The Best Minions Toys in 2022 (Top 10 List)

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Despicable Me is one of the most hilarious and widely enjoyed films of recent years, and the minions craze spawned by the film has staying power.

You probably aren’t as fluent in the different minions as your child is, though. So, how are you supposed to know which minion toys to purchase? What does a child even do with a minion toy, anyway?

In this article, we’ll investigate the minion toy phenomenon and explain what to look for in the most popular minion toys. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to don the minion goggles yourself.

2022 Minions Toy Reviews

1. Despicable Me Minions Set of 8 Action Figures by Forti

The Despicable Me Minions Set of 8 Action Figures included Minion Ninja Fireman Baker Golfer Stuart Dave by Forti is a comprehensive minions toy set which has a minion for everyone’s appeal.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Eight minions
  • Durable
  • Great for making scenes


  • Individual minions aren’t interactive

All eight of the major minions are featured in this set, ranging from the chipper to the golf-green ready minion. If your child likes minions but you’re not sure which minion is the one they like — because they look all the same — this set is a safe bet.

Each of the minions in this set is great for posing in play dioramas or for playing with directly. There’s a storyline for every minion lover that is ready to be played out. The only issue with this set is that the individual minions are not very interactive.

There aren’t any articulated joints, so the minions are more or less static in their poses when they come out of the box. This shouldn’t be a major problem for most minion lovers, but for children who prefer action figures, these minions may be a bit simplistic.

2. Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Getaway

The Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Getaway is a built-it-yourself minions toy which combines the best aspects of minions with a creative twist.


  • Great for road trips
  • Good imaginative play potential
  • Many accessories


  • May be hard to assemble for the youngest minions fans

The minions in this kit are pre-assembled, but their station wagon will need the creative flair of your child to build. The station wagon isn’t too challenging to build, and it is more or less exactly as complicated as you would want a self-built toy to be.

Your child will enjoy both Kevin and Stuart in this set. Both minions have a handful of accessories, which gives this set a good deal of replay value. There is also a fairly good potential for creative play thanks to the numerous modifications that are offered with the station wagon itself.

While the wheels on the wagon are not functional, the set itself is of high build quality, and it can stand up to surprisingly heavy abuse. If your child loves the idea of taking the minions on a road trip to get into some mischief, this is the right set for them.

You can also mix and match the minions blocks from this kit with other constructible minions sets, which is a nice plus.

3. Despicable Me Minions Cuddle Pillow

The Despicable Me Minions Cuddle Pillow is the perfect addition for a minions fan who wants to spend every hour with their favorite character.


  • Helps with sleep
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheerful exterior


  • Might be too big for your child

This minions plush pillow will keep your minions fan comfortable. With its cheerful exterior, your child will enjoy playing with the pillow’s movable limbs or taking a nap on its padded torso.

The potential for this toy is that it can fill multiple needs at once. Rather than purchasing a separate minions toy and a pillow, you can have them both in the same item. This makes it harder to lose track of the toy your child needs to enjoy themselves when on the road.

From your perspective, a toy like this is somewhat of a liability. You don’t need to worry, however — this toy is very easy to clean, and doesn’t become discolored easily. The toy is surprisingly durable, even in areas that would typically suffer from tearing like the goggles.

You may find that its large size makes it a bit inconvenient for your child to truck around and play with, but it’s a small concession for a multifunctional toy.

4. Despicable Me Minions To The Rescue Backpack

The Despicable Me Minions To The Rescue Backpack is the perfect gift for a child who loves minions and who needs to take things with them everywhere they go in a convenient sack.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Great for those who need to carry their love for minions with them on the go
  • Good build quality
  • Unique aesthetic


  • Difficult to use exclusively as a toy

As far as children’s backpacks go, this minions backpack is a winner. Complete with a cheerful minion emblazoned on the back, there are several pockets and a fair amount of carrying capacity.

Your child will find that this backpack is trendy and functional. You will appreciate that the bag itself is easy to clean. It also is fairly stain-resistant, and can even resist the rain for a while.

The zippers on the backpack could stand to be improved, but that’s probably the least of your little minion lover’s concerns. Other minion toys will fit easily into the side or rear pockets, and your child will find the backpack straps are comfortable.

5. Despicable Me Mineez Character Pack

Six Minions action figures from the cartoon movie in various costumes. These make a great gift for Minions fans as decorations, collector items or just to play with.


