The Best Toys for 1-Year-Old Girls – 2022 Gift Ideas

The Best Toys and Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls in 2018

A first birthday is a cause for celebration; it’s an important milestone, both for the baby girl and the parents. Never again will those parents experience another first birthday with their baby daughter, which is why picking out the right gift is important.

Buying toys for babies can be a minefield, you want to pick something they’ll enjoy, but not a toy that will annoy the parents or make their lives harder. Instead, you should focus on toys that will benefit that child’s development, creativity, and exploration, while giving them something to enjoy thoroughly.

So, what are the best gifts for a 1 year old girl?

Fisher-Price Baby’s First Doll

It’s built to be soft a cuddly, with a small rattle inside so that the child can explore and be creative.


  • Incredible well-priced
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Easy for the baby to hold


  • Quite large

Baby girls love dolls, even before they learn about the differences between genders, and the Fisher-Price Baby’s First Doll is a beautiful, safe, strong and fun doll for a one-year-old baby girl.

While a doll is a relatively simplistic toy, it’s perfect for a one-year-old baby girl for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s soft and safe for them to play with. Unlike other toys, there are no moving parts or small components, making it safe for them to play with unsupervised.

Secondly, it teaches the baby compassion and love for an object that resembles another human, which will be an important characteristic for any girl who has children when they are older. Finally, a doll can become a support toy that they can carry around with them for months or years to come, helping them to form a relationship and learn about friendship.

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

The VTech Pull and Sing Puppy is a safe plastic toy with a small string that allows it to be pulled behind the baby girl. It has interactive buttons which light-up and activates sounds like voices and music.


  • Makes a great companion
  • Helps to build motor skills
  • Introduces numbers, colors and body parts


  • Noise could be frustrating for parents
  • Requires batteries

A 1-year-old baby girl is just learning to walk. She might be pulling on chairs to try to stand up and crawling much more vigorously. Within a few months, she’ll be standing by herself and will then start walking and running. This pull and sing puppy will grow with her. She can pull it when she crawls and also once she can walk.

Using colors and numbers to activate sounds, it helps to develop the babies recognition of colors, while introducing numbers to them and forcing them to use motor skills to cause the sounds and lights. For a baby of this age, these factors are critical to their brain development and can help them to learn more quickly.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

The Radio Flyer is a wooden wagon made using natural wood for a classic look that is safe and furniture friendly.


  • Made from natural wood with a beautiful design
  • Helps babies to learn to stand and walk
  • Furniture friendly


  • Large and difficult to store

Small wagons like this were popular when many of us grew up, and they are coming back into fashion because parents recognize that they can help babies to learn to stand and walk.

The Walker Wagon by Radio Flyer is not only a fun toy that will give the baby girl hours of fun; it’s a learning tool that gives them a bar to balance so that they can stand and learn to walk. The wagon has a push resistance feature which allows young babies to learn to walk slowly without leaning in too hard and falling forward.

While it would be ideal to use outside, with furniture friendly bumpers on the front and rubber wheels with a safe frame, it’s okay to use inside of the home as well. For a one-year-old girl who will be starting to stand and walk within weeks or months, the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is a toy that is sure to become one of their favorites.

14-Piece Tegu Magnetic Block Set

Magnetic block sets are perfect for children. This 14-piece set from Tegu is made from high-quality wood that’s safe for babies who will inevitably chew or gnaw at their toys.


  • Helps babies to develop motor skills and pattern recognition
  • Gives the children the freedom to play how they want
  • Built to last using high-quality wood


  • Many blocks mean that some might get lost or left around the home

Brilliantly simple, this magnetic block set allows babies to be creative and create their fun while helping them to develop problem-solving skills.

Magnetic building blocks are a step above what many of us had as children. The magnets within these blocks allow the baby to build more elaborate designs and structures, even without the motor skills that they are still developing. This toy will allow them to recognize patterns because of the different shaped blocks, which will show them how to solve problems.

Similarly, using different blocks can give them a sense of scale and teach them to balance as they try to create structures. For a baby, this style of imaginative and free play is vital for them to become creative and learn the ability to tell stories without outside intervention. The Tegu blocks are ideal because they have strong magnets that make building simple and fun for even a one-year-old baby.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Activity Center

This table-top adventure playground is perfect a growing child who will be able to lean up against it and eventually stand over it to play.


