10 Best Soccer Gifts for Kids (2022 Guide)

Each year, over two million kids between the ages of six and twelve suit up for their soccer seasons, and that’s just the kids who play in organized leagues. Soccer is one of the most popular games on earth, and it’s a great way to teach children essential life lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a beginner or a budding superstar, a soccer-themed gift can be a great way to delight a child on their birthday. But, with so many soccer gifts available, where should you start?

Today, we’re going to take a look at ten of the best soccer gifts for kids, and learn a bit more about the different kinds of gifts available that are sure to delight the soccer player in your life.

2022 Soccer Gift Reviews

1. Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set

Best soccer gift for kids

Anytime can be practice time for your young soccer players, including inside, with little risk of damaging indoor items. The Mini Soccer Goal Set includes a portable net that’s 36x24x24”, an inflation pump, and a miniature soccer ball.

Set it up in the backyard to practice aiming the ball or have a mini game with the mini net and ball. If the weather prevents going outside, no worries, because the net is small enough to fit in just about any indoor space.

The net is easy to carry and weighs much less than a standard soccer goal, and it has quick-fold joints in the corners so you can break it down and lock the parts into place securely in seconds. It folds flat for easy storage. Your kids can bring their soccer training facility with them, no matter if that is indoor or outdoor.


  • Lightweight and assembles easily
  • Breaks down quickly
  • Can be used safely indoor and outdoor
  • Great for kids learning soccer and toddlers just learning how to play with a ball
  • The mini ball has its own pump for quick inflation


  • May not work with multiple players

2. GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

Best affordable soccer training gift

If you’re shopping for a child who is just getting their start as a soccer player, this affordable training gift may be an excellent choice for you. This set includes two pop-up training nets, as well as six training cones, and a travel bag.

The greatest feature of these training nets is their easy one-handed assembly. Once you remove the nets from their package, all you need to do is shake your wrists, and the goal pops up to it’s full 6’ size. When playtime is over, it takes less than a minute to break the nets down and store them away.

Each lightweight net features integrated plastic and metal stakes, so you can quickly secure the nets to the ground for shooting practice and other drills. The included cones make it easy for young players to practice dribbling, passing, and shooting in the yard, at the park, or anywhere there’s grass.


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Integrated stakes keep nets secure during play
  • Includes cones for practice drills
  • Includes carry bag for easy storage


  • Nets are light-duty and may rip with repeated use
  • Only includes 6 cones

3. PodiuMax 2 in 1 Pop Up Kids Soccer Goal

Best soccer training net for kids

A shooting trainer is an indispensable gift for young soccer players looking to improve their shooting and accuracy, and this easy to set up pop-up training net is the perfect affordable tool to help them hone their skills.

This pop-up training net from PodiuMax offers a shooting tutor that provides kids with six different target zones to shoot for. Flip the goal on its side, and it converts to a traditional net without a shooting tutor.

This pop-up net assembles in just a few seconds, and it features iron support posts to keep the goal securely on level ground, even with the hardest shots. The net can also be staked to the ground for additional support. The premium Tetoron knotless net is much more durable than those found in other practice goals in this price range, so your child should be able to enjoy this net for years to come.


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Shooting tutor with six targets
  • Iron support posts keep net secure


  • Flimsy ground stakes are prone to breakage
  • Not compatible for use on concrete or asphalt

4. Soccer 3D LED Night Light Lamp

Best novelty soccer gift for kids

If you’re looking for a unique novelty gift for the soccer player in your life, this fun, and unique LED lamp could be the perfect gift.

At first glance, this gift looks fairly unassuming and seems to have more in common with a hockey puck than it does a soccer ball. But, plug the light in, press the power button, and a 3D holographic soccer ball appears above the lamp’s base.

This lamp features seven different LED lights in red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, and light blue. The lamp can be set to your favorite color, or it will gradually change between the seven different colors.

This lamp’s LED lights are rated to last up to 10,000 hours, so the soccer player in your life should get plenty of enjoyment from this fun and unique gift.


