The Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Boys – 2021 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 8 year old boys

When the little boy in your life turns 8, he is officially moving out of the “little kid” stage and moving into the “big kid” stage. In this stage of life, he’s starting to establish the way he relates to others and learning more complex rules of interactions and play. He is moving into more creative and elaborate thought processes and procedures. He may also be getting more involved with groups of (mainly) other boys, as boys and girls tend to split off more at this age.

Whether he’s your son, your little brother, or your grandchild, the gifts you give him now can help him develop further through this stage—or at least let him have fun!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

The kit carries 2 reload clips that hold six darts each, as well as 12 more Nerf Elite Darts.


  • The vest provides various and numerous storage spaces, including zippers, pouches, and loops.
  • Encourages play with others.
  • Folds well for easy storage.
  • Promotes camaraderie through Nerf gunplay.


  • Vests run a bit large even though it’s recommended at a starting age of 8.

Young boys—especially established Nerf lovers—will be thrilled to add this tactical vest to their repertoire. The vest makes it easy for more continuous play and will be great when your child is playing Nerf with his friends.

Since this is the age where more often than not, you’ll see boys and girls separate and choose different activities, this is the perfect time to tap into his thriving “boyishness.” This Nerf Tactical Vest kit allows him to use his favorite Nerf guns while carrying extra firepower.

4M Doodling Robot

The 4M Doodling Robot is great is your 8 year old is interested in art, along with something cool like robots.


  • Promotes creativity.
  • Gets kids away from electronics for some healthy arts and crafts.
  • Captures the attention of kids who have expressed interest in science or robotics.


  • The set up of this requires a screwdriver.
  • Kids may need help from an adult to read instructions and properly assemble.

As the little boy in your life grows, his interests become more diverse, and he may be interested in more complex toys than he was before. He can adjust the colors and the levels of the colored pens to create different works of art.

Science as a toy is a great way to aid your son, nephew, or grandson to have fun while he’s learning and growing. The arts add to a well-rounded childhood. Combining them with a robot just makes them twice as cool!

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

The Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit lets a boy be a boy while learning about the world of science and facts about their bodies. And to their enjoyment, it’ll probably keep the girls away!


  • Boys will enjoy all the fun, gross experiments while also learning important life science lessons.
  • A variety of features ensures children won’t get bored easily.
  • Experimenting will tap into your boy’s creativity.


  • Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Can be a little messy.

As young boys are starting to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings, their creativity is unlimited. When using toys like this, boys of this age can use their creativity and curiosity about life is a positive way, learning more about themselves and how the simple everyday things in their bodies work.

What 8 year old boy doesn’t love something with the word disgusting in it? During this phase in life, it’s pretty common for boys to be interested in things that are typically described by little girls as gross, slimy, dirty, yucky, etc.

RipStik Caster Board

The RipStik Caster Board will not only challenge 8-year-olds physically, but it will get your boys outside and learning a new skill.


  • Promotes improvement in balance.
  • Gets kids on their feet to do something active and contribute to exercise and health.
  • Traction pads on the top make it easier to stay on.


  • Recommended use is to only ride the RipStik outdoors, limiting boys to only nice days.

If little boys are anything, it’s active. At this point in their lives, getting physical activity is very important. They’re also getting to their age where they can attempt something a little tougher than a bike.

This toy is bound to be a hit with your 8-year-old. He’ll love showing it off to his friends and improving his skills, and you’ll love that he’s outside instead of sitting in front of the TV!

Jenga Classic Game

Some things never go out of style. That’s right; the classic Hasbro Game Jenga is still cool with kids.


  • The new, east put away package makes clean up simply.
  • The game teaches patience and concentration.
  • It can be played with a group, either friends or family!


  • This game can’t really be played by yourself.

This game is a few steps up from playing with blocks. It’s challenging enough to not get boring but easy enough to learn. 8-year-olds will be able to put patience into practice and learn how to concentrate and use a steady hand. And, it’s fun for the whole family!

This game can be a little tricky for the young ones, but once your child hits this age, he’s ready to take on the challenging balancing game.

Deluxe Magic Set

No matter what their interest, 8-year-olds have immense imaginations. While some may be into sports and some may love drawing, you may find your child fascinated with magic.


  • Beginner-level tricks are easy to grasp and perform for younger children.
  • Kids will develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • They’ll be thrilled to shock their family and friends with their newfound talents.
  • Carefully crafted pieces and easy to understand instructions make for quality tricks and learning.


  • Small pieces can slip through the storage bag easily and can get lost.

At this age, mystery and magic are fascinating to young children. With this magic set, an 8-year-old will love having the power to perform the same tricks that amazed them. They’ll want to show everyone and continue learning all the tips and tricks.

The Deluxe Magic Set is the perfect outlet to let them practice tricks and put on a show for the rest of the family.

