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Dreamworks Trolls was a blockbuster movie from 2016 which continues to be incredibly popular among kids of all ages even today. They’re based on the classic troll dolls, but with an all-new story about the power of friendship and positivity. Aside from the movie (and next year’s sequel), a wide variety of Troll-themed toys are available.

Looking for a perfect gift for a young Trolls fan? Need a quick primer on the story and characters? Our complete guide to the best Trolls Toys has top recommendations for 2021 and a full shopping guide to find the best trolls toys for your kids.

Best Trolls Toys 2021

1. Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure

The detailed doll of Poppy – the peppy and positive leader of the Trolls – sings songs and speaks phrases from the film.


  • Poppy doll inspired by the movies
  • Sings “Get Back Up Again”
  • Speaks several popular catchphrases
  • Soft, plush troll hair


  • Syncing two dolls together can be complicated

Poppy fans ages four and up will love this detailed doll! Features soft, plush hair and loads of movie-inspired detail. Poppy is dressed in her signature dress, tiara and Hug Time watch (featured prominently in the movie).

Poppy’s positive personality shines through, too. Press a button on her watch and she’ll sign “Get Back Up Again,” a hit song from the movie sung by Anna Kendrick. She also says several of her signature phrases from the film.

Plus, Poppy also sings in harmony with other dolls in the series. Place the Branch doll next to Poppy and the two will sing “True Colors” together. They’ll talk to each other, too.

2. Branch Hug Time Harmony Figure

Reluctant hero Branch has a doll as his own, too. Similar to the Poppy doll above, Branch also sings songs and says phrases made famous from the film.


  • Branch doll inspired by the movie
  • Sings “Hair Up”
  • Great companion toy for Poppy doll
  • Durable plastic body with soft, plush hair


  • No way to select individual songs

Branch is the other main character in the movie, and his doll is designed as a compliment to the Poppy doll listed above. Like Poppy, Branch is detailed to look just like he does on-screen, including his brown pants, leaf vest and Hug Time watch.

As with Poppy, Branch also sings songs and speaks catchphrases. His signature song is “Hair Up.” Plus, as mentioned above, he can also sing in sync when placed near the Poppy doll.

3. Trolls Play-a-Song Sound Book

An illustrated children’s book which features voices, sound effects and songs from the movie.


  • Interactive story book with music and sounds
  • All-new story featuring beloved Trolls characters
  • Perfect for family fun with young readers


  • Story is relatively short

Continue the adventure with this Play-a-Song Sound Book. Each page features lavish illustrations and sections which the reader can touch to play sound effects and songs.

The story, while simple, is a completely new tale involving Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, Chef and other beloved Trolls characters. Each page makes different, story-related sounds. Also features the popular song “Get Back Up Again.”

Hands-on interaction and the variety of sounds all work together to keep kids engaged. Helps promote literacy and creativity.

4. POD’ular Troll Tree

The POD’ular Troll Tree is a large, detailed playset of the Troll’s home. Featuring customization, detail and a variety of fun accessories.


  • Interactive playset based on Trolls’ home
  • Four moveable Pods allow for unique designs
  • Includes Poppy action figure


  • Only includes one action figure (rest sold separately)

In the movie, the Trolls home plays a big part in the story, as their happy village comes under attack by the orge-like Bergens. This playset replica is 16 inches tall with a zip line, slide and nooks for hiding.

Also includes four hanging “pods” which can be placed at different locations around the tree, allowing for plenty of fun customization.

The playset is designed for the line of five-inch Trolls action figures. Note that only Poppy is included with the set. Other characters are sold separately.

5. Poppy’s Coronation Pad

It’s time for a coronation celebration with this light-up playset. Includes two Trolls figures, one critter and 11 party-time accessories.


  • Coronation Pad as featured in the film
  • Includes Poppy and Branch action figures
  • Pad features light-up dance floor


  • Only includes two figures

The coronation pad plays a key role in the Trolls movie – and now you can re-create your favorite scenes at home with Poppy’s Coronation Pad. This large onion-shaped dwelling features a light-up dance floor.

Also includes Poppy and Branch plus 11 plastic accessories including crowns and other wearable items. There’s even a cute bug critter! Set requires three AAA batteries to power up the dance floor.

6. Original 3D Trolls Backpack

A tiny, durable backpack perfect for kids as young as three. Features a colorful image of Poppy with 3D elements.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Durable and fun Trolls-themed backpack
  • Features fan-favorite Poppy
  • Felt flowers created 3D effect


  • Backpack has limited storage space (small toys only)

Take Trolls on the go with this officially licensed backpack. Features a full, colorful illustration of Poppy smiling brightly. Her image also includes felt flowers attached to her headband for a fun 3D effect.

Features padded straps with a Trolls-themed zipper. Easy to adjust, the pack fits kids as young as three. However, this is a small backpack probably not ideal for actually carrying school supplies, although it does work great for carrying around toys or smaller items. Backpack is made from 60% polyester and 40% EVA.