  • Unique and fun
  • Eight different lighting modes – red, blue, light blue, green, yellow, purple, white, or gradient
  • LEDs last up to 10,000 hours
  • Affordable


  • Must be careful when plugging the unit in, the USB port seems flimsy
  • Image projected isn’t actually 3-dimensional


Best soccer training gift for kids

If you’re looking for a training gift that’s going to generate serious results for the soccer player in your life, the REACT3ON trainer from SoccerMAS may be the best option on the market. This innovative tool allows kids to train a wide variety of skills they’ll need to excel on the field.

The REACT3ON is designed to train foot speed, reaction time, accuracy, reflexes, vision, and stamina. Included with your purchase are the REACT3ON trainer, a dribbling dummy, and a set of training DVDs that provide fun and easy to understand drills that will help kids sharpen their skills in a matter of minutes.

When you purchase the REACT3ON trainer, you’ll also have access to the brand’s Roku channel, which provides additional drills and training modules that can help improve any players’ skills. If you don’t have a Roku device handy, training is also available on Instagram and YouTube.


  • Trains a wide variety of soccer skills at a high level
  • Includes training DVDs and online training modules
  • Easy assembly


  • Base must be filled with sand, which isn’t included

6. SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets

Best soccer training targets for kids

Accuracy is one of the most critical skills for a budding soccer star to possess, and these training targets from SCOREMORE are an ideal way to help players train their shooting and accuracy.

These simple targets can attach to any size soccer goal thanks to SCOREMORE’s proprietary Omni-Tape Velcro technology. Once secured, the targets provide visual and audible feedback that the target has been struck, so kids know exactly when they’re improving.

The targets can also be secured anywhere on any net. So, kids will be able to train shooting at any part of the goal, instead of being restricted to the middle or corners like other shooting trainers.

SCOREMORE makes these targets in packs of one, two, or four, and the four-pack includes a carrying case for storing away the targets when not in use.


  • Easy setup
  • Provides visual and audible feedback when targets are struck
  • Can be positioned anywhere on any soccer goal


  • Kind of expensive for what it is
  • Doesn’t work well in a windy environment

7. QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal

Best portable soccer goal for kids

Every soccer player from beginner to advanced needs a quality net to practice with at home, or at their local park. With the Kickster Academy goal from QuickPlay, it’s never been easier to gift a high-quality net to the soccer star in your life.

This net is available in a variety of sizes from 6×4’ to regulation size, so you’ll have no trouble finding an appropriate net for every age soccer player.

The frame for the net features a pre-attached pole system that makes setting the net up easy. In just a minute or two, the goal goes from it’s packed size to fully assembled and ready for play. The goal also features a shock absorbing system that helps reduce stress on the net when it’s struck with a ball, which allows the net last much longer than other portable goals tend to.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Shock absorbing system extends net life
  • Includes carrying case
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Snap button connections may fail over time
  • More expensive than most portable goals

8. Athletico National Soccer Bag

Best soccer bag for kids

For every child playing organized soccer, a quality kit bag is one of the most useful gifts you can buy.

This bag from Athletico National is well designed and features a variety of different storage compartments for carrying everything you’ll need to and from the field.

This bag features vented compartments for cleats and another compartment for storing a ball. The main compartment is perfect for storing away a uniform and other equipment. Plus, this bag can easily transition from the field to the classroom, thanks to its 8-pocket accessory organizer and padded laptop sleeve.


  • Affordable
  • Available in many colors
  • Dedicated compartments for soccer ball and cleats or trainers
  • Laptop sleeve and accessory organizer


  • Lining is prone to ripping
  • Shoulder straps could be more comfortable

9. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net

Best rebound training gift for kids

Rebound trainers are one of the best gifts for training important skills like shooting, passing, and dribbling, and this rebound trainer from SKLZ is one of the best options available.

This rebound trainer works on two levels. The lower net on the front of the trainer is an ideal tool for training passing and shooting. Flip the trainer to the backside, and the larger concave net allows you to train shooting, volleys, headers, and so much more.

