The Best Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls – 2022 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 6-Year-Old Girls - Gift Guide

Shopping for that special 6-year-old girl in your life can be both fun and daunting.

Today there are so many different options for toys and activities that can be hard to sift through them.

On top of that girls at this age are starting to develop their self-identity, so their interests will probably be varied. Finding the best gifts can be difficult.

Here are 20 of the best gifts for a 6 year old girl in 2022 to help you get a head start.

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Crayola’s Light-Up Tracing Pad (for girls) is perfect for tracing any picture. It comes with ten fashion-themed tracing sheets and 20 blank pieces of tracing paper. Its slim design makes it great for pretty much any situation including traveling. It takes three AA batteries (not included).


  • Comes in Pink
  • LED Lights Should Last 20 Years
  • Works with Any Picture


  • Requires Batteries

VIAHART Brain Flakes

These interlocking plastic discs are a different take on more outdated building toys. Unlike a lot of building type toys on the market, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a large quantity. Great for developing spatial reasoning. Include idea book with instructions.


  • Endless Play Possibilities
  • Comes in Large Quantity (500)
  • Free of BPA and Other Harmful Substances


  • Choking Hazard for Younger Siblings

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

This scooter is fun and easy to ride. A scooter is a great outdoor activity that will get girls up and moving. The base is broad and textured to avoid slipping. Also includes a back-wheel break for safety.


  • Comes in Pink
  • Parts are Replaceable for Longer Life
  • Outdoor Activity


  • Only useful in Warmer Months

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Cupcake Party is a fun game for kids of many ages. The cute cupcakes are each cleverly based on one of the Disney princesses. It has simple to slightly more complex levels of play.

Even when you aren’t following the rules, mixing and matching the cupcake elements is also lots of fun.


  • Multiple Ways to Play
  • Well Made, Adorable Pieces
  • Great for Play Dates


  • Choking Hazard for Younger Siblings

Tiny Land Princess Castle Play Tent

Play tents like this one from Tiny Land are great for both indoor and outdoor play. The cozy space they create can be used for either make believe or reading.

What girl doesn’t want their own fairy princess castle?


  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Play
  • Fosters Imagination
  • Many Different Available to Fit All Tastes


  • Some Assembly Required

Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Tiaras

Let’s face it, anything from Melissa & Doug is good. They are bringing back high quality, well-made toys. These tiaras are no exception. They are very durable and can withstand years of play.

If the little girl you are shopping for likes to play princess, these are for her!


  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Enough to Share with Friends
  • Comfortable Tiara Design


  • Headband Design can be Tight

Hapinest Flower Crowns & Bracelets

If there’s one thing that every little girl loves, it has to be making fun and exciting crafts.

The Hapinest Make Your Own Flower Crowns and Bracelets craft kit is the perfect gift for any little girl with a creative streak. It encourages them to use their imagination, gives them easy instructions to follow, and allows them to practice making decisions.

Choosing from the different beads, branches, ribbons, and glitter glue is no easy feat. But with a little bit of direction, your 6-year-old will have a flower crown or bracelet all her own that she can show off to her friends.

The kit from Hapinest Store makes an excellent gift for any occasion. Not only can your 6-year-old enjoy this craft on her own, but she can have her friends over to help if she wants. Nothing is stopping them from having a big crafting party.


  • Makes multiple crowns and bracelets
  • Allows for plenty of customization
  • Inexpensive


  • Finished crowns and bracelets may be hard to take apart and remake

Disney Princess Peel Off Nail Polish

Pretty much all girls love to paint their nails. This peel-off nail polish is water based and non-toxic. It won’t stain like grown-up nail polish and does not need remover to take off. It simply peels off.

Finally, your little girl can paint her nails, her friends’ nails, even your nails. An exceptional individual or group activity. Also provides opportunities for parent/daughter bonding.


  • Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Probably Won’t Stain
  • Peels Off Easily


  • Could Get Messy

Butterfly Tea Set

This charming tea set comes with a basket that is great for both storage and play. It is a classic toy that has never lost its appeal to young girls. Helps to promote both creative, and cooperative. A girl can throw a tea party for her favorite stuffed animal. And then later invite her friends over for a lemonade party.


  • Includes a Basket
  • Promotes Creative Play
  • Great for Parties


  • Fragile

Unicorn Garden Terrarium from BRYTE Products

Another great gift option for that special 6-year-old in your life is the Little Growers Unicorn Garden Terrarium Kit. This gift is sure to be a hit, complete with rainbow fairy lights, paintable figurines, and plant-and-grow light-up garden features.

