The Best Toys for 2-Year-Old Boys – 2022 Gift Ideas

Best Toys for 2 year old boys

When looking for the best toys for 2-year-old boys in 2022, it helps to understand where they are in their mental development. That way, you can lend support to their continued growth. At this age, little ones are beginning to explore their world more—along with that classic toddler defiance.

Good additions to the toybox include puzzles that will challenge them. You can also get ones that will help them see patterns like shapes. Books are a perennial favorite too so that children can associate words and names with things and people.

Let’s run down our list of toys to consider to give you some ideas for a great gift for that precious little one in your life.

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

A variety of pieces with different actions keeps children interested


  • It offers an excellent way to teach boys role-playing.
  • It’s compatible with other LEGO DUPLO toys.
  • It’s a great option for older children too.


  • There are some design issues with the larger pieces.

The LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator succeeds on a lot of levels. First, all the pieces are large and colorful. Second, there’s the chance to build things and spark the child’s creativity. We also liked the fact that there are two trucks to avoid squabbles.

There are also a lot of different things that a boy can do with the toy so that he won’t get bored with it. And the subtle message with the safety helmets on the workers wasn’t lost on us either.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

It’s a fun game that even older kids will want to join in on the action.


  • It’ll engage a wide range of age groups.
  • The LED lights will make gameplay extra special.
  • The huge selection of sounds is a welcome feature.
  • The toy encourages physical activity.


  • Taller children may not find it as fun.

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center offers two games to get your child moving, a feature that we loved about it. They can play either basketball or soccer with the included balls. The LED scoreboard is sure to get lots of points with your two-year-old boy. VTech took it one step further with sounds and phrases to encourage your child.

There’s no doubt that it’ll get their attention with the sounds and display. We had some reservations with the latter only because we had concerns about pushing kids to electronics too soon. We liked the fact that there are three volume modes—including OFF.

Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center

It offers an excellent way to encourage creativity while supporting brain development.


  • It’ll have a longer lifespan, making it a good investment for Mom and Dad.
  • The mental stimulation that this toy will foster is outstanding.
  • The product is well made to last.


  • There are lots of smaller parts.
  • The batteries aren’t included.
  • There were the occasional quality control issues with the drill.

The Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center stands out with an impressive list of awards and recommendations that makes it worth a look. We loved the fact that it will challenge kids with the operation of the toy and the ability to create patterns with the bolts. It was great that it has both components.

The outstanding thing about this toy is the number of skills that it develops. There’s shape matching with the bits and bolts. There’s the artistic element. And it also teaches hand eye coordination with using the drill.

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys

This cute and colorful set of magnetic boats will make bath time, imaginative play time.


  • The toy includes a 60-day guarantee.
  • The boats are durable.
  • They are so darned cute.
  • The addition of the magnets is a nice feature to keep the kids engaged.


  • There is the occasional quality control issue with leaking.

The 3 Bees & Me Bath Toys for Boys and Girls has one feature that we love in a toy—it encourages children to take a bath. There’s a lot to be said for making it fun and a learning opportunity at the same time. The four boats are colorful and numbered one through four. They include magnets too to make imaginative play more fun.

Despite the labeling, these toys are appropriate for younger children too which adds to their value. They are sealed so that they are watertight. It’s a well-made product that will provide hours of enjoyment.

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

It’s an educational tool and a fun toy with added features like a count function.


  • It includes a lot of extra functionality such as teaching children how to count.
  • There are just a few separate parts which are all big and colorful.
  • It includes batteries for demo purposes.
  • You can buy extra pieces.


  • You’ll need to teach your little one how to use it to keep his interest.
  • The opening for the “rocks” is the right size for little hands too.

The VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is a versatile toy that makes it much more than its name suggests. The truck comes with three balls, aka, rocks, to load which it will count as your child puts them into the opening. Parents will need to show their children how to use it and to tell them not to put their hands into it.

