The Best Toys For 7-Year-Old Boys – 2022 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 7 year old boys

Searching for the best gifts for 7 year old boys in 2022 can feel a bit overwhelming. With so many different options on the market, selecting a great toy can feel like an impossible task.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best toys for 7-year-old boys here, and provided you with some helpful tips on how to select a toy that’s sure to be a winner.

Yuham Brand Magnetic Dart Board

For the active, competitive child, darts are a great way to expel some energy.


  • Ideal for solo or team plays
  • Teaches sportsmanship
  • It is portable


  • The board may not be water-resistant

This dart board has a different game on each side and can hang inside or outdoors with the attached lanyard. It’s more versatile than traditional dart boards but helps kids develop the same kinds of abilities.

This game is ideal to use anywhere and teaches kids how to play fair and take turns. Boys develop good eye-hand coordination and concentration skills and learn about teamwork.

The set includes 12 colorful safety darts in four colors with magnet tips in place of needles, so there is no fear of getting hurt or damaging any surfaces. The board consists of rubber steel with a velvet cover to protect your walls.

Marom Brand Stem Toys

This engineering building kit is perfect for the boy who loves to construct.


  • Ideal for the future engineer and mathematician
  • Develops self-confidence
  • Parts are nontoxic


  • Some parts may be too challenging for younger boys
  • Plastic parts may break

Seven-year-old boys are full of energy and need something to keep them busy, but technology has taken over old-fashioned creativity. Children need toys that engage them in active play while stimulating the mind and teaching them valuable skills without a screen.

Building things promotes creativity and critical thinking. This colorful set includes five vehicle models that your son can create with the help of a step-by-step instruction manual.

Each session, your child can choose between a plane, helicopter, motorcycle, race car, or bulldozer to assemble. The 150 BPA-free plastic pieces, including tools, are easy to clean and store. This toy helps build eye-hand coordination with fine motor skills and problem-solving.

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

Kids can use the included excavation tool and brush to dig through the excavation brick in search of the fossils inside.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Educational and fun
  • Affordable


  • Some buyers have complained that one of the fossils was missing

One thing that most 7 year old boys have in common is a love for dinosaurs, and this fun and educational gift from National Geographic is a great way to allow kids to tap into that love for dinosaurs in a unique and exciting way. Each kit includes an excavation brick that contains three real dinosaur fossils, the tools your child will need to dig up and examine the fossils, and a learning guide.

The full-color dinosaur guide is a great supplement and provides kids with a fun reason to read and learn. Once the digging is finished, the child will have unearthed a dinosaur tooth, a piece of dinosaur bone and even a piece of fossilized dinosaur poop.

Happitry Brand Remote Control Velociraptor Dinosaur

This velociraptor allows for eye-hand coordination and imaginative play.


  • Roaring and moving parts make it seem realistic
  • ABS material is safe


  • The battery does not last very long
  • Not a great toy for carpet

Your son can experience his own Jurassic Park with this life-like dinosaur. It comes to life via remote control. Watch the dinosaur move forward and backward, turn left and right, dance, and move its body for fake fights with other dinosaurs or action figures. Let their imagination run wild!

The 3D eyeball, removable tail, and colors make this dinosaur realistic. This 18-inch dinosaur roars, and a light illuminates at night. It uses a 2.4G rechargeable battery that lasts about one hour and takes one to two hours to charge via a USB cable.

It consists of durable ABS material and earned an American Children’s Toy Safety certificate, so you know your child won’t get hurt while playing.

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Kit

This kit from LEGO includes everything your child will need to build a surprisingly realistic and functional Stormtrooper replica.


  • Can build two different style Stormtroopers
  • Reinforces STEM skills
  • Makes a cool collectible


  • May be difficult to build for some kids

Star Wars has had an incredible run as far as movie franchises go, and it’s still every bit as popular with young children as it was forty years ago.

At 9” high, this Stormtrooper toy has excellent detail, and the limbs are fully moveable, so you can move the figure into different battle poses. For fans of LEGO toys or Star Wars, this creative gift may be a home run.

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

This quality kid’s hoop from Lifetime is a great way to foster a love of this fun and exciting sport, and its adjustable height is perfect for kids from 6-13.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Five-year warranty
  • Looks and performs just like a professional hoop


  • Doesn’t extend to regulation height

At around the age of 7, kids are getting their first taste of organized team sports, and your little guy may be taking an interest in basketball.

While this toy may not be for everyone, it’s a great first hope for any kid who likes basketball. Plus, it’s a great activity that the child can play with his friends when they’re outside. It’s also one of the most affordable basketball hoops available.

Holy Stone HS190 Nano Drone

This affordable and durable drone from Holy Stone features several functions, and it’s easy to control.


