11 Best Transformers Toys – 2021 Reviews

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Transformers toys have been popular with kids of all ages for almost 40 years now. Although they started as a Saturday morning cartoon show, the universe of Autobots and Decepticons has expanded to comic books, video games, blockbuster movies and, of course, plenty of toys.

Do you know a kid who loves Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and all the rest? We’ve assembled the best Transformer toys for 2021. Plus, we’ve also included a quick guide to help you find a gift which is sure to impress.

Our #1 Choice – Bumblebee Figure from Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots

Fan-favorite Bumblebee is a detailed action figure which transforms from an Autobot to car. Suitable for kids as young as three.


  • Safe for younger kids
  • One-step transformation from bot to car
  • Includes Energize Jackhammer accessory
  • Inspired by popular Rescue Bots TV show


  • Different design than the movie version of Bumblebee

Now kids can continue Bee’s adventures at home with this fully poseable action figure. Transforms from an action figure to a car in just one simple step.

This version of Bumblebee is from the Rescue Bots TV show, which is a fun series designed for younger Transformers toys fans. This figure is safe for kids as young as 36 months.

Toy includes Bumblebee’s signature weapon from the show, the Energize Jackhammer. When he’s in action figure mode, the Jackhammer fits in his hand. When in car mode, it attaches directly to the hood.

Aside from Bumblebee, a variety of other heroes and villains are available in the Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots line.

Our #2 Choice – Optimus Prime Igniters Speed Series

A detailed action figure which transformers into a vehicle which can zoom around on its own. Part of the Energon Igniters Speed Series of Transformers toys.


  • Detailed depiction of famous Autobot leader
  • Six-step transformation from bot to truck
  • Truck moves using Energon Igniter system


  • Energon system sold separately
  • Transformation too complex for kids under six

The Energon Igniters Speed Series toys are a bit more detailed and complicated than the Playskool Rescue Bots. This series uses the power of Energon, which is a power source in the Transformers toys world. In the real world, these toys use a launch system to propel the cars across any flat surface.

Optimums Prime – the leader of the Autobots – is detailed, durable and stands three inches tall. He transforms between a bot and a truck in six steps. Suitable for kids ages six and up.

Note that the Energon Igniter, which pushes the truck forward, is sold separately. While this extra expense isn’t great, the Igniters do work with the entire line of Energon Igniters Transformer toys. However, even without the Igniter, Optimus is still a fun, posable action figure who transforms into a truck.

Our #3 Choice – Optimus Prime Knight Armor Turbo Changer

Fans of the movie Transformers: The Last Knight will love this authentic replica of the Autobot leader which transforms and includes special Knight Armor.


  • Unique Knight Armor design
  • Poseable action figure and moveable car
  • Perfect for fans of The Last Knight films


  • Best for ages six and up
  • Not the traditional Optimum Prime look

This eight-foot-tall Optimus Prime action figure is based Transformers: The Last Knight, a recent Transformers movie featuring unique armor for many of the characters. This toy features Knight Armor, a special accessory which flips over Optimus’ head to create a new look.

Additionally, the toy also transforms between a bot and truck. With a blue body and red flame decals, the semi is also based off the designs of the movie. Transforming requires two simple steps. Toy is suitable for kids ages six and up.

The Last Knight was a recent film which was very popular among kids and adults. Optimus Prime’s unique Knight Armor was a key part of the movie, making this toy a fan-favorite.

Our #4 Choice – Playskool Heroes Rescue Team

This set of four small toys from the Transformers Rescue Bots series is perfect for little ones. Plus, the characters have a positive message of helping others and working together.


  • Perfect for younger Transformer fans
  • Includes four characters from Transformers Rescue Bots show
  • Toys are durable, colorful and easy to transform


  • Might not be interesting to kids unfamiliar with Transformers Rescue Bots
  • Characters aren’t as well-known as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, etc.

The Rescue Bots are from a TV show designed for the youngest Transformers toys fans. This set includes four main characters from the show. Each transforms between a vehicle and bot. Plus, transformation requires just one step, making this toy appropriate for kids as young as 36 months.

Set includes:

Boulder, the Construction-Bot who turns into a bulldozer
Blades, the Flight-Bot who turns into a copter
Heatwave, the Fire-Bot who turns into a fire truck
Chase, the Police-Bot who turns into a squad car

Each figure is a different bright color and is roughly 4.5 inches high. Kids can play with their favorite characters while also learning about teamwork and friendship.

Our #5 Choice – Combiner Ultra Bee 4-in-1 Action Figure

Four fan-favorite Transformers toys combine to form the Ultra Bee action figure.


