The Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls – 2022 Gifts Ideas

Best Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls - Gift Guide

The little girl you know and love are coming into her own and leaving her toddler days behind. Having a 4 year old girl around means lots of questions, invitations to play, and a ton of imagination. It’s the beginning of the magic years.

If you’re looking for the best gifts or gift ideas for 4 year old girl, there are a few options that you can’t go wrong with for little girls. Focus on toys that encourage fine motor skills development and cultivate creativity! So, what’s the best gift for 4 year old girl?

See The Best Gifts or Gift Ideas For a 4-Year-Old Girl in 2022

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This kids’ smartwatch looks like a grown-up device and has fun features.


  • Built-in pedometer
  • Only parents can share photos
  • Dual cameras


  • Can only charge by plugging into a computer
  • No wifi capabilities

Kids always want what grownups have and oftentimes, the “kid” versions of grownup devices look childish. Your child will appreciate that the Kidizoom smartwatch looks like an adult watch. It comes in several fun colors and has a lot of features that you’ll find on an adult smartwatch.

The watch allows kids to take pictures and videos and then edit using cool filters and other features. There’s also an AR monster-hunting game and plenty of other on screen games. Educational features include an app that teaches kids to tell time.

Kids’ Selfie Camera

Let your little one be creative with this selfie camera that lets them take photos and record video.


  • 8.0 mp photos and 1080 HD video
  • Includes 32 GB memory card
  • Simple for young children to use


  • Video screen is small
  • Images may appear graining on camera

For budding photographers and videographers, this digital camera is a great gift. It comes in a durable housing and is designed for small hands to prevent dropping. It has dual cameras for taking selfies or traditional filming. While it doesn’t print images, the included SD card makes it easy to upload photos to your computer and print.

This camera provides kids with lots of creative possibilities. They can add filters to their images. The camera has only a few buttons, making it easy for kids to take photos and videos without a lot of adult assistance. It also includes fun games that kids can play on screen.

FunsLane Chef Set for Kids Cooking Set with Apron

Complete set with several cooking utensils, cookie cutters, pot holders, apron and chef’s hat this set is ready to put to use.


  • Open-ended toy
  • Encourages pretending
  • Perfect for dress up


  • You might find your little one in the kitchen more often

There are virtually no downsides to these types of playsets. The chef’s playset allows your little girl to explore her prowess in the kitchen. As your little one attempts to recreate realistic scenarios, encourage them to help you in real life.

More than just a dress-up pack, your little one can follow you right into the kitchen with this set. Give them a mixing bowl, and you can host Junior Iron Chef in your kitchen.

Baby Doll with 4 Complete Outfits and Accessories

Baby dolls are great ways to reinforce pretend play with limited props.


  • Multiple skins and hair tones
  • Includes many accessories
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a soft doll
  • May be difficult to find additional clothes in the future

As 4-year-old girls begin to focus on recreating realistic scenarios. The Dolls to Play line also includes several accessories such as strollers which make it easy to add to this toy later. This baby doll is about 12” tall and is easy for little hands to carry.

This doll is great for introducing realistic pretend play scenarios where the little 4 year old girl in your life can express love and affection. A 4 year old girl will also learn independence in dressing and grooming from a baby doll like this one as they “teach” it to dress itself and brush its hair.

Skoolzy Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set with Backpack

A non-toxic, BPA free, STEM toy that helps your preschooler with their fine motor skills.


  • Depicts spatial reasoning
  • Uses many colors and shapes for counting and matching games


  • Many pieces mean that some will eventually get lost
  • Needs regular cleaning because of grooves in the plastic

Skoolzy does it again and delivers a high-quality toy that is engaging and open-ended enough to provide many games. The 4 year old girl in your life will enjoy matching colors and shapes and begin understanding basic math with counting games.

These nuts and bolts are a step up from the building blocks of their toddler days as they require them to exercise muscles within their fingers and wrists to screw and unscrew. These construction toys help 4 year old learn how pieces interact with each other.

Robo Pets Unicorn

This adorable robot unicorn has many exciting functions for hours of fun.


  • Teaches STEM skills
  • Simple enough for a small kid
  • Includes a treat dish and comb


  • Doesn’t react to voice commands

The Robo Pets unicorn is a great gift for a little girl who has always wanted a mythical creature of her own. This adorable unicorn comes with a remote control that allows it to do several moves, including jumping, walking, sitting, and standing.

