The Best Toys for 9-Year-Old Boys – 2022 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 9 year old boys

Your 9-year-old boy is at a stage where he’s going to get a lot done. At this stage in his life, he’s learning constantly and understanding more than he ever has.

At 9, you can expect him to be seeking approval, knowing right from wrong, and understanding rules. This can mean more interest in organized sports, board games, and reading. If done properly, you can help them thrive through this growing up experience with some great toys!

See Our Picks For The Best Toys For 9-Year-Old Boys in 2022

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Assembling this LEGO set will be a huge accomplishment for your 9-year-old.


  • Detailed instructions serve as a learning opportunity for follow directions and not rushing.
  • Smaller pieces promote a high level of focus in order to complete a task.
  • Your child will feel a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment when they complete it.


  • Children may need some adult assistance to complete, depending on the child.

The fun part about having a 9-year-old in your life is that he’s finally ready to tackle bigger projects that have smaller details. He’s ready to move on from jumbo blocks to somewhat more intense building activities. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon not only features some of his favorite characters, but it sets a goal for him to accomplish.

Assembling this Star Wars LEGO set will be a huge accomplishment for your 9-year-old. After following all the instructions, he’ll be able to first be proud of himself for building such a cool toy, then second be able to play with it.

Suspend Family Game

This game is an affordable option that will provide hours of skill-testing fun.


  • Excellent for developing hand-eye coordination
  • A unique alternative to Jenga-style games


  • Easy to lose pieces
  • Potential choking hazard for younger siblings

This fun game from Melissa & Doug will test your 9-year-old’s ability to balance while building! From a company that encourages creativity and imagination, this toy provides an opportunity for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination.

Simple in its concept, this game involves hanging wire pieces onto a stand, one at a time. With each piece added, the balance changes. Try to add all of the pieces without them collapsing! For 1-4 players, Suspend can be a great quiet activity for boys to play themselves while building their cognitive skills. Families and friends can play together for a more exciting version.

Suspend offers some flexibility in gameplay since players can choose whether this game is cooperative or competitive.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

The book covers everything from treehouse building and fishing to making paper airplanes and figuring out girls.


  • The book is very insightful with great lessons that are also fun.
  • Includes lessons on how to earn merit badges as a scout.
  • Reading helps to further develop cognitive skills.
  • Teaches useful skills and facts with good moral incentives.


  • Reading level has been said to be a little higher than the recommended age—best to buy for advanced readers, or to read with your 9-year-old.

You may find that your 9-year-old has developed a greater interest in reading. Since they’ve learned a lot up to this point regarding language, reading becomes much less frustrating and is great for imaginations. The Dangerous Book for Boys not only allows your reader to flourish, but it’s full of essential boyhood skills.

This well-written general guide for boys will surely spark your 9-year-old’s interests, especially since they are constantly changing at this age. This book will teach him a variety of skills and lessons that will stay with him throughout his life. You’ll get bonus points for this if he’s a boy scout, but even those who aren’t will enjoy all this book has to offer.

Outdoor Exploration Set

The 6-in-1 Outdoor Exploration Set will tap into your young boy’s inner explorer.


  • Promotes outdoor activities.
  • Includes binoculars, a whistle, a flashlight, a compass, and a magnifying glass.
  • The flashlight is rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries.
  • Everything comes with a convenient drawstring backpack for easy storage and carrying.
  • Items are lightweight and easy for kids to use while still being functional.


  • Original packaging isn’t very appealing to kids—many people unpack if it’s a gift and put everything in the backpack to be more presentable.

9-year-old boys are always on the move, and that’s a good thing! While his curiosity and awareness of the world around him is growing, he’ll love having the tools necessary to learn more about it.

The variety and versatility of this gift will certainly be a hit with your 9-year-old. He’ll love going on adventures with his friends to use his new tools, and having his own set of exploration equipment will make him feel grown-up and responsible.

Gravity Maze

This single-player game is an excellent choice for boys who enjoy spending time on their own.


  • Excellent for STEM enthusiasts
  • An interesting spin on puzzle-style toys
  • Forces kids to get creative


  • Pieces may break easily

The Gravity Maze is a unique spin on marble runs. With this game, players are provided with challenge cards that give partial instructions to set up the maze. Players must figure out where to place the towers so that the marble will run from the starting point to the end tower.

It’s also a great way to keep your 9-year-old busy while you’re making dinner! Each game comes with 60 different challenges, so kids can play for as little or as long as they like.

Kids will develop cognitive skills, visual and spatial perception, and learn about mechanics and gravity. The small towers will also build fine motor skills.

National Geographic Break Open 4 Geodes Kit

9-year-old boys will be amazed at what they find when they use science to open these rocks.