The SKLZ trainer is also portable, lightweight, and easy to set up, so it’s easy to go from the backyard to the soccer field with just a few minutes of set up time.


Helps train multiple important skillsets
2-in-1 design allows players to train more areas of their game with a single trainer
Easy to set up


Doesn’t work well on concrete or asphalt

10. GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball Blazing Red Edition

Best soccer ball gift for kids

If you’re looking for a fun novelty gift that’s sure to delight soccer players of all ages, this LED light-up soccer ball from GlowCity should make a great gift.

The size and weight of the ball meet official standards, and this size 5 ball is ideal for kids. As soon as the ball is kicked or bounced, two ultra-bright LEDs turn on, illuminating the ball so it can be seen from over 100 yards away.

After 30 seconds of inactivity, the lights shut off to preserve battery life. Protective rubber grommets help keep the LEDs and batteries safe, so you don’t need to worry about the ball getting wet.

This fun soccer ball is the perfect ball for times when games run into the night, and it makes it easy to keep the fun going whether you have lights or not.


  • Official size and weight
  • Ultra-bright LEDs can be seen from over 100 yards away
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes extra batteries


  • Requires batteries
  • Doesn’t provide the same feel as a regulation soccer ball

What to Consider Before Selecting a Soccer Gift

Before you jump right in and buy the first gift that seems to fit the bill, let’s take a step back. Here, we’ll cover some important things you’ll want to consider before choosing a gift. Consider these points below, and you’ll be well on your way to selecting a gift that’s fun and exciting as well as meaningful.


The first thing you’ll want to consider is the age of the child you’re buying for. You’ll have no trouble finding soccer gifts for all ages to enjoy. But, a gift that’s designed for a young child might not have the “wow” factor you’re looking for if you’re giving it to a teenager.

Before making a selection, you’ll want to make sure that the gift you’re choosing is a good fit for the age of the child you’re purchasing it for.


There’s no shortage of soccer gifts for every level of player from beginners to budding professionals. If you’re buying a gift for the second coming of Ronaldo, you’ll want to ensure that the gift is aligned with their ability and experience. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping for a beginner, you’ll want to choose a gift that they’ll be able to enjoy given their lack of experience.

When shopping for beginners, it can also be helpful to search for a gift that can help to train them and further develop their skills as a soccer player.

Popular Types of Soccer Gifts

When it comes to soccer gifts for kids, there are no shortage of different types of gifts. Here are a few of the most popular gifts for the soccer player in your life.


One of the most popular gifts you can get for a soccer player is new equipment. While all you need to play soccer is a ball, there’s quite a bit of stuff involved if the child plays organized soccer on a team.

Cleats and Trainers

For organized soccer players who play outdoors, cleats are required equipment in practically every youth league in the world.

Cleats are athletic sneakers designed for soccer, and they feature a cleated sole to help the player grip the ground as they play. These specialty shoes help prevent slipping, and they also protect the players’ feet against kicks and dives from other players.

If you’re thinking of picking up new cleats for the soccer player in your life, you may want to check with their coach to see if they have recommendations or if there are any regulations on what types of cleats the kids must wear in the league.

Since soccer cleats are performance footwear, fit and comfort are incredibly important. If you’re considering new cleats, you may want to bring your budding soccer star with you to the store so you can pick them out together.

Soccer trainers are another popular gift for budding soccer players. If the child plays in an indoor league, or regularly trains in a gym or other indoor facility, soccer training shoes can make a great gift.

Soccer trainers are similar to cleats in practically every way, except for the footwear’s sole. Unlike cleats, which have a cleated bottom to grip the turf, trainers have a flat bottom, and they’re mostly just athletic sneakers designed for soccer.

Shin Guards

While most parents consider soccer one of the safest sports to enroll their children in, the truth is, it’s a physical game. Injuries can happen, and the shins are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body on the soccer field.