  • Durable plastic
  • Includes a hidden character surprise
  • 6 piece set


  • Not suitable for children under 5 years of age

It is a virtual given that your child or children have heard of the Minions and a very strong possibility they are huge fans of the Minions, whether they saw them on the movie or the cartoon television show. This six piece Mineez Minion figures set makes a great gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion.

Each character has excellent details and expressions and has vivid coloring for its painted features, even at their tiny size. Every figure has an individual pose that correlates with the Minions movie franchise. Better yet, you can continue to collect over 75 characters with this Mineez series to expand your Minions universe!

These highly detailed 1.57 x 6.69 x 9.06 inch figures will keep your kids busy for hours. Much like the movies, though, these Minions will not break, even when handled energetically.

The six piece minions set is appropriate for children aged five and older.

6. Mattel Games Kerplunk Despicable Me Minions Game

A fun Minion twist on a classic game suitable for three players ages five and up.


  • Fun, skill-based game for up to three kids
  • Includes tower, 30 sticks, and 30 Minions
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination


  • Initial game setup can be a bit complicated for younger kids

Don’t let the Minions fall! First, place the colored sticks through the holes in the empty tower. Then place the 30 different Minions across the sticks. Each player takes turns removing sticks while trying to drop as few Minions as possible.

It’s a Minion-themed twist on Mattel’s classic Kerplunk game. The game includes a Ray Gun Tower, 30 sticks (three different colors), 30 Minion characters (also three different characters) and instructions. Recommended for kids older than five. Up to three kids can play at once (and it can even be played solo as a skill-based game).

7. Tiny Toot Small Fart Firing Blaster

This fart firing blaster from the Minions, The Rise of Gru movie makes a toot sound that will entertain children ages 4 and up.


  • It makes toot noises
  • Highly mobile, on-the-go toy
  • Made of durable plastic


  • It makes toot noises, which are only funny the first 5,000 times

The fart blaster lets your kids gas out their friends or reenacts their favorite scenes from the movie. When activated, the blaster makes a PFFFFFTFT sound that is easily recognizable and will have your kids and their friends laughing hysterically.

Recommended for kids 4 to 8 years of age, almost any child can quickly master how to use the fart blaster. Draw the plunger back, push and fire is all there is to it.

The fart noises are varied by how fast your child pulls the plunger back. The blaster can be activated against different surfaces for more fart noises.

Almost every kid has had at least one toy made by Mattel and those toys stand the test of time. 3.6 x 7 x 4.5 inches and weighing only 7.4 ounces, the Fart Blaster will be a toy your child will play with again and again.

8. Play-Doh Disguise Lab featuring Minions

Create crazy disguises and hilarious hairstyles for the two Minion characters in this Play-Doh disguise lab.


  • Create fun Play-Doh hairstyles and hats
  • Includes Play-Doh, Minion characters, molds and more
  • Safe and fun for kids three and up


  • Play-Doh can get mashed into the small sections of the set
  • Set only includes two characters

Play-Doh and Minions have joined forces to create a feature-filled playset for kids three and older are sure to love. It includes four cans of Play-Doh, four cans of Play-Doh Modeling Compound, two Minion character thimbles, plastic scissors, a comb and more.

Kids use the Play-Doh to create a variety of Minion disguises such as silly banana, siren and more. Each crazy hairstyle fits right on the top of the included Minion figures. The Play-Doh can be used again and again to create an unlimited number of fun accessories.

9. Despicable Me Talking Minion Dave Toy Figure

An awesome toy for kids ages four and up, the talking minion Dave toy figure allows kids to immerse themselves in the minion universe through pretend play.


  • Soft materials
  • Batteries included
  • 25 sayings plus additional noises
  • Great for kids of all ages


  • Can break with rough use
  • Need to be careful where you buy it to ensure a good quality toy

This Dave toy features his original voice actor speaking 25 different sayings, so kids won’t get tired of hearing the same few things over and over.

The toy figure is soft and pliable, which means your child is unlikely to hurt themselves playing with it. His eyes and arms move around to enhance the realness of the toy. You can move his head in any direction or press on his pocket to hear him react, which creates a more interactive experience than many other talking toys.

One of the best features of this Dave figure is the built-in “banana mode.” You can press the back of his tongue to hear hilarious noises. This toy helps children to build their social and emotional intelligence through pretend play, but it is also just a fun toy that kids will enjoy for a long time.

10. Despicable Me Minion Kerplunk

A timeless game with a Minions upgrade!