You can provide that special someone with a fun activity that will occupy them for hours, and you’ll be encouraging them to learn as they play. After they build their little ecosystem, they get to care for it and cultivate it, which means the fun never stops.


  • Encourages creativity
  • Allows kids to customize their creations


  • The paint and glitter may get messy

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft and Science Kit


  • Introduces basic chemistry
  • Brightly-colored with pleasant smells
  • Allows you to make up to 10 types of soap


  • Soaps can stick to the molds
  • Soaps are small

If you’re looking for good, clean, fun, this is the toy to select. It’s a complete kit that includes soap molds, stickers, skin-safe glitter, and detailed, kid-friendly instructions. You can melt and mold up to 10 different types of soap.

Klutz’s kit is a 2017 National Parenting Center award winner. It’s a fun way to teach young girls about chemistry and science. The 36-page booklet and included experiments educate kids while they play.

Soap making kits introduce a variety of STEM subjects, especially lessons related to chemistry. Plus, it helps develop lifelong hand-washing habits. The soaps also make some of the best gifts kids can give to friends and relatives.

LOL Surprise! Bubbly Surprise with Exclusive Doll and Pet


  • Includes exclusive doll with pet
  • Features six surprise balls
  • Carrying case turns into a purse


  • Doesn’t include accessories
  • Kinetic sand can make a mess
  • Not a bathtub toy

LOL Surprise dolls are popular among girls this age. Each set includes an exclusive doll – and you won’t know which character you have until you open the sparkly case.

Even better, the set includes six additional surprise balls hidden in the kinetic sand. Once all the surprises are revealed, and the case is empty, it doubles as a purse or carrying case.

The kit includes an exclusive doll, pet, six surprise balls, and a heart-shaped stand. The doll is the same size as all other LOL Surprise dolls, but with a larger, more colorful case.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set


  • All-in-one art studio
  • Includes crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paper
  • All supplies fit into the durable carrying case


  • Markers might not completely wash off wood and paint
  • Doesn’t include a lot of paper

Count on Crayola for artistic fun. The Inspiration Art Case is a complete portable art studio that includes 64 crayons, 40 washable markers, 20 short colored pencils, and 15 pieces of paper.

While art supplies aren’t difficult to find for kids, Crayola’s set has two main advantages. First, the product quality is high. The colors are bold and vibrant, while the supplies are durable and comfortable for little fingers to hold.

The other main benefit is the well-made carrying case. All the supplies fit neatly into dedicated compartments to allow for easy storage and transportation.

When art supplies are well-organized, kids are more likely to play with them. Regular artistic play helps develop creativity, self-esteem, and motor skills.

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads


  • Set includes 520 Snap Pop beads
  • Beads snap together to make jewelry
  • Includes kid-friendly diagrams and instructions
  • Encourages structured and imaginative play


  • Beads have a limited color variety
  • Carrying case isn’t as durable as we’d prefer

Six-year-old girls often have an interest in jewelry, but they’re too young for the real thing. FunzBo Snap Pop Beads are a safe, fun alternative that allows girls to make colorful bracelets, hair bands, necklaces, and rings.

The set includes 520 Snap Pop beads in a variety of colors and shapes. They snap together to create a practically unlimited number of styles without strings or threads. Plus, all beads fit into the included plastic carrying case.

It encourages both structured and unstructured play. Girls can follow the pictorial instruction guide to assemble a variety of jewelry or use their imaginations to make their own creations.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Color animal toys then scrub them clean
  • Includes washable markers, animal figures, and tub
  • Combines artistic and imaginative play


  • The assortment of animal figures is random
  • Combines artistic and imaginative playMarkers shouldn’t stay on the toys for more than 20 minutes

It’s bath time for these adorable dogs and cats. Color these cute animal figures using the included markers, then wash them clean in the included Scrub Tub. Create new, colorful coats for the toys again and again.

The set includes four animal figures, six markers, a Scrub Tub, one scrub brush, and complete instructions. The markers easily wash off skin, clothing, painted walls, and, of course, the included toys. Colors include orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.

On the downside, the animal assortment is random. You’ll get some combination of puppies, kitties, and rabbits. While each toy is detailed and lovable, the random nature might disappoint young girls who prefer certain animals over others.