Shin guards are required equipment for practically every youth league, and they usually make an excellent gift for young soccer players. As kids grow, it isn’t uncommon for them to grow out of two or even three different pairs of shin guards throughout the year. So, shin guards usually make a great gift.

If you’re shopping for a child that tends to grow like a weed, you may want to consider sizing up so that they can grow into their new shin guards instead of aging out of them quickly.

Soccer Ball

The one item you absolutely can’t play soccer without is a ball. But, purchasing a soccer ball as a gift isn’t as easy as grabbing the first one you see in the sporting goods store and calling it a day. Depending on age, experience, and the type of league the child plays in, there will probably be a specific ball that they need.

Soccer balls are available in a variety of different sizes, and most are designed either for indoor or outdoor use. If you’re unsure of the size and type of ball the child’s league uses, check with a parent or coach before you start shopping for a new soccer ball.

Kit Bags

A kit bag, which is essentially a backpack that’s designed for soccer players, is an essential piece of equipment for soccer players. Kit bag designs vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, but most feature a large central section for a uniform and gear, a section for storing cleats, and sometimes there is also a place for storing a soccer ball.

Kit bags are the perfect way for the child to keep their gear organized and ready to go, and it’s also a gift that parents will love, too. With a kit bag, mom and dad won’t have to worry about their child tracking dirt and debris from their cleats into the car after the game.

Water Bottle

If there’s one constant when it comes to soccer, it’s running. For young soccer players, all that running makes them quite thirsty. So, a sports water bottle makes a great gift for soccer players. You’ll find tons of different options on the market, and most are available for under $10, which makes a water bottle a great inexpensive gift, or an add-on you can include with a bigger gift.


Last on our equipment list is clothing and uniforms. Soccer doesn’t require a lot of specialized apparel, but what is needed is usually high on the wish list when it comes to the best soccer gifts for kids.

Athletic shorts, jerseys, and tracksuits are all regularly sported by soccer players, and they make a great gift for players of all ages. If your child plays outdoors during the cooler months, base layer clothing such as insulated compression shirts or shorts also makes a great gift.


Soccer socks are another piece of equipment that can make a great gift. Soccer is a dirty sport, so it’s not uncommon for a player to go through several pairs of socks throughout the course of the season.

Soccer socks differ from regular athletic socks in the sense that they come up much higher than traditional socks, and they’re made to stretch over protective equipment without clinging too tightly to the child’s legs.

If you’re thinking of picking up some socks for the soccer player in your life, aim for dark colors that will show less dirt and grime than light-colored socks.

Goalkeeper Gloves

If the soccer player in your life plays goalie, then a pair of keeper gloves are a no-brainer.

As the only player on the pitch who can touch the ball with their hands, goalkeepers wear specialized gloves that provide protection and enhanced grip, so the keeper can easily corral the ball.

Gloves are another item that can be helpful to shop for in person, with the child who is receiving the gift. That way, they’ll be able to ensure that the gloves you select fit properly while providing plenty of protection and grip.

Training Tools

Training tools are another great gift idea for the soccer player in your life. You’ll find no shortage of different training equipment and tools designed for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Several excellent soccer training tools made our top ten list above.

The price of training tools can vary widely. You’ll find plenty of useful tools available for under $50, especially for beginners. Training tools for serious players tend to be a bit more expensive, and regularly run into the hundreds of dollars.

Novelty Gifts and Games

Most young kids who are interested in soccer immerse themselves in the Beautiful Game both on and off the pitch. So, if the child you’re gifting has a voracious appetite for all things soccer, a novelty gift or soccer game can make an awesome gift.

These types of gifts range from decor items to video games, and there’s no shortage of solid choices available, including some of the items on our top ten list above.

Final Word

Whether the soccer player in your life is just getting their start on the pitch, or they’re a seasoned veteran, there’s no shortage of great soccer-themed gifts for kids. Our top ten list includes some of the most popular  soccer gifts for kids.

If you’re unsure what kind of gift will be best, closely consult our buying guide for ideas. The information in the guide should steer you in the right direction so you can give the soccer player in your life the perfect gift.

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