Top 10 Best Octonauts Toys of 2022 (Reviews)

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Kids love Octonauts! The Octonauts are a team of animals who explore and protect the sea and all its inhabitants. They star in a long-running TV series and several books.

If your kid loves the show and stories, they’ll likely also want some Octonauts toys to play with. However, finding the right toy isn’t always easy because most parents aren’t too familiar with the characters.

Fortunately, the Octonauts aren’t the only ones who love to explore. We’ve searched deep into the toy aisles to find the ten best Octonauts toys for 2022. Plus, you can also learn all about the Octonauts in our quick and easy buyer’s guide:

10 Best Octonaut Toys (2022)

Circle number 1 Top Pick

1. Octonauts Gup-A Megapack

A detailed playset which includes the three main characters and their famous Gup-A submarine.


  • Detailed Gup-A submarine
  • Includes Shellington, Peso, and Tweak action figures
  • Includes 20 sea creatures and 14 accessories/li>
  • Features the main characters and their famous vehicle
  • Fisher-Price quality
  • Lots of search and rescue fun!


  • Some of the accessories aren’t very exciting

The Gup-A Megapack is a solid choice for fans of the show who don’t have many Octonauts toys. The set includes most major characters, a wide variety of accessories and a vehicle. Kids love to play with them!

It includes Shellington, Peso, and Tweak. Plus, you also get 20 sea creatures, 14 accessories, and ten double-sided cards. Slide the cards into the monitor to select the next mission (it’s what the characters do on the show).

The Gup-A is the coolest part. It’s a detailed replica of the Octonauts’ main vehicle. Open it to reveal the captain’s chair, diving bell, central computer, and more.

Circle number2

2. Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup C and Shellington Playset

A medium-sized playset with a vehicle and action figure which both floats in water and rolls on the ground.


  • Detailed Gup-C submarine
  • Includes Shellington action figure
  • Includes color-changing whale
  • Vehicle floats and rolls


  • Only includes one Octonauts character

Your children will love Shellington and her Gup-C are ready for adventure. Both the action figure and vehicle are detailed, colorful, and durable. It’s safe for kids three and up.

The toy works both in the water and on land. It’ll float in a bathtub or sink. Plus, the wheels let it roll on just about any flat surface. Kids really like it!

Shellington has moveable arms, legs, and neck. The Gup-C moves, too. It has a towline which moves up and down.

The set also includes a toy whale who sprays water and changes colors. Kids love to play with them!

Circle number3

3. Octopod Playset from Fisher-Price

This Fisher-Price playset features the Octopod, which is the home base of the Octonauts.


  • Large Octopod playset
  • Includes Barnacle and Kwazii action figures
  • Connects to other sets
  • Includes Octo-Alert sound effect toy
  • Lots of search and rescue fun!


  • Only includes two characters
  • Octo-Alert device requires batteries

Sound the Octo-Alert! All Octonauts go to the Octopod!

Gather the whole team together at the Octopod. It’s the Octonauts’ undersea base of operations. The playset includes a detailed Octopod with over ten moving parts and two action figures.

It also includes a small Octo-Alert device which clips to a belt loop. Press the button to activate the Octo-Alert. It plays familiar phrases from the show to help kids feel like they’re part of the action.

The Octopod is a major part of the show, making this toy a must for any Octonaut super fans. It connects with the Gup-A and other playsets.

Circle number4

4. Octonauts Insulated Lunch Sleeve

Bring the Octonauts to school with this insulated lunch sleeve featuring a detailed illustration of the characters springing into action.


  • Medium-sized lunch sleeve
  • Keeps warm foods hot and cold foods cold
  • Features fun Octonauts illustration
  • Contains no toxic materials


  • The handle isn’t securely attached

Kwazil, Barnacles, and the other Octonauts are here to save you from a boring lunch. This insulated lunch box sleeve keeps food warm or cold for hours. A mesh pocket on the back provides additional storage space for non-perishables.

It’s 8.5 inches high by 11 inches wide by three inches deep. Although not huge, it provides enough space for a sandwich, chips, and a few other items.

