10 Best Toys For Kids Who Love Dragons – 2022 Edition

Kids love dragons! Toys featuring these scaly, tail-y beasts are popular among boys and girls of all ages. You’ll find no shortage of toys featuring dragons. How do you know which toy is the best for your young dragon fan?

We’ve rounded up and ranked the top ten best dragon toys for 2022. You’ll find a wide variety of toys types which all feature these famous creatures. Ready to make some new dragon friends? Here’s what you need to know:

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Blue Dragon Stuffed Toy from Aurora World

A cute and cuddly plush dragon pal with a smiling face and flapping wings.


  • Goofy stuffed animal pal
  • Squeeze his tummy for Dragon Roar
  • Safe for kids three and up


  • Dragon has limited movement
  • Roar is quiet

Aurora World makes a variety of stuffed dragon toys; Blue Dragon is one of their top sellers. This fun, goofy dragon is 14 inches from snout to tail tip.

He has fine, plush stuffing which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The inside stuffing is a synthetic bean which allows for flexible movement while still retaining a solid shape.

Squeeze the dragon’s tummy to hear his Dragon Roar, which is funny and kid-friendly. It’s recommended for kids three and older.

Circle number2

Set of 12 Dragon Figures from ValeforToy

A 12-pack of colorful, detailed, and durable dragon toys perfect for party favors.


  • Set of 12 dragon action figures
  • Each dragon has a unique style and color
  • Dragons are made from ABS vinyl plastic


  • Dragons aren’t cute or cuddly

What’s better than one dragon? One dozen! ValeforToy’s set features 12 fun mini-dragons. Each dragon is about four inches tall and made from durable, semi-flexible ABS vinyl plastic.

These dragons aren’t cute and cuddly. Instead, they’re fearsome beasts. Each has a unique look with different wings, tails, colors, and even number of heads.

Hand them out as party favors or give the whole set to a kid who loves dinos. The set includes a detailed 3D gift box which can also be used as a storage or carrying case.

Circle number3

Remote Control Dragon Toy by Betheaces

Use the kid-friendly remote control to make this detailed dragon roar, move, shake his head, and flap his wings.


  • Large, detailed dragon toy
  • Operated by remote control
  • Moves and makes dragons noises
  • Safe for kids three and up


  • Requires six AA batteries (three for the controller and three for the dino)

It’s like owning a pet dragon, but without the fire! Betheaces’ feature-filled dragon toy rolls forward, turns his head, flaps his wings and even roars. The fossil-style remote controls all functions. Featuring just two buttons, the remote is easy enough for kids as young as three to use.

This red-and-black dragon is one detailed dude with realistic scales, a long tail, a mouthful of teeth and more. He’s 18 inches high and is made from non-toxic, ABC plastic.

Circle number4

Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

Why fly kites or paper airplanes when you can fly these elaborate, colorful, and detailed paper dragons instead?


  • Fold and fly 12 paper dragons
  • Each dragon is colorful, detailed and unique
  • Kit includes easy-to-understand instructions


  • Dragons can be complicated to make

Klutz is a leader in book-based activity toys, and their Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit is one of their best-sellers. It includes everything you need to make and fly 12 paper dragons.

Forty-eight pages of detailed, kid-friendly instructions explain how to fold the paper and build the dragons. Each dragon has a unique look, color, and flying style. The set includes five adult dragons, six hatchlings, one Robo-Dragon, and tape.

The Robo-Dragon is especially interesting because it’s so versatile. Different wings, heads, and tails can be created and attached to the body. Kids can make unique dragons and see how far they’ll fly.

Circle number5

Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy Set

This special boxed edition of the beloved children’s book Dragons Love Tacos includes a plush toy of a dragon featured in the story.


  • Beloved, silly children’s book
  • Includes plush dragon character from the story
  • The included hardcover book is a special edition


  • The stuffed toy is small
  • Only include one character from the story

Dragons Love Tacos is a New York Times bestselling children’s book by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri. It’s a lavishly illustrated, silly story about how dragons love tacos but hate salsa. Kids love to hear the story again and again.

This special boxed edition includes a hardcover version of the book plus a soft, loveable red dragon. He’s featured in the story, so readers will be instantly familiar with him. The toy is six inches tall and perfect for bedtime cuddling.

Circle number6

Winged Dragon Plush Animal from Melissa & Doug

Large and cheerful, this winged dragon from Melissa & Doug is the perfect pal for playtime and bedtime.


  • Almost four feet tall
  • Features detailed scales, horns, and wings
  • Soft, sturdy and well-made


  • Large size can be cumbersome
  • Expensive compared to most plush toys

At 36 inches tall and 40.5 inches long, this plush dragon pal is as large as most toddlers. He’s incredibly detailed, too, with green-and-black scales, vinyl talons, vinyl horns, and glitter wings.

As you’d expect from Melissa & Doug, the craftsmanship is extremely high. The dragon has a sturdy interior so he won’t lose his shape, but he’s soft and squeezable.

He’s safe for kids three and older. However, despite the dragon’s big size, it’s not meant for sitting or riding.

Circle number7

Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon Crystal Cave

Which dragon will be yours? Each egg growls, moves and eventually hatches to reveal one of three dragon toys.


  • Baby dragon hatches before your eyes
  • Hatching action is repeatable
  • Egg contains one of three dragon toys


  • Contains small parts (safe for kids three and up)

Raise a dino of your very own. Each set includes an egg which taps, growls and then opens to reveal a lovable baby dragon. The kit includes an egg, dragon, and crystal cage (which acts as a carrying case).

Each set includes one of three baby dragons. You never know which one you’ll get. Of course, that can be frustrating if you’re looking for a specific character.