Hachi’s Choice Kids Camera Toy


  • Kid-friendly camera with pink housing
  • Durable and resistant to damage
  • Includes charging cable, memory card, and lanyard


  • Not waterproof
  • Requires fairly frequent recharging

At the age of six, many girls show an interest in photography, but they’re likely still too young for smartphones. This kid-friendly camera from Hachi’s Choice is an excellent alternative. It’s durable, lightweight, and packed with fun features.

The digital camera features a full-color, two-inch screen with a variety of frames and filters. Additionally, the pink housing is strong enough to withstand accidental drops. Plus, an included lanyard allows kids to carry it comfortably around their neck.

Aside from the camera, other equipment includes a USB cable, 32G memory card, user manual, and lanyard.

Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set


  • Build your own necklaces
  • Features five Disney princesses
  • Includes over 150 colorful beads


  • Not all beads fit together as securely as we’d like
  • Limited selection of princesses

Tara Toy necklaces allow kids to create custom jewelry with colorful beads and detailed character charms – and their Disney Princess set is one of their most popular options. Characters featured include Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Tiana.

With over 150 beads, girls can make new necklaces again and again. Each one has an easy-to-use closure. Plus, all components fit securely inside the included carrying case.

Play helps develop hand-eye coordination and small motor skills. Also, wearing the jewelry helps kids develop a sense of identity because they can display their favorite Disney princesses.

Rainbow Mini-Notes by Melissa & Doug


  • Fun, colorful notepad
  • Encourages writing and drawing
  • Includes high-quality wooden stylus


  • Notes are too small for elaborate drawings
  • Box only contains 125 notes

Budding artists will love these rainbow mini-notes! Use the wooden stylus to scratch off the black matte to reveal the bright colors underneath. It includes 125 mini notes plus a colorful container. Each note is 3.5 inches square.

They have a wide range of uses. You can draw cartoons, leave messages, use them as labels, and more. They turn a boring note into an artistic creation. Parents love them, too!

As you’d expect from the Melissa & Doug brand, the quality is extremely high. The stylus is comfortable to hold and easy to control. Writing on the notes is as easy as drawing on a piece of paper. It’s useful (and fun) for the home or classroom.

Aqua Magic Mat by Toyk


  • Water-based magic pen reveals fun designs
  • Multiple kids can play together
  • Promotes creativity and artistic skills


  • Alphabet isn’t complete (no letter X)
  • Mat tears fairly easily

Another excellent option for young artists, Toyk’s Aqua Magic Mat is a 40 by 28-inch mat that kids can color again and again.

Parents fill the magic pen with clean water and then kids color on the mat to reveal letters and cartoon illustrations of sea creatures, including sharks, fish, and oysters. After about 10 minutes, the images dry and disappear, waiting for another pass of the magic pen.

The toy set includes a mat, six magic pens, eight drawing molds, four templates, and a drawing booklet. It’s safe and mess-free with no ink or paint. Plus, the back of the mat is water-resistant nylon. Kids can play with it in the house without soaking the floor.

At the age of six, kids love art but often struggle to draw. Tracing the cartoons on the mat helps develop motor control and hand-eye coordination. Of course, parents will love how the magic pen doesn’t make a mess.

Polly Pocket Pollyville House


  • Detailed four-story dollhouse
  • Includes over ten accessories
  • Features beloved characters Polly, Paxton, and Peaches


  • House doesn’t fold up for easy storage
  • Sticker sheets vary

Polly Pocket’s Pollyville house is a colorful dollhouse based on the beloved children’s character. The detailed dwelling has four stories, five rooms, and over ten accessories.

Aside from the house, you also get Polly and Paxton Pocket dolls plus their dog, Peaches. Accessories include a rocking horse, crib, table, chairs, doghouse, trampoline, and more. Polly fits onto the bike and even pushes the pedals. Additionally, the set includes stickers you can add throughout the house.

On the downside, storage is a bit clunky. Unlike most Polly Pocket playsets, this one doesn’t fold up to create a storage case. Keeping track of all the small accessories might be difficult for little ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions may arise while you are shopping for toys for that special 6-year-old girl. You want to get her something fun, educational, and safe. You may be thinking:

  • What do 6-year-old girls like nowadays?
  • What toys will they be able to play with (developmentally appropriate)?
  • What safety concerns are there?
  • What other factors should guide my decision?

Below you will find the answer to these questions.

What Do 6-year-old Girls Like?

According to at the age of 6, children are still practicing and developing their motor skills. So, they like to move. Games such as tag and kickball are popular. Kids at this age also love to show off their particular talents. (Every parent who has had to sit in the living room and watch a performance by their 6-year-old know all too well.)

