The Best Car Seat Toys in 2020 – Top 9 (Review Guide)

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For babies, car rides can be scary. For this reason, it’s important to keep their minds occupied as much as possible. Doing so will prevent a great deal of crying, and will allow the overall trip to go a lot smoother. But how do you keep your baby occupied during an auto ride? With these fun toys, of course!

Car seat toys are, most typically, little stuffed animals which dangle from the tops of the seats. They will provide not only visual stimulation to your child, but physical stimulation as well.

Looking for the best car seat toys for your child? Allow us to guide you.

Tiny Love Take-Along Arch

While it’s not perfect, this toy arch from Tiny Love is about as solid a car toy as you’re going to find.

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  • Equipped with 6 different play figures
  • Fits car seats of all sizes
  • Very easy to attach to seat
  • 100% safe


  • Some functionality concerns

The Tiny Love Take-Along Arch is a half-ring of dangling toys which fits over the top of any auto seat. It’s entirely flexible allowing it to be shaped to vehicles of all sizes.

Lined with a collection of animals, plants, and insects, it is a great play companion for your child as you make your way from one place to the next. Made out of 100% safe materials, it’s one of the best car set toys on the market today.

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

If you’re looking for a car seat toy that plays music, this one from Infantino is as good a choice as any.


  • Plays music
  • Easy to attach
  • As safe as they come


  • Doesn’t possess as many components as some toys

This next toy is great in that in can play music. All your child has to do is pull down on it, producing 90 continuous seconds of sound.

Sporting the appearance of a bug, it’s equipped with a mirror, two rings, and a bevy of dangling legs. It hangs directly from the top of a seat, offering easy fun and stimulation for your child on long car rides.

Lil Jammerz Set of 3 Plush Baby Toys

Though it’s on the expensive side, this car toy set from Lil Jammerz is loaded with features to make it worth its cost.

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  • Unique aesthetic
  • Plays streaming music
  • Capable of rattling
  • Capable of squeaking


  • Fairly expensive

If you’re looking for a set of seat toys, you might be interested in this one from Lil Jammerz. It includes 3 different products, one of which can play streamed music, one of which can rattle, and one of which can squeak.

They possess the appearance of a drum, a microphone, and a guitar, and hang directly from the hand of your car seat. If you want to keep your baby as occupied as possible, these 3 products will certainly do the trick.

HAHA Baby Soft Hanging Rattle Toy

If you’re looking for a simple set of auto seat toys, this one from HAHA Baby is a solid option.


  • Affordably priced
  • Products make a calm, whistling noise
  • 100% safe
  • Fit on all auto seats


  • Limited features

Another solid set of toys is this set from HAHA Baby. In total, it contains 4 different toys, all of which dangle from the handle of your seat.

The included products have the appearances of an owl, a dog, a monkey, and an elephant. Each and every one of the products is bursting with color, visually stimulating your child at all times. These toys also make a calm, whistling noise as they sway, stimulating your child sonically.

PIXNOR Leorx Spiral Toy

This car seat toy from PIXNOR is simple, but very effective all the same.

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  • Affordably priced
  • Very colorful
  • Fit car seats of all types


  • No special features

Another terrific car seat toy is this one from PIXNOR. It’s equipped with 3 dangling toys which present themselves as a frog, a bug, and a ring. They all dangle from a wrap around mechanism which presents itself as a caterpillar.

There are no bells and whistles with this toy, but it will get the job done. The products are colorful, soft, and fun for kids to look at.

SKK Baby Plush Spiral Activity Toy

This toy from SKK Baby is a little on the expensive side, but is a solid option nonetheless.

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  • Squeaks, crackles, and rattles
  • Bright, fluorescent colors
  • 100% safe


  • On the expensive side

This next toy can be used on everything from car seats, to cradles, and more. It makes use of a coil in order to wrap around various different surfaces. Sporting bright, fluorescent colors, it’s very visually stimulating.

The attached products dangle from the coil of this product, and are capable of squeaking, crackling, and rattling. These toys come in the form of two stuffed birds, and a stuffed birdhouse. While it’s a little expensive, its quality makes it well worth its price.

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Though simple, Freddie the Firefly utilizes an explosion of color to make itself fun and effective.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Extremely visually stimulating
  • Makes jangling noises


  • Few play components

A basic, but effectively functional car seat toy is this one from Lamaze. Named Freddie the Firefly, it is practically bursting with color. It possesses a number of different design patterns, making it as visually stimulating as any auto seat toy on the market.

Like most seat toys, it dangles from the handle of your car seat. It’s equipped with two rings which make a periodic jangling noise. There’s not a lot to it, but it serves its purpose quite well.

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

This budget car seat toy from Infantino isn’t perfect, but it serves its general purpose.


  • Affordably priced
  • Sonically stimulating
  • Well-constructed


  • Products are a little close together

The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy is a toy like so many products on the market today. It latches onto car seats via a coil, and is equipped with a series of dangling toys.

The dangling products take the shape of a cow, a bee, and two miscellaneous shapes. These produce a litany of sounds, stimulating your child sonically, and keeping him or her occupied.

Manhattan Toy Travel + Comfort Fox Activity Spiral Baby Toy

With the exception of its price, this car seat toy from Manhattan Toy is a great buy.


  • Audibly stimulating
  • Durable construction
  • Fits car seats of all types


  • On the expensive side

The last toy we’ll review is this one from Manhattan Toy. It’s a little expensive compared to other auto seat toys of its ilk but possesses the construction quality and functionality to make it worth its while.

This is a coil-attaching toy, with its coil possessing the appearance of a fox. Dangling from this fox are four stuffed products. These make a series of squeaking, rattling, and crackling noises, providing audible stimulation to your child.

What Should You Consider When Buying Car Seat Toys?

For the most part, all car seat toys are similar. They’re generally stuffed animals which dangle from the top of a car seat, allowing your child to touch and look at them whenever desired. But there are a few things which separate one car seat toy from another. These things include size, construction quality, ease of use, and overall safety.


The size of car seat toys is not a vital aspect to consider, but it’s still something to keep in mind. These products come in a variety of different sizes. Some may be too large for your child to handle while others may be too small to produce any actual enjoyment. At the very least, make sure the toy is large enough for your child to touch and play with.


While some car seat toys are impeccably constructed, others are incredibly flimsy. This can be especially true if the toy has some sort of attachment mechanism. Make sure that the toy will hold up over time before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

You’ll rarely come across a car seat toy that’s difficult to use. In fact, most of them don’t have to be “used.” They’re just there to be played with in whatever way your child sees fit. But there are some products which require some button-pressing in order to operate. Make sure your child is coordinated enough to get the job done.


The vast majority of car seat toys are incredibly safe. Really, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether or not they’re too large for your child. Large stuffed animals could potentially fall and land on top of your child, restricting his or her ability to breathe. Apart from this rare occurrence, there is little to worry about.

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