We liked that it encourages physical activity with its push & pull feature. There are fewer pieces which mean less parts to get lost. It plays music and sounds too to keep your child interested in the toy. There are three volume modes including OFF to keep everybody happy.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Make bath time fun with the Fishin’ Bath Toy from Munchkin. The set includes one magnetic fishing rod and three characters (a fish, octopus and a person).


  • Complete fishing set makes bath time fun
  • Includes three bobbing toys to catch
  • Safe and durable construction
  • Helps introduce a variety of STEM concepts


  • Screw in rod can potentially rust

Make bath time fun with the Fishin’ Bath Toy from Munchkin. The set includes one magnetic fishing rod and three characters (a fish, octopus and a person). The magnet in the fishing rod connects with the magnet on the character to “hook” them.

Each character floats and bobs on the water’s surface. They have air-tight construction which prevents mold and mildew from developing.

The fishing rod makes a fun cranking noise as the catch is reeled in. Regular pretend play helps develop hand-eye coordination. The fishing actions also help introduce basic physics concepts. Don’t be surprised if your two-year-old starts to love taking a bath!

Fisher-Price Little People Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park

Sending cars down the ramps introduces kids to a variety of STEM concepts including gravity, speed, and distance.


  • Giant interactive set for Wheelie vehicles
  • Set features ramps, jumps, lights and sounds
  • Designed to engage young eyes and ears


  • Only works with Fisher-Price Wheelies (Hot Wheels are too small)

At over two feet tall, this is one of the largest and more complex Little People sets from Fisher-Price. Kids send the special Wheelies vehicles down the roller coaster track, past the spinning star and soaring off the ramp at the end. Every action includes a variety of lights and sounds.

Little ones will be fascinated by all the visual and auditory stimulation. Sending cars down the ramps introduces kids to a variety of STEM concepts including gravity, speed, and distance.

The amusement park includes ramps, several loops, four colorful flags, and two unique Wheelies vehicles. The set is compatible with Wheelie vehicles and accessories from other Little People sets. It requires three AA batteries for the sound effects.

Skoolzy Peg Board Set

Although it might look relatively simple, this toy provides a wide range of developmental benefits.


  • Versatile pegboard set includes a variety of educational games
  • Helps kids learn about colors
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Used in Montessori schools and as part of physical therapy


  • Many of the games are similar

Bold and bright, this pegboard set is a fun and educational tool which helps kids learn colors. It’s a versatile toy with a variety of stacking and matching games. An included eBook details all the different ways to play.

The set includes an 8.5-inch square pegboard and 30 pegs in six different colors. The pegs are large enough for little hands to grip with ease. Kids can stack the pegs to build colorful towers.

Playing with the pegs helps kids develop fine motor skills. The games are designed to teach color names. They also help kids understand how to sort and match different colors. Although it might look relatively simple, the toy provides a wide range of developmental benefits.

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride Toy by TOMY

Regular pretend play helps kids learn animal sounds and matching. Plus, placing the animals in the wagons helps develop fine motor skills in the hands.


  • The interactive tractor which plays animal sounds and songs
  • Includes pig, horse, sheep, cow and farmer toys
  • Helps kids learn about animals


  • Goes through batteries quickly

John Deere might not be the first name which jumps to mind when thinking about toys, but the Animal Sounds Hayride has a lot to offer. The push-along tractor has four connected wagons, each of which holds a specific farm animal.

Place each animal in the correct wagon and then press the associated button. Realistic animal sounds play! Pressing the button on the tractor plays “Old McDonald had a Farm.” The set includes a horse, pig, sheep, cow, and a farmer.

Regular play helps kids learn animal sounds and matching. Plus, placing the animals in the wagons helps develop fine motor control in the hands.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

This Big Building Bag includes 80 large, colorful blocks of various shapes and sizes.