  • Easy to control
  • Durable
  • Charges quickly
  • Lots of cool functions


  • Only runs for 5-7 minutes before it needs to recharge

Drones have quickly become one of the most popular toys on the market, and at the age of 7, a drone may be a good way to reinforce coordination skills.
This drone has several features you’d expect to find on much more expensive drones. The controller is easy to use, and for that matter, so is the drone itself. The drone moves in every direction, and it can spin and do flips, as well.

There’s also an option to fly the drone by itself, which is helpful for beginners who are just figuring out the controls. Unfortunately, this drone only runs for a few minutes at a time, but it can be charged quickly, so the child can get back to playing.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer


  • All-in-one science kit with many different experiments
  • Introduces a wide range of STEM concepts
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Only has a limited supply of ingredients

Introduce young minds to the world of STEM subjects. Scientific Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit has a huge variety of fun experiments which lets kids explore, engineer and play. Activities include creating crystals, underwater volcanos and more.

The kit includes two cotton swabs, three test tubes, three plastic cups, two sticks, two measuring scoops, and a pipette. It also includes red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, corn starch, and vegetable oil. All ingredients are non-toxic and safe.

The kid-friendly activity guide details each experiment. Great for family fun, parents get their own guide which contains mind blowing science secrets to help guide the lessons.

LEGO City Monster Truck


  • Cool monster truck with ramp and fire barrels
  • 192-piece set is suitable for seven-year-olds
  • Truck and ramp are compatible with other LEGO sets


  • Only includes one minifig

At this age, kids are ready for more sophisticated LEGO sets like this 192-piece Monster Truck. It has giant wheels, a working suspension, and a colorful design. The set also includes a buildable ramp, two fire barrels, and a stunt driver minifig.

Measuring four inches high and five inches long, the truck really is a monster compared to most LEGO vehicles. It’s compatible with all other LEGO sets. Other LEGO vehicles can even use the ramp. LEGO plus monster trucks is usually a winning combination for most seven-year-old boys.

LEGO has a variety of educational benefits. Regular play helps kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, LEGO introduces young kids to the basics of engineering and design. It encourages both mechanical and artistic play.

Hand Operated Drone from Force1


  • Hovering drone is completely hand operated
  • Plastic cage design prevents accidental injuries
  • Encourages active play


  • One-hour charge time can seem long (especially to a kid)

Seven-year-old boys usually aren’t old enough to operate a drone via a wireless controller. But this hand-operated drone is a great alternative. Kids gently push the drone’s underside to keep it airborne. It floats around like a balloon or a helicopter

This futuristic hover ball has one-key takeoff and landing. It can also hover automatically for short periods. Full charging takes an hour using the included USB cable.

It’s an active toy which gets kids moving. But it’s also safe for little ones. A plastic cage contains the spinning blades to keep them away from little fingers. The drone is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

VTech Kidizoom Action Camera 180

Action shots at 180-degrees are on par with this camera. So if you’ve got a future Youtube star on your hands, then this might be a great option.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to mount on a helmet or bike
  • Takes photos and video
  • Slow and fast-motion modes
  • Micro-SD card slot


  • Only records 2.5 hours of video per charge
  • SD card not included

Seven-year-old boys are typically very active. They might be starting to play sports or get into hobbies, so it’s a great time to get them their very own action camera. VTech’s Kidizoom Action Camera 180 comes with a rugged, difficult to break the outer layer and a waterproof case for swimming or snorkeling. Kids can even attach it to their bikes, skateboards, or helmets.

OZOBOT Bit Coding Robot

STEM and STEAM skills are vital to teach kids as early as possible, so having a coding robot that allows kids to learn while playing is a great option.


  • Teaches early STEM skills
  • Doesn’t require a computer or screen time for coding
  • Two ways to play: online or screen-free
  • Comes with 25 different activities to use with Bit


  • Difficult to use color-coding options on paper
  • Requires adult supervision to get started

Bit the coding robot by OZOBOT can do so many things. Your kids can use their imaginations or follow the included activity guides to learn the basics of coding and enjoy time with their very own robot.

Bit can be a little finicky in paper mode. It might be nice to download the app to a computer or tablet and use it that way most often, but that will require adult supervision. After the initial setup, though, your child can play all on their own, updating code to their heart’s desire.


The HedBanz app can add an extra element of fun as it turns players into different animals and allows you to share images on social media.


  • Interactive game to play with friends or family
  • Simple categories that kids understand
  • Encourages deductive reasoning and social skills
  • App available for additional fun


  • No solo-play options
  • Fast-paced game may frustrate some kiddos

Getting the child in your life a game that he can play with friends and family is a terrific idea. You’ll help him to develop social skills as he learns the rules and gets into the excitement of this question and answer game. He can also learn deductive reasoning as he tries to guess his character from the yes or no questions he asks.

