The Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Boys – 2022 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 3 year old boys

Toys are big business whether it’s for toddlers or grown-up boys. It’s nearly a $22 billion market in the United States alone. There is a staggering amount of choices which can make it hard to decide. While some of today’s products resemble old standbys, others are more sophisticated and complex.

The best toys for 3 year old boys in 2022 will support their current state of brain development with features that will challenge them. We’ll give you some safe bets along with the information you need to make informed choices. It’ll give you the edge for making a huge hit with the kids.

3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys

What’s not to like about a bunch of cool dinosaurs for Stone Age play-acting?


  • It’s simplicity at its finest with a toy that is so cute.
  • They will encourage some curiosity in kids who’ll start asking all those why-questions about dinosaurs.
  • They come with a 60-day guarantee.


  • There were the occasional quality control issues in an otherwise excellent product.

The 3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls Toddlers and Older Kids is another great product that proves that simple playthings still rate high among kids. Over-the-top bells and whistles aren’t necessary to make it great. These dinos exceed admirably. They succeed as a toy that will stimulate the imagination of young minds for fun make-believe play.

The toys are simply adorable with bright colors that will appeal to kids in this age group. We liked the fact that the emphasis is on the imagination rather than being served up a digital playback. They’ll help improve dexterity as the dinosaurs wage their battles. Having four of them is a great way to encourage sharing.

Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit


  • All the batteries are included. Yeah!
  • The toy touches on a lot of different tasks including matching shapes, handling small objects, and figuring out problems to solve.
  • The materials are recycled, making it eco-friendly too.


  • There are a lot of parts to lose.

The Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit ticks off a lot of boxes to make it one of the best toys for 3 year old boys. It’s a car for one. It has cool sounds and lights. Check. It will challenge your child in several ways to support brain development. The product is well-made and will take the workout that your kid will give it.

This updated version includes the batteries which we always appreciate. There are a lot of parts that will provide plenty of ways to stimulate your child’s imagination. It’s an excellent way to get a semi-realistic toolset for boys to emulate what their dads are using on their cars in the garage.

ETI Toys Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

This set will stimulate your child’s imagination and improve his dexterity with endless possibilities.


  • The product includes some helpful instructions and tips for parents.
  • The manufacturer went the extra mile to ensure a safe toy with independent testing.
  • It offers endless possibilities for encouraging creativity.
  • It comes with a handy carrying case.


  • There are lots of parts to lose.
  • There were some design issues with some of the pieces.

The ETI Toys Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set offers a huge selection of pieces for creating a plethora of things. It’s an ideal toy if your child enjoys building things. He’ll have a lot to work with this set. We liked the fact that it includes its own carrying case so that we could encourage our little ones to put away their toys when they were done.

The manufacturer has the parents in mind with instructions with plenty of ideas to share with the kids. They also had third-party testing on their product for safety which we appreciated. The distribution of pieces could be better since we anticipate some squabbles over getting the best ones. Overall, it is an excellent product that is sure to please.

ToyVelt 68-Piece Workbench

It’s a well-made toy that will spark your boy’s imagination with realistic-looking tools.


  • It’s a well-made product that is made to last.
  • It will have a longer lifespan, engaging older kids too.
  • It’s a good value for the money.


  • The hangers fall off the bench easily.

The ToyVelt 68-Piece Workbench stands out for its craftsmanship and realistic-looking tools. We can easily see it being a favorite from the start. It includes a workbench with a variety of hand tools and a working drill that kids will love. It’s the kind of toy that scores on so many levels from improving dexterity to matching shapes.

We liked the fact that you can fold it up when not in use. The wide variety of pieces means that your three-year-old will have lots to do with this set. The parts are larger which we liked. While the bench may seem unnecessary, we liked the fact that it’s a way to encourage kids to put their toys away.

Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike

It’s a fun take on the classic trike with lights and sounds.


