Review: Hot Wheels Blastin’ Rig Vehicle

My son is a Hot Wheels fanatic, but all he has are basic cars, so recently, I decided to find him a vehicle that had extra features and capabilities. After a bit of research, I decided to purchase the Blastin’ Rig Vehicle.

This truck has space to haul a bunch of regular Hot Wheels and includes a launcher on the front of the vehicle that shoots cars for high-powered racing fun.

Who Should Use This Product?

The Blastin’ Rig Vehicle is an excellent choice for kids who love cars and interactive toys that need a bit of manpower to work. The primary purpose of this vehicle is to entertain children by adding an extra dimension of fun to their play. Because this toy requires a little strength and skill to use, it is best for children aged four and up.

When I bought this toy for my 8-year-old son, I wanted a truck that would complement his Hot Wheels collection. I wasn’t looking for an educational toy, just one that would hold his attention for a while and would be fun for him to play with on his own or with his friends.

What You Should Know

Hot Wheels has been making kid-loved toys for decades, with each one different in style or function. The Blastin’ Rig Vehicle has a few exclusive features to consider.

  • Includes a built-in, kid-powered launcher
  • Transports up to 14 Hot Wheels vehicles with eight on top and six inside
  • Includes three Hot Wheels vehicles with the purchase
  • Can both haul and race cars

This vehicle maximizes exciting and imaginative play, and kids are sure to have a blast for hours with it.

My First Impressions

When this truck arrived, my son was ecstatic to find that it looked just as cool as it did in the pictures, and he brought an armful of his favorite Hot Wheels from his room to try in the launcher.

The first thing we noticed is that not all Hot Wheels fit into the launcher. The cars have to be a precise size to correctly launch because if they are too large, they get stuck. My son enjoyed placing cars in the holding areas and driving the truck around on the floor. There is nothing to hold the cars in place, so a couple fell out when he got a little rough.

We had trouble figuring out how to use the launcher at first. Our first few cars didn’t shoot from it but dribbled out instead. Once we got the hang of it, my son easily reloaded the launcher and shot the cars, sending them at a decent pace and distance. Since the manual reloading is difficult to master, younger children will need help operating the launcher.

The Use Phase

The Hot Wheels Blastin’ Rig Vehicle held my son’s attention for an hour or two. Even though I thought he would like the launcher the best, he seemed to prefer driving it around with cars loaded on the back. It encouraged him to use his imagination as he incorporated it into his usual play with his Hot Wheels.

When assembling the truck, I recommend following the instructions carefully. A few of the directions are not clear, and I had to read them through a couple of times to ensure I was putting it together correctly. In particular, the front of the truck, including the launcher, is tricky to assemble.

The truck has held up very well since the first playtime. My son uses it whenever he plays with his cars, which is almost every day. The launcher still works as well as it did when it first arrived, and no parts have broken so far.


My son and I are both delighted with this truck. It has served its purpose, adding another element to my son’s Hot Wheels playtime. While I was unsure about its launching mechanism, it works very well now that my son and I have figured out how to load the cars correctly.

It is slightly disappointing that some of his old Hot Wheels do not work in the launcher without becoming jammed. However, he loves watching the ones that do work fly out of the truck. He is constantly trying to send them faster and farther.

Final Thoughts

This truck has been an excellent choice for my son. The price is reasonable for the amount of time my son spends playing with it. He loves launching his cars from it, loading it up, and driving it around. It fits in perfectly with his Hot Wheels collection.

I rate the Blastin’ Rig Vehicle a 4.5/5 overall. Although the launcher could have a smoother design, my son learned to use it quickly and has a blast playing with it every time. It seems quite durable to his excessive play so far, and I look forward to plenty of good times ahead.

Brett Gordon

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