What Are The Best Hot Wheels Tracks? – 2022 Edition

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Hot Wheels track sets are classic toys which have remained popular for over 40 years. Boys and girls of all ages love not just the hot wheels cars but also the various track sets. Kids can construct elaborate courses for racing, stunts and more.

Looking for the best Hot Wheels sets gifts for a child in your life? Our complete guide will put you on the right track. Here are the top 10 best Hot Wheels track sets for 2022.

Our #1 Choice – Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box

Ready to unleash track-building creativity? The Track Builder Stunt features over 35 pieces including six pieces of orange track, 16 bricks, 2 curves, one car launcher, a variety of connectors and even a Hot Wheels vehicle.

Experimentation is encouraged. Children are limited only in play by their imaginations. The stunt and track components have countless variations. You can create simple tracks, complicated stunt courses and everything in-between.

Plus, the kit encourages you to add household items to your custom courses. Hot Wheels track sets are designed to work with paper towel rolls, books, red cups and more. You can use simple objects to help create inclines, tunnels and other fun features.

Storage is simple thanks to the included Stunt Box. All parts of the kit can be securely packed away inside. But it’s more than just a storage space. The Stunt Box has multiple contact points to connect track, making it a hub for the course.

Our #2 Choice – Criss Cross Crash Hot Wheels Track Sets

This Hot Wheels track set features an elevated figure-eight track with four intersecting zones. The autos zip around the hairpin turns and narrowly miss as they pass through the intersections. Of course, the Hot Wheels can also bash into each other for the best car-crashing action.

A feeder ramp allows launches each car onto the Hot Wheels track. You can keep multiple autos zooming around the loop for continuous racing action. It’s fun for kids who like racing, crashing, and action.

The track set also includes a garage area where you can store the autos. It includes one Hot Wheel vehicles but has “parking spaces” for five more. Four autos can race around the track simultaneously (although they’ll likely crash into each other after a short while).

Our #3 Choice – Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels Track Sets

Find out who is the fastest driver in the house with Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels Track Sets. It’s built for head-to-head, side-by-side racing action. Two slam launchers send cars flying down the tracks towards the finish line. It’s like drag racing for Hot Wheels!

This Hot Wheels track set includes over 16 feet of track, 2 slam launchers, three-lap counting targets, and a checkered flag. It’s also compatible with all other Hot Wheels tracks. You can easily connect the launcher and tracks to any other sets you already own.

Each race has a unique mini-game. With each lap, the passing car knocks off a member of the pit crew. When all the crew members are knocked off, the first car to cross the finish line activates the final flag.

These Hot Wheels Track sets are fun items that great for kids who love to play with speed and racing. It’s a great choice for siblings as racing is more fun with a competitor. Plus, it also helps children learn good sportsmanship.

Our #4 Choice – AI Intelligent Race System Starter Kit Hot Wheels Track Sets

Real autos are getting smarter every day, so it’s probably no surprise Hot Wheels cars are following suit. The AI intelligent race system helps keep your car on the Hot Wheels track even at high speeds. Plus, the AI system controls rival racecars who will attempt to cross the finish line first.

These Hot Wheels Track Sets also include Championship Mode for high-tech fun. The mode creates simulated hazards including oil spills, tire blowouts and other “issues” you have to handle on the road.

The track set includes 20 pieces of track which have 40 different possible configurations to play with. The set also includes 2 smart Hot Wheels cars which can reach scale speeds up to 180 mph. Two included gaming controllers control cars.

The unique AI system of this product will appeal to kids who love electronics. Plus, the AI-controller competitor allows for fun solo play.

Our #5 Choice – Hot Wheels Track Sets Builder System Race Crate

Get ready for stunts like you’ve never seen before. The Track Builder Race Crate combines three massive stunts in one portable set. It includes everything you need to set up the Gravity Drop, Mega Jump, and Drag Race.

These Hot Wheels Track Sets include over eight feet of track, a 2-lane loop, 2 double-slam launchers, and a finish gate. A Builder’s Guide helps kids create all the stunts pictures. However, there’s also plenty of options to create original Hot Wheels tracks configurations, too.

Storage is simple because all pieces fit into the Builder Race Crate, which closes up for easy carry.

Our #6 Choice – Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Hot Wheels Track Sets

Although the name is a bit of a tongue twister, this set is the best in creative customization. If you can think of it, you can build it. The Hot Wheels Track sets include curved track pieces, 2 kicker loops, a pull-back launcher, orange track strips, a multi-directional booster, and one Hot Wheels car.

Kids can design and create their own intricate race and stunt Hot Wheels tracks. All pieces are configurable in multiple different ways to create ramps, stunts and more. The set is compatible with every other standard Hot Wheels set.

Additionally, this product set includes a two-way booster system which allows for the best control when launching the Hot Wheels cars onto the track. The booster system is new; you won’t find it in any other set.

Our #7 Choice – Hot Wheels Slot Track Set

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.