  • Large, soft blocks are safe for toddlers
  • The set includes 80 blocks for creative play
  • Helps kids learn about colors and shapes


  • Some sets include four small washers which should be kept out of reach of little ones

Two-year-olds shouldn’t play with LEGOs because the small bricks pose a choking hazard. But Mega Bloks are much larger, so they’re safe for younger kids. This Big Building Bag includes 80 large, colorful blocks of various shapes and sizes.

Kids are limited only by their imaginations. The Bloks are easy to stack and fun to knock over. Regular play helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The Bloks are non-toxic and have no sharp edges. An included, reusable storage bag allows for quick and easy clean-up.

Holy Stone Remote Control Cartoon Race Car

Your little racer will be tearing up the track with the Holy Stone Remote Control Cartoon Race Car.


  • Two-button control
  • Safety tested


  • Remote may break if dropped
  • Works best on smooth, flat surfaces

Your child will love the easy-to-control Holy Stone Remote Control Cartoon Race Car. The controller is shaped like a steering wheel and has two buttons, forward and left. The spaceman driver can be removed to play with separately.

The race car makes honking sounds and has flashing headlights to add to the fun. Both the car and remote are made with non-toxic ABS plastic and have soft edges. The antenna on the remote is also soft rather than rigid.

Care should be taken with the remote control. If it is dropped on the floor, it may lose the capability of communicating with the car. The car goes best on smooth, flat surfaces and may not run as well on carpeting.

Betheaces Doodle Drawing Mat

Your little guy can draw up a storm with the Betheaces Doodle Drawing Mat without making a mess.


  • Non-toxic
  • Easy cleanup


  • Must be completely dry before storing

Betheaces Doodle Drawing Mat is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Using the magic pen filled with water, your child can draw on the mat. The marks will disappear anywhere from three to ten minutes, depending on the airflow and temperature.

The soft polyester map measures 34.5 x 22.5 inches and can be folded for storage or portability. Your child can use it on his desk, on the floor, or in the grass. The mat is backed with water-resistant nylon material, so there is no leaking.

The mat comes with a magic brush and pen, along with six drawing templates and four shape stencils. Since there is no ink, paint, or paper, cleaning up is a breeze. However, be sure that the mat is completely dry before storing it. Otherwise, the wetness can cause mold to grow on the surface.

TOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor

Your little farmer will certainly go places with the lightweight and portable TOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor.


  • Wide wheelbase
  • Ride-on toy
  • Lightweight


  • May be too small for taller 2-year-olds
  • No steering wheel
  • No way for a parent to pull it

Watch your child scoot around on the TOMY John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor. This easy to assemble ride-on toy has a broad wheelbase for stability. It has the John Deere design just like the real tractors. It is lightweight for easy maneuverability.

The design is so that your child pushes with his feet rather than pedals. Pedals are often beyond the ability of many two-year-olds. It does not have a steering wheel, so it works best in a forward and backward movement. The tractor measures 20 x 9.8 x 16.1 inches and might be too short for a taller toddler to use.

When your little farmer gets tired, there isn’t a way for a parent to pull the tractor along. Because of its size, bending over to push it can be uncomfortable for adults.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game

Let’s practice some hand-eye coordination, number recognition, and counting with the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game!


  • Teaches numbers
  • Toddler sized


  • Target tips easily
  • Replacement bean bags challenging to find

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Tootle Turtle Target Game has four self-stick bean bags and a numbered target stand. There are two red and two yellow bean bags for team play. Use the numbers to keep score or as targets themselves.

The target measures 22.5 x 15.5 x 12 inches and folds flat for secure storage. The cute smiling turtle target can be set up indoors or outside. However, it may need to be braced with something if it is windy or if your toddler throws extremely hard.

Because there are just four bean bags, if one or more gets lost, then it’s not as fun. Since the bean bags are self-sticking, they can not be replaced with normal ones.


What Should You Look for in the Toys?

Safety is the most important criteria when looking for the best toys for 2-year-old boys. Inspect any playthings before giving them to your little one. Look for products with larger pieces to avoid any choking hazards. We probably don’t need to remind you about how often objects end up in their mouths.