7. Dreamworks Trolls Wild Hair Pack

This fun set of four famous Trolls features the crazy, bendy hair from the classic toy but with an updated look inspired by the movies.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Four fun figures from the film
  • Unique troll hair can be easily styled
  • Durable toys safe for ages three and up


  • Toys are relatively small
  • Doesn’t include main characters Poppy or Branch

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or “just because” gift, the Wild Hair pack features four trolls from the movie: Guy Diamond, Smidge, Harper and Fuzzbert. Also includes a brushing comb and headband.

These troll toys have the signature wild, frizzy hair from the original toy. Hair bends, extends and can be styled in endless ways. Troll doll bodies are made of detailed plastic. Each troll is a different bright color.

8. Dreamworks Trolls Coloring Book, Puzzle and Activity Set

With hours of activities for kids ages three and up, this activity set includes a coloring book, puzzles, stamps, crayons and more.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Gigantic 96-page coloring book
  • Includes box of 24 Crayola crayons
  • 48-piece puzzle with “troll hair”
  • Six cupcake stampers


  • Puzzle is a bit flimsy

Plenty of fun and games to keep kids quietly occupied for ours. Set includes 96-page coloring book, 48-piece puzzle, six cupcake-shaped stampers and a box of 24 Crayola crayons.

The coloring book is loaded with scenes featuring familiar characters and locations from the movie. Plus, the puzzle features synthetic troll hair. The small cupcake stampers make perfect party favors. This is a great set of activities for both solo and group play.

9. Dreamworks Trolls Me Reader

An interactive book where Troll characters read the story aloud to help younger readers learn.


  • Eight stories featuring favorite Troll characters
  • Me Reader reads the story out loud to kids
  • Includes soundalike actors and sound effects
  • Helps kids learn how to read and recognize words


  • Stories are relatively short

Know a kid who can’t get enough Troll stories? This set of eight stories feature Poppy, Branch and all their friends. Not only are the stories entertaining but they also help kids learn how to read.

Me Readers read the story out loud. Kids press different buttons on the page to hear the whole story. Aside from different voices (soundalikes from the movie) the audio also includes sound effects and songs.

10. Play-Doh Dreamworks Trolls Press ‘n Style Salon

Play-Doh and Trolls meet in this fun salon playset which lets you create unique and colorful hairstyles for the two included dolls.


  • Play-Doh and Trolls together equals twice the fun
  • Includes a full salon with seven cans of Play-Doh
  • Includes special Branch and Poppy dolls


  • Hairstyles only work with included dolls

Craft crazy Play-Doh hairstyles in the Press ‘n Style Salon. It includes seven cans of Play-Doh, safety scissors, a chair, and hair molds. Place the character in the chair to create silly hairstyles with a single press.

You can also fill the book molds with Play-Doh to create other accessories, too. Cut the hair with the safety scissors. The set includes special Branch and Poppy dolls which fit into the salon chair.

11. DreamWorks Movie Exclusive Wild Hair Collection Pack

Don’t let their small stature fool you though they are high quality toys with lots of inviting hair to play with and style.


  • Includes eight different trolls
  • Hair is fun to play and style


  • Small size may not be safe for very young children

If you’ve got a kid who’s a fan of trolls, why not buy them a set that includes the whole gang of characters from the movie? This set contains 8 mini trolls that stand 1.25 inches in height.

These trolls are great for both playing and collecting, and they can easily fit in pockets and backpacks for on-the-go play. They’re small enough to use to decorate a birthday cake at a Troll’s themed birthday party for an impressive final touch.

The only thing to be careful of is that because they are so small, they are probably not a great choice for small children who are still sticking things in their mouths, but if your kid is passed that stage and likes trolls, this is a great little set.

12. Trolls Poppy Styling Head

If you know trolls, you know, it’s all about the hair. Let your little troll fan enjoy hours of fun hair play with the Poppy Styling Head.


  • Hair accessories can be used both on the style head and by children themselves
  • All pieces can fit in the compartment underneath the styling head for secure storage


  • Small parts are not appropriate for children under three
  • Hair accessories may not work in thick hair

The set includes 11 pieces, including the Poppy Styling Head featuring beautiful rainbow troll hair. It also comes with a hairband, four barrettes, a microphone shaped hairbrush, and four hair elastics to keep styles in place.

The great thing about this set is that if they get tired styling Poppy’s hair, they can take the hair accessories off of her and use them on themselves, so they too can have fantastic troll styled hair. This toy is appropriate for children three and older, but small parts can pose a choking hazard for children under three.

When kids finish playing, all the accessories and hairbrush fit into a compartment at the bottom of the styling head.

13. Bendon Trolls Poppy Dress-Up Magnetic Wooden Mix and Match

It features a wooden Poppy Doll and includes a wooden stand to hold the doll up.


  • Sturdy wood material
  • 25 different clothing pieces to mix and match
  • Includes wooden storage box


  • Only comes with one doll

This wooden and magnetic dress-up doll kit is perfect for kids three and older. It has 25 different clothing pieces that kids can mix and match to their heart’s desire. All the pieces are magnetic, so they stick to the doll without having to worry about stickers or tabs of any kind.

