The Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Girls – 2022 Gift Ideas

The Best Toys and Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

A second birthday is an exciting time. She’s now walking around, using fine motor skills and is starting to explore new situations on her own. Perhaps she has made friends and likes to interact with other children her age. But at this in-between stage, going from a baby into a child, what toys are right for her?

The toys that entertained her last year don’t do the trick anymore. They aren’t complex enough or challenging in any way, but she can’t play with toys for older children. Buying for a two-year-old can be tough, which is why we put together this list of what we think are some of the best toys for 2 year old girl in 2022.

Aurora World Fancy Pals Plush Carrier with Pony

The Fancy Pals Plush Carrier with Pony by Aurora is one of the best toys for a two-year-old girl. It’s soft and great to cuddle, plus it comes with its carrier which makes it simple and convenient for her to take with her wherever she goes.


  • Realistic styling
  • High-quality plush fabric
  • Soft and cuddly


  • Inferior stitching

The plush by Aurora is a beautiful combination of soft toy and handbag, perfect a two-year-old girl who is just starting to put on her clothes and become more interested in her appearance. While carrying a doll or teddy bear around is still acceptable, this pink carrier is an easier alternative.

Aurora World is a premium manufacturer of plushes, stuffed animals, and other soft toys. Made using super soft materials this plush can be removed from the carrier or played with from within the bag. Available for a low price, it’s an inexpensive gift that is far better than its price would suggest.

Step2 Whisper Ride on Push Car

Overall, the Step2 is a bargain and is sure to be loved by her for years to come. Although she is only two now, this car should be able to fit children up to four years old.


  • Bright pink and purple
  • Rolls smoothly
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Wheels are plastic, not rubber

A two-year-old is well and truly up and about. Children run everywhere they can, but eventually, they are going to get tired. But often getting them into a buggy or pushchair can be nearly impossible. They cry and scream, despite the fact that they are too tired to walk.

The Step2 Whisper Ride on Push Car is a fun toy for little girls but also helps to make a parents life easier. A 2-year-old girl will be excited to get into their car, and with two storage slots in front of them, they can bring their drinks, snacks and a doll. Plus, for the parent pushing, there is a separate drink holder.

The Step2 Whisper Ride also comes with a built-in horn for the little girl to enjoy. Fortunately, it’s not too loud and therefore shouldn’t get overly irritating. Assembling the product is particularly easy, with very few parts it should only take ten to fifteen minutes to assemble, allowing you to get outside to enjoy the toy.

The small features that the manufacturer has thought of making it more enjoyable, including the drink holders and seatbelt. You’ll also note that the base of the inside of the cabin is slightly perforated, which means that you can hose it down if they have an accident or get too much dirt on their shoes.

VTech Little Apps Tablet

With no access to the internet or other potentially risky applications, the VTech Tablet is the ideal toy for a little one who might want a tablet but without any of the added risks.


  • Plenty of fun features
  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy and strong


  • Quite complex

The Little Apps Tablet by VTech is a great first tablet for a young child because it combines learning with music and fun. The tablet can be used to play songs on the piano, learn letters, counting, numbers and matching images.

Tablets are a great toy for a two-year-old because they are engrossing and entertaining, making them ideal for times when a parent needs their little one to be distracted like when shopping or driving on a long journey. With multiple features and games to play, even after many hours, there’s still plenty to learn.

For such a low price, you get a huge amount of value. With a single toy, they can play the piano, learn words and how to spell, as well as teach them about numbers and mathematics in a fun way that keeps them engrossed. While it is a little complex, it’s going to challenge a two-year-old and keep them coming back for more for years to come.

iKidsislands Magnetic Drawing Board

For the price, the Magnetic Drawing Board by iKidsislands is a bargain that makes it a perfect travel companion.


  • High-quality stylus and board
  • Wipes clean effectively
  • Inexpensive


  • Not super durable

Creativity is a vital skill for children to learn and the Magnetic Drawing Board allows them to create simple artwork without any of the mess or cleanup that most other methods require. They can do it at home or on the move, making it a fantastic toy for keeping the car for long journeys that can cause a two-year-old to throw a tantrum.