  • Four-in-one Super Autobot
  • Features popular heroes including Energize Bumblebee
  • Each character transforms from robot to vehicle
  • Smartphone-enhanced


  • Ultra Bee can be a bit fragile when assembled
  • Ultra Bee is not a very well-known character

Get ready for the Ultra Bee! This is an eight-and-a-half inch Autobot action figure made from four separate, smaller Transformer toys. Each figure clicks together for easy assembly. Once assembled, the Ultra Bee is fully poseable and even includes his own unique energy sword.

The four Autobots in the set are popular heroes Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe and Strongarm. Each figure can transform between a bot and a vehicle. Bumblebee forms the main body of the Ultra Bee, with the other Transformers toys used to create the arms and legs. Within the Transformers universe, Ultra Bee is a super Autobot used to fight the toughest battles (while also teaching the importance of teamwork).

Plus, the Ultra Bee’s shield can be scanned by a smartphone, which provides extra info on the character. Also works with other figures in the Crash and Team Combiner toy line.

Our #6 Choice – Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee Voice Changer Mask

Bumblebee voice-changer mask features movie-inspired detail, five character phrases and a rockin’ guitar riff.


  • Full Bumblebee face mask
  • Voice changer
  • Makes five Bumblebee-inspired noises
  • Suitable for kids ages five and up


  • Requires batteries
  • Mask can be uncomfortable when worn for long periods

This cool mask lets kids pretend to be hero Autobot scout Bumblebee. Detailed and vibrant, the look is inspired by Bumblebee’s design from The Last Knight movie. Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable, secure fit. Safe for children ages five and up.

The mask includes a variety of fun voice features. A built-in voice changer lets you sound like Bumblebee. Additionally, mask can also emit five Bumblebee phrases made famous from the various films. Finally, the mask makes a cool guitar riff noise so you can rock out!

Our #7 Choice – Bee Vision Bumblebee AR

An AR mask and goggles which create digital Bumblebee-themed images visible over the real-world environment.


  • Interactive AR experience with Bumblebee vision
  • Detailed Bumblebee mask
  • Simple setup works with practically any smart phone


  • Included game is relatively simple
  • Smartphone is required

Be the Bee with this Augmented Reality experience. When the Bumblebee mask is worn it creates digital, Transformers-related images placed over the actual environment in front of the wearer’s eyes.

System includes mask, goggles, gauntlet and three AR markers. Setup is surprisingly simple. Download the Bee Vision app then place your smartphone into the AR goggles. Includes fun games which let you “power up” for 10 levels of AR adventures. You’ll feel like you’ve actually set foot on Cybertron.

Our #8 Choice – Transformers Movie Anniversary Edition Rescue Bots Optimus Prime

A high-quality, highly-detailed Rescue Bots Optimus Prime action figure which automatically converts from bot to truck.


  • Tons of elaborate detail
  • Automatic transformation from bot to truck
  • Includes lights and sounds
  • Modeled after original look from 2007 film


  • Transformation too complicated for younger kids

Perfect for kids over the age of eight and even adult collectors, this Anniversary Edition of Optimus Prime is a high-end action figure modeled after the Autobot leader’s appearance in the first Transformers movie.

Optimus is seven-inches tall (when in bot form) and made with a premium vac metal finishing. Features a variety of lights and sounds plus simply an incredible amount of fine details.

Converting Optimus from bot to truck is, well, totally cool. Fourteen steps are required, each remarkably similar to an action seen on film. Plus, the last step of transformation is actually completed automatically with accompanying sound effects!

Our #9 Choice – Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Academy Rescue Team Pack

This set of Playskool Heroes Transformers series transformers toys include four convertible action figures.


  • Easy for young children to transform in one step
  • Durable


  • They can only change two ways unlike other more advanced transformer toys

The characters in this set include favorite characters from the TV series, including Hot Shot, Whirl the Flight-Bot, Wedge the Construction Bot, and Hoist figures. This set is suitable for children 3 to 7 years old, and fans of the animated show Bot’s Academy will appreciate this collection.

Unlike other transformer toys that can be hard for young ones to convert into their alternate forms, the toys design for these transformers are easy for young children to convert, a feature many parents will appreciate as well. Transformation only involves one step so children can easily change the characters without disrupting play. These little transformers are sturdy plastic for excellent durability.

Our #10 Choice – Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-42 Cordon

The detail and craftsmanship of this transformer are of the highest quality.


  • Amazing Detail
  • Great Workmanship
  • Fully Poseable


  • Less of a toy and more of a collector’s piece
  • Not a good choice for young children

If you have older children and are willing to spend a little more money than your standard transformer action figures, Takara Tomy Transformers might be a good choice. The MP-42 Cordon model transforms into a Lamborghini LP 500 S “supercar”.