  • Easy to learn
  • Fun to play
  • Works with kids of all ages


  • There are multiple, small parts

KerPlunk is a treasured game that adults and kids love. This version puts a Minions spin on things. The goal is to avoid making the Minions fall to the bottom of the Ray Gun Tower. Put the minions and the sticks in the tower and spin the top of the Tower to find out what color sticks come out first.

Each player pulls sticks when it is their turn and collects any Minions that fall. After all the sticks are pulled the player with the fewest dropped Minions wins.
The Minions KerPlunk version comes with the Ray Gun Tower, 30 minions, 30 sticks in three colors. It is easy to set up and easy to pack up and store.

Minions KerPlunk is made by Mattel. The game’s dimensions are 3 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches. Minions KerPlunk is made for children ages 5 through 9 years, but children of all ages and adults enjoy playing.

What To Look For In Minions Toys

Minions toys are great for collecting and displaying. Most of the minions toys are not meant for active play like action figures are, nor are they meant for creative play like building sets are. This puts them in an interesting spot because children still love them despite lacking the two most common modes of play for children to enjoy.

The main thing to look for in minions toys is build quality. Minions have a ton of different branding opportunities but not very many aesthetic variations, which means that at a glance most minions toys will look very similar to you if you do not know the different minions by heart.

Your child may know the difference, but they may not necessarily care very much. The minions are all fairly similar, so you do not need to spend much time trying to intuit which minion is your child’s favorite.

Because of the diverse number of toys that minions toys can be found in, there is a big range of build quality. The more basic minions toys like the plushies and pillows are of reliably high quality because they are the most popular.

More obscure minions toys like hats and shirts will probably suffer from quality issues relative to other things of that type. Likewise, the minions toys typically exhibit decreasing quality with the more minions you receive per toy.

So, while it might be appealing to buy a big set of twenty or so minions, you may want to accumulate minions in groups of one or two instead. There is a dimension of quantity over quality in minions, but you don’t want your horde of minions to be too broken for your child to enjoy.

The best minions toys capture the minions’ sense of humor. The quirky look of the minions is often enough to accomplish this task, but sometimes a little bit extra will help your child find the hilarity in their minions more easily.

Unfortunately, the minions toys that are the best suited to creative play tend to be the weakest when it comes to the humor of the minions. Creative play tends to require a bit too much focus to draw out the funny remarks that the minions are known for.

Likewise, most minions toys are not those that are intended for creative play. The creative play toys that do exist for the minions are fairly rudimentary, but if you are insistent on giving your child opportunities for creative play they will do the trick.


Is There A Best Minions Toy Over All?

The minions are fairly similar to each other, which makes it difficult to select a single best minions toy. The most popular minions toys are the plushies of the individual minions, but these are not “the best” so much as they are the most common.

What Are The Best Minions Toys For Creative Play?

The minions toys which are meant to be built by your child are the best for creative play.

While these toys do not have the complexity of the self-constructed toys from other franchises, they can still give your child a creative play experience. The trick is turning that creative ply experience into a smooth minions play experience afterward.

Most of the sets intended for creative play take this into account by offering various accessories and building options.

Imaginative play is also not exactly a strength of the minions series. Once again, most of the play value of the minions universe comes from its humor and its situational comedy, which is hard to capture with a toy intended for imaginative or creative play.

What Accessories Are The Best For Minions Toys?

The best accessories for minions toys are those which add to the number of different minions scenarios that your child can play out.

This is typically clothing for the different minions. All of the minions have at least a few different outfits, which means that there are plenty of accessories on the market to choose from. Nonetheless, many of these accessories are not compatible with every minions toy.

So, you will need to find a set of accessories which is both compatible with your child’s minions toys and also gives your child the ability to play through a situation which their current set of minions toys does not.

A perfect example of this is a minions hazmat suit. The minions are often seen in their distinctive hazmat suits, which means that they are a great opportunity to accessorize. The problem is that the face of the minions must fit into the suit, which means that there is only one specific suit for each minion.

You can figure it out with a little bit of reading about the minions that you have on hand and the minions that the accessories are intended for. When in doubt, ask your child. Knowing them, they will have a great idea about which minion needs which accessory and why.

Accessories can also include things like vehicles for minions or challenges for the minions to deal with. Minions are resourceful when in groups, even if they are a bit bumbling at times.

If you can think up a situation for the minions to deal with, your child will probably take away the rest and tell you what kinds of accessories the minions might need to accomplish their goals.

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