The Top 7 The Best Unicorn Toys – New for 2019

Best Unicorn Toys - Featured ImageUnicorns are fantastical creatures, and children everywhere love them for their stately yet fabulous aesthetic. Modern interpretations of the unicorn have made them out to be friendly and mysterious playthings.

Finding the perfect unicorn toy for your child might be difficult because of the sheer number of options on the market, however. Does your child want a unicorn toy for active play, or for creative play? What about a unicorn toy for decoration?

If you’re not sure which kind of unicorn toy to purchase, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll overview a handful of great unicorn toys that you will be ready to make a wonderful contribution to your child’s mystical kingdom.

Our #1 Choice – Rainbow Unicorn Mare

This beautiful action figure of a unicorn mare makes for an excellent addition to any unicorn lover’s repertoire.


  • Includes mythology education
  • Beautiful rainbow hair
  • Great for play or display


  • No included accessories

Unicorn mares are known for their pride and their elusivity, but your child will have access to a uniquely beautiful mare thanks to this toy.

The mare has a rainbow-frosted hairdo, gems embedded in its hindparts, and a horn that’s ready to joust. The hand-painted exterior of the unicorn gives way to its beautiful horse-like texture complete with realistic growth rings on the hooves.

For a unicorn lover, this toy is an essential pickup. For a child who already has a few unicorns, this might be the leader of the pack.

While there aren’t many opportunities to use additional unicorn accessories with this unicorn, the princely air of the mare makes for a great showpiece when your child isn’t playing with it actively.

The unicorn itself has a little mythology card, which explains that rainbow unicorns can heal people and perform other kinds of magic too.

Our #2 Choice – Lambs & Ivy Dawn Plush Unicorn

That’s why this plush unicorn is a cute and comfortable selection.


  • Great for snoozing
  • Cute design
  • Easy to clean


  • Not ideal for creative play
  • Better for smaller children

With the help of this unicorn pillow, your child can rest easy or play delightfully. The unicorn itself is still a pony, and its silver horn is only starting to grow.

The pastel colors of the unicorn make for a beautiful toy which can easily end up on your fancy couch without ruining the aesthetic. Importantly, the unicorn is ready for many long hours of play.

The unicorn is made of polyester and so you can throw it into the wash with your clothing if it ends up getting dirty. This is a huge advantage because many toys for daily use are difficult to clean and end up being too grimy to let your child handle in good conscience.

When your child wants to take a nap, they can snuggle up next to this unicorn or use it as their pillow. The soft fabric will help them to nod off immediately.

Our #3 Choice – Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop

Not all unicorns are gentle and mysterious. Some unicorns, like this Glenda Glitterpoop plushie, can be downright obnoxious.


  • Two personalities in one unicorn
  • Great for active play
  • Great villain unicorn


  • Unhappy unicorn
  • Not very durable

Unicorns can have bad moods too. With a squeeze behind this plushie’s ears, Glenda will put on her angry face, baring her fang-like rows of teeth and showing that unicorns aren’t to be messed around with.

At the behest of another tug on Glenda’s ears, her demeanor will be restored to its vaguely depressed norm. With enough love and attention, your child might be able to nurse Glenda’s mood back to higher spirits.

If your child isn’t looking for a project, Glenda could be the villain as easily as a sympathetic unicorn hero depending on what your child’s imagination requires.

Glenda’s irritated growling might also make for a perfect guardian unicorn responsible for protecting others from mishaps. Your child will be the judge of her personality.

Glenda is nearly a foot tall, and she’s made of soft polyester which is washable on the surface only. If your child is looking for a more aggressive unicorn, Glenda might fit the bill.

The toy has a backstory for Glenda which your child may enjoy, or it might be more fun to make up a new backstory altogether to account for Glenda’s odious last name and irritable behavior.