This transformer is designed with older children and teens in mind and is less of a toy than a collector’s piece. Takara Tomy Transformers pay strict attention to detail for a remarkable creation. This Takara Tomy Transformer is fully poseable as well since all parts are jointed.

Our #11 Choice – Transformers Toys Cyberverse Action Attackers Ultimate Class Megatron Figure

Pair this figure with other action figures from the Ultimate Class series of toys and prepare for an epic battle.


  • Good size
  • The toy features joints at knees, hips, and shoulders to pose the figure
  • Automatic Mega Shot Action Attack whenever the toy transforms


  • Eight step transformation process may be frustrating for young children
  • Head and arms aren’t poseable
  • Small parts could be a choking hazard

This Megatron figure from the Cyberverse animated series stands 11.5 inches tall in robot form and made of flexible hard plastic. The character transforms into a tank in eight steps. The toy has joints at the knees, hips, and shoulders. Unfortunately, Megatron’s head isn’t movable, and there is no joint at the elbow, so the arms can only move up and down. When transformed from a robot to a tank, or from a tank to a robot, Megatron’s Fusion Mega Shot Action Attack is activated.

This action figure is well-made with excellent attention to detail. This transformer takes a little effort to transform. The eight-step process is a bit tricky for children under six years old, and it features small parts that can be a choking hazard to children younger than three.


Frequently Asked Questions about Transformers Toys

What are Transformers?

Transformers first appeared in 1984 in a self-titled Saturday morning cartoon. It was rather unique among similar cartoons in that the Transformers story was fully-formed right from the beginning. By contrast, G.I. Joe started in a cartoon series around the same time, but significant story elements originated later in comic books.

But the basic elements of the Transformers universe were present right away. The Autobots are the good guys, the Decepticons bad. They were engaged in a civil war on their home planet of Cybertron.

This war eventually led them to Earth, where they discovered they resembled our planet’s vehicles. Each character transforms into a car, truck, aircraft or other type of vehicle or machine. Not only is this a main feature of the story, almost every toy also transforms between an action figure and a vehicle.

Today, the Transformers can be seen in several animated shows as well a series of blockbuster movies. Some popular main characters include:

  • Optimus Prime – Leader of the good guys, he transforms into a semi-truck
  • Bumblebee – A fan-favorite, Bumblebee transforms into a yellow sports car
  • Sam Witwicky – This is a human boy who befriends the Autobots
  • Megatron – Leader of the Decepticons, turns into a cannon

What are the Different Types of Transformers Toys?

Transformers have been steadily popular for decades, so naturally there are a ton of toy types available. But toys can be divided into two general categories:

Action Figures

This is probably the most common type of Transformers toy. You can find a variety of different lines of action figures including those inspired by the cartoons shows, movies and even other versions. Almost all of them will transform from a bot into a vehicle.

Transformers Gear

These are all the non-action figure types of toys. Masks – especially Bumblebee masks – are very popular. You can also find a huge variety of Transformers-themed backpacks, stuffed animals, video games and more.

How Do I Find the Best Transformers Toy for a Gift?

If you know a kid who loves Transformers, they likely have at least a few favorite characters. Bumblebee is probably the most popular character overall among kids. Optimus Prime is another fan fave.

However, don’t forget about the vehicle aspect. If you know a kid who loves a specific type of car, truck or plane, there’s likely appropriate Transformer they’re sure to love.

Don’t forget about the bad guys. Megatron, Starscream and other villains are also very popular. Plus, kids will want both good and bad guy action figures to play with.

What are the Different Types of Transformers?

Action figures vary in size and style. For instance, the Rescue Bots are a small, brightly-colored line of figures. But you can also find incredibly detailed movie replicas which are over seven inches tall.

If you know a kid who already has a bunch of Transformer toys, make sure you buy a gift appropriate for what they already own. The figure should fit in, size and design-wise, with the child’s existing group of characters.

Also, try to match the toys to the specific type of Transformers the child likes. The Last Knight movie is especially popular, and the characters have a very unique look involving a special armor. So a kid who likes that movie might not be as interested in other types of Transformers – and vice versa. Try to figure out what Transformers shows or movies the child is familiar with.

How Complex is the Transformation?

For action figures which transform, you’ll need to consider the complexity of the process. Toys for younger kids, such as the Rescue Bots, usually have simple one-step transformations. However, you can also find complicated figures with over a dozen steps. These are usually more appropriate for older kids.

All in All

Not only are Transformer toys fun to play with, they also help kids develop skills related to building, problem-solving and fine motor control. Plus, the Transformer story helps teach lessons about teamwork, heroism and cooperation. Using our guide above, you’re sure to find the Autobot or Deception perfect for your child. Transformer toys have more benefits… than meet the eye!

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