The Best Dinosaur Toys for 2019 – Our Top 10 Choices

Best Dinosaur Toys - Review Guide Featured ImageFrom Barney to Jurassic Park and more, boys and girls of all ages love dinosaurs. Modern technology allows dinosaur toys to make cool noises, walk and just generally behave like a virtual prehistoric pet. But low-tech classics like dinosaur stuffed animals and plastic dino toys also never go out of style.

Dinosaur toys are great for kids who are interested in nature, science, animals and more. But finding the right toy for your child can be complicated. After all, there are many options available, and you want to make sure you find the dinosaur toy for your child’s age, interests and more.

Here are seven of the best dinosaur toys available, as well as a complete buyer’s guide:

Our #1 Choice
Prextex Realistic Looking 7" Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic Assorted...
Our #2 Choice
Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Blaze (Orange) - Interactive Collectible...
Our #3 Choice
MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy with Dinosaur Toys...
Prextex Realistic Looking 7" Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic Assorted...
Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Blaze (Orange) - Interactive Collectible...
MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy with Dinosaur Toys...
Our #1 Choice
Prextex Realistic Looking 7" Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic Assorted...
Prextex Realistic Looking 7" Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic Assorted...
Our #2 Choice
Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Blaze (Orange) - Interactive Collectible...
Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Blaze (Orange) - Interactive Collectible...
Our #3 Choice
MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy with Dinosaur Toys...
MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy with Dinosaur Toys...

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Prextex 12 Pack of Large Plastic Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Book

Combining a wide variety of seven-inch plastic dinosaurs with an educational book, this 12 pack is perfect for kids who like to play and learn at the same time.


  • Seven detailed and colorful dinos
  • Fully-illustrated dinosaur fact book
  • Fun and educational


  • Only a few toys are seven inches tall
  • Not all toys can stand on their own

Looking for dino-sized fun? These 12 bright, durable plastic dinos include a varied mix of recognizable favorites. Made from solid plastic, the dinos average about five-inches tall with the tallest reaching seven inches.

Plus, the set includes a fun and educational book filled with colorful illustrations and fun dinosaur facts. Each dino in the set has its own page in the book. Plus, kids can see an easy size comparison using objects they understand like cars, houses, etc.

Circle number2

WoWWee Blaze Untamed Raptor

This fun and ferocious dino pal wraps around a finger and roars, chomps and performs over 40 other actions.


  • Fun dino pal which kids can carry around on their finger
  • Tamed and untamed modes for two ways to play
  • Over 40 different sounds and movements


  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • Relatively fragile (don’t drop it on the floor)

Meet Blaze, a pint-sized dino buddy. He gently but securely grips your finger for easy traveling. Plus, he makes over 40 different motions and sounds. He roars, chomps his jaws and even lets out “dino gas” which is sure to make kids of all ages laugh.

Blaze has two modes: tame and untamed. In tame mode, the little raptor purrs, nuzzles and cuddles up against your hand. But in untamed mode he’s hot-tempered and feisty. Kids have to touch his “tame” switch to calm him down and befriend him.

Circle number3

ToyVelt Transport Carrier Dinosaur Kids Toy

This toy 18-wheeler is a fun transport vehicle for six detailed dino figures.


  • Combines toy trucks and toy dinosaurs
  • Double as toy storage
  • Easy to transport
  • Safe for ages three and up


  • Toy dinosaurs aren’t very big

Does your child love dinosaurs and vehicles? This 16-inch long toy transport truck has seven compartments with snap close lids on both sides. Additional space on the toy holds even more.

Set includes six different plastic dinosaur toys which neatly fit into the truck’s containers. Designed for kids ages three and up. Overall, the kit is durable, easy to organize and simple to transport thanks to a built-in carrying handle.

Circle number4

Best Choice Products Walking T-Rex Toy Figure

All hail the king of the dinosaurs! This walking, growling T-Rex is a fun playtime friend for kids of all ages.


  • Walks on just about any flat surface
  • Growls and roars on command
  • Detailed, fully-textured design


  • Batteries not included
  • Requires new batteries fairly often
  • Instructions not included

Bring the mighty Tyrannosaurs rex home with this animated toy. He roams and patrols around any flat, open area. Plus, he growls, roars and even flashes cool lights in his eyes! Made from non-toxic and durable ABS plastic.