Our #4 Choice – Aurora Unicorn Fancy Pals Purse

Young unicorns are on-the-go, much like your child. But what if your child could bring a unicorn with them wherever they want? Enter the Fancy Pals purse.


  • Great for storing other toys
  • Includes a baby unicorn
  • Easy to snuggle with for a nap


  • Bag isn’t durable
  • Unicorn is small

Children love to take their toys everywhere, but often this results in their toys being lost or strewn around — a risk far too great for a toy as illustrious as a unicorn. This toy gives your child a convenient unicorn carrying case as well as the unicorn to carry inside of it.

The purse itself is the perfect size for its tiny inhabitant, a young unicorn who is ridiculously plushy. The young unicorn’s youthful demeanor makes for a timid and cute companion who your child will nurture and enjoy playing with.

Your child could also carry a few other items in the purse too. This would make it a great gift for a child who wants to both carry a unicorn and also carry around unicorn grooming gear.

Your child may find that the meshing on the side of the purse is a bit prone to fraying, however. You should encourage your child to treat the unicorn and the purse gently to keep them in good shape for as long as possible.

While the purse is easy to wash, the unicorn itself is a bit harder. It’s only washable on the surface, so try to make sure that your child doesn’t get it too dirty while playing around.

Our #5 Choice – Fingerlings Baby Unicorn Gemma

For the child that wants a unicorn to perch on their finger, Gemma is a great toy.


  • Interactive and electronic
  • Fun companion to play with
  • Woken up by noise
  • Collectible


  • Requires batteries
  • Tough to play in loud environments

Most unicorns are a bit too large to comfortably cling to their owner’s finger. Gemma, on the other hand, is the perfect size for a portable unicorn.

Gemma is a pink baby unicorn who has an exuberant rainbow tail and a stubby yellow horn that hasn’t started to grow yet. Gemma’s arms and legs can be moved to perfectly cling to your child’s finger, giving them a companion who isn’t about to slip away.

Gemma is a great addition to other fingerling unicorn toys or a unicorn pack. Her size is perfect to rest in a palm when she isn’t clinging to a child’s finger. Gemma’s eyes are highly expressive and innocent, emphasizing her newfound existence and curiosity about the world.

Gemma, like other fingerling unicorns, will turn her eyes and head while making noises when your child plays with her provided that she has batteries. Gemma will also blow kisses, squirm, and nod off to sleep when it’s time for your child to hit the hay.

Fingerling unicorns are noise sensitive, so they may not be the best toys for your child to play within a crowded environment. Nonetheless, when they’re at home, you might start to enjoy the unicorn’s soft noises as your child plays with the toy.

Be sure to have a few extra batteries on hand when your child plays with Gemma. The motors which move the toy’s limbs tend to exhaust the batteries quickly if your child is playing with them for a long period.

Our #6 Choice – JewelKeeper Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

Unicorns make for a great centerpiece in a music box, and that’s why this magical ballerina noisemaker features one of the beautiful steeds.


  • Plays beautiful music
  • Fits right in on a wardrobe
  • Great for storing small items


  • Not very good for active or imaginative play

Music boxes are often associated with a bygone era, but the tradition remains alive and well in the form of this unicorn music box.

When your child opens the lid of the box, a wonderful unicorn will spring up, and the tune to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” will serenade their ears. It’s a very pleasant ensemble, and your child will enjoy the ambiance which it provides.

Importantly, the unicorn music box has a utilitarian side, too. The box has a storage space and a removable drawer which your young unicorn lover can store jewelery or other small objects.

The exterior of the music box is painted with a delightful series of unicorns walking on clouds and jumping over rainbows, making it a natural fit into any other unicorn-themed play area.

The thing to remember with this box is that it isn’t very useful for creative play or for active play. Indeed, it is an accessory for your child’s other playthings which may be pleasant, but it lacks play value when used alone.

If you are looking for a first unicorn toy for your child, this might not be the right one. If your child already has an entire collection of unicorn toys, however, this toy might be the perfect choice to round out the series so that they’ll have a way of enjoying unicorns while getting dressed or hanging out.

