Simple Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Your Young Child

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It happens to the best of us; Halloween sneaks up out of nowhere, and we realize that we don’t have a costume for our children. If you find yourself without a kid’s Halloween costume near the end of October, don’t panic. There are plenty of last-minute costumes that you can create yourself.


Bird costumes are exceptionally easy to make, and you can create an adorable one in just a matter of an hour or so. All you need is a monochromatic colored outfit and a long scarf or shawl for wings. Paint your child’s face to resemble a birdlike creature, and you’re all set. If you want to get a little bit more detailed, you can even put felt cut-outs on the costume to look like feathers.


What kid doesn’t want to be an astronaut? Fortunately, you can help them shoot for the stars with a DIY astronaut costume. All you need is a monochromatic outfit and a few patches that say NASA, which you can print yourself right offline.

Print out an extra patch with your child’s name on it, and your little astronaut will be ready to head out for some trick or treating. If you want to make the costume shine, you can always dress up like an alien to be the extraterrestrial counterpart to your space explorer.


Superman costumes are incredibly easy to make, and all that you need are a pair of Superman pajamas and a dressier outfit on the top. For boys, pair the Superman pajamas with a cute dress suit with the shirt unbuttoned to show off the Superman logo.

Little girls can wear this look just as well. Simply pair the Superman pajamas with a button-up dress or a cute top and skirt. You don’t have to be limited to Superman either. This look can efficiently work with Batman, Wonder Woman, or virtually any other hero from the Marvel or D.C. Universes.


These days, bees are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. These friendly ambassadors from the insect world are single-handedly saving our food supply and keeping our gardens lush and full of flowers. Celebrate their contributions by dressing up your child as a bee for Halloween.

The costume is simple; you just need either a black tee or yellow tee that you can stitch, glue, or even pin black or yellow fabric strips onto for that signature bee striped effect. Then, you can make your antennae with a black headband fixed with pipe cleaners. Stinger optional!


Most kids absolutely love the Minions from Despicable Me, and the look is easy to create with items that are virtually guaranteed to be in your child’s wardrobe already. The only things that you need to pull off the Minion look effectively are a yellow shirt, hat, and a cute pair of overalls. If your kid has a yellow shirt with a logo on it, don’t worry. You can always turn it inside-out to create the look. Black gloves and goggles round off the look nicely.

Black Cat

Perhaps the easiest DIY costume ever, black cats are a godsend for those times that Halloween has totally slipped your mind. All you need for this costume are black clothes, a black headband, some construction paper, and black eyeliner. Simply dress your child in black garments, glue or pin black triangles onto the headband to resemble ears, and draw on a cat nose and whiskers with the eyeliner.

Fairy Princess or Prince

You don’t really need much beyond what your child already has in their closet to make this look work. Most kids have dress-up clothes, so just put your child in their finest attire and pop a pair of store-bought or handmade wings on their back.

A magic wand completes the look. Magic wands are exceptionally easy to make. Just take a round, wooden dowel and top it with a cut-out star. You can make your star out of anything that you’d like, but glitter looks absolutely fabulous when paired with the rest of the outfit.


Of course, you could always go in entirely the opposite direction and dress your child up as a vampire. Vampires are popular with both children and adults, and it’s a fun excuse for the kids to play with your makeup, with your permission, of course. Although traditional vampires wore long black robes and capes, today’s vampires can come dressed in street clothes instead. All you really need is some deep red lipstick and fake vampire teeth to complete the look.

Starry Sky

This look lets your child be the very center of the universe, and it’s easy to make with just a monochromatic outfit and some items from the craft store. Dress your child in an outfit that’s heavy on deep blues or blacks to mimic the night sky, and then add on the accessories.

Cut out tiny stars and planets from different colored construction paper and top them with some bright glitter for a fun, far-out effect. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what you can do with this outfit. It’s creative, and your child can be out the door within about an hour.


If your kid prefers to explore the deep sea rather than the far reaches of space, suit them up in a cute diver outfit. You will need a monochromatic outfit, preferably a jumpsuit, a pair of flippers, and an “oxygen tank” made out of twin soda bottles.

Make your soda bottle tank by spray painting two-liter soda bottles and then binding them together with duct tape. Then, you can make a hole in the sides of each bottle and run a belt through. Secure the strap around the side of your little diver’s chest, and you’re done.

Last-minute Halloween costumes can be just as creative as those you’ve spent months working on. Next time you’re in a jam, select an outfit from this list.

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