Review: Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

I have a child who’s currently going through a magic phase, so I wanted to get them something that they could practice with. After searching for a bit online, this Ideal Magic Suitcase stood out to me not only because of the value, but the high ratings from others who have bought it.

This Magic Suitcase includes all of your basic magic tricks that you usually think of when it comes to magic but has up to 100 tricks that your child can learn enough to put on their own show. It does contain a lot of small parts, so it’s not great for younger kids, but eight and up as the manufacturer suggests is just right.

Who Should Use This Product?

The Ideal Magic Suitcase is best for young kids that are intrigued by magic. Even though the price might suggest otherwise, all of the parts and props are well-made and durable enough to handle rougher hands.

And like I already mentioned, there are 100 tricks that your kid can learn and master, so it’s not a toy that they’ll get bored with right away.

The primary use of this toy, and why I bought it is to help creative kids that are interested in magic hone their abilities and stay entertained. This kid’s magic set is excellent for beginners because the Magic Suitcase comes not only with instructions but with online video demonstrations too. This makes it even easier for kids to learn all of the cool tricks that are inside the Magic Suitcase.

What You Should Know

The Magic Suitcase comes with a lot of durable parts like I said, that will help your child learn all of the tricks that come included in the directions. Some features included in this set are:

  • High-quality props
  • Kid-friendly instructions and online tutorials
  • Hat, wand, and child-size cape
  • The suitcase that doubles as a performance table

You can take a look at the listing on Amazon to see the complete list of props that come in the Magic Suitcase, but it’s more than enough to help your little magician get started.

My First Impressions

When I first saw the Magic Suitcase on Amazon, I thought there would be a lot more pieces and props than there are. The manufacturer says that there are 100 tricks that you can learn, so I was a little worried about the number of accessories that I’d have to keep track of, but many of the props are used for different tricks.

I was very impressed with how easy it seemed to follow the directions and learn the tricks when my child started using this toy. You often think of magic as something complicated and mysterious, but the instructions make it super easy to use, they didn’t even need my help most of the time.

The Use Phase

Once again, I have to shout out to the directions that come with this toy. I’m not an expert on magic by any means, so I don’t have much help to offer my kid, but they didn’t even need it.

The instructions are very kid-friendly, and the online tutorials make it even easier for your kids to navigate the Magic Suitcase without any help from parents. I like this better because when it comes time for magic shows, you won’t know what the tricks are, it’s more of a surprise.

The Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase is a great toy that won’t break your budget and will keep your kids entertained, and their minds are working for a long time. It’s definitely worth the small investment that you make because your kids will be able to use this toy and master tricks over several weeks, which is what all parents want, a toy that lasts.


This toy turned out to be the perfect thing for my magician child. I’m so glad that I bought it, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s not hundreds of dollars. I wasn’t afraid to buy it because of the price and the great reviews, but it did end up exceeding expectations.

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad that I ordered this magic set for my kids. It was just what I was looking for and is still entertaining my kids weeks later. I give this product 5 stars for the price and the quality of the product, and if you read other reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that I’m not alone. If you have a little magician in your family, you need the Magic Suitcase!

Brett Gordon

The brains behind The Toy Report. Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, Brett is dedicated to making The Toy Report a trusted space in the world of toy reviews and recommendations.