Our #7 Choice – I Love Unicorns Kit

With the help of this kit, your unicorn lover can create unicorns and unicorn-themed items from scratch. They’ll need some basic arts and crafts know-how to get started, but once they do, this kit will make sure that their creations can come to life.


  • Great for arts and crafts play
  • Fun for multiple people at once
  • Allows for artistic expression
  • Comes with great guides


  • Better for older unicorn lovers
  • May require supervision
  • Not great for active play

Arts and crafts are a great way for your young unicorn lover to be creative while also working on something that they’ll use. Sewing, knitting, and papercraft are all valid when it comes to producing great unicorn-themed gear.

This kit includes six different unicorn projects that your child can do depending on what their skills are. If your child is ready for papercraft, they’ll get a chance to show you their stuff.

The biggest winner of this kit is the sewing portion, however. Your child will be able to sew a little unicorn plush from scratch or sew a unicorn pattern into their other clothing.

You may want to keep a close eye on your child while they are sewing their creations into other clothing to make sure that they end up producing a nice unicorn addition rather than a frankenstein, however.

The kit is intended for unicorn lovers who are on the older side. This means that it includes things which might potentially be harmful to younger unicorn lovers, like a needle for sewing. Likewise, the kit’s knitting sticks might be hazardous if they are thrown.

Make sure that your child is ready for an arts and crafts adventure before purchasing this toy and you won’t have any problems. Be ready to hop in and offer a helping hand if your child can’t figure out how to perform a certain step of the creative process, however.

A lot of the needlework can be more difficult than it may appear at first glance. The same goes for the papercraft, which can become surprisingly intricate.


Are Unicorn Toys Good For Creative Play?

Unicorn toys are typically good for creative play because they encourage your child to imagine a world which does not exist. The parameters of this world are up to your child regardless of which unicorn toy they use.

Furthermore, your child can easily integrate any new unicorn toys that they get into their unicorn universe. This encourages your child to view their imagination as a source of new fun rather than something which they have to suppress.

For the most part, unicorn toys will be the best for your child’s creative play when they are encouraged to make up a new story for every new unicorn that they get.

Are Unicorn Toys Good For Active Play?

Yes, unicorn toys are frequently good for active play. Children understand that unicorns are not sedentary creatures. They also understand that unicorns will probably not be happy pets if they aren’t allowed to prance through pastures or to jump over rainbows.

This means that your child will intuitively be moving their unicorn toys around and by extension moving themselves around. The main challenge is getting your child to be as active as possible while using their unicorn toys.

You may need to give your child a little guidance when it comes to being active. Telling them to get up and prance with their unicorn is probably a good strategy.

What Should I Avoid With Unicorn Toys?

For the most part, there are not many types of unicorn toys that you should avoid. You may want to avoid unicorn toys that your child must assemble before using, however.

Most children don’t appeal to their unicorn toys for a building or planning experience, so it might be considered an undue burden if they have to do a lot of work before having the finished unicorn product in hand.

Furthermore, you should probably opt to avoid unicorn toys which are intended for cuddling or resting on if they aren’t easy to clean. These toys have fabrics which might get dirty with extended use, and so you need to be able to wash them without exerting much effort.

Does My Child Need Accessories For Their Unicorn Toys?

Your child doesn’t explicitly need accessories for their unicorn toys, but buying a few accessories can really increase the play value that your children can derive from the toy.

Accessories for unicorn toys might include unicorn grooming gear or riding gear. You could also pick up a unicorn decoration kit, which will help your child to extract new fun from older unicorn toys that they have already deeply enjoyed.

Keep in mind that not all unicorn toys will be compatible with all unicorns. Some unicorns don’t have the lush hair that a grooming kit could make use of. Likewise, some unicorn toys are more for looks than for active play, so be sensitive to the difference.

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