It’s safe to use with no lead, BPAs, or toxic chemicals.

Circle number5

5. Octonauts Gup Speeders by Fisher-Price

Hit the road with these four mini, metal vehicles which roll on practically any flat surface.


  • Metal cars featuring Octonaut characters
  • Includes four cars per pack
  • Cars roll on any flat surface
  • Similar in size and shape to Hot Wheels
  • Lots of search and rescue fun!


  • Characters are random for each pack

Not all of the Octonaut’s best adventures take place underwater. These vehicles feature metal wheels which roll on almost any flat, non-carpeted surface. They’re roughly the same size as Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Kids love to play with them!

Each pack includes four vehicles with different characters. Unfortunately, the characters are random, so you’re unable to pick specific favorites.

Circle number6

6. Vegimals Five-Pack from Fisher-Price

This five-pack features the Vegimals, a group of half-vegetable, half-animal creatures who help the Octonauts.


  • Features five fun Vegimals toys
  • Each figure is detailed and delightful
  • Similar size to Octonauts figures
  • Includes Vegimals booklet


  • Figures are hollow instead of solid
  • Not designed for extended water play

Part animal and part vegetable, the Vegimals are underwater animals which frequently help and interact with the Octonauts. This five-pack features Tunip, Tominnow, Codish, Barrot, and Grouber. It also includes a kid-friendly booklet explaining more about the Vegimals.

The figures are made from durable rubber. Although they’re roughly the same size as the Octonaut figures on our list, the Vegimal figures are hollow instead of solid. They’re safe for kids three and older.

Circle number7

7. Octonauts Classic Picture Book

This 40-page picture book spins a fun tale involving the Octonauts and Vegimals. It’s packed with tons of details for Octonaut super-fans!


  • The colorful picture book features an original Octonaut story
  • Features all eight Octonauts plus many Vegimal characters
  • Pages fold out and glow in the dark
  • Written and illustrated by Meomi
  • Lots of search and rescue play fun!


  • Story is rather short and simple

Kwazil, Barnacles and the Octonauts Explore the Great Big Ocean is a colorful, exciting picture book for kids five and older. The story stars Tunip the Vegimal and his quest to learn about his family’s history. He enlists the Octonauts for a fun trip around the world.

It’s a fun, thrilling story which features many fan-favorite Octonaut characters. You’ll learn tons of never-been-known details about all eight main characters. It has several fold-out pages with colorful detail plus two glow-in-the-dark pages.

The book is written and illustrated by Meomi, the two-person team who created the characters.

8. Fisher-Price Octo Glow Crew Pack

An eight-pack of popular characters wearing glow-in-the-dark outfits.


  • Features Kwazil, Barnacles & all of the best main Octonauts
  • Each character glows-in-the-dark
  • Durable, detailed and well-made
  • Characters have poseable heads and limbs


  • Legs and arms move in pairs

These Octonauts Octo-Glow! The eight figures each have suits which glow in the dark. They glow orange for Barnacles, Tweak, Shellington, and Tunip. Kwazii, Peso, Dashi and Inkling have suits which glow green.

Each figure is between two and three inches tall. They all have poseable heads, arms, and legs. They can even sit down.

Overall, it’s a well-made play rescue set featuring all of the main characters. Plus, the glowing costumes add a surprise splash of extra fun.

9. Octonauts Plush Toys

A 12-inch plush Peso the Penguin toy. Other characters are also available.


  • Soft, durable plush toy
  • Features all eight main Octonaut rescue characters
  • Made with high-quality cotton
  • Easy to clean


  • Popular characters can be hard to find

The Octonauts are cute, cuddly, and make perfect bedtime pals. Kwazil, Barnacles, and other major characters are available as plush toys. You can find Peso, Professor Ink, Shellington and many more.

Each toy is about 12 inches tall. They’re stuffed with high-quality cotton and contain no toxic materials. The exterior is soft and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

10. Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup Fleet Mega Pack

The Fleet Mega Pack includes three vehicles, three figures and a variety of cool sea creatures.


