8 Best Laser Tag Toys of 2022 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Best Laser Tag Toys

Pew-pew-pew! Laser tag has been popular since the 70s, but technology has made it more fun and affordable than ever before. Unlike similar games, such as a paintball or airsoft, laser tag is safe for younger kids – but fun for older kids, too.

Toys sets let you easily create an awesome laser tag experience at home. Not sure where to start? Our complete guide is laser-focused on helping you out. Here are the best laser tag toys for 2022 plus an interesting overview of what laser tag is and what games you’ll want to check out.

Our #1 Choice – ArmoGear Laser Tag

This complete set of laser tag gear comes with a 150ft shooting range, a night-vision flashlight, and various team and weapon modes. A comprehensive laser gun set for up to four players.


  • Comfortable, adjustable vests
  • Laser tag set with four weapon modes
  • Four team options with unlimited players


  • At close range, accuracy lowers
  • Requires triple A batteries to operate

ArmoGear’s four-player laser tag set gives you multiple ways to play! The set comes with four vests and four laser-blasting guns. Buy additional ArmoGear vests and guns and sync them to your set to add an unlimited number of players to your team, or play with your friends.

Four players can split into team configurations of one on one, three on one, or two on two, and invisibility mode makes it easy to sneak up on your opponents. Turn your laser gun into a machine gun, pistol, shotgun, or rocket with four different weapon modes.

Vibrations in your vest will indicate whether you’ve been hit, and lifelike shooting sounds make the set entertaining for the whole family. Keep an eye on your three lives at the top of your laser gun, and reload using the black trigger. This set can be played with or without using vests.

Our #2 Choice – Nerf Phoenix LTX Laser Tag Set Two-Pack

A two-pack of Phoenix LTX laser tag blasters for indoor and outdoor battles with the quality construction expected of Nerf.


  • Durable construction from Nerf
  • Solo and Team play options
  • Packed with lights, sounds, and vibrations


  • Aiming can be imprecise
  • Only two guns in each set

Nerf makes laser guns, too! They’re lightweight, durable and tons of fun. Settings can be toggled between Solo, Team 1 and Team 2. All LTX blasters are automatically compatible so that you can add more sets for large-scale team battles.

The blasters are packed with lights, sounds, and vibrations. The gun emits cool sci-fi blasting sounds with a vibrating “recoil” when fired. Sound effects also play when you hit the reload button.

No vests or sensors required. The blaster vibrates to indicate when its hit. Two skill settings are available. Beginners can be hit by 25 laser shots before they’re out while advanced players can be given a limit of 10 hits.

Our #3 Choice – Laser Tag Gun and Vest Set by Power Tag

This six-person kit includes vests, guns and two pairs of unique Battle Blaster gloves.


  • Large set includes gear for six people
  • Unique Battle Blaster gloves
  • Guns have a 150-foot range
  • Adjustable vests fit most people comfortably


  • Two players must use Battle Blasters (only four guns and vests)

Power Tag’s gun and vest set is like having a laser tag park in your backyard! It includes four handheld laser guns, four receptor vests, and two Battle Blasters, which you won’t find anywhere else. The Blasters are gauntlet/gloves which act as both a gun and receptor. Fire lasers from your fists like Iron Man or Captain Marvel!

The gear is designed for precision and durability. Guns are durable enough to withstand rough outdoor play but lightweight enough for little ones to hold and shoot using one hand. Both blasters and guns have a range of up to 150 feet.

Plus, the vests are comfortable, adjustable and secure. Some laser tag sets place a sensor in the gun to register hits instead of using a vest, but many people find vests way more fun. Waving the gun around to dodge hits can feel like cheating, but using vests mean you have to aim for the other players directly.

Our #4 Choice – Squad Hero Battle Action Laser Tag

A set of four rechargeable laser guns and vests with 360 combat sensors and advanced features for up to four players. Safe for children eight years and up and perfect for adults.


  • Rechargeable with included charging station
  • Safe infrared technology
  • Bright LCD


  • Settings reset when turned off
  • No sound when players are hit

This rechargeable laser gun set is ideal for intense team battles with friends, coworkers, or the whole family. The set comes with four guns and four vests. Hitting your opponent has never been easier with 360 combat sensors on the laser gun, and chest and back of your vest.

All of Squad Hero’s products can automatically sync with each other, so purchase more guns and vests for an epic battle with limitless players. Each vest comes with an illuminated LCD screen and backlight that shows off your team’s color, with a waist and neck strap.

The laser gun set includes adjustable lives for long and short games, stealth mode so you can sneak up on your enemies, and solo mode for fierce one on one tournaments. It includes four team colors, and four weapon modes, automatic, laser, rocket, and pistol, for lifelike gameplay.

Our #5 Choice – Laser Tag Reality Gaming Kit from Strike Pros

A military-inspired set with sound effects and a smoke-like water vapor effect. Includes full gear for up to four players.


  • Set includes four guns and vests
  • Gear has a military-inspired design
  • Blasters emit water vapor to register a hit
  • Large 30 shot “magazine”
  • Blasters can be switched from auto to semi-auto firing


  • Complete set requires a whopping 24 AAA batteries (not included)

Smoke the opposition with the Ranger 1 Laser Tag set from Strike Pros. It includes four guns and vests with a military-inspired design, sound effects, and other cool features.

Each gun emits a smoke-like water vapor to register a hit. The replica magazine automatically ejects when “ammo” is out. Each pretend magazine contains 30 shots. You can switch from automatic to semi-auto firing modes with the push of a button.