Magnetic drawing boards have been popular for years because they allow young children to be creative without the need for paint, pencils or crayons. This board is of reasonably good quality, especially considering the inexpensive price.

One of the most common problems that plague magnetic drawing boards is poor wiping, but this board wipes clear in just one or two swipes with no screen stain. Similarly, the stylus is nicely designed and isn’t plain like many alternatives.

Disney Mickey Mouse: 400 Pages of Coloring Fun

The Disney Mickey Mouse coloring book is a great introduction to art for an inquisitive young girl with a creative flair.


  • Beautiful designs
  • Different colors


  • Doesn’t include pencils

While traditional art can be tough for little ones, this toy is closer to coloring than drawing, making it an easy segue for them. With a high-quality design to create and different colors, it’s sure to keep her interested for hours.

While this coloring book is aimed at little ones over three years old, many two-year-old girls are more than capable of enjoying it. Most of the designs are relatively simple, with large sections for her to color without the need for precise motor skills.

With over 400 pages to color, at less than $8 this is fantastic value. It would take her hundreds of hours to go through the entire book and coloring can help her to develop more complex motor skills while sharpening her creativity and perseverance.

Little Sweet Cute Toddler Backpack


  • Functional and stylish pack
  • Includes doll to play with


  • Not durable or spacious

If you can get your two-year-old to carry the things necessary for her care, it’ll be a load off your shoulders and it’ll help her to start building a sense of self-responsibility early in life. That’s what makes this extremely cute Little Sweet backpack a valuable toy.

Your girl will also enjoy playing with the doll that is affixed to the back of the pack. In fact, you could have your girl name the doll so that she associates it with her backpack and makes her less likely to forget it while she is out and about.

Like most children’s backpacks, this pack isn’t very durable or spacious. Nonetheless, it’s an essential accessory which is comfortable to wear if it isn’t overloaded. You may want to supervise your girl while she uses the bag to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Set


  • Six flavors of imaginary cake to choose from
  • Lighthearted songs and phrases sung by the teapot
  • Great for playing pretend


  • Needs batteries

From a very young age, girls love to have pretend tea parties. This Musical Rainbow Tea Party set takes the tea parties that your girl can throw into overdrive, however. With this set, your girl will get two cups, a cheerful singing teapot, and a selection of cakes.

Playing pretend using this tea set will help your girl to understand how to share, why to share, and how to have good etiquette when playing with others — whether those others are imaginary friends or not.

The teapot sings a handful of different songs and will help your daughter to learn over 50 different phrases too, which is a nice touch.

ConoMus Piano Keyboard For Kids


  • Teaches simple tunes and keyboard playing
  • Great for fostering musical expression
  • Perfectly size for a young child


  • Difficult to use to learn more than the basics

It’s essential to get your girl started on making music at an early age if you want her to be a virtuoso on an instrument when she grows up. To foster your girl’s abilities as a chanteuse and piano player, this ConoMus keyboard is a great investment.

The digital learning suite on the keyboard is one of its best features. With the keyboard’s help, your little one can learn 22 different songs, the sounds of four different instruments, and learn what her musical creations sound like when they’re recorded and played back.

The only issue with this keyboard is that your girl will quickly outgrow it if she has an aptitude for the piano. The keyboard doesn’t have a full range, but it’s more than enough to help your child learn whether playing music appeals to her.

Princess Playhouse Kids’ Tent


  • Great for early imaginative play
  • Fun playspace


  • Tough to clean
  • Not durable

Playing in an indoor tent like this Princess Playhouse can be a great source of fun for your two year old because it gives them a place to call theirs while also prompting them to start exercising their imagination for the first time.

You’ll have an easy time setting up this playhouse tent and your girl will readily take to playing inside of it. The tent is big enough for your girl and a friend or two, but for larger groups you may need multiple tents. When your girl is done playing, you can pop the tent back into its carrying case.

While you can use the tent outside, it may not be the best choice. The tent is easy to clean with a damp cloth, but it isn’t intended to stand up to any of the forces of nature.