  • Features rescue vehicles and action figures
  • Vehicles float in the water
  • Play characters are highly detailed


  • Vehicles have a slot in the front which has no purpose

Get ready for rescue missions on land and in the water. The Fleet Mega Pack includes vehicles and characters. You get the Gup-R, Gup-E, and Gup-D (converted into Crab Mode). Plus, you get Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso.

All vehicles and characters have loads of detail. Plus, the figures have movable arms, legs, and heads.

The vehicles are completely waterproof. You can play with them in the sink or tub. They even float! Overall, it’s a large set with both vehicles and characters which any Octonauts fan will love. It’s for kids three and older.


Octonauts Toys FAQ

What are the Octonauts?

The Octonauts are a team of eight anthropomorphic animals who embark on underwater rescue adventures. Each story focuses on teamwork and friendship. Plus, the stories focus heavily on teaching kids about marine life.

The Octonauts are rather amazingly international.

Octonauts is a British TV play, created by Irish animators, based on a series of children’s books written by an American and a Canadian duo. The show debuted on the BBC in 2010.

In 2012, Disney began airing the show in the US. However, they made a few changes. The character’s English accents were redubbed with American and Hispanic ones. Additionally, some character names were changed.

If you’re buying a toy for someone in the US, make sure it reflects the American version of the show. That’s especially important if the toy uses character voices. Kids want toys to sound like the characters they’re familiar with.

What are the Benefits of Octonauts Toys?

Action figures and stuffed animals aren’t necessarily considered educational toys. They are play toys. However, they will draw kids to the TV shows and books, which then teach kids about marine life and general science.

Every play episode follows a specific formula. The Octonauts explore a new part of the sea. During their exploration, they encounter a creature they’ve never seen before. The creatures discovered are real and not anthropomorphic.

During the episode, the Kwazil & the Octonauts learn some (true) fact about the animal. They use their new information to escape or otherwise save the day. Learning a basic fact about a real marine animal is a major plot point of every story. Two real-life marine biologists provide behind-the-scenes input on all the science.

What are the Best Octonauts Toys?

Octonaut toys mainly consist of action figures and vehicles, although stuffed animals are also popular.

Fortunately, most of the toys are compatible with one another. Characters from one set can fit into the rescue vehicles from another and vice versa. You’ll want to check the specifics of each toy beforehand, but sizes and styles are fairly uniform across all sets.

Focus on finding your child’s favorite characters or vehicles. Any fan of the show likely has one or two they like best. Here’s a rundown of the main Octonauts:

  • Barnacles – Captain of the Octonauts. He’s a polar bear.
  • Kwazii – A daredevil pirate cat. His catchphrase is “Shiver me whiskers!”
  • Peso – He’s the penguin medic.
  • Dr. Shellington – An otter with an expertise in marine life
  • Professor Inkling – The wise octopus who founded the Octonauts

Barnacles, Kwazii, and Peso are the main characters. They’re also the most commonly available toys. Note that Peso has a Spanish accent in the US version of the show, but a British accent in the UK version.

Although they’re not the main rescue characters, you’ll also find lots of toys featuring Professor Inkling and Dr. Shellington. They’re fan favorites.

Aside from the characters, vehicles play a key role in the show. Here’s what parents should know:

  • The OctoPod is their headquarters. It’s a mobile undersea station.
  • They use five different vehicles from Gup-A to Gup-E. Each has a distinct look.

The OctoPod is the largest playset, which makes sense because it’s also the largest structure in the show. The different Gup vehicles are also available as toys. You’ll also find vehicles available as toys which aren’t in the show, such as metal race cars.

Final Thoughts

Finding Octonauts toys like Kwazil is usually fairly simple. Most of the toys maintain consistency across all sets, so any toys you give a child will likely fit well with any Octonauts toys they already have. The key to finding the right toys is knowing which characters and vehicles your child likes the most.

The Octonauts help kids learn about science, oceans, animals. Finding the right toys helps kids develop an interest in the show and all the educational benefits available from watching it. Most children really like them!

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