The Best Baby Doll Strollers (Top 5) – 2019 Reviews

Best Baby Doll StrollersIf your child loves their baby doll and baby doll accessories, you know that sooner or later they’ll ask for a baby doll stroller.

Baby doll strollers are great because they help your child to learn responsibility while they play with their baby doll. Furthermore, baby doll strollers help your child to carry around all of the accessories that they need to play with their baby doll and their other toys.

Not all options are created equal, however. You’ll need to purchase a baby doll stroller which will survive the active play that your child loves. In this article, we’ll walk you through a bunch of reviews of the best baby doll strollers so that you’ll be able to get the perfect one for your child.

Our #1 Choice
My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll
Our #2 Choice
Hearts My First Doll Stroller for Kids - Super Cute Doll Stroller for Girls...
Our #3 Choice
Exquisite Buggy Doll Play Set 3 in 1 Doll Set, 1 Pack N Play. 2 Doll...
My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll
Hearts My First Doll Stroller for Kids - Super Cute Doll Stroller for Girls...
Exquisite Buggy Doll Play Set 3 in 1 Doll Set, 1 Pack N Play. 2 Doll...
Our #1 Choice
My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll
My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll
Our #2 Choice
Hearts My First Doll Stroller for Kids - Super Cute Doll Stroller for Girls...
Hearts My First Doll Stroller for Kids - Super Cute Doll Stroller for Girls...
Our #3 Choice
Exquisite Buggy Doll Play Set 3 in 1 Doll Set, 1 Pack N Play. 2 Doll...
Exquisite Buggy Doll Play Set 3 in 1 Doll Set, 1 Pack N Play. 2 Doll...

Circle number 1 Top Pick

First Doll Stroller Denim Baby Stroller

The First Doll Stroller Denim Baby Stroller is a great choice for your child’s first baby doll stroller. Because this stroller is made from denim and high-quality materials, you’ll find that it is durable and also trendy.


  • Denim
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to clean

This baby doll stroller has basic functionality but a lot of personality. Unlike most other baby doll strollers, denim really helps this baby doll stroller to stand out.

Denim is far from merely an aesthetic choice, however. Denim is tough to damage, and it should stand the test of time. Your child will enjoy many play sessions with this stroller thanks to its sturdy materials and good build quality.

There is one important downside to this stroller, however. For all its merits, denim is tough to clean. This fact means that whenever your child accidentally stains the denim stroller, you’ll have to live with the sight of the stain for the rest of the time your child plays with the stroller.

Especially for children who tend to get their strollers dirty, denim is probably not the best choice. For children who enjoy clean play, this stroller is tough to beat.

Circle number2

Hearts First Doll Stroller For Kids

The Hearts First Doll Stroller For Kids is an effective all-around baby doll stroller that your child will enjoy pushing around on city streets or in the backyard alike.


  • Easy to clean
  • Appealing design
  • High build quality


  • The baby doll may fall out of the straps

This baby doll stroller is great because of its high-quality wheel base. You should expect this baby doll stroller to stick around for a long time. Likewise, you’ll have an easy time cleaning this stroller if it gets dirty because the fabrics are made of cotton and nylon. No need to worry about major stains.

The only issue with this baby doll stroller is its strapping system. The straps don’t always do a great job of keeping the baby doll attached to the stroller. Especially for smaller baby dolls, you may find that the dolls fall out over or under the strap and onto the ground.

While this strap issue is only minor, it may frustrate your child if they are a stickler for realism and prefer to keep their baby doll in pristine condition. You may find that your child’s baby doll has an easier time staying put in the straps if you simply attach it to the seat rather than having it sit on the seat.

While this is a bit of an eyesore, if your child allows you to strap their baby doll onto the stroller in a more aggressive way, the doll will be much less likely to flop off the stroller and onto the ground.

Circle number3

Doll Play Stroller 3-In-1 Set

The Doll Play 3-in-1 Set is much more than a stroller. With this set, your child will get a complete grouping of equipment which they can use to take their baby doll anywhere and play in style.


  • Contains more than a stroller
  • Suitable for small dolls
  • Easy to use
  • Cheerful pink design


  • Low build quality

This set is the perfect choice for children whose baby dolls are smaller than average. Likewise, it’s a great starting gift for a child who is just getting into building their baby doll collection.

When you purchase this set, you’ll also get a crib and high chair for your child’s baby doll. You will still need to purchase additional accessories like utensils and mobiles to play with the non-stroller items in the set, however.

The downside of buying a three-piece set is that the baby doll stroller itself is not as sturdy as it might be. While it does have nice features like a sunshade, carrying container, and crossbar for added support, the stroller itself has wheels which are very vulnerable to small pieces of gravel.

Furthermore, the fabric of the stroller, while easy to wash, is pulled taut over the skeleton of the stroller. Because the fabric is taut, it’s easy to tear, which can make the stroller’s cute appearance degrade very quickly in the face of vigorous play.

Circle number4

Precious Foldable Stroller With Swivel Wheels

The Precious Foldable Stroller With Swivel Wheels combines portability and maneuverability for a superior quality play experience. You won’t have any trouble chucking this baby doll stroller into the back of your car and then taking it out once you reach your destination.