  • Scientific exploration and experimentation will be like a treasure hunt for your kid.
  • Promotes an appreciation of nature and geology.
  • National Geographic provides only the highest quality in their products.
  • Kids can discover and keep beautiful and amazing crystals.
  • Geodes are real and sourced from mines around the world.


  • Set only includes one display stand for four geodes.
  • Rocks can be difficult to break open; parental help may be required.

During this time in life, 9-year-old boys are discovering what they love. Since they are still figuring out what’s out there for them, their interests may be many and various. National Geographic’s Break Open 4 Geodes Kit is a great way for them to explore their scientific interests.

9-year-old boys will be amazed at what they find when they use science to open these rocks. When they do so, they’ll get to display the reward for their effort right in their own bedroom.

Awesome Jokes Every Kid Should Know


  • Contains hundreds of jokes
  • All jokes are clean and age-appropriate
  • Promotes independent readings
  • Helps develop self-confidence


  • Joke quality varies significantly

What’s the best way to buy wallpaper online? Just cut and paste! While that might not be the best joke you’ve ever heard, nine-year-old boys love it. This joke book is packed with hundreds of jokes and tongue twisters.

All of the jokes are squeaky clean and age-appropriate. It features both classic jokes and hilarious originals. Jokes cover a wide range of subjects.

Joke books encourage independent reading. Plus, they help encourage self-confidence. They can repeat the jokes to peers and be the star of the playground.

Smart Circuits


  • Versatile electronic kit with over 50 different projects
  • The detailed 48-page instruction book is packed with kid-friendly info
  • Includes a wide range of modules and electronics gear
  • Provides a deep introduction to electrical engineering


  • Wires can have a loose fit

Make connections with the Smart Circuits Electronics Lab. The kit lets kids explore the world of electronics by creating working games and gadgets. Kids can create an electronic drum kit, motion-sensor alarm, quiz show game and more.

The set includes six baseboards, a microprocessor, tricolor LED module, speaker module, 31 jumper wires, two push-button modules and more.

The 48-page instruction book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for 50 different projects. Plus, they can create unique creations, too. The lessons introduce kids to the basics of electrical engineering, lights, and sounds.

Laser Tag Set from Play22


  • Encourages active group play
  • Includes four guns and chest plates
  • Allows up to four teams to play together


  • Large games require multiple sets

Pew! Pew! Pew! Laser tag is enjoying a huge boost in popularity lately, and it’s easy to see why. Laser tag provides great exercise, helps develop gross motor skills and promotes teamwork.

This kit from Play22 has everything you need for a full day of fun. It includes four guns and chest plates. Each gun and plate combo is a different color. Up to four teams of people can play together, and the plates will keep track of hits accordingly.

The guns toggle between four different types. The pistol holds 12 “bullets” and reduces opponent health by one point. The shotgun and machine gun both have six shots but reduce health by two points. Finally, the rocket launcher fires a single shot which takes away three points.

Chain Reactions Craft Kit from LEGO and Klutz


  • Lets kids create funny, odd machines
  • Introduces STEM concepts related to engineering and motion
  • Includes 33 LEGO bricks, additional gear, and detailed instructions


  • Many moving pieces
  • Some machines are more interesting than others

It’s LEGO with a fun and chaotic twist. Kids use their ordinary LEGO bricks as the foundation for ten different Rube-Goldberg-like machines. They can build contraptions which ring a bell, toss a gum wrapper into a garbage can or complete a variety of other small tasks.

The kit includes 33 LEGO pieces, ten modules, six plastic balls, string, paper ramps and more. The 80-page instruction book, created by Klutz, provides clear building instructions. It also works with other LEGO bricks.

The point isn’t to create useful machines. Instead, building these goofy devices helps kids learn about engineering, physics, and cause and effect. Kids will have a blast building and using these unique moving machines.

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

The pitching machine helps to promote hand-eye coordination and gives kids a physical outlet. It comes with six balls, but you can add three more for a total of nine at a time.


  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes physical development
  • Can encourage team or group play
  • Hands-on activity to get energy out


  • Need plenty of space outside or a net to play
  • Cannot change how often balls pitch

Getting kids involved with sports at a young age helps promote teamwork, social skills, communication, and physical development. This pitching machine from Franklin Sports is a great way to help kids practice their skills in the backyard or get them interested in baseball without the schedule of little league.

Flybar Pogo Ball

An excellent choice for the 9-year-old who needs to burn off some energy, the Flybar Pogo Ball is a fun take on a traditional pogo stick.


  • Strong and tested for safety
  • Multiple patterns for kids who like to stand out
  • Helps with balance and coordination


  • Not a good toy for indoor use

This toy comes in several different colors and patterns, including Robot, Dino, and Pizza.