Do you feel the need for speed? The Hot Wheels Slot Track set is simple but provides hours of fast-paced fun. It features 42 feet of tracks which can be set up at different levels. You can easily create loops, spirals, bends, twists and more.

You can create custom Hot Wheels tracks for head-to-head racing. The included controllers give you precise control over the two included cars. Test your driving skills as you race through tight turns towards the finish line.

Get ready for blazing-fast racing. The track set and autos are 1:43 scale replicas, which means the cars can hit a scale speed of 450 miles an hour. The set is fun, fast and designed for kids with a competitive spirit.

Our #8 Choice – Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

Let’s be honest: a huge appeal to Hot Wheels tracks is watching the cars crash into each other at high speeds. The Spin Storm Playset is designed to produce chaotic crashes which kids are sure to love.

This Hot Wheels track set includes a twisting track with a loop and three intersecting crash zones. The product also includes two launchers allow two people to play together. Cars are launched at opposite ends of the track where they zoom around and either crash or narrowly miss. The trap door on one side of the set flips open to allow for easy connection to other Hot Wheels tracks.

This set is a great choice for children who like big Hot Wheels crashes. Not every car is going to pass through the loop. The track design is a bit chaotic compared to others, but that unpredictability can add to the fun!

Our #9 Choice – Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset

Take a break from racing and stunts with this Ultimate Gator Car Wash playset. You turn a knob on the water tower to drench your car. The set includes one Color Shifter Hot Wheels car, which changes colors when exposed to water.

The car then follows the tracks through brushes, rollers and then a whirlpool chamber. The whirlpool contains a giant gator with massive jaws. We’re not exactly sure what a gator has to do with a car wash, but kids are sure to love both.

This Hot Wheels track set product includes a manual crank elevator, crazy track, water tower, dunk tank, and one Color Shifter car. Multiple connection points allow you to attach other tracks easily. All Hot Wheels will fit through the car wash, but only Color Shifters change color. Additional Color Shifters are sold separately.

Our #10 Choice – Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Starter Kit

Introduce kids to the world of Hot Wheels with this Builder Starter Kit. There’s a little bit of everything here. The set includes two 90-degree track turns, a split loop, ramp, launchers, connectors, and other fun items!

Plus, the kit has a utility handle which acts as a gravity drop to hold all the pieces. The handle allows for easy storage and portability. It’s a great set for children to take along on trips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Wheel Tracks

Navigating the world of Hot Wheels products, especially if you’re not a huge fan, can certainly seem confusing. After all, many of the sets look similar to one another. But there are often major differences between sets which a Hot Wheels fan is sure to notice. Here’s how to find an excellent Hot Wheels set to give as a gift:

How Old is the Child?

Age actually makes a big difference in Hot Wheels. Not all sets are equally suitable or entertaining for every age. Hot Wheels sets have no universal guidelines. Instead, you’ll need to check the guidelines for each set.

Kids should be at least six years old before playing with Hot Wheels products. They’re not choking hazards, but they are heavy. Younger children could accidentally injure themselves or others by throwing Hot Wheels around haphazardly. Additionally, a Hot Wheels product can potentially be a slipping hazard, so they’re not a great choice for use around kids learning how to walk.

Simpler tracks are the best option for younger children. Most kids between the ages of six and eight are mainly interested in watching the autos roll down the tracks. They’re usually not as interested in building complicated courses.

However, children eight and up usually prefer the advanced sets. Older kids like to design their own courses. Creating unique track designs can be just as much fun as racing the cars.

What Types of Play Does the Child Enjoy?

There are three different types of Hot Wheels sets:

  • Smash and crash
  • Speed
  • Creative

Smash and Crash

Also called Stunt Sets, Smash and Crash Sets are made for the cars to run into one another. They’ll often have loops, tight turns, and similar stunt-related features. Launchers are used to send cars zooming.

These stunt sets don’t always work perfectly, but that’s not the point. Instead, kids love the potential for chaos and destruction. Don’t worry – the best Hot Wheels cars are extremely durable. They’re designed to crash into one another without breaking.

However, cars are likely to fly off the track from time to time with these sets. You’ll want to set up these types of tracks away from windows and other breakables.


Do you know a kid who feels a need for speed? Racing tracks are probably the best gift to give. These tracks are usually straight with a subtle incline. Racing tracks can be either long or short.

Most racing set products will have two or more parallel tracks. Kids can race their cars head-to-head. Like the smash and crash sets, speed tracks also use launchers to push the cars forward. Aside from human competitors, certain sets have an AI-controlled opponent.


Some kids care more about building than racing. Creative tracks typically have many different parts combinable in multiple different ways. children use their imaginations to create original courses.

Many of the best Hot Wheels sets can be connected together. You can build complex structures which run the length of the entire room! Creative sets help kids learn a variety of skills related to design, architecture and even physics.

Creative sets are more theme-based than stunt and speed sets. You can find car wash sets, garage sets and more. These products are great for promoting imaginative play.