5-in-1 Build and Play Toy Set by Simbans


    • 148-piece kit transforms into five different toy vehicles
  • Vehicles are made from durable, heavy-duty plastic
  • Construction instructions are simple and kid-friendly


  • Must disassemble one vehicle to build another

What’s more fun than playing with toy vehicles? Building those toys yourself. This 148-piece modeling kit lets kids build a car, truck, construction truck, helicopter or boat. A 28-page instruction booklet provides step-by-step instructions for creating each vehicle. Kids can create their own unique constructions, too.

Assembling the vehicles is a cross between model-making and LEGO. Kids use the included toy screwdriver and toy wrench. Models can be built, taken apart and re-built as often as you wish. The set helps kids learn about basic tool use while also developing fine motor control.

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit


  • Official Marvel product with ten superhero sounds
  • Customizable LED Matrix light design
  • Games related to coding are accessible through a smart device
  • A fun introduction to computer programming


  • Coding instruction is at a very beginner level

Eight-year-old Avengers assemble! This interactive Super Hero gauntlet is completely customizable with ten different official Marvel sound effects and a LED Matrix light design.

Kids can use any iPhone or Android device to program the gauntlet further. In-app games include Stealth Mode, Speed Tracker, Animation Creator and more. Voices available include Iron Man, Black Panther, Shuri, Ant-Man and The Wasp. Stickers are also included for even more customization.

The gauntlet is a great introduction to coding. Customization uses block-based coding which teaches basic programming concepts like loops and logic. The gauntlets effortlessly combine artistic play with STEM instruction.

Gravity Maze Marble Run from ThinkFun


  • Unique logic game combines motion and puzzle solving.
  • Instruction manual includes 60 puzzles of varying difficulty
  • Winner of numerous awards


  • Not much replay value after playing all 60 puzzles

There’s nothing else quite like the Gravity Maze. It’s a marble run meets a logic game plus a whole lot more. It includes three marbles, a game grid, one target piece, and 60 unique challenges.

The included instruction manual explains how to play each of the 60 games. They range in difficulty from beginner to expert so the child can tackle greater challenges as they become more familiar with the toy. Regular play helps develop spatial reasoning, planning, and engineering skills.

The Gravity Maze won Toy of the Year from the Toy Industry Association plus a Parents Choice Gold Award.

Epoch RC Cars for Kids


  • Durable, easy-to-drive RC car is perfect for kids
  • Awesome Wall Mode allows the car to drive on vertical surfaces
  • Includes three built-in rechargeable batteries
  • The infrared controller allows for easy, precise movements


  • Car requires a completely flat surface for best performance

On your mark, get set, race! This remote-controlled car doesn’t just zoom across flat floors; it can also climb walls! Switch from Floor to Wall mode to activate the vacuum system. The car can then race along walls, windows, mirrors, and even ceilings.

The infrared controller allows the “driver” to move in the car in any direction. You can also spin clockwise or counterclockwise to perform a variety of stunts. Rear and front lights flash based on the car’s movement direction.

The car includes three rechargeable batteries. A new charging cord has a light which changes color based on available battery life. The new cord is a vast improvement over the previous design, which gave no indication when charging was complete.

Spikeball Standard 3-Ball Kit

The Spikeball game is easy to play and easy to store as well.


  • Interactive game to play with friends or family
  • Keeps kids up and active
  • Can play outdoors or indoors
  • Spikeball app opens up the opportunity to find friends to play with nearby


  • Can be difficult to stretch net enough to get a consistent bounce
  • Materials don’t look worth the cost

Eight-year-old boys are active and starting to love more structured interactive play. Spikeball is a great game to help them bring those things together into one exciting game. They can play with one other person or several to make the game as competitive or laid back as they’d like.

The collapsible legs on the net stand help to ensure the game doesn’t break, and there’s a lifetime guarantee just in case something happens.

Home Alone Game

Introducing your kids to Home Alone is like a rite of passage at Christmas time. Adding this game is a great way to enjoy the movie a little bit longer.


  • Interactive game
  • Promotes creativity and logical reasoning
  • Can play as robbers or as Kevin
  • Encourages structured play


  • Require some bluffing, which parents may not want to encourage
  • Instructions can be a bit confusing at first

In the game, players either act as Kevin or as the robbers. The goal for the robbers is to collect $2000 in loot before the game is over. The goal for Kevin is to stop the robber from doing so through crazy antics, like the movie.

This game teaches kids social skills through structured play and simple fun. It’s a little complicated at first, so your child may want help understanding the instructions, but once they get it, they can play with friends or family members easily.

Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit

It can be a little tough to put together at first, but if you have a motivated kid on your list, this is a great option.


  • Teaches STEM skills, including basics of electrical circuits
  • Hands-on learning and play opportunity
  • Free access to the app and unlimited learning resources
  • Lights fit most bikes for lasting fun


  • Actual bike light isn’t very bright
  • Children may lose interest while putting it together without a parent’s help

STEM toys are all the rage, and this one is a great addition to the lineup. It helps kids to learn about consequences, engineering, electrical circuits, and more as they build their bike light. They can work on different sequences to help make the light brighter and last longer as well.

