7 Perfect Show and Tell Ideas for Kids

Is there any school activity more fun than Show and Tell?

Of course, more than a good time, Show and Tell also helps teach valuable communication and social skills. If the teacher centers Show and Tell time around a specific lesson, it can help children make connections between the item they choose and what they’ve learned in class.

If your child is in the spotlight soon, you may be wondering what he or she should take to school. As a general tip, it will be easier to let your child decide, within reason, what to take because he or she will have an easier time talking about it.

Here are 7 Show and Tell ideas for you and your kids to consider:

Vacation Item

Summer vacations and holidays with the family are rich sources of Show and Tell material. Ask your child if they have a favorite vacation memory and choose an item that represents that moment in time.

This could be a collection of seashells from last summer’s trip to the beach, the ticket stubs from Disneyland, a souvenir from a museum or zoo, a map of a town they visited, or a set of photos showing your child’s favorite vacation moments.

Favorite Hobby

Does your child love to sing, dance, swim, collect rocks? Kids love to show off unique talents and hobbies, and Show and Tell time gives them the perfect outlet to do so.

Singers can bring in a small karaoke machine and sing their favorite songs. Dancers and gymnasts can show the class a couple of moves. Athletes can bring in awards and trophies, videos from events, or something else representing their love of the sport. If your child is a collector, have them bring in their rock/card/coin/sticker collection to pass around the class.

Whatever it is, your child will love sharing such an essential part of his or her life, and the classmates will enjoy the performance!

Arts and Crafts

Creative kiddos will love sharing their masterpieces with classmates. Have them bring in their drawings and paintings, clay figures, Lego creations, poems, and photographs. You could also create something, especially for Show and Tell. There are tons of arts and crafts ideas for kids online, but to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few suggestions:

  • A piece of jewelry
  • Painted stones
  • Origami
  • Bookmark (pair with their favorite book)
  • Thumbprint family tree
  • Collage

Check out the Best Art Sets for Kids for even more inspiration.

Fun Outfit

Does your little one consider a mermaid tail, tutu, and cowboy boots appropriate school attire? If so, Show and Tell may be the perfect opportunity for her to show off her style. Whether it’s a superhero costume, a pair of pajamas, or a whimsical mix of your child’s favorite pieces of clothing, letting them dress up for Show and Tell is a great way to help them express themselves.

Beloved Toy

Many kids have one toy they cherish above all the rest. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, this particular toy goes with your child everywhere. It might be a one-eyed bear lovingly passed down from an older generation, a mini-robot your child assembled in one sitting, or an action figure that has a regular seat at the dinner table.

Whatever the case, if your child has a lot of pride in a particular toy, it’s an excellent choice for Show and Tell. The more excited kids are about their item, the more engaging their accompanying story will be, which will, in turn, keep the class interested as well.

Seasonal Item

Sometimes having a theme can help guide children to a particular item. If your child is having a hard time choosing an object for Show and Tell, consider having them pick something seasonal. For example, if it’s wintertime, ask them what their favorite thing about winter is and find something related to their answer. Heads up – they’ll probably say Christmas!

Another way to do this is by asking them what their favorite season is and choosing an object related to that season. They could even fill a shoebox with small seasonal items they enjoy. If their favorite season is summer, the shoebox might contain a bottle of sunblock, a pair of sunglasses, a picture of the sun, a sunflower, or whatever your child associates with that time of year.

Edible Treat

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to yummy treats! Consider having your child pick out their favorite sweet or salty snack and whipping up a batch (or purchasing) to share with the class. This is an especially great idea for kids who have an interest in cooking & baking.

Maybe your daughter loves Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, or your son has fallen head over heels for dried banana chips. If the snack is easy enough to make and your child feels like they have something to say about it, then clear the kitchen and prepare the mixing bowls!

More Than Showing and Telling

Kids who are of the Show-and-Tell age may not have years of worldly experience, but they have plenty to share. Through Show and Tell, children get to know one another and practice important social skills. They not only learn how to communicate and engage an audience, but they understand the importance of listening to others.

Ultimately, Show and Tell is great for community building, self-confidence, and showing children that their lives matter outside of school. By presenting and talking about an important item or activity to a group, your child gets a unique opportunity to share something about their lives while also learning skills to help them in the future.

Brett Gordon

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