The only downside with this game is that there’s not a way for kids to play alone, which can be a bummer for an only child.

Switch Lite by Nintendo

The Switch Lite is compatible with many Switch games, which means you won’t have to spend more on games specific to this console if your child has the regular Switch at home.


  • Travels well on road trips
  • Available in four exciting colors
  • Handheld version of the popular Switch video game system
  • Compatible with all Switch games that have a handheld mode


  • Does not come with SD card for memory
  • Not directly compatible with all Switch games

Lots of families take road trips with seven-year-old boys, but they can be difficult if your child is bored. The Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for traveling because it’s a handheld game that can help to keep your child entertained in the same way that their at-home video games can.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is rechargeable, so you can tuck it away once you arrive at your destination and recharge just before you head home.

Best Toys For 7 Year Old Boys FAQ

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the best toys for 7 year old boys. At this age, boys are developing unique interests and hobbies that should be nurtured. Fortunately, the average 7 year old is perfectly happy to volunteer some ideas on what type of gifts they like.

The gift ideas above represent some of the best toys for 7 year old boys, but you may find that none of these toys is a strong fit for the child in your life. If that’s the case, this FAQ section will help point you in the right direction, so you can select a toy that’s going to be appropriate and fun for your child.

How Will I Know if a Toy is Suitable?

Each child develops at a different rate, so it’s important to remember that what may be appropriate for one 7 year old may not be appropriate for another. One thing that’s for certain is at age 7; every child is working on refining a similar set of skills.

While it’s helpful to keep the individual in mind when purchasing toys since each child develops at their own rate, the recommended age ranges for the toy provide a strong starting point for selecting your gift. Lots of market research goes into establishing the age ranges for a toy, so you can feel confident that the toy will be appropriate if the child falls into the given age range.

What Kind of Toys Do 7-Year-Old Boys Like?

7-year-olds are typically in their 2nd or 3rd year of elementary school, and they’re continuing to learn at a rapid pace. They are also becoming increasingly social, and chances are they’re developing a liking for certain sports. If you’re unsure of the likes and hobbies of the child, you’re buying a toy for, sticking with one of these kinds of toys may be helpful.

Group play toys

Toys which are suitable for groups are usually a hit at this age. As children spend more time establishing relationships and hanging out with friends, there’s a strong chance that they’re interested in toys which are suitable for groups of two or more players.

Sports toys

Around the age of 7, children are getting their first taste of organized sports. Sports-related toys, like a basketball hoop, soccer net or baseball play set are usually a big hit, and they’re also ideal for group play.

Smart devices

21st-century kids are learning how to use technology at a pace that probably exceeds their parents. While they may be a few years away from needing a smartphone or internet connected tablet, there are plenty of smart toys on the market that are fun and interactive, and most importantly, educational.

STEM toys

As children get older, they’re becoming increasingly creative. STEM toys are a great way to foster that creativity, and they provide kids with a positive outlet to exercise that newfound creativity.

Video games

While video games are a bit of a controversial topic, and many parents prefer to limit their child’s screen time as much as possible; age-appropriate video games can make great gifts. Stick with games that provide educational benefits beyond the game itself, so that the child can learn as they play.

Is It Appropriate To Buy Toys Outside of Recommended Age Ranges

Since children develop at different rates, there are times when toys outside of the recommended age ranges may be perfectly acceptable. If you’re buying for a child that’s maturing at a rapid rate, it may be a good idea to look towards toys recommended for slightly older children. By the same token, if you’re purchasing a toy for a child that’s developing a bit more slowly than their peers, you may want to consider purchasing a toy recommended for slightly younger children.

How Will I Know if a Toy is Safe?

Child safety is one of the most important things to consider when buying toys. Before choosing your gift, make sure that the toy is made with the child’s safety in mind, and that the toy is age appropriate and not inherently dangerous.

The majority of the best toys for 7-year-olds are certified by one or more associations for toy safety, and looking for their seals of approval can be a great starting point.

Safety equipment like helmets and protective gear should be certified by the CPSC or Snell. Art supplies should be non-toxic and certified by the ASTM. Electronics should carry the CE seal of approval.

Parents or guardians should also check toys regularly to make sure they’re in good working order and don’t have any sharp or broken parts. Toys that are damaged or broken should be immediately repaired or discarded.

All in All

Each of the toys we discussed above represents some of the best toys for 7 year old boys. But, since every child is different, you may wish to stray from this list in your search for the perfect toy.

By following some of the tips outlined in our FAQ section, you’ll surely be able to find a toy that’s fun, exciting and age appropriate.

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