  • An adjustable seat means a longer lifespan for the trike.
  • The product has the extra features that make it safer for kids to use including the slip-resistant pedals.
  • Talking turn signals will teach your child left and right.
  • It’s a toy that will keep your child active and on the go.


  • It’s a little spendy for what it is.
  • The assembly was a bit more involved than we liked.

The Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights & Sounds Trike is the kind of toy we wished that we had as kids. It includes lights and sounds to make cruising down the drive so much fun. The product is well-made with a wide platform that’ll make it harder to tip. It has some added safety features like easy-grip handles that we appreciated.

What stood out for us was that it’s a toy that will last, making it a good value on that score. It was a bit of a chore to put together, but it paid off with a trike that is just plain cool. It’s well-made with a thoughtful design that we’d expect from this manufacturer. The Batman phrases including the talking turn signals are nice additions.

Electric Firetruck Toy from WolVol

This electric firetruck from WolVol has LED flashing 3D lights and realistic fire truck sounds.


  • Flashing lights and cool sounds keep kids entertained
  • Bump and Go Action lets truck speed around the room with ease
  • Simple one-button operation


  • Siren has no volume control
  • The truck can become stuck in corners

Three-year-old boys are seemingly born with a love of trucks, especially ones with lights and sirens. This electric firetruck from WolVol has LED flashing 3D lights and realistic fire truck sounds. It features Bump and Go Action. When the truck bumps into an obstacle, it’ll automatically turn and zoom off in a different direction.

Young kids will have no problem operating the truck. It has a simple on/of button which operates all of the features. When on, the lights flash and the sounds play. A switch on the bottom of the truck allows it to be pushed manually without electronic action.

Construction Race Track

Little boys can set up their own construction scene with this buildable race track and vehicles.


  • Develops STEM and construction skills
  • Takes apart for easy storage
  • Can create over and over


  • Construction vehicles don’t run on the track
  • Not compatible with Magic Tracks

If your 3-year old loves construction vehicles, then this construction vehicle race track is sure to be a hit. This track is a lot of fun because it’s made up of 200 small pieces that can be snapped together and twisted into a lot of configurations.

The set also comes with two battery-powered vehicles that will run endlessly around the track. Kids can use the four different construction vehicles and other accessories to create a full scene. Features like hills add to the excitement.

12 Pack Assortment of Pull-Back Vehicles from Yeonha Toys

This 12 pack from Yeaonha Toys includes six racecars and six construction vehicles.


  • Set includes both sports cars and construction vehicles
  • Pull-back vehicles race forward automatically
  • All vehicles are brightly colored with realistic detail
  • Develops gross motor skills


  • Not very durable
  • Small size makes them potentially easy to lose

Boys of all ages love toy cars. This 12 pack from Yeaonha Toys includes six racecars and six construction vehicles. Each toy is realistically detailed with moveable parts. They’re bright, colorful and measure about two and a half inches long.

These are pull-back vehicles. Kids simply pull them back and let go. They’ll zoom forward automatically. Even young kids can use them with ease.

Regular play helps three-year-olds develop hand/eye coordination and gross motor skills. Watching the cars move helps introduce concepts such as momentum, cause and effect, and more.

Paw Patrol Children’s Chair Desk with Storage Bin

A chair-desk for their room allows younger kids to pretend they’re sitting in the classroom.


  • The desk is specifically designed for young kids
  • Design includes Paw Patrol characters
  • Under-seat bin holds school supplies
  • Durable construction with scratch-resistant coating


  • Most kids will outgrow the desk quickly

Three-year-olds, especially those with older siblings, are often fascinated with school. A chair-desk for their room allows younger kids to pretend they’re sitting in the classroom. It helps introduce kids to ideas such as studying, sitting quietly and other concepts associated with being a good student.

This chair desk features beloved Paw Patrol characters. It’s made from wood and fabric, making it both durable and comfortable. The surface is scratch resistant. Any spills can be wiped away with a cloth.