If the 6-year-old girl in your life has some already developed talents and interest, you could choose a toy that falls into that category. If she loves to craft buy her a crafting project. If she is really into soccer, a soccer ball might be a good option.

What if you don’t know what the girl you are shopping for likes, or you want to help her explore other activities. In that case, choose a toy in the area you want her to try. For example, building blocks or puzzles to see if she is mechanically minded.

Books are always a good gift for a child of any age. Reading develops the brain and helps kids understand and learn about new topics.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are essential skills to develop in girls at this age. Soon, they will decide how smart they think they are. Giving them lots of exposure to “smart” subjects will help avoid them thinking less of their mental abilities than they should. Do not be afraid to choose traditionally “boy” toys for any 6-year-old in your life. They may discover their future career from one.

On the flip side, encouraging a girl’s natural tendency to be girly is not a bad thing either. Girls love makeup and dolls, and anything pink! Don’t be afraid to buy the cutest, most girly toy you can find for that 6-year-old. She will probably squeal with excitement.

And if all else fails—just ask yourself what you liked (or would have liked) when you were six.

What Toys are Developmentally Appropriate for 6-Year-Old Girls?

A particularly disturbing study by Bain, Leslie, and Cimpian, by the age of six, girls don’t think their brilliant. They are already starting to see boys as being smarter than them. Any toy that allows a girl to see how smart she is and development new mental abilities are not only developmentally appropriate—but essential.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, (NAEYC) the best toys for 6-year-olds incorporate:

  • Problem Solving
  • Pretend Play
  • Building
  • Creating
  • Movement

These types of toys align with the skills, and cognitive development 6-year-olds are developing.

Along those lines: WebMD says that board games are good for a child’s cognitive development. Playing board games with your children, or buying them for your nieces and nephews, will help them learn many skills. They can learn turn-taking, problem-solving, math, decision making, and even empathy from playing board games.

What Safety Concerns are There?

By the age of six, the number of safety concerns decreases significantly. You don’t have to worry about things like choking hazards. But there are things that you should keep in mind about safety.

If you are choosing an outdoor toy, such as a scooter, consider how easy it is to control. What is the likelihood of it failing? Both these things introduce a potential for danger. To keep the 6-year-old girl you are shopping for safe, make sure you investigate toys for possible quality issues.

Avoid sharp things that could be dangerous. If it looks like it would be easy for the 6-year-old to hurt herself or someone else with the toy, consider giving it a pass.

The potential for being burned is also a concern. Many projects and toys at this age might incorporate heat in some way. These toys are not something you have to avoid altogether. Be aware that while using them the child will need adult supervision.

What Other Factors Should Guide My Decisions?

If you are shopping for your own child, or for the child of someone who has a parent you like, there are several other things you can consider.

For example, noise level. Is the toy you are planning to buy going to give other people in the house a headache? Or drive them mad with repetitive sounds? Of course, if you dislike the parent of the child—choosing a toy that is very noisy or obnoxious might be a good passive-aggressive move.

Is There a Potential for Messiness?

How much work will the child (read “parent”) going to have to do to clean up after using the toy or the activity? Glitter, for example, is a difficult thing to contain. And the messes take forever to clean up. Even then, little bits of glitter will be found everywhere for weeks. Glitter is an excellent choice if you are single and the people in your family keep putting you in charge of the activities for the young ones. Just be advised that once you have children of your own, there will be retributions.

Is Parental Supervision Required?

Though projects and toys that need parent supervision are a not forbidden—you might want to think about this when choosing a toy. If you are shopping for your own child, stop and think about how much time you will have to spend supervising this project. You might want to choose something that the 6-year-old can play with by herself.

Some of the best toys for 6-year-old girls are things that they can on their own. Look for something with good instructions and simple steps.

You may also find that other considerations might impact your choice. Like the child’s favorite things (color, animal, shape and so on). Remember that in most cases, 6-year-old girls aren’t too picky.


Girls in today’s world will have many opportunities. There are so many paths their lives could take. It may seem like the toys they play with when they are six won’t affect their futures. But the best toys for 6-year-old girls will encourage them to explore with their imagination and intellect.

By six they are already starting to form opinions about themselves and their abilities. The more they are supported, the more they can grow to their full potential. It is up to us to help girls, through play, discover the wonders of STEM subjects and believe that they can succeed in these areas as well as any boy.

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