On the plus side, the hatching process can happen again and again. While the dragon remains the same, the egg “cracking” action resets.

Toothless Deluxe from Dreamworks Dragons

With lights, sounds, and tons of detail, this deluxe Toothless toy is sure to delight any fan of the How to Train Your Dragon movie series.


  • Detailed Toothless action figure
  • Features lights, sounds, and moving wings
  • Connected to HTTYD toy line


  • Requires three AG13 batteries
  • Wings have semi-sharp points (safe for kids four and up)

The chances are good you know a kid who loves Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon films – and they’re sure to love this detailed Toothless toy. It features glowing lights, dragon attack sounds, and a special attack feature.

His fabric wings unfold at the push of a button. You can close and open them as often as you like.

This Toothless toy is part of a larger series. Different Dragons from the films, and Viking action figures which can ride on them, are sold separately.

LEGO Creator Mythical Creatures Building Kit

A large LEGO kit which lets you build a fire-breathing dragon, giant spider or lumbering troll.


  • 3-in-1 set with a dragon, troll, and spider
  • All creatures are detailed and articulated
  • High-quality LEGO bricks and instructions


  • The large set can be complicated for younger kids to build
  • Only one creature can be created at a time

The 3-in-1 Mythical Creatures set is the best choice for kids who love both dragons and LEGO. It’s a 223-piece set which you can use to build a large LEGO dragon with green eyes, pointy claws, and over-sized fangs.

But he’s not the only beast you can build. The set also includes instructions for constructing a spider and a troll. (You can only build one creature at a time.)

The dragon is over three inches high, with multiple points of articulation. As with all LEGO toys, the quality here is top-notch.

20-Piece Set of Mini Dragons by Toy Essentials

A large set of 20 different dragons with a wide range of colors and poses.


  • Set includes detailed dragons
  • Each dragon has a unique color and style
  • Dragons are made from durable, flexible plastic


  • Dragons don’t have articulated limbs

What’s better than one dragon toy? Twenty! This 20-pack of dragons is perfect for party favors or a small “just because” gifts.

Dragons range from two and a half to three inches from head to tail. Each has a different style and color. They’re detailed, fearsome dragons which kids are sure to love.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dragon Toys

What are Dragon Toys?

Dragons are among the world’s most popular mythological creatures. Civilizations since the dawn of time have told tales about flying, often-fire-breathing monsters.

Interestingly, even though dragons were sources of terror for ancient people, they’re also a great source of fun and amusement. Dragons have been consistently featured in books, TV shows, movies and more.

Dragon toys can be divided into two general categories:

  • Dragon action figures and stuffed animals
  • Toys with dragon themes or dragon imagery

Most dragon toys are stuffed animals of action figures. Kids often love having a dragon pal to play with during the day and cuddle with at night.

You can also find a wide range of toys featuring dragons. For example, the Klutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit is a paper airplane building kit with a dragon theme. The LEGO Creator Mythical Creatures Building Kit is another example of an existing toy with a dragon-specific variation.

What Dragons are Featured in Pop Culture?

Many dragon toys are inspired by dragon characters from movies and TV shows. However, other toys are more generic. Knowing where the dragon originates can make a big difference when picking the perfect toy.

If the child is mainly interested in dragons, the toy doesn’t need to be connected to any specific show. But if the child is mainly interested in a specific show, you’ll want to make sure the toy features a relevant character.

A few different shows which feature dragons include:

How to Train Your Dragon is probably the most popular dragon-themed show for elementary-aged kids. It stars the dragon Toothless and his Viking friend Hiccup. You can find a few different official toy lines. When shopping for a fan of the movies, make sure the toy you buy is a similar size as any existing HTTYD toys the child might already have.

Dragons also play a major role in Game of Thrones. Of course, most children aren’t familiar with the show. You can find some official GoT dragon merchandise, but most of it is for collectors and probably won’t be fun for kids.

Other dragon universes exist mainly as toys. For example, the Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon Crystal Cave features established characters, but they don’t have a related TV show.

Are Dragon Toys Scary?

As you can see from the many ways in which dragons appear in popular culture, there’s no one type of dragon. In many cases, dragons are portrayed as fearsome beasts! Parents often wonder if dragon toys are too scary for kids.

The answer is a bit complex. First, the type of dragon depicted makes a big difference.

Toddlers and younger kids generally prefer cute and cuddly dragons. Look for stuffed animals with bright colors, goofy expressions, and a lack of extensive detail.

However, many older kids like the monstrous type of dragon. They want their dragons toys to have scales, long claws, and rows of teeth. As long as the child is comfortable playing with the toy, it’s “scariness” shouldn’t pose a problem.

Plus, research suggests playing with imaginary creatures helps kids manage real-world fears. Scary, monster-type toys often appeal to kids between the ages of four and seven.

How Do I Find the Best Dragon Toy?

First, always follow the manufacturer’s recommended age guidelines for the specific toy. Certain dragon toys might contain sharp edges or small parts. Also, age guidelines help you determine if a certain toy will be too complex for a child.

Next, choose a toy which matches the child’s interests. If they like a certain type of toy, such as LEGO, a dragon-themed version of that toy is a likely hit. Aside from toy genres, children might be interested in specific dragons from a favorite show or movie.

Consider the type of play which the child enjoys. Kids who prefer to run around outside will enjoy active toys like the Flying Dragon Craft Kit. However, other kids might prefer quieter activities like a dragon-themed book with a stuffed animal.

Final Thoughts

Dragon toys are popular with kids of all ages. But there are so many different types of toys, you’ll want to carefully consider which one will make the best gift. Despite their sometimes-scary appearance, the right dragon toy can be a fun and comforting friend for any child.

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