Additional features include an under-seat storage bin which is perfect for holding papers, pencils, and other school supplies. Writing instruments can be stored on the desk in the included fabric cup holder.

RC Police and Race Cars

This two-pack features two RC cars, a police car and a race car, perfect for a game of cops and robbers.


  • Includes flashing lights and sound effects
  • Two different radio frequencies for simultaneous operation
  • Figures are removable


  • Requires ten batteries
  • Doesn’t work well on thick carpet

Many 3-year olds love the idea of RC cars but often find them too difficult to steer. This two-pack of RC cars features remotes that are easy to control. With only two buttons, your little boy should have no trouble learning how to steer.

The set comes with one police car, one race car, a police officer, a race car driver, and two steering wheel-shaped remote controls. Kids can have a lot of fun racing the cars or even playing a game where the cop has to catch the bad guy.

These make great first RC cars because they’re durable and easy to operate. They’re bound to take a few spills but hold up well.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader and 8-Book Library

Introduce your little tyke to the love of reading with the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader and 8-Book Library.


  • Interactive reading experience
  • Encourages pre-reading skills


  • Designed for fans of Paw Patrol
  • Basic storylines

The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader comes with eight Adventure Bay Paw Patrol stories with sound effects to engage your child. He can follow along as he listens and develope his pre-reading skills while being entertained.

Prompts given during the story make the entire experience interactive. Each book has 20 pages, making them not too long and not too short for your preschooler. There are more than 1000 interactive activities for your child to enjoy.

If your child is not a fan of Paw Patrol, he may not find these books as engaging as others. The stories are also designed to be short, so they have very basic storylines.

WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog Harry

What little boy won’t love his own electronic pet dog, Harry, by WEoffwhatYouwant? With Harry, the electric pet dog, you can teach pet responsibility and have fun at the same time!


  • Walks, sings, dances, talks, and barks
  • Touch responsive
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t work as well on carpeting
  • No volume control

WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog Harry is an adorable dalmatian that responds to your child’s touch. Once the power button is activated, Harry will greet you and introduce himself. If you touch his head, he’ll play songs. Touch the blue spot under his tail, and he’ll play chase.

Pull his tail, and he will ask you to stop. Touch his nose, and he will ask who touched him. If you do not interact with Harry for 30 seconds, he will tell you he is going to take a nap and power off. Harry moves best on smooth, flat surfaces. Batteries are included, so the fun starts as soon as you take him out of the box.

There is no volume control for loudness, which can make the toy annoying over time. Harry is made from non-toxic materials. WEoffwhatYouwant offers a money-back guarantee on their electronic dog toy.

VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn

The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn will keep your child entertained while exposing him to numbers, letters, and shapes.


  • Volume control
  • Teaches letters, numbers, and shapes


  • Three AA batteries required
  • The gray driving course screen is difficult to see

Your little boy can rev those engines and drive along with VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn as a car, jet, or motorcycle. The gear shifter makes racing sounds, and the controller vibrates for simulated driving fun.

As your little racer zooms through the nine courses, he will interact with letters, numbers, and shapes. This durable driving toy has volume control and automatic shut off. It does require three AA batteries. The racecourse screen is also difficult to see since it is grayscale and not in color.

MEIGO Dinosaur Toys

The realistic dinosaurs and play mat from MEIGO will provide all sorts of scenarios for imaginative play and opportunities for educational learning.


  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Hand-painted and realistic
  • Comes with book and map
  • Carrying case


  • Some dinosaurs do not stand

The twelve handpainted MEIGO Dinosaur Toys are made of non-toxic PVC and highly durable, ready for rough play.

The playmat measures 31.5 x 31.5 inches and is made from thick crystal velvet. The backing is anti-skid which keeps it in place, and the dinosaur park design will spark your child’s imagination. The dinosaur book has stories and facts about the creatures included in the set. The map shows where each type of dinosaur fossils was discovered.