About 14 inches long by four inches wide and six inches high, this big guy has a detailed design with bold green colors and plenty of texture. He’s fun and just a tiny bit frightening with his big mouth, long tongue and rows of teeth. With the push of a button, he lets out a mighty roar! (Although be warned: The roar is repetitive and can drive parents bonkers pretty quickly.)

Circle number5

Jet Creations Inflatable Tyrannosaurs

This inflatable dino buddy is about three feet high, highly durable and plenty of fun for parties, display and more.


  • Big, fun inflatable dinosaur for any occasion
  • Easy inflation requires no pump or special tools
  • Durable, heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Includes easy-to-use repair kit


  • Leaks along the seam can be difficult to detect

Why wouldn’t you want an inflatable dinosaur? This inflatable T-Rex from Jet Creations is 43 inches long, 17 inches wide and 37 inches high when completely inflated. A full-color printing process allows for plenty of detail.

This is one durable dinosaur, too. He’s made from heavy-duty NON-7 Phthalate Vinyl with 100% RF welding. Strong enough to withstand rough play from kids. Plus, a repair kit is included to quickly fix any holes, tears or other punctures.

Circle number6

Memtes Take-a-Part 17 Piece Dinosaur Toy

A fun dinosaur toy with a literal twist, the Take-a-Part Dinosaur is a fun construction toy with lights and sounds.


  • Unique construction-based dinosaur toy
  • Three different dino models
  • Helps teach kids problem solving


  • Parents might not be comfortable with the toy gun models

This robotic-looking dinosaur toy can be taken apart and reassembled using the included toy electric drill and muzzle screwdriver. The 17-piece set can create three different dinosaurs and two toy guns. Also includes eight realistic lights and sounds.

Perfect for boys and girls who like building. Regular use helps improve hand-eye coordination, safe tool use and more for kids between the ages of three and six.

Circle number7

Boley 12-Pack Educational Dinosaur Toy

Why have just one toy dinosaur when you can have 12? This dino-sized pack includes a detailed T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor and more.


  • Big selection of durable dino toys
  • Detailed and colorful designs
  • Perfect for school science projects


  • Toys might have a strong chemical smell when first opened

One dozen durable and flexible dinosaur toys. Each dinosaur is made from BPA-free plastic able to withstand rough play. At the same time, the dinos are colorful and detailed enough for use in a diorama or science project.

Large and non-toxic, these toys are safe for toddlers but still fun for older kids. They can be used inside, outside and even underwater. Sizes of the dinos vary with the tallest at nine inches. They work great as stocking stuffers, party favors or “just because.”

Joyin Toy 18 Pieces 6″ to 9″ Educational Realistic Dinosaur Figures with Movable Jaws

For the dinosaur lover who needs to massively expand their collection in one swoop, this set of Joylin dinosaurs is an excellent choice


  • 18 different dinosaur companions
  • Colors range from bright to drab
  • Photorealistic textures and scales


  • No articulated parts

With every single dinosaur in this 18-piece set, your child will get a high-quality and play-ready dinosaur figurine. Each dinosaur figurine is between six and nine inches tall, so they’re roughly the same size as most other dinosaur toys.

The only issue with these figurines is that they don’t have any action-figure style articulated joints. The plastic materials are pliable, but not fully movable in the way that some dinosaur lovers may want to play.

Prextex Realistic Looking 7″ Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Large Plastic Assorted Dinosaur Figures with Dinosaur Book

When you’re looking for the most colorful dino set on the market, this Prextex Dino Pack is hard to beat.


  • Bright jungle colors
  • Active dinosaur postures
  • Includes educational materials


  • Tails are prone to breaking off

These dinosaurs are aggressively colored and ready for outdoor play. Each figurine is expressive, lightweight, and perfect for dinosaur lovers everywhere.

The main drawback of these dinos is that their tails — especially the thinner areas — are prone to snapping or becoming irrevocably bent at an awkward angle. So, it may make sense to play carefully with these dinos.

Windy City Novelties LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur with Sound

For dinosaur lovers who will only be satisfied when they see a moving and roaring dinosaur on the living room floor, this Windy City Novelties dino is one of the best options.


  • Moves, lights up, and roars
  • Crawls around and intimidates pets
  • Lifelike scale texture


  • Chews through batteries

When your child activates their dinosaur companion and sets it loose, they’ll have an entire afternoon of entertainment ready to go. The dinosaur lumbers around, roaring at its own preference. All the while, its spines light up, providing a warning to all who dare to go near.