VTech Care For Me Learning Carrier


  • Great for helping your child to understand the responsibility of having a pet
  • Fun sounds and songs


  • Requires batteries for regular use

Your girl probably loves animals and may want a pet to care for. It’s probably a good idea to help her learn the responsibility of caring for an animal using this Care For Me Learning Carrier before you buy her a real pet, however.

With this set, your girl will get a lovely pet carrier, a little puppy, and a handful of different pet accessories. The pet carrier plays an endless number of songs and noises at your girl’s behest, and she’ll have hours of fun taking care of her new pet puppy.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum

When you press the on/off switch to off, the vacuum switches modes from vacuum sounds to learning songs and phrases, so they can learn even more as they play.


  • Real Vacuum sounds
  • Features lights and learning songs
  • Great for developing motor skills and coordination


  • Doesn’t stand up on its own
  • Height may be too short for taller toddlers

This vacuum is a great way to develop motor skills, coordination, and problem-solving as they maneuver around obstacles in the room. However, this toy goes beyond that.

For added play, she can push the button on the vacuum canister for more fun songs and phrases. The canister also lights up. This vacuum is an excellent gift for your little helper, but just be aware when playtime is over, it will have to be propped in a corner against something because it doesn’t stand upright on its own.

iPlay i Learn Unicorn Bouncy Horse

If your little princess loves to bounce, this bouncy unicorn toy may be just perfect for her.


  • Cute unicorn design
  • Sturdy and safe to bounce on
  • Helps develop muscle strength and balance


  • The small size means they may grow too big for it quickly

This bouncy unicorn features a soft plush exterior while the inside is bouncy eco-friendly rubber. To inflate, take out the white plug in the unicorn’s belly and insert the tip of the inflater, blow up the unicorn to the proper size, and replace the cap and its ready for play.

The inflater pump comes with the unicorn, so you don’t need to make any additional purchase. The toy meets all safety requirements of EU EN71, US CPSIA & ASTM F963 so you can feel secure letting your child play with it. It features four sturdy legs for stability, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or your little one falling off as they bounce to their heart’s delight and enjoy imaginative play.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

This dollhouse is less expensive than other dollhouses on the market, and it’s interesting enough to grow with your child as they grow.


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Features three buttons for interactive play
  • Designed with toddlers in mind
  • Will grow with the child


  • Only comes with three dolls

The dollhouse is safe, easy to clean, durable plastic. It folds up for easy storage than when its time to play both sides open up for a perfect toddler size dollhouse. The house features three interactive buttons that activate sound/light effects, songs, and phrases. The phrases talk about sharing, working together, and helping each other.

It comes with three dolls, one girl, one boy, and a dog as well as two chairs, a bed, and a dog bowl. Extra characters can be purchased separately. The beautiful thing about the characters is that they are designed for little hands to grasp easily.

First Builders Big Building Bag

Little ones will love to spend time building towers and knocking them down, and if your little one has older siblings, chances are they’ll want to play with this set too.


  • Helps develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills
  • Easy for toddlers to snap together and take apart
  • Compatible with other Mega Bloks sets to extend play
  • Blocks come with a zippered storage bag


  • Hard plastic material could potentially hurt if blocks fall over

The collection contains 80 building blocks in traditional and special shapes so your little girl can build many unique designs.

This set is also compatible with other Mega Bloks sets to expand the pretend play experience even further. The block set is a very open-ended toy that is limited only by your child’s imagination. As a bonus, these blocks come in a handy zipper close bag for easy cleanup and storage.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Little ones will enjoy setting up a picnic for their friends or a favorite doll or stuffed animal, which means this toy will also grow with the child.


  • Visually appealing
  • Sound effects features
  • Helps little ones learn colors, shapes, and sorting, as well as manners


  • Items have to be stacked neatly to all fit back in the basket
  • Some find the volume a little loud

This adorable plastic picnic basket is sure to charm your little one with its cute face and fun colors. When the lid of the basket is open, the basket plays music and activates fun sound effects. The contents include six food items, two plates, two cups, two forks, and a blanket that all pack into the basket.

