What Are The Best Robot Toys For Kids? (2020 Edition)

Best Robot ToysRobots are more popular, and more advanced, than ever before. The best robot toys aren’t just a fun diversion, they’re also an incredibly effective teaching tool. A quality robot kit can help a kid to improve cognitive functions, problem-solving abilities, coding knowledge and more.

Here are 10 of the best robot toys for 2020:

Sphero Original BB-8

Awaken the Force in your own home with this fully controllable BB-8 from Sphero.


  • Detailed BB-8 replica
  • Multiple follow modes
  • Wireless charging with 60-minute battery life


  • Moves poorly on thick carpet

Let’s be honest: Pretty much everyone who saw The Force Awakens wanted a personal BB-8 all their own. Sphero’s BB-8 is a fun companion with a lot of personality. He can be controlled with an app, voice commands or even Force-inspired hand motions.

With a waterproof polycarbonate shell, BB-8 is tough and ready to play. Can be controlled by a Bluetooth Smart connection within a 30-meter range. Includes iOS and Android apps. You can also add the Force Band, which allows you to direct BB-8 with gestures.

Like Anki Cozmo, BB-8 can explore on his own or be guided by you. He can also be used to make and view audio recordings, which are called “holographic messages.” With a 60-minute battery life, BB-8 isn’t just a toy, he’s a friend.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Batbot

This transforming Fisher-Price Batbot offers tons of remote-controlled fun.


  • Unique robotic Batman vehicle
  • Over 100 sounds effects
  • Transforms from robot to tank
  • Includes Batman action figure


  • Only includes four launcher disks

It’s Batman – but with a fun robotic twist. The Batbot is a remote-controlled robot that transforms into an armored Bat Tank. When it’s time to fight crime, the Batbot can shoot four rapid-fire disks. Also has lights, 100 sounds effects and two different play modes: Systems Check and Mission Mode.

Includes a bat-shaped remote control, four launcher disks and even a small Batman figure. The figure fits right into the driver’s seat of the Batbot. Plus, additional figures – including many from Batman’s famous Rogue’s Gallery – are also available.

Spin Master Zoomer Dino

The Spin Master Zoomer Dino is a robot T-Rex pal who can dance, roar and even follow you around the house.


  • Fun zooming, dancing dinosaur
  • Interactive with lots of personality
  • Fun for kids ages five and up


  • One-hour charging times

Meet Zoomer, the speedy dinosaur companion. This T-Rex styled robot uses True Balance Technology to zip around the house with perfect balance. This robot kit can not only sense where you are but can also follow you around.

Perfect to help kids to meet the responsibilities of owning a pet. Boomer is also highly interactive. He can dance, run, bite and roar. You can even pull his tail (which makes him angry!). Toy includes a control pod and USB charging cable.

ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot

The ZOOB BuilderZ lets kids unleash their creativity by building their own robot with lights, wheels and more.


  • Build the robot yourself from the ground up
  • Hands-on, fun activity for playtime
  • Remote control included
  • Great for parents and kids working together


  • Light-up robot eyes require batteries

Playing with a robot kit can be a great time, but building them is also fun, too! The ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot includes 49 pieces, four ties, two wheels, two motor assemblies and more. Kids ages nine and up can build their own robot. Parents can help, too, making this a great project for kids and adults to enjoy together. Average build time is about half an hour.

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

The LEGO Robo Explorer can be built into three different toys.


  • High-quality LEGO construction
  • Can be made into a robot, bird or dog
  • Models have lights and moving parts


  • Robot does not move on its own

The LEGO Creator Robo Explorer is actually three toys in one. You can build a Robot Explorer, Robot Bird or Robot Dog. Each model features a variety of lights and rotating parts. Only one model can be made at a time.

The main draw here is building and creating. The robot does not drive on its own. However, you can expand any of three models as much as you like with additional LEGO.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘N Tag Movi

Give young kids a head start on robotic concepts with the Fisher-Price Movi.


  • Fun, educational robot for toddlers
  • Includes six games
  • Promotes mental and physical activity


  • Requires four C batteries

Like Anki Cozmo, Movi is a fun robot friend designed to teach toddlers many basic concepts. With over 60 different facial expressions, this happy little guy plays games which help develop critical thinking, motor skills and more. Kids can learn shapes, letters and animal sounds while also playing games like Movi Says and Red Light Green Light.

Movi can move in 360 degrees. He talks, sings and rolls. Games teach preschoolers how to listen, follow directions and otherwise prepare for kindergarten. Operates on four C batteries.

Ozobot Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Kids learn coding by using special markers to create a path for Evo.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Fun, versatile robot which kids can easily control
  • Evo moves, makes sounds and flashes lights
  • Can share coding creations with friends
  • Remote control included


  • Relatively expensive

This pocket-sized robot is a fun and novel way to introduce coding to kids ages eight and up. Using special markers, kids draw codes on either paper or tablet screens. Then Evo follows these codes; the robot can move, play sounds and even follow your finger. You can even share Evo Drive codes with your friends.