Of course, you’ll need to supply batteries to the dino to make it work. Because of all its moving parts, you may find that the more your child enjoys playing with their dinosaur, the more you’ll be dipping into your battery reservoir.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dinosaur Toys

While some kids like just about anything related to dinosaurs, most will have more specific interests. In order to find the best dinosaur toy, you’ll want to narrow the search a bit by asking a few questions about your intended purchase. Here are a few answers to common questions about dinosaur toys.

What are the Benefits of Dinosaur Toys?

Dinosaur toys are rather unique because dinosaurs were actually real. So dinosaur toys are often a great entry point to teaching children about a whole variety of subjects. There is scientific and historical information which can be taught (unlike, for example, with superheroes.)

There are two major subjects related to dinosaurs: how they lived and how we learned about their existence.

Kids might be interested in dinosaurs as animals. What did dinosaurs eat? How did they live their daily lives? Learning about dinosaurs helps kids understand animals in general. Dinosaur toys for kids interested in animals should be on the more realistic side. Choose detailed dino models over motorized animatronic cyber-dino toys.

On the other hand, some kids are much more interested in the modern-day discovery aspect of dinosaurs. These kids likely relate to the Dr. Grant character from Jurassic Park. How are the fossils discovered? What scientific methods are used to learn about these ancient creatures? Learning about paleontology introduces kids to concepts like the scientific method and other STEM skills.

For children who like the paleontology aspect of dinosaurs, consider toy fossil hunting kids. You might also be able to visit a dig site in area, or check out some fossils at your local museum. Toys, where the child assembles toy dinosaur bones to create a complete skeleton, are also popular.

But dinosaurs don’t have to always be about real-world subjects. Many teachers and other education professionals have noticed that dinosaurs are often very effective at boosting creativity and imagination in kids. Many kids love writing about dinosaurs, drawing dinosaurs and otherwise just enjoying creative dinosaur-related play.

What are the Different Types of Dinosaur Toys?

Many dinosaur toys are low-tech classics. You probably played with similar toys yourself as a child! Durable plastic dinosaurs will probably always be fun for kids of all ages.

When shopping for a young child, you’ll want to make sure the dino toys are made from durable, non-toxic plastic. Babies and toddlers are drawn to bright colors (which are really the only types of colors they can see). So they respond to sets where each dino is a different bright color.

Older kids often like more complex and challenging dino toys. Model kits where toy bones are used to build a skeleton are often popular. Additionally, once kids can read, they often like toys which include fun factual information about dinosaurs.

High-tech, electronic dinosaur toys are also widely available and very popular. Dinosaurs which walk or patrol around a room and otherwise engage with kids in real-time are often a great way to slowly introduce the concept of pet ownership. Plus, electronic toys with a high degree of interactivity can become a dino buddy kids will bond with.

Are Dinosaur Toys Dangerous?

Not particularly. As with any toy, the main safety issue is age appropriateness. Above all, make sure the toy won’t be a choking hazard for the child. For babies and young children, dinosaur toys should have no small pieces, even if they seem securely attached to a larger part of the toy.

Also make sure the toy isn’t too hard. Some of the larger plastic dinosaurs can pack quite a wallop. Young kids often wave their toys around wildly, which can accidentally cause injury. The younger the child, the softer the toy should be. Look for soft, hollow plastic toys and stuffed animals.

Make sure any motorized toys can be operated by the child. While some electronic toys only have a simple on/off switch, others have more programmable play modes which younger kids might be confused by.

How Realistic Should Dinosaur Toys Be?

Dinosaur toys vary from scientifically accurate to cartoony and everything in-between. Does the degree of accuracy matter? Generally, not really. If the child is interested in learning about dinosaur facts, then detailed models might be more appealing to him or her.

But a fun, cartoony dinosaur can also be a comforting pal. Plenty of dinosaur toys aren’t designed to be realistic at all. Barney is a good example of a cartoon-type toy which kids love to play with.

Final Thoughts

Even though they went extinct millions of years ago, dinosaurs still have plenty to teach us about science, history and more. Plus, unlike dragons, superheroes and other popular toys, dinosaurs actually existed! Kids are often fascinated with the idea they live on the same planet as these ancient beasts.

This fascination means dinosaurs are a great vehicle for teaching kids about all kinds of subjects. They help kids learn about animals, fossils, history and more. Dinosaur toys help boost both STEM and creative skills. Plus, dinosaur toys are dino-sized fun!

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