In addition to these moves, it can also be programmed to do tricks for treats. It will dance to music. You can set it to two different modes other than remote control. In gesture mode, you can make it move through hand gestures. In adventure mode, it will explore on its own. The eye color indicates the mode.

This unicorn is a great gift for a 4-year old because she’ll be able to use most of the features. As she gets older, she can learn more about programming and figure out new ways to play with it.

Discovery Kids 24-Pieces Magnetic Tile Building Blocks Kit

Discovery Kids does it again and brings together both open-ended pretend play that encourages pretending with an engineering side.


  • Open-ended
  • Exercises fine-motor skills
  • Relies on shape and color recognition
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Multiple pieces are easy to lose

The Discovery Kids toy that is a great fit for any 4 year old, the magnetic pieces are less frustrating for small children when compared to smaller Legos. The alternative is mega blocks or large Legos which have a toddler feel to them. Discovery Kids building blocks lets your little one build and play while between mega blocks and the more advanced Lego sets.

The magnetic tile building blocks kit has 12 triangles and 12 squares that lock together with strong magnets. Anything is possible!

Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

There’s nothing more fun for a four year old girl than jumping on a foam pogo stick. With the help of this pogo jumper, your girl will be able to bob up and down for as long as she likes.


  • Cheerful pink exterior
  • Endless bouncing fun
  • Great active play


  • Makes an annoying squeaking noise

The pogo jumper is an easy way to introduce more active play for your very young child. By building the habit of active play at a young age, your girl won’t need to force herself to exercise later on in life. The foam construction makes this pogo stick safe and easy for a small child to use.

The only downside of this jumper is that it can make a squeaking sound that becomes annoying very quickly to an adult’s ears whenever it’s within earshot. So, you may want to encourage your girl to play outside while using this toy, if only for the sake of your sanity.

Animal Mini Travel Bag

By four years old, your little girl is already accumulating possessions that she wants to keep with her at all times. So, this Animal Mini Travel Bag might be a good way of keeping her things organized in one cute package which she’ll love to wear.


  • Many animals to choose from
  • A cute and convenient way of carrying things


  • Not very durable

Your girl will get to choose from a smattering of different animals, including unicorns, bees, ladybugs, pigs, puppies, cats, lions, hedgehogs, foxes, and elephants. This means that it’ll be easy to find the right animal for your girl.

The construction quality of this bag is more or less what you’d expect from a child’s backpack. It’s sufficient to carry whatever your girl could need to take with her, but it probably won’t last for more than a couple of years — but that’s fine anyway at a very young age.

LYLKD Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirt With Unicorn Horn Headband

Girls love dressing up as ballerinas. But they also love unicorns and beautiful rainbow colors. With this rainbow tutu, she’ll get everything she wants in one delightfully cute package.


  • Selection of beautiful colors to choose from
  • Great for creative play and active play
  • Extremely cute


  • Can’t be machine washed
  • May be hard to find the right size

The tutu comes in a handful of different color combinations, so if your girl isn’t crazy about a rainbow-colored unicorn, she can also dress up in a handful of other prismatic pastiches.

The headband with the unicorn horn is delightfully cute, and it also changes color depending on the tutu. If your girl wants to play pretend, she could also use the headband in isolation if her tutu is a bit too fancy for the occasion.

The main downside of this tutu is that it isn’t machine washable. So, if your girl spends a lot of time dancing around and playing pretend, you’ll need to spend a little bit of time yourself cleaning it by hand.

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep

This R/C car is durable and can withstand grassy terrain and crashing into things. You can fit a Barbie or other small doll inside the car and take it for a ride.


  • Fast and Durable
  • Two color options
  • Comes with stickers to personalize the look of the car
  • Can fit a small doll inside
  • Motor skills


  • Can only use one car at a time
  • Short battery life

This remote control car is bursting with girl power. It comes in both purple and pink options and comes with Glamour Deco stickers so that she can personalize her car’s look. The Big Foot Jeep is a zippy little R/C car that is about 11.5 inches in length. The vehicle requires four AA batteries, and the remote requires one 9V battery. The batteries don’t come with the car.

One problem with this car is that two cars can’t be used at the same time because the remotes are on the same frequency, and one remote will end up controlling both. The other problem is that the battery life only lasts about three days with heavy use.

Wonder Forge Disney Princess Matching Game

This game helps develop critical thinking skills and helps train your child’s memory.


  • Cards sturdy cardboard
  • Helps develop memory and critical thinking skills
  • Can be played alone or in a group


  • Cards are small and can be hard for younger children to grip

This game is a Disney Princess twist on the classic Memory Game. It features 72 heavy-duty cardboard tiles and features favorite Disney Princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida. Children can play alone or with a friend or adult.