The durable deck features extra-strong grip tape to provide traction for your child. Designed for kids who weigh up to 160 pounds, this pogo ball has been tested for safety and durability. Flybar will even provide a replacement ball in the event that your original is damaged.

Your child will have loads of fun building their gross motor skills and working on their balance. The pogo ball has a convenient carrying handle for bringing it along to the park, and a pump is also included for reinflating the ball. This toy offers great value and hours of active fun!

K’Nex K-Force Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

The kit comes with 165 pieces and is moderately difficult to put together.


  • 165 pieces that help you build four different models
  • Use the bow after the build
  • Compatible with the rest of the K-Force Build and Blast line
  • Encourages STEM learning and creativity


  • Only comes with five darts
  • Not a bow and arrow style bow

If your child already enjoys K’Nex, then the K-Force line is a natural progression. He can use his imagination to build four different targets and blasters and then play with them after.

Keep in mind; this isn’t a true bow and arrow style bow; it’s more of a crossbow, so if you’re looking to get your child interested in archery, this may not be the toy for you. Overall it’s a fun toy that helps to build STEM skills before and after building.

Razor Spark Kick Scooter

The Razor Spark encourages physical activity and helps to improve balance and core strength.


  • Fun spark effect when you brake
  • Works as a mode of transportation or a toy
  • Teaches balance and core strength
  • Folds up for easy storage and carrying


  • Doesn’t work well on uneven pavement or gravel
  • Sparks don’t last long

Scooters are all the rage as a fun mode of transportation for kids and adults alike, which makes this Razor scooter a fun option for your nine-year-old. For added fun, this scooter comes with a fun sparking effect when you hit the breaks. It’s a great way for your kids to show off around the neighborhood.

Nerf Fortnite TS-R Blaster and Llama Targets

Nerf guns are always a hit with young boys, but add the thrill of Fortnite, and you’ve got a very cool toy.


  • Accurate replica of the Fortnite blaster
  • Can blast four darts in a row from blast chamber
  • Foam darts fly far but won’t hurt if your child gets hit
  • Llama targets create a fun way to create a competition or practice accuracy


  • Targets are quite small
  • Bullets can jam because of how you load them

This blaster comes with eight total darts and can shoot up to four at a time. It also includes small llama targets to help your child with target practice. The targets are a fun way of encouraging competition with friends and family that doesn’t involve shooting each other too.

littleBits Base Inventor Kit

littleBits does a great job of creating exciting STEM learning toys that encourage creativity and a love of learning.


  • Beginner level STEM learning opportunity
  • Leaves room for creativity
  • Everything, even the battery, is included
  • Compatible with an inventor app


  • Cardboard and paper add-ons are flimsy
  • Need the app for build instructions

The Base Inventor Kit is a nice option if you’re looking to begin encouraging STEM toys for your child. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, but they leave the process open for your child’s ideas and creativity as well.

Some of the included add-ons are a bit flimsy, but you can easily replace them if necessary.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Although it’s a simple option, a soccer ball is a nice option for encouraging socialization and physical play.


  • No setup involved
  • Easy to play with alone or with friends and family
  • Fun for backyard play, in the park, or at school
  • Encourages physical activity


  • May need a net as well
  • Kids may lose interest

Sports are a great way of keeping your kids physically active and encouraging teamwork. This traditional soccer ball by Wilson is a fantastic option if you have a sports-oriented child or if you’d like to encourage your child to play soccer. The ball is durable and holds air well as long as it’s not out during drastic temperature changes too often.

Slap Ninja Game

This is a fun game, but might not be appropriate for all kids. It can get very competitive but encourages good sportsmanship and socialization.


  • Encourages semi-competitive, social play
  • Fun lights and sounds
  • Batteries included


  • Must have two people to play
  • Losing zap may not be appropriate for all kids

Slap Ninja is a unique game that lets you play as either the ninja master or the student. The goal is for the student to grab a coin without getting slapped away by the master. The game speaks to you and lights up as you play. The ninja master taunts the student, and in the end, if the student fails, they get zapped lightly.

Air Hogs Zero-Gravity Laser-Guided Real Wall Climbing Remote Control Race Car

The car is rechargeable via USB, and the battery lasts for a couple of hours per charge.


  • Car will work on walls, floors, and ceilings
  • USB rechargeable batteries
  • Laser guidance system gives kids more control than ever
  • Super lightweight and easy to bring on travels


  • Laser light must be within one foot of the vehicle to work
  • Batteries for controller aren’t included

Remote control cars are a big winner for young boys, but one that can drive on the ceiling or around pictures on the wall is even cooler. Wherever your child points the laser from the remote, the car will go at high speeds. The bummer is that you’ll need to keep the laser within a foot of the car, so your child can’t play on the walls as they sit on the floor.