  • Stationary and can’t get lost
  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Helps with child’s brain development


  • Quite large and can’t be easily stored

The Manhattan Toy Tree Top Activity Center stands 22.5” high, roughly up to a one-year-olds head heigh when they are on their knees. When they grow over the next year and learn to stand, it will come up to their middle chest. With multiple poles to slide blocks across, this toy can help with colors, pattern recognition and problem-solving skills.

The beads run and glide across the metal pipes, encouraging the baby to grasp and move the objects, developing the skills that they will need for precise actions. With no specific goal or way to play, it allows the baby to be creative and to come up with their challenges or games which make the toy more fun for months or years to come.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

It’s never too early to start teaching manners to a child, which is where this LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket can be a great tool for a one year old. With this set, your girl will get a 14-piece picnic set.


  • Great for early education about sharing
  • Cheerful exterior and pleasant shapes


  • Needs a play partner for the best educational effects

There are six different food items, two plates, two forks, two cuts, and a blanket to put everything onto. Your child will learn about how to have a picnic and how to play pretend. She’ll learn a lot about sharing and what is necessary to perform basic functions as a result.

Lifting the lid of the basket will cause a few pleasant sounds to play, which is a nice bonus.

You can also connect to LeapFrog’s website to learn more about how to use the set to teach your girl fundamental concepts.

Rolimate Wooden Learning Hammering and Pounding Toys

The youngest children should still be trying to express themselves artistically, and if you get this musical set for your girl, she’ll be at the forefront of her class.


  • Great introduction to percussion instruments
  • Several different ways of making music


  • Minimal teaching materials included

The youngest children should still be trying to express themselves artistically, and if you get this musical set for your girl, she’ll be at the forefront of her class. With this set, you’ll get a tap table, three wooden tapping balls, a wooden hammer, a xylophone, and six shape blocks.

Tapping away with little hands at the pieces of this set will help your girl to understand the way that sound can be produced from objects. She’ll be building her hand-eye-ear coordination as well as her sense of music and rhythm.

It’s a foregone conclusion that these kits can produce sounds which are deeply annoying to adults. Thankfully, the maximum volume your girl can produce is fairly limited, but you still may want to make sure that she doesn’t play with it when it would annoy you.

SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles For Toddlers

Girls love to solve problems, and with this SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle set, she’ll get four different puzzles to use to flex her rapidly developing brain.


  • Challenges spatial skills
  • Cute animals upon puzzle completion


  • Puzzle pieces may chip if dropped

With this set, you’ll see how picking the right puzzles can help your girl to build a sophisticated sense of critical thinking and spatial problem solving. Each of the puzzles offers a different challenge using the same jigsaw format custom made for little hands.

Your girl will piece together a butterfly, a bear, a bee, and a ladybug — each of which boasts a cheerful design that offers a pleasing aesthetic upon completion. Learning through play has never been more fun for the very youngest of girls.

Gund Baby Flappy The Elephant Plush

Plushies are timeless gifts for 1 year old girls, and this Gund Baby Flappy The Elephant plush toy is no exception. This plushie is an adorable elephant with especially large floppy ears that your daughter will love to snuggle or play with.


  • Plays elephant trumpets and songs
  • Cute baby elephant design
  • Machine washable


  • Requires batteries
  • May stain

If you squeeze either of the elephant’s rear feet, it will make a song or an elephant noise, both of which are sure to entertain the young girl. Best of all, the plushie is machine washable. So, even if the elephant plushie has spent a long time with the infant, it doesn’t need to smell bad or look dirty.

You’ll need to provide batteries for the elephant if you want it to make sound, but it’s a good plushie even when it doesn’t have power.

KLEEGER Plush Talking Jungle Animals Toy Set

Teaching your child about wildlife in the jungle is a great way to start them with developing a love for the environment. With this KLEEGER set of plush talking jungle animals, your girl will experience everything that the animals of the jungle have to offer.


  • Four different talking jungle animals
  • Includes convenient carrying case which has some extra room


  • Can’t be washed in the washing machine

With this set, you’ll get four different plushies, each of which plays a representative animal noise. You’ll also get a nice carrying case to put the toys when your baby isn’t snuggling them or playing with them.

While the toys aren’t machine washable, it’s easy to clean them with a wetted brush. The silky textures of the toys make them great companions for bedtime.

LeapFrog Stack & Tumble Elephant

The elephant’s trunk also features a button that your baby can press to hear a song. This elephant is an entertaining toy for little ones. The light and sound features keep little ones entertained while introducing learning concepts.