  • Great wheelbase
  • Very transportable
  • Comfortable handles


  • Easy to break accidentally during folding
  • Parts are not screwed together tightly

When your child loves to bring their baby doll with them everywhere they go, you need a baby doll stroller that’s just as active as they are. With this baby doll stroller, you’ll never have to worry about your child going without their doll’s preferred transportation method ever again.

This baby doll stroller is the perfect baby doll stroller for walking around city streets. The wheels and wheelbases are extremely maneuverable, and they’re very tolerant to all manner of grime and pebbles.

The downside of this baby doll stroller is that it simply isn’t put together very tightly. After a short amount of play, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the handles popping off when gently pulled.

Likewise, the entire back which secures the seat to the frame has a tendency to come apart when you try to compact the stroller for transport. You can avert these issues by being very gentle with the stroller to some extent, but unless your child knows to offer it the same respect that you do, this stroller won’t last very long.

Circle number5

Precious White Polka Dot Foldable Stroller

The Precious White Polka Dot Foldable Stroller is a visually appealing baby doll stroller that performs well in most situations and doesn’t have any major noticeable drawbacks.


  • Durable frame
  • Spacious interior
  • Double-lined cloth


  • The carrying pouch is small

As far as baby doll strollers go, it’s hard to find a better one than the Precious baby doll stroller. This stroller is tough enough to go wherever your child prefers, yet aesthetically appealing enough for your child to want to treat it right.

The cloth on this baby doll stroller is more than paper thin. Indeed, for the sunshade and also the cushion, there is more than one layer of cloth. Because there’s more than one layer of cloth, the stroller won’t be entirely ruined if one of the layers of cloth gets ripped, which is very likely to occur.

You won’t need to worry about your child’s baby doll fitting into this stroller, because its spacious interior and accommodating straps guarantee a good fit no matter what. Your child will probably need to carry a different container for the baby doll’s accessories, however.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a baby doll stroller?

You should be looking for baby doll strollers which have the best build quality and are free of harmful chemicals. In particular, look out for one which has a lot of small parts or those that require extensive assembly.

Baby doll strollers should be childproof by default, and shouldn’t have any small parts which might be easy for your child to choke on. Likewise, make sure that your baby doll stroller doesn’t have any sharp edges or anything else which might cut your child during playtime.

Are baby doll strollers safe for real babies?

Usually, they are not safe for real babies. The baby doll strollers are built for the weight and dimensions of a toy and probably aren’t built with materials that are safe for a real baby to be around all the time.

Likewise, most baby doll strollers don’t have any insulation or any way of keeping a real baby secure.

How long should I expect my child’s baby doll stroller to last?

Doll strollers vary drastically regarding their lifetime, even with similar amounts of use. The first part to fail is typically the part that holds the wheel onto the stroller. Expect wheels to fall off after extensive play.

Most models will last a year or two.

When is the best time of year to buy a baby doll stroller?

Any time other than Christmas is a good time to buy a baby doll stroller. Around Christmas, the best models are in high demand, and so prices rise as a result. Around the other times of the year, you should find a much better deal.

Is there a way to make a baby doll stroller a better toy for creative play?

Potentially, but you’ll need to use your imagination. Baby doll strollers are niche toys because they don’t lend themselves to creative play in comparison to other types of toys.

If you’re short on ideas about how to increase the level of creativity that your child uses during playtime with their baby doll stroller, it might make sense to change the kind of baby doll that they play with rather than trying to make the stroller itself more engaging.

If your child enjoys arts and crafts, many of the strollers can be modified aesthetically, which might be an interesting diversion.

Which brands of baby doll stroller are the most reputable?

There’s no single brand of baby doll stroller which is dominant over the others. If you decide to purchase from a brand that has recently entered the baby doll stroller space, make sure to check on the consumer reports websites to see whether it contains any harmful materials or has any quality issues.

Are baby doll strollers safe?

Yes, they are safe toys for your child. Like all toys, it’s possible for your child to hurt themselves using the baby doll stroller if they use it improperly, but for most children this won’t be a problem.

What can I do to help my child enjoy the baby doll stroller more?

You should give your child tips on what kinds of things their baby doll needs to carry in the stroller. Think back to when your child was in the stroller and remember which items were convenient to have handy.

As always, healthy encouragement and praise will go a long way to helping your child enjoy their new stroller.

Should I buy my child more than one baby doll stroller?

If your child has a plethora of baby dolls, it still doesn’t make sense to buy more than one baby doll stroller. Your child can only play with one baby doll stroller at a time, and they’re fairly expensive accessories to purchase.

Is there a way to repair a baby doll stroller that has broken?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way of repairing most baby doll strollers with broken parts. You should probably buy a new baby doll stroller of a different brand if your child’s stroller breaks after a short period.

If a part has merely fallen off of the stroller instead of broken entirely, there may be some hope. You can typically glue on parts that have fallen off using gorilla glue or something similar. Be sure to let the glue fully dry before returning the stroller to your child or else it might break again.

Likewise, make sure your child knows not to eat the glue or touch it if that some of the glue is not entirely dry.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know everything there is to know about baby doll strollers, it’s time to make a purchasing decision. Think about what your child likes and what kind of baby doll they have, and put the information together for your child’s benefit.

If your first baby doll stroller doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to try purchasing a second one. Many baby doll strollers are winners, and your child will be sure to enjoy the effort that you put into making sure that their play experience is as enjoyable as possible.

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