This car is an exciting new addition to the RC family and encourages physical movement along with exciting, high-speed play.

Ubongo Puzzle Game

Great for a family game night or solo play, this puzzle game will help boys with fine motor skill development.


  • Hundreds of puzzle options
  • Excellent for learning patterns and shapes


  • May be too complicated for younger siblings

In this puzzle game, players use three-dimensional blocks to create a pattern displayed on a card. With over 671 puzzles available to make, your 9-year-old will be busy for hours! Designed for ages eight and up, this game is fun for kids and adults.

Up to four people can compete while playing Ubongo to see who can replicate the pattern the fastest. Players receive colored gemstones when they finish first, providing an incentive for kids to play. Ubongo can also be played as a solo game where kids build spatial awareness while creating three-dimensional patterns.

Ubongo offers a great combination of learning and fun!

Best Toys for 9-Year-Old Boys FAQ

9 year old boys are finding their way in the world. They are constantly changing their minds, learning new skills, and adding to their list of hobbies. While it can be hard to keep up, it’s important to remember that the toys you gift to them play a significant role in their development.

What Do 9 Year Old Boys Like?

According to WebMD, a 9-year-old will start to show signs of independence. While your growing boy will still need you and look to you for help, you’ll notice that they care more about their own hobbies and developing friendships. 9 year old boys like to spend time with friends more, as their social skills are much stronger.

At this age, it is very common for boys and girls to split up. It would not be unusual for your 9-year-old boy to announce a dislike of girls. While this doesn’t always happen, it’s still very common.

With a longer attention span, your growing boy will develop more sophisticated hobbies, likes, and dislikes. He’ll be able to comprehend and focus on more complex games and sports, and he may be more interested in reading and learning about specific topics.

It can be hard to nail down exactly what a boy at the age of 9 likes because it’s likely that he’ll change his mind all the time. As he becomes more aware of his surroundings and discovers new activities, he’ll likely want to try them all. He’ll also want to do what his friends are doing due to his social development.

What Types of Toys Are Developmentally Appropriate for 9-Year-Old Boys?

It is important to keep your options open around this age. Your 9-year-old boy may be into soccer for a while, but suddenly his best friends are all joining the peewee football league, and now he wants to join. He may see something on TV that peaks his interest in science, or perhaps he wants to pick out a new book. He is realizing that there is so much in this world, and he’s going to want to try everything to figure out what he likes.

Some good toy ideas for 9-year-olds include:

  • Outdoor Equipment and Sporting Gear
  • Electronics
  • Complex Board Games
  • Hands-on Learning Activities
  • Books and Reading
  • Group and Social Games

At this point, it’s easy to see the boy-girl separation. While that’s not always the case, you’ll often see that even co-ed sports teams start to split up around this age. That’s because boys and girls are beginning to develop differently physically.

Key developmental milestones around this age are:

  • Physical development: at this age, physical growth between girls and boys starts to differ as some kids hit early puberty. Girls tend to experience growth spurts first, while boys will follow in later years. Sufficient amounts of physical and outdoor activity are important during this time to maintain healthy lifestyles and weights.
  • Speech development: at nine years old, his speech level is almost at the level of adults. He has an extensive vocabulary, he can form complicated sentences with a variety of words, and he can understand your words better. While you may have already started introducing more complicated activities and toys, now is when your child will truly start to grasp and develop these concepts further. He’ll want to try more new things and won’t be afraid of the unknown.

What Toys Are Safe for 9-Year-Old Boys?

Physically, your 9-year-old has continued to grow in size and strength. While he won’t be hitting his big growth spurt just yet, he has probably already figured out if he is good at sports or not. If he’s interested in sports like soccer, football, baseball, etc. it’s important to make sure he’s staying healthy and safe during these activities. Proper equipment is vital, and a balanced diet will help to make sure he’s keeping up with his peers.

During this time of growing up and independence, it may not be uncommon for your 9-year-old to think he can do it all. While he’s grown quite a bit, he still may not be ready to use the big steak knife at dinner, and he certainly shouldn’t be operating any heavy equipment on his own.

Your boy is going to want to climb things and jump off of them. He’ll want to ride his bike down big hills and go on exciting adventures. He’s physically capable of these things, but safety is still important as he may overestimate his skills or underestimate the task.

This is especially true if he’s with friends. Forms of peer pressure come into play at this age. His friends may try to persuade him to do things he’s not quite ready for, and they could result in him getting hurt. In order to promote safety and well-being, it’s important to discuss issues of peer pressure with your son.

Final Thoughts

Raising a 9-year-old boy is certainly an adventure. It can be worrisome at times and exciting at others. He’s going to want to do it all, and the best thing you can do is support him and give him the knowledge and tools he needs to stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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