  • Great for developing fine motor skills
  • Introduces babies to concepts of bright colors, numbers, shapes
  • Features exciting light and sound effects


  • The elephant has to remain on an even surface for the trunk to function correctly

This cute elephant comes with five rings to stack on her trunk. It is excellent for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each time your baby girl puts a new ring on the elephant’s trunk, it activates a learning feature that introduces your baby to bright colors, numbers, and shapes. For added fun, push the elephant’s tail to make the elephant sneeze and send the rings flying off its trunk.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This cube may be small, but it is packed with a lot of fun and learning for little ones.


  • Teaches animals and shapes
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Light and sound features


  • Hard plastic can hurt if dropped or thrown

This five-sided activity cube is great for keeping your little girl entertained. It features four light-up buttons that teach animals and animal sounds. It also plays 25 different songs and melodies for little ones to enjoy and learn. The cube also features 14 various manipulative features to help develop fine manipulation skills.


What Kinds of Toys are Suitable for a One-Year-Old Baby?

A 1-year-old baby usually can’t walk yet, but the baby will start to stand and walk small amounts within the coming weeks or months. For babies of this age, it is wise to think of toys that they will enjoy when they are crawling and when they can eventually walk around.

Toys like the Manhattan Toy Tree Activity Center can be used when a baby is still on their knees, but as they stand up, they will get another perspective and can hold onto it while they play. Some toys, of course, aren’t related to this development but can still be excellent choices, for example, a doll which the baby girl will probably keep for many years to come.

Quite often you’ll find that stores list the recommended age for the toy on the side of the product or in the online features section of the sales page. In this case, you should use this as guidance but trust your gut and instinct because some babies will develop quicker than others, making some toys redundant and others still great picks.

Where Can You Buy Baby Toys?

Baby toys are available in a wide range of stores. You might consider going to a specialized store that sells baby products, but these are often few and far between which means that you might have to travel to them.

An alternative is to buy them from a supermarket or grocery store like Walmart which often has a toy or baby section. However, the range might be limited in these stores, and the quality can sometimes be lackluster.

Perhaps the best choice is to buy the toy online through a store like Amazon. They stock more toys than any physical store in the world ever could, and they will ship quickly to your home no matter where you are located. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, the delivery will be free of charge.

What Do One-Year-Olds Like in Toys?

A 1-year-old child is unlikely to be particularly swayed one way or another about a toy. However, they do tend to lean towards bright and colorful toys, as well as those that are anatomical. For example; dolls and dogs are two favorite toys among young babies.

Texture and touch are also important. Babies senses are still developing and strengthening at this age, and they want to grab and touch everything that they can. Some materials are better than others, and unsurprisingly teddy bears and dolls are incredibly popular because they are traditionally made using soft cotton and other luxury fabrics.

What Toys are Best for In the Car?

If you know that the baby travels a lot, either to see relatives or to go to work with one of the parents, it is wise to pick a toy that is travel-friendly. Large bulky toys that are stationary don’t fit the bill, while a soft doll is a far better choice.

But it’s not just size and portability that you should consider. Put yourself in the parent’s shoes, do you want a loud toy in a small environment? How about a toy with multiple components that the baby girl could drop or lose? Nope, you want something easy to see and simple to play with. The Fisher-Price First Doll or the VTech Pull and Sing Puppy are great choices!

Are These Toys Safe for a One Year Old to Have?

Yes, all of the toys that are listed in the article have been thoroughly tested by the manufactures and are specially designed so that they are safe for one-year-olds to play with. Of course, it’s recommended that a parent or loved one should always supervise a baby of this age, but there are no small parts they could choke on, and the materials are all safe for babies.

Do baby girls still like Frozen toys?

Yes, Frozen is still a very popular franchise, and with rumors of future movies coming out, it’s likely to be ubiquitous for years to come. Frozen dolls are particularly popular with baby girls because they are bright, beautiful and can be used creatively by the child in a wide variety of different ways.

What Types of Toys can Help with a Child’s Development?

Toys that require precision just as moving blocks, putting them together or pressing small buttons can help a baby to develop their fine manipulation skills. Numbers and colors are also important and introducing a baby to them at this age can be beneficial to their brain development.

Similarly, a one-year-old will soon be starting to stand and walk, which is why toys that facilitate this are such a great choice because they won’t be thrown away once they are running around.

All in All

Overall, these toys are all well-designed products that babies will love. Which one is right for the one-year-old girl in your life will depend on their personality as well as the parent’s preferences and their circumstances.

Dolls, wagons and animal toys are always favorites, making them safe additions to this list. But most importantly, you should pick a toy that you think will last them and that can assist with their development as they grow in 2022 and beyond.

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