The wooden pieces are sturdy enough to withstand dropping or being stepped on. The doll, stand, and clothing pieces all fit into the included sturdy wooden box for easy and convenient storage.

Dreamworks Trolls Toys FAQ

What are Dreamworks Trolls?

Although the movie was released in 2016, the history of these toy Trolls actually dates back decades. The first toys were created by a Danish woodcutter named Thomas Dam back in 1959. Unable to afford Christmas gifts for his children, Thomas carved his own toy, a fantastical creature made from of wood.

Demand for similar dolls grew. First, Thomas sold dolls to families in his village, but popularity quickly expanded to neighboring cities. Re-named Good Luck Trolls, they became the most popular toy across Europe just a few years after their creation.

Then the arrived on American shores. Trolls were the biggest toy in the U.S. from 1963 to 1965. Unfortunately, their popularity was relatively short-lived. An error in the copyright led to a flood of unlicensed knock-offs which effectively killed off the original brand.

A Re-Branding for the 1990s

The trolls had a brief resurrection in the early 1990s. Several different manufacturers created toys, video games and TV shows. None of these particularly took off and the trolls faded from popularity once again.

In 2005, the Dam company reclaimed their U.S. copyright. They put a stop to the poorly-made, unlicensed products. Then they re-branded the toys as Trollz. This was a step in the right direction but still not enough to make the brand as popular as it once was.

Surprising Success with Dreamworks Trolls

In 2010, Dreamworks Animation bought the Troll brand outright from the Dam company. This was a huge surprise to both entertainment and toy industry watchers. After all, the Troll brand hadn’t seen any significant success in a long time.

But Dreamworks had a plan. Although their 2016 Trolls movie wasn’t necessarily a huge hit with critics, young audiences loved it. Characters and songs from the film have been consistently popular for over two years now. With the release of a sequel next year, the Trolls show no signs of losing their appeal anytime soon.

Who are the Main Characters and What’s the Basic Story?

The two main characters in the Trolls movie are:

  • Poppy – The happy, optimistic leader of the trolls (voiced by Anna Kendrick)
  • Branch – Initially cynical, this troll ends up saving the day (voiced by Justin Timberlake)

The trolls are happy little creatures who spend their days singing and dancing. However, they’re also under constant threat from the Bergen, ogre-like creatures who spend their days hunting for trolls to eat.

After Poppy throws a party, the Bergen locate the secret Troll village. After many Trolls are kidnapped, it’s up to Branch and Poppy to save the day. After some hair-raising adventures, eventually they convince the Bergens that eating Trolls isn’t the only way to be happy. The two groups of creatures learn to live together peacefully.

More than the story, the Trolls movie is filled with popular songs. “Get Back Up Again,” sung by Anna Kendrick, is a song about trying hard and staying positive. “What U Working With” is another hit song from the film, performed by Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake.

How Do I Find the Best Dreamworks Trolls Toys for a Child?

First, try to identify the child’s favorite character from the Trolls movie. Generally speaking, young boys like Branch while girls prefer Poppy. (Of course, that’s just a very general characterization.)

The movie’s music is another reason for its consistent popularity among kids. While Stefani and Timberlake’s What U Working With was a hit on the radio, Get Back Up Again by Anna Kendrick is arguably the more popular song among little listeners. It’s frequently featured in toys including the Play-a-Song Sound Book.

Aside from identifying popular characters and songs, also consider any existing Troll toys the child might already have. For instance, Poppy’s Coronation Pad playset is designed for a specific series of smaller troll toys. If you know a child who already has many of these figures, the Coronation pad makes a great gift.

What Benefits Do Troll Toys Have?

The Troll movie and related stories have consistent themes related to staying optimistic, working together and considering the feelings of others. By playing with the toys, kids can create their own adventures which focus on these positive traits.

Plus, the Trolls love to sing and play music. Musical storybooks are an effective way to help kids learn how to read. Studies suggest children exposed to music develop superior reading skills compared to their peers.

Finally, Trolls are just plain fun. The world can seem big and overwhelming to the Trolls, which is an idea kids can relate to. Troll dolls might not seem very new or fresh for adult audiences, but kids around the world are meeting the Trolls for the very first time.

Are Trolls Toys Safe?

Generally, Trolls toys should pose no particular safety risk. Always follow the recommended age guidelines from the manufacturer. As with any toy, make sure there are no small parts which can accidentally be swallowed.

While the synopsis of the story might sound a bit scary, the movie overall is suitable for most younger children. Although the Bergens do try to eat the Trolls, no graphic violence is depicted on-screen. Plus, by the end of the movie, the Trolls and Bergens all become friends.

Final Thoughts

The Dreamworks Trolls movie flew under the radar for a lot of adults. But it’s been surprisingly and consistently popular for years now. Toddlers through pre-teens all love Troll dolls, books, games, backpacks and more.

Trolls are enjoying a boost of popularity right now – and it shows no signs of slowing down. Although you might not be very familiar with these toys yourself, rest assured most kids love them. Using our guide above, you’ll be able to find the perfect Troll toy today for your child.

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