Game time lasts about 15 minutes, so children do not get bored with the game before they finish playing. The nice thing about this game is that while it does have its share of princesses, it also features other Disney characters as well.

Gili Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

This kit makes a great gift and also lends itself well to a birthday or slumber party craft.


  • Lots of variety of beads
  • Comes in a plastic container with a secure snap-lock
  • Easy to take apart and redesign


  • Rings are a little small

This jewelry making kit boasts a whopping 500 beads and accessories in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. The beads come in a convenient pink plastic storage box with a secure snap-lock. The beads snap together, so there’s no need for strings.

Another nice thing about this set is that girls are not limited to making necklaces, but also bracelets, rings, anklets, and crowns. The beads snap together securely so that her creations won’t fall apart if she wears them, but they can pull the beads apart to make new jewelry as well.

Obuby Walkie-Talkies for Kids

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these walkie-talkies are waterproof and feature an LCD backlit display screen.


  • Work on 22 different channels
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Decent Sound Quality


  • Batteries not included
  • Batter panel sometimes comes loose

This walkie-talkie set is fun and easy to use. They work on 22 different channels and have a range of 3 km. They feature a simple press to talk button function, the volume can be adjusted, and they have decent sound quality.

These walkie-talkies are pretty durable and will still work if they get dropped. They take 4 AAA batteries that don’t come with the walkie-talkies. One thing to be aware of is that sometimes the battery panel will come loose and will have to get snapped back in place for walkie-talkies to work.

LeapFrog MR. Pencil’s ABC Backpack

This toy is an entertaining, educational toy that introduces children to letter recognition, letter sounds, and writing.


  • Fun way to learn letters, letter sounds, and how to write them
  • Completely self-contained in the backpack


  • Letter pieces can be hard to pull out of the letter spaces

This toy comes with 26 interactive letter pieces that can be plugged into the matching letter spaces in the backpack to learn about the letters. The letters also appear on an LCD screen. Children can hear the name of the letter and an animal that begins with that letter.

The ABC backpack also features an easy erase magnetic board to practice writing the letters as they learn them. Letter pieces fit tightly in the letter spaces, so they don’t get lost, and since everything is self-contained in the backpack, the toy is easy to store and take with you when you travel.

Unicorn Coloring Book

Is your girl a unicorn lover? If she is, she will love this coloring book!


  • 50 unique unicorn designs
  • Help encourage creativity
  • Single-sided pages


  • Paper used is thin and not great for marker use

The book features 50 different sweet unicorn coloring pages. Coloring is relaxing for children as well as adults. This coloring book is great for encouraging your little girl to use her imagination and creativity.

The pages are 8.5 by 11 inches and are single-sided so that pictures won’t bleed through onto other images. However, the paper in this coloring book is kind of thin, so it’s probably a good idea to stick with crayons or colored pencils rather than markers.

Sinuo Fairy Costume

The costume is durable polyester material, and both the wings and waistband of the tutu feature elastic for a perfect fit for your little girl.


  • Three color options
  • Durable polyester material


  • Not machine washable

If you know a little girl who likes fairies, this beautiful fairy costume set will probably appeal to her. It comes in purple, pink, or blue options. The set includes a tutu, wings, a flower veil, and a magic wand.

Although this costume isn’t machine washable, it is entirely hand-washable, provided you use a mild detergent and hang dry it.

Frozen Disney 5 Wood Puzzles in Wooden Storage Container

If your girl is a fan of Ana and Elsa, these puzzles are fantastic gift ideas.


  • Different size puzzles for added play interest
  • Puzzle pieces are marked, so you know which puzzle it belongs to
  • Comes with a durable wooden storage box


  • Can be challenging to slide the lid back on in puzzle pieces are in the way

The set includes five different puzzles in one set. There is one 24 piece puzzle, two 16 piece puzzles, and two 12 piece puzzles. All the puzzle pieces have a number on the back, so it’s easy to determine which parts belong to which puzzle.

This puzzle set is suitable for girls who are ready for slightly more challenging puzzles but are not quite ready for a 40 piece puzzle. The puzzle pieces and storage box are both made out of wood for added durability.

The storage box features a slide-on lid for secure storage and a decreased likelihood of losing pieces. However, sometimes you have to adjust the puzzle pieces inside the box to make the cover fit properly.