This toy lends itself perfectly to dump and fill pretend play behavior as well as stacking behavior. This toy also teaches more advanced children shapes, colors, and sorting with the different food pieces that are included and features fun learning songs that help teach manners.

VTech Babble and Rattle Microphone

This toy is a must-have for blossoming musicians and singers and helps cultivate musical appreciation.


  • Highly interactive
  • The microphone is BPA- Free durable plastic
  • Teaches little ones sounds and phrases


  • Have to hold the microphone very close to your mouth to amplify your voice
  • You’ll need to replace original batteries soon after purchase

The Babble and Rattle Microphone is highly interactive. It features four push buttons that introduce two different music styles, plays music and lights, and encourages little ones to sing along, a turn dial that teaches animals and sounds. You can shake the microphone for fun sound effects.

The microphone amplifies your child’s voice, just like a real microphone. It features over 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases for children to learn. The microphone requires 3 AAA batteries. The batteries included are for demonstration purposes, but you’ll probably want to get some fresh ones when you get it.

The only drawback is you have to hold the microphone very close to your mouth to make it sound like a microphone.

J- Hong Matching Eggs Educational Color and Shape Recognition Sorter Puzzle

A perfect addition to a little one’s Easter basket, it’s also great for a birthday gift or any other occasion gift.


  • Eggs look real
  • Help develop fine motor skills
  • Helps teach shapes and colors


  • Carton is a little flimsy

This cute color and shape sorting set comes with a dozen realistic-looking plastic eggs in a carton. The eggs and container are both made of non-toxic plastic. The eggs are easy for little hands to grip and open and helps develop fine motor skills, besides shape and color recognition.

Children will enjoy opening the eggs to see the shapes inside and trying to put them back together. They’re also fun to roll around on the floor or use in an egg hunt. This set would be a perfect addition to a little one’s Easter basket.

Radio Flyer Pink Rider Trike

It has pedals, but it is light enough to be moved just with the feet if your child is not yet developmentally ready to pedal the tricycle.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Quiet wheels
  • Can be pushed with feet if they can’t use the pedals yet
  • The seat can be adjusted as the child grows
  • Features a covered storage bin to store things


  • Splash guard and bin lid sometimes fall off and need to be reattached

This trike has a sturdy steel frame, and it’s painted an appealing pink, that your little princess will love. It features comfort grip handles and nice quiet plastic wheels, which will appeal to anyone who has ever had to endure the sound of a squeaky tricycle.

The tricycle has a weight capacity of 49 pounds and an adjustable seat that can be adjusted as your child grows for longer-lasting pretend play value. Another feature she’ll enjoy is the attached covered storage bin at the back of the trike.

The storage bin is perfect for toting a favorite toy, a snack and water bottle, or even collecting treasures she finds along the way as she rides. The only caveat is that the splash guard and storage bin lid can sometimes fall off, but it can be snapped back into place quickly.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Parlor

The set includes three smart point locations that are activated by the smart point Minnie Ice Cream Truck. When activated, the smart points play recognizable songs and fun phrases, including teaching children that the “Letter I is for ice cream.”


  • Helps children learn shapes
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Compatible with other sets in the series


  • Only comes with one car

This Minnie Mouse car set is part of a series of Go! Go! Smart Wheels and can be attached to other sets for a larger track. This set features an ice cream shape sorter at the top and a car ramp that is accessed by an elevator that raises the car onto the road. It has a gate that can move up or down. It also has movable gears to help children develop their fine motor skills.

The big drawback with the set is that it only comes with one car, and in order to get more smart point cars to work in the set, you need to purchase them separately.

Dress Up America Little Girl’s My First Purse

Your little girl will feel so grown-up when she’s carrying this purse. It’s the perfect accessory for dress up or a day out with Mommy or Grandma.


  • Supports imaginative play


  • Small parts on lipstick could be a choking hazard

This sweet purse set is terrific for dress-up and pretend play. The set includes a pink faux leather bag, toy cell phone, car key remote, pretend lipstick & credit card. The keys and cellphone have light and sound features and include batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Toy Great for a Two Year Old?