Evo is the Toy Insider’s Top Holiday Toy for 2017 as well as the winner of the Academic’s Choice Brain Toy Award. Perfect for any STEM-inclined kids, EVO includes four markers, a charging cable and over 20 games.

SmartGurlz with Maria Doll

Maria and her scooter teach basic coding with style.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Cool, girl-friendly robot toy
  • Great paly time fun
  • Combines coding with fashion
  • Includes books about the SmartGurlz universe


  • One-hour playtime with 9V battery (more when using USB chargeable battery)

Not all robots need a sci-fi style. The Maria Doll from SmartGurlz isn’t an armored mechanical superhero. Instead, she’s a very relatable girl with red scooter named Siggy. Kids use the included SugarCoded app to control Siggy with either preset commands or a direction pad.

Includes a variety of fun, educational games. Kids learn basic coding logic while guiding Maria and Siggy through different adventures. Aside from coding, kids can become more involved with the world of Smartgurlz through a series of E-books. Perfect for any kids ages five and up who aren’t interested in the look of other robot toys.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Create your own Star Wars robot with the Droid Inventor Kit

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Build your own Droid
  • Great fun to play with
  • Includes 20 authentic Star Wars sounds
  • 22 missions with six dedicated entirely to coding


  • Relatively expensive
  • Doesn’t work with Amazon smart devices

It should be no surprise that more than one Star Wars toy found its way on the list. Kids can create their own droids with this toy robot kit. Includes 22 missions to help invent completely new Droids and give them a personality all their own.

Once built, your new Droid is controlled by either an iPhone or Android device. Kit includes electronic blocks, Droid parts, app and a nine-volt battery. This award-winning toy is simple enough for young kids to enjoy but can complex enough for preteens and teens.

The Best Robot Toys FAQ

There are lots of robot toys out there, and the variety can be confusing when shopping for the best one. You want to make sure the toy is safe, fun and age-appropriate. Robot toys range from very simple to fairly intricate. The best robot toys are engaging for the child but also aren’t too overwhelming for his or her abilities. Here’s a look at the questions to ask when shopping for a robot toy:

What Age is the Child?

When selecting a robot toy, carefully consider the child’s age as well as their physical and mental development. If a robot toy is too complicated, the child is likely to be frustrated. If the toy is too simple, the child is likely to be bored.

Generally, younger children like simpler robot toys like Movi. Toddlers and preschoolers typically respond well to robot companions. Robots which move helps kids develop balance and other motor skills. They’re also great exercise.

Starting in elementary schools and heading into preteen and teenage years, kids generally prefer robot toys with more complex features. Toys like Evo teach coding and more advanced concepts. Instead of increasing motor skills, they help develop cognitive development and coding.

Kids of all ages like robot toys which involve building and creating. For instance, LEGO and ZOOM robot toys can be as simple or complex as the user wants. As the child ages, the toys can grow with them as they learn how to build more intricate structures. These types of robot toys are a great choice for children who are passing from one development stage into another.

How Well Made is the Toy?

The quality of a toy robot toy is determined by both the technology used and the overall durability. Technology determines how well the robot moves, senses objects and can be controlled. Because most robot toys primarily operate on batteries, you’ll want to look at both battery life and recharging time. Robot toys aren’t very fun if they don’t have a decent run time.

You also want to make sure the toy is sturdy. After all, kids aren’t always gentle with their toys. The toy’s construction should be able to withstand an occasional drop or other rough play. Mobile robots are usually pretty sturdy, and best for younger kids. Coding-based robots are usually better for older kids who can be a bit more responsible.

How Safe is the Toy?

The toys listed above are all very safe. Of course, you always want to follow the recommended age guidelines, especially when the robot has small parts which could be a choking hazard. Additionally, check that your little one has enough balance to run around near a robot without it becoming a tripping hazard.

Older kids can usually safely recharge batteries. Most robot toys are recharged using a USB cord or something similar. Young kids should always be supervised whenever doing anything related to batteries or electrical outlets.

What Benefits Do Robot Toys Have?

Boys and girls of all ages benefit both mentally and physically from toy robots. Little ones learn motor skills from running around with robot companions. As kids grow older, builder-based robot toys like LEGO help develop fine motor coordination and critical thinking skills.

Robot toys also help kids think in three-dimensions. They can see the results of their coding in real-time when the robot moves, makes noise and otherwise acts. Kids will learn to see the larger picture behind how machines work.


Robots are programmed for great for playtime fun! From a simple toy robot that rolls around the floor to more advanced robots you build and control, there are many options available for kids of all ages. The best robot toys are safe, durable and educational. Robot toys help kids stay active, learn coding and otherwise engage both their bodies and minds. Make sure to check if batteries are included on the model you choose!

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