aissa is 16 inches tall and extremely cuddly.

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Why We Like This Doll

  • Made from 100% spandex fabric cotton
  • Stuffed with 100% polyester
  • Adorable

Aissa is a handmade delight perfect for children over the age of 12 months. The fabric can be spot cleaned or washed in the gentle cycle. This cute and cuddly miss is made with 100% spandex fabric cotton and stuffed with polyester. The embroidered eyes make this a safe option for little fingers.

Circle number3

Basket of Babies Creative Minds Plush Dolls 6 Piece Set

Basket of Babies Creative Minds Plush Dolls 6 Piece Set is made up of six 10-inch plush culturally diverse babies for the youngest doll lovers.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Set of 6 babies in a variety of skin-tones
  • Come with a 12-inch plush basket for storage
  • Removable sack dresses

These soft, handmade 10-inch babies have non-removable caps and removable sack dresses. The set of six babies come in a variety of skin-tones.

These little loveys come with a 12-inch broad plush basket, perfect for storage. The eyes, noses, and mouths are embroidered, so there are no safety concerns for even the littlest ones. The fabric is surface washable.

Circle number4

Michael, I Love You To The Moon And Back Baby Doll by Ashton Drake

Michael, I Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Doll by Ashton Drake, is an exquisitely crafted collector’s item designed by Linda Murray.

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Why We Like This Doll

  • Soft vinyl skin
  • Hand-painted features
  • Created by award-winning doll artist Linda Murray

Michael, I Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Doll is the perfect addition to any collection. Michael wears a knit sweater vest, plaid shorts, a collared shirt, white socks, and blue and white saddle shoes.

Designed by award-winning doll artist Linda Murray, this baby boy has RealTouch vinyl skin, hand-painted features, and silky curls that have been hand placed. Michael is not recommended for anyone under the age of 14.

Circle number5

Nurse Nicole African American Doll

Nurse Nicole is 18-inches tall and is dressed and ready to step into action at the hospital.

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Why We Like This Doll

  • Fits into standard 18-inch doll clothing
  • Comes with complete nurse’s outfit
  • A complement to a series of books and a DVD about Nurse Nicole

Let your child’s imaginative play go wild with Nurse Nicole. She measures 18-inches high and can fit into standard 18-inch doll clothing. Nurse Nicole comes with a nurse I.D. badge, brack croc shoes, white lab coat, white nurse’s cap, black pants, and red scrub top. This doll has a soft body with vinyl legs, arms, and head.

Nurse Nicole is the star of two books, “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse” & “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Your Hands,” and a DVD called “The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Battle of the Germs” sold separately. Nurse Nicole is recommended for children over the age of six.

Circle number6

Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat – Keltie

Keltie is a 14-inch poseable doll that is part of the Glitter Girls collection by Battat.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Poseable
  • Easy-open clothing closures
  • B.P.A., Phthalate and lead-free
  • Compatible with most 14-inch doll accessories

Keltie bends at the elbows and knees and rotates at the shoulders and hips so you can pose her to your heart’s delight. She’s designed to be played with by children three years old and up. Keltie’s durable plastic body is lead, Phthalate, and B.P.A. free. Her straight nylon hair is easy to brush.

She comes wearing a white glitter blow, pink top, blue skirt, printed leggings, and white shoes. The clothes are removable and have easy-open closures. Her size makes her compatible with most 14-inch doll accessory sets, including Wellie Wishers and Hearts for Hearts.

Circle number7

Mattel Barbie Fashionistas Doll 106

Barbie 106 from the Mattel Fashionistas line wears a rainbow floral dress.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Compatible with all Barbie accessories

The Barbie and Ken Fashionistas line have a variety of non-traditional skin-tones and hair textures. Barbie 106 is a lovely dark-skinned doll wearing a rainbow floral dress and white sandals. She’s compatible with all Barbie accessories, meaning her wardrobe choices are nearly endless.

Ganz My First Doll with Dream Big Little One

My First Doll is a 9-inch plush doll paired with a toddler board book version of Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Washable
  • Embroidered facial features
  • Comes with a toddler board book

My First Doll by Ganz is just 9-inches tall, making it the perfect size for a lovey. She has dark skin, hair, and eyes and comes with the toddler board book Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison, which features historically trailblazing women of color.

Nice2you African American Baby Doll

This 12-inch doll is made of vinyl PVC material and has acrylic eyes.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Removable clothing
  • Jointed arms and legs

The cute baby doll has springy curls and jointed limbs. She is 12-inches tall and made from vinyl P.V.C. The Nice2You doll has unblinking acrylic eyes. Her yellow and black jumper can be removed for easy washing.

Addy Walker American Girl Doll

American Girl, Addy Walker, is 18-inches tall and comes dressed in an outfit typical of 1864.

Why We Like This Doll

  • Cloth Body
  • Comes with Finding Freedom paperback book

Addy Walker’s outfit is a replica of an authentic 1864 dress. She dressed in a royal blue dress trimmed with black ribbon, white pantalettes, white stockings, black books, and two ribbons for her hair. Her eyes open and close. She comes with a copy of the paperback book Finding Freedom.

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