At this age they are starting to desire independence, pulling away from their parents slightly and try to explore the world by themselves for the first time. For this reason, toys that give them the feeling of control and freedom, without putting them in any danger, are ideal.

A push car takes them out of a traditional pushchair, making it more exciting and allowing them to feel more grown up. Similarly, a magnetic drawing board gives them a blank canvas to work with so that they can express their ideas and come up with unique designs. At this age, simplistic toys for babies aren’t ideal, and you should look for a toy that will grow with them and will still be fun as they get a little older.

Toddlers are still a while away from learning complex subjects, but they know how to solve simple problems and will soon be learning numbers and spelling. Toys that can help them with their education can be helpful for their brain development.

What Educational Toys are Best?

A two-year-old girl is at the time in her life when she can begin to learn numbers, spelling and word recognition skills that will be important throughout her life. Educational toys that make this learning process fun are vital to getting her interested in education and to associate it with personal progress rather than as a chore.

Educational toys such as the VTech Little Apps Tablet make learning exciting. While a coloring book can also teach them creativity and design, both of which are fundamental skills that children need to approach complex problems to find unique solutions.

What Toys will a Child with ADHD Enjoy?

Children with ADHD or ADD can find it hard to concentrate for extended periods of time, which means that their toys shouldn’t require them to focus extensively. Instead, toys that they can pick up and put down whenever are great.

A magnetic drawing board or coloring book can be a good choice because they don’t need much concentration. Instead, coloring allows their brains to shut off so that they can relax and be as creative as possible. For children with ADHD, these coloring activities can be therapeutic, particularly if they fidget extensively.

How Much is Normal to Spend on Toys for a Two-Year-Old?

Toys can be expensive, and parents in particular often spend huge amounts of money to continuously buy new toys for their children as they grow and need new things to keep them entertained. But how much is normal to spend on toys?

Most toys for a two-year-old cost between $15 and $40. Many of those on this list are towards the bottom end of this price range, making them fantastic value for money, especially considering that young children grow out of toys very quickly.

In as little as one year, many of the toys that they played with will be redundant as her brain develops and she needs more complex toys that present more of a challenge. For this reason, it’s often wise to invest in higher quality toys that will still be applicable years from now, such as coloring books, a push car or the VTech tablet. These toys might be slightly more expensive, but they will last longer and are therefore better value for money.

Can Toys Help with her Development?

A two-year-old girl is starting to figure out problems on her own and will be demanding more autonomy than she was when she was younger. At this point in her life, it’s important that she begins to develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and basic educational ability so that she can stay in line with her peers.

Toys can be incredibly beneficial for each of these goals. Small problems will arise as the child plays with toys, which she will be required to solve on her own. Coloring and drawing, in particular, can teach her to be creative, to make decisions and to learn to stay calm even when she makes mistakes. Experts believe that pretend play is particularly important in the development of the brain and social skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is filling and dumping behavior normal at this age?

It’s completely normal for toddlers to put everything away only to dump it out again a moment later. It’s part of their cognitive development as they realize one object can hold another. The same goes for building and then knocking things down. While it seems annoying to us, it is an essential part of your child learning about cause and effect relationships and developing fine motor skills.

Why do toddlers love repetition?

Toddlers are taking in a lot of new information all at once. She enjoys repetition because it helps her learn what to expect and helps her remember how to perform a new skill next time she’s in that situation.


Finding the right toy for a two-year-old girl can be downright difficult. Her personality and challenges will impact your decision, as well as your budget and her current set of toys. We’ve recommended five toys in the article, each unique in its way, with a variety of benefits, many of which overlap with each other.

At two years old it’s vital that she begins to learn problem-solving skills and continues with her development by discovering numbers and spelling. Toys like the VTech tablet can help with this mental stimulation, a push car can make her feel more independent, and a coloring book gives her unlimited creativity.

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The brains behind The Toy Report. Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, Brett is dedicated to making The Toy Report a trusted space in the world of toy reviews and recommendations.