Melissa and Doug Merry Mermaid Wooden Magnet Dress-Up Doll

A great toy to help develop hand-eye coordination and nurture imaginative play.


  • Sturdily Built
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Nurtures imaginative play


  • Would be better if it came with more clothes and accessories
  • Storage box doesn’t have a lid

This beautiful magnetic wooden mermaid doll set is great for mermaid loving little ladies. It comes with one mermaid doll, a wooden stand, and 33 pieces of magnetic clothing and accessories to mix and match.

The beautifully designed pieces are sturdy. The only thing that would make this doll even better would be a few more clothing and accessory options. The great thing, however, is that this doll is much more durable than traditional paper dolls. This toy will make an excellent addition if she has other wooden magnet dolls from the Melissa and Doug collection or other mermaid toys.


A 4 year old girl surely has her preferences and favorite things. By the time most kids hit 4 they have a favorite toy, and color. These preferences make shopping a little bit easier, but their pickiness can also kick in. Having strong dislikes is the downfall of many 4 year old birthday parties.

Go for easy options that cater to many different preferences to stay in the clear of a toy they distinctly dislike. How do you do that? We’ve answered the most frequent questions here to guide you towards gifting success!

What Do 4 Year Old Girls Like?

Right around their 4th birthday, little girls begin to establish solid likes and dislikes. Although their preferences changed regularly during toddler years as they are now a big girl they hold onto favorites and reject disliked objects.

Establishing strong preferences means that shopping for them is trickier than it was last year. Little girls from ages 3 to 5 typically prefer playtime that encourages pretending over anything else. Don’t discount your standard toys or games, but a focus on dress-up, costumes, and pretend centers offer more engagement. These play centers can also hold their attention for longer.

The biggest difference in open-ended play for a 4 year old girl is that they want variety. You can now expect to hear more requests for doll clothes than for new dolls. A bonus with little girls is that they more willingly hold on to older toys, opting for upgrades to accessories.

You can benefit their strong preferences, inclination towards upgrades and offer open-ended toys with well-loved options such as Play-doh, Legos, and Little People. Focusing on bringing new playsets to accompany the toys they already have reinforces story building and understanding multiple step process.

What Toys Are Safe for 4 year olds?

Of course, you should always follow the recommended age range on the toy, but there are a few other things to consider as well. Entering 4 years old you don’t have to worry so much about choking on small pieces anymore. But, there are other areas of concern with toys now.

First, ensure that any stuffed toys are easy to clean. As they cart stuffed bears, bunnies, and cats around, they will get dirty. Your life is easier if you can throw them in the wash, but it’s also a safety issue. Stuffed animals are known for holding onto bacteria, and airborne sickness.

As your little one tests out their artistic side, be sure that all their art supplies say non-toxic. There is a standard acknowledgment for this, and it shows as “ASTM D-4236”. This stamp shows that the supplies were evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Even though you don’t have to worry about choking on small parts you still want to actively avoid balls under 1.75” in diameter, coins, and round game pieces. Even if accidentally put in their mouth, these pieces can completely restrict breathing.

What Milestones to Expect from 4 Year Old Girls

The emerging young lady in your life should show signs of independence and confidence between the ages of 4 and 5. With your help, these traits can last them into adulthood and help them throughout their life. But, let’s start small and focus on toys that allow them to exercise their independence and act with confidence.

Creativity continues to emerge throughout their childhood but takes a different role in their 4th year of life. Because they begin to play with other children and understand multiple steps they develop the ability to bring creativity into everything they do.

A fun milestone for 4 year old girls is that they begin to recognize letters and numbers. They can repeat numbers in a pattern and all that time spent with ABC focused toys is paying off finally. It’s best to keep educational toys around to reinforce what they already know and help them build on this knowledge.

Part of the fun with 4 years old’s is they focus their creativity on reenacting home life scenarios. You can watch as they play with dolls or draw that their imagination is now blending fantasy and reality. With this type of play, you can interact without impeding on their creativity, take it as an invitation.

In Conclusion

A sassy, creative, or adventurous 4 year old will enjoy any opportunity to play with others. It’s important at this age that they create and explore. If you’re looking for the best gifts, look for a toy that can switch between solo and cooperative play.

This year might be your last of going without expensive electronics and can still entertain them with simple system toys. Remember that it’s important to allow them to utilize their foot coordination as well, which many electronic toys don’t permit.

Enjoy your little one as she enters childhood and leaves her time as a toddler behind. The emerging young lady is fully coming into her personality, and the toys she plays with will help her through many milestones this year.

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