What are the Different Types of Hot Wheels?

Aside from the different playstyles, the best Hot Wheels sets are also divided into five different types. Not all of these types are 100% compatible, so understanding the difference can be important when purchasing a gift. The different types are:

City Sets

These playsets feature short tracks and city scenes likes buildings, street signs and similar decorations. They’re not designed for racing and stunts. Instead, they’re better for imaginative play. Kids can pretend they’re driving their car around the town.

City sets are car-friendly. They’ll typically have garages, gas stations, and similar interactive spots. Because the roads in the set weren’t designed for stunts or racing, they work with Hot Wheels of any size.

Large Vehicles

Hot Wheels have a line of larger vehicles with super-sized tracks all their own. Racing these monster trucks is different than playing with standard-sized cars. They have unique acceleration and movement.

Regular cars don’t work very well on tracks made for large vehicles. They tend to fly off the track quickly. Also, large vehicles won’t fit on standard tracks. Large vehicle Hot Wheels are their own thing which aren’t very compatible with the standard sets.

Track Builders

These are sets which consist of a large assortment of track pieces. They’re used to supplement and expand existing sets. They’re a great way to make older sets seem new and exciting.

Hot Wheels usually makes it pretty easy to buy the types of track you want. But if you need something very specific, you might have to search online for a private seller.


Know a fan of a movie, TV show or fictional character? The chances are good Hot Wheels has a themed set. They offer a huge variety of themes from Marvel, Looney Tunes, Nintendo and other popular licensed brands.

You can find the best sets and individual cars. The cars will have the most options for specific characters.

Where Will the Course be Setup?

Some Hot Wheels courses are pretty short. For example, most of the head-to-head drag racing courses are just two straight tracks. You can put them on a standard kitchen table.

However, other sets require significantly more room. Some of the more complicated Hot Wheels tracks include fourteen feet (or more) of the track. Plus, if different sets are connected, there’s no limit to how big your course can be.

Larger sets will need significant floor space. You’ll also need a buffer zone free from breakables around the course. Cars will likely fly off the track at times, and you want them to land safely.

Carpeted areas are the best choice for Hot Wheels. Wooden and tile floors can be damaged if a car hits at the wrong angle.

Ideally, your child’s Hot Wheels course can stay set up in a playroom. They are very fun products! But most likely you’ll need to store the course when not in use. Be sure to consider ease of storage.

Many sets include a built-in storage box, often called something like a Race Crate or a Stunt Box. It’ll hold all pieces of the set. But when not needed for storage, the box can also be used as part of the set as a hub to connect Hot Wheels tracks.

If the set needs portability, you’ll want one with a built-in storage box. But storage is less important if the tracks can remain set up in a specific area without a problem.

Storing a bunch of individual cars is also important. Most built-in kits will only have enough storage space for the included cars. But most Hot Wheels fans will have other cars they’ve purchased separately.

Loose Hot Wheels are actually pretty dangerous to leave on the floor. You’ll want to make sure they’re stored safely even if the track is left up. Fortunately, Hot Wheels makes a variety of storage cases for their cars. As you might expect, most of them are designed to look like garages.

Can I Only Use Hot Wheels Cars on the Tracks?

You might be able to fit other toy cars onto the track, but the experience will likely not be as fun. The best Hot Wheels sets and tracks are designed specifically for the size and weight of official Hot Wheels cars. Plus, they’ll work best with the launcher.

Of course, kids have been mixing Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars for a long time. If it works, there’s really no harm. But if your cars don’t seem to move along the track smoothly, make sure you’re using official Hot Wheels toys.

Are Hot Wheels Safe?

Generally, they pose a minimal risk of accidental injury. But there are a few specialized safety concerns you’ll want to be aware of.

We mentioned above the importance of always following the age guidelines. Regardless of age, you’ll always want to make sure the Hot Wheels aren’t a choking hazard. While this shouldn’t be an issue for the intended recipient, as the best Hot Wheels tracks and cars are for children older than six, make sure younger kids don’t accidentally put the cars or track pieces in their mouths.

Probably the biggest potential risk is getting hit with a Hot Wheels. They’re die-cast metal so they can potentially pack quite a punch. Make sure children know to never throw the cars.

Pre-made sets typically won’t make the cars gain enough momentum to cause serious damage if they go flying off the track. However, you’ll want to be careful when building your own creations using multiple sets. It’s possible to build a set which causes the cars to leave the Hot Wheels track in an unsafe way. Make sure kids know to always stand behind the track and never launch cars directly at a person.

Another potential problem relates to falling. Stepping on a car is certainly never pleasant. But it can be downright dangerous if the car moves and causes your foot to slip out from underneath you. Teach kids to store cars when not in use. It’s for the best. These fun products should never be left out on slick surfaces.

Final Thoughts

The best Hot Wheels sets are classics for a reason. They’re fun to race, wreck and even just look at. The guide above will help you find a set the recipient is sure to love.


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