This Light Racer Kit also comes with unlimited access to online tools for more learning and building opportunities for kids.

MindWare Marble Circuit

Eight-year-old boys need structured learning opportunities, and that’s what the MindWare Marble Circuit provides.


  • 50 challenges to overcome
  • Teaches logic, reasoning, and strategy
  • New age look and bright colors
  • Easy to keep all pieces together


  • Single-player only

The MindWare Marble Circuit includes 50 challenge cards to help kids learn to advance their logic and reasoning skills. It requires strategy, which can help build STEM skills, and will help kids with school and sports. The fun look of this game is a great addition as well.

The only downside is that kids will have to play alone. This game is only for one person. If you get two, then your child can race their friends to solve challenges, which might be a fun option.

Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boys 2021 FAQ

8 year old boys are at a fun and exciting stage in their life. They are still young enough to have intense imaginations, but old enough to grasp more complex concepts and follow more detailed instructions. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell where to draw the line when looking into buying toys at this age. What’s too old, and what’s too young?

Here are some common questions and answers regarding 8-year-old boys and toys in 2021.

What Do 8 Year Old Boys Like?

According to Michelle Anthony, Ph.D., 8-year-old boys should be able to understand different points of views, recognize their own strengths, read fluently, and adjust to social rules—including more structured play time. Their creativity should be thriving but in a more elaborate and organized kind of way.

While you may be able to entertain younger children with meaningless activities and games that don’t make sense, an 8-year-old will probably enjoy something of more substance with more organization. Because they’re forming personalities, opinions, and learning to socialize more structurally, games, toys, and activities that include groups of kids their age are awesome for them.

Additionally, at this point, your child has developed likes, dislikes, and is geared more towards certain activities than others. You may find one 8-year-old likes to build and create, while another likes to play sports. Socialization is common and important at this age. Boys will often split off with other boys during this stage and be involved in structured games and activities.

What Types of Toys Are Developmentally Appropriate for 8-Year-Old Boy?

We’ve already seen that at the age of 8, young boys are very creative, adventurous, and active. They have great imaginations that now allow them to think in a clearer, more logical way. At the same time, they are on the cusp of developing their personality and wanting to showcase that.

Boys and girls will most likely do their own things at this stage. They both have “cooties” to one another, and they’re probably going to be interested in different activities. While girls might start getting their hands into makeup, boys may be into other things.

Good toys for 8-year-olds include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • More Elaborate Dolls or Action Figures
  • Outdoor Activity Equipment like Skateboards and Bats
  • Board Games
  • Experiments and Magic Sets

According to WebMD, by this age children are starting to get a feel for their place in the world. They’re getting a stronger grasp on opinions, feelings, and language.

Key developmental milestones around this age are:

  • Physical development: 8-year-olds move with more control and grace.
  • Fine motor skills development: they are able to dress themselves, brush their teeth, do their hair, and use basic kitchen implements and tools.
  • Large motor skills development: they will be able to change direction while running, jump, climb, and throw with accuracy.
  • Speech development: at eight years old, he is speaking fluently and using all speech sounds. He can speak in complex sentences and hold more adult conversations.

This is the time to start introducing more complicated toys, games, and activities into a young boy’s life. As he is starting to develop his unique personality, he is also learning. The toys he learns through now could determine his interests in the future.

What Toys Are Safe for One-Year-Old Boys?

Safe play is important at all ages. While your child grows and starts to understand more, they start to grasp more about what is safe and what is not. Since your 8-year-old is starting to understand more complex directions and statements, he probably knows a great deal about safety by now. For example, he should know that fire is hot, and if he touches it, he will get very hurt. Therefore, he shouldn’t touch it.

Additionally, since boys at eight years old are physically more balanced and stronger, they are able to handle more activities that wouldn’t be safe for younger children. For example, while an 8-year-old can start to learn how to ride a RipStik, anyone younger should not due to their lack of strength and balance.

That being said, eight is still young, and there are still safety precautions to keep in mind. 8-year-olds should not be using dangerous tools or sharp objects on their own. Toys that require excessive assembly using tools will call for adult supervision. Games that promote violence or require a high level of intelligence may be too much for an 8-year-old.

Now is the time to promote their individually developing personality and opinions. It’s also the time for them to start to grow more and understand complicated rules and activities. Team sports and group games are great for this age. Experimenting and learning are awesome too, as long as it’s safe and supervised.

A Last Word

Finding the perfect toy for any 8-year-old in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. While he is figuring out where he belongs and what he likes, the toys you get him can help him learn along the way.

It should be fun to know that you can start to move away from “little kid” toys and get your big boy more complicated, instruction-heavy activities like LEGOs, games, and electronic devices.

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