Toys that resemble real life things are great choices because that’s what they want most. They’ll help the learning process and make it easier for you to teach them associations with different words too. Kids will like toys with moving parts which will encourage their creativity and imagination.

At this age, you’ll find that little ones prefer toys that are colorful. Action is important too. They’re moving more and so should their playthings. Parents will find plenty of opportunities to teach other skills such as sharing and cooperation. Opt for ones that are lightweight too since they’ll likely walk around with them.

What Are Some Good Toys to Consider?

Playthings that stimulate their imagination are always excellent options. Their little brains are forming neural connections that will serve them later in life. At two to five years old, sensory pathways are at peak development. Look for toys such as:

These types of toys will help them build the basic skills they’ll need at this important stage in their development. Playthings that combine learning with fun do double duty. No one said it had to be boring. It’s a great chance to create this positive association now while they’re younger.

Products that encourage physical activity rank high on the list of the best toys for 2-year-old boys. These are the kind of lifestyle patterns that parents should emphasize to encourage a better quality of life into adulthood. That’s where products like push & pull toys succeed.

Others that require a child to manipulate objects also make appropriate choices. It’s almost an effortless segue because of the natural curiosity of kids at this age.

What Kind of Games Are Appropriate?

These types of toys encourage learning play, so make it fun. Simple board games with a few large pieces can engage your little one in activities to foster other skills like sharing. Matching games are another good choice to help him see patterns. Look for ones based on colors or figures like dominos.

What About Books?

Reading to your little one or loved one is one of the best gifts you can give him. It’ll help build those wonderful bonds between you and your little one. Besides, it’s a far better option than having the electronic babysitter blaring in the background.

It’s also a good opportunity to foster word association skills. Little ones at this age are like a sponge. They’re developing independent thinking and testing their boundaries. The value that books bring to your child makes them one of the best toys for 2-year-old boys—even if he’s busy playing with something else. Hidden picture books are a great choice.

What Toys Should You Avoid?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you limit the amount of screen time for any media for Little ones. We feel that it’s top priority for them to learn about their world before exploring digital media of any type.

Remember that it’s essential to help your two-year-old learn to make associations and words. Adults are their role model. That makes social interaction imperative over watching videos on a smartphone or tablet.

The same precautions apply to small parts at this age. Stick with products labeled for use with little ones under age 3 to play it safe.

What Other Things Should You Watch For?

Toys, like any other products, come in a wide spectrum of quality levels. Look out for ones that are cheaply made and may break easily. Remember, you’re dealing with a curious child at this age. He’ll find any flaws in a plaything. Trust us.

Even though they have a short lifespan for use, it’s worth paying extra to get a good product that can handle any punishment that a two-year-old can dish out because they can. Look for sturdy toys, preferably of the unbreakable kind.

What Do I Need to Know About Recalled Products?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates products like toys with guidelines to ensure that they’re safe. Fortunately, the number of recalls has declined precipitously since 2008 with only 28 reported in 2017. The agency’s website keeps a current list so that you can check or report on any products if you’re concerned.

What Are Some More Tips for Picking the Best Ones?

You know your child best. You know what his abilities are at this age. You also have a pretty good idea of what interests him most. Stick with the products that will engage him and that he’ll understand how to use.

Always read the product label before giving your child a new toy. Make sure the word, “Nontoxic” is present. Inspect it too. Avoid ones with buttons, ribbons, or other attachments that aren’t secure.

And don’t forget to keep Mom and Dad in mind with your choices. Anything that shoots projectiles or gets tossed in the air is asking for something to get broken or someone to get injured.

Likewise, toys that make noise are amusing, but not for parents that will have to listen to a horn blaring or a drum set for hours on end. Make it a point to ask them about these products before bringing them over to the house.

The best toys for 2 year old boys will support their physical and mental development. It’s a special time in his life for learning about his world. Excellent options will stimulate his imagination and encourage him to explore. They will give him the tools to navigate his future. That alone makes them priceless.

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