The set includes T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pterosaur, Therizinosaurus, Triceratops, and Dimetrodon, among others, all of which can be stored and carted around in the sturdy carrying case with handle. Some of the dinosaurs are a bit top-heavy and can not stand up on their own unless something is attached to their feet.


What Do I Need to Know About 3 Year Old Boys and Toys?

There’s a lot of development going on at this age. Little ones at the zenith of building the essential neural pathways in their brains. Also, cognitive function is becoming more refined which you’ll see in the changes of reasoning and logic skills. These are the underlying factors that decide which are the best toys for 3 year old boys.

Physically, little ones become more confident moving around and being active. They’re more likely to jump and climb at this age. You may see the occasional risk taking too until experience teaches them a valuable lesson or two. They have better dexterity which opens up new avenues of play for them. And to make it even more rewarding, they’ll start to show more interest.

What Should I Look for in Toys?

Pretend play becomes important to little ones from three and older. Anything from puppets to action figures to cars is fun. There are subtle differences. Realism is the name of the game now with push & pull toys graduating to grown-up lawnmowers and wagons. Products with working parts will get a lot of attention too with their increasing curiosity.

Children will look for challenges with more sophisticated puzzles and matching games. You can transition to products with smaller parts, depending on the child. Nontoxic toys are still essential. The changes in the physical appearance will allow them to use bigger ride-on toys. For the best value, look for products that are adjustable to keep up with your child’s growth.

The same precautions exist at this level for basic guidelines like no sharp points and nothing that is fragile or easily broken. Remember that boys will be boys. That die is cast early in their lives.

What Kinds of Toys Should I Get for My Three-Year-Old?

The best toys for 3 year old boys will include some or even all of these traits:

  • Encourage creativity
  • Get kids active
  • Offer mental stimulation

You’ll find toys to match the type of play with some overlap. Some are ideal choices for physical activity such as tricycles and rocking horses. Others are appropriate for quiet time such as building blocks or construction playthings. How your child interacts with them will continue to evolve. In the latter case, for example, he may have a lofty goal like building a huge tower.

What Are Some Other Types I Should Consider?

Toys meant for three-year-olds are still often fun for adults too. Other appropriate choices include sports equipment that will segue into league play when they get older. Simple games of chance will engage boys of this age and encourage team building skills. You’ll have a myriad of options for fostering creativity. Some that you might consider include:

  • Tempura paint
  • Large crayons or markers
  • Modeling clay

Any musical instrument is another product you might think about—with Mom and Dad’s approval, of course. Things to play make believe are always a hit. Remember how much fun you had playing in a fort as a kid?

Which Ones Should I Avoid Buying?

Toys with electrical parts are not the best choices at this age, at least not without adult supervision. It’s essential to remember that kids at this age have the cognitive wherewithal to ask why, but lack the skills to understand some things in their world. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try to find out themselves. Unbreakable is still the word of the day.

Don’t hesitate to pay a bit more for a better quality product that will last an afternoon with your three-year-old boy. It’s a small price to pay to avoid disappointing a child. And we all know what that’s like.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

The best toys for 3 year old boys will match their interest, skill, and understanding levels. There’s a valid reason why there are labels with this kind of information on them. Bear in mind that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)​ monitors the safety of these products with strict rules and guidelines.

It’s a smart idea to show your child how to play with the toy when you first give it to him. It’ll save a lot of frustration in the long run. Vet each one to make sure there aren’t any unforeseen hazards like a piece what could break off if used incorrectly. And by all means, don’t forget the batteries. Have extra ones on hand too to keep the peace in your home.

Buying playthings for children is a rewarding experience, especially if you find something they really like. The best toys for 3 year old boys come with the added satisfaction of teaching them new skills. They can help prepare them for the challenges of growing up with the knowledge to make better choices. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do for your little one.

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