Twist the muzzle to activate Stealth Mode, which turns off the gun’s display for total invisibility in low-light areas.

Our #6 Choice – Sharper Image Four-Player Laser Tag Set

Bring the arcade laser tag experience home with this four-person gun and vest laser tag set from Sharper Image.


  • Quality construction from Sharper Image brand
  • Complete set for four people
  • Automatic point tracking system
  • Tons of sound and visual effects


  • Works best in low-light conditions

Recreate the fun of a laser tag arena in your living room. Guns make a cool blasting noise when fired. Vests light up to register a hit. The lights, sounds, and vibrations make every battle epic!

A built-in point tracking system keeps score, so you don’t have to. Each player has six lives represented by electronic triangles on the vest which light up when hit. Blasters track ammo, too. After six rounds you pull back the blaster’s slider to “reload.”

Our #7 Choice – Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Yard Game

Laser tag meets Capture the Flag with this unique outdoor game for small and large groups.


  • Unique Capture the Flag laser tag set
  • Includes Dynasty cubes and four siren lights
  • Includes two blasters


  • More sets needed to play with large groups

Head outdoors with this team-based Capture the Flag game. The set includes two Dynasty cubes, two laser tag blasters and four siren barrier lights.

Use the lights to set up each team’s barrier. Then attempt to sneak into the other side, grab the enemy’s cube and get it into your territory. You can also shoot to cube to change its colors for an alternate way to win.

Countless other games modes are included, too. No matter how you’ll play, the set is perfect for sneaking, shooting and group fun.

Our #8 Choice – Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set Mega Pack

The Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set Mega Pack will provide hours of imaginary battle fun with four gun settings and a shooting distance up to 130 feet.


  • Safety certified
  • Four gun settings
  • Shooting distance of 130 feet
  • No vests needed


  • Limited lives and shots

The Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set Mega Pack has four team colors, green, red, blue, and white, as well as four gun settings, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket. You can play zombie apocalypse or war games with realistic shooting sounds for each gun type.

The guns vibrate and light up for lifelike gameplay. The laser blasters shoot up to 130 feet. Keep track of your ammunition with the range of life bars on each gun. Each gun and setting has a different amount of shots available.

The Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set Mega Pack is certified safe for children of all ages with a Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission of 0.9mW. No vests are needed. A built-in receiver on each gun act as the targets. Like a cat, each gun has nine lives per game.

The Kidzlane Laser Guns require four AA batteries for each weapon. This set is compatible with Dynasty and Best Choice laser guns for more intense battle scenarios. Because the guns are set to have a limited number of lives and shots, there can be no unlimited battles.

What to Consider When Buying a Laser Tag Set

Inside or Outside

Whether your children will be playing laser tag inside or outside is an important consideration when purchasing a laser tag set. Indoors may provide more obstructions to being hit. However, some toy laser tag guns do not register barriers like walls and sofas.

This sensor issue could lead to frustration if a child has taken cover, but his sensor registers as being hit. Therefore, check consumer reports for this information when deciding on a laser tag set for your child.

If your children play with their laser tag set outdoors, you will want a longer shot range than you do for indoor play. Thus, the field the light beams and sensors can interact at is an important consideration.

Location and Accuracy of the Sensors

For the game to work, opponents must be tagged out. Tagging happens when the beam of light from one gun is detected as a hit by the sensor on the opposing player. Typically, the sensors project a small field around the vest, helmet, or weapon of each player that registers the laser light from another gun.

Sensors can be placed on the vests, helmets, body armor, or the guns of each player. When deciding which laser tag set to buy, you should take the location of the sensors into account. Sensors that are on the guns may not be as accurate as those worn by players when registering hits.

Safety Considerations

Although the game is called laser tag, there are no lasers used in the game. Instead, the guns shoot out infrared light beams that can be detected by the sensors. Therefore, damage to the eyes is minimal at best, which would not be the case if actual lasers were used.

Light beams that are shown directly into the eyes can still cause permanent eye damage. Therefore, the FDA has guidelines that limit the levels of radiation and light in laser tag toy guns. The light emitted by toys should not be more than the limits for Class 1, which is the lowest level defined by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

When choosing a set of laser tag guns for your child, look for a label that clearly states “Class 1 Laser Product.” Never buy a laser gun for your child that emits more than 5mW power or that is not clearly labeled.

Because there is a lot of running, jumping, and hiding during a laser tag game, pay special attention to what your child is wearing while playing. Make sure he or she has closed-toed, comfortable shoes on to reduce the risk of a foot injury. Clothing that is loose fitting but not slack will provide better protection than shorts and tank tops during a game.

The age of your child is also essential to consider. Children under the age of three do not have the physical coordination for a game of laser tag. Some companies that provide places to play laser tag will not allow children under the age of eight to participate. Be sure to check age requirements on laser tag toys and play sites.


Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

From the late 1970s through today, adults and kids of all ages have loved to play laser tag. Laser tag set guns fire infrared beams to tag other players.

Laser tag is similar to paintball, airsoft or Nerf gun games. Typically, teams of people compete in an indoor or outdoor area. However, the major difference is that laser tag is strictly no contact and mess-free.

The invisible beams activate sensors to registers hits on players. Sensors can be located in a few different areas depending on the type of equipment you’re using. The most common sensor locations are:

  • Built into the barrel of the gun
  • Attached to the front (and possibly rear) of a vest
  • Attached to a headband
  • Built into a laser gun arena (mainly for high-end games)

How Do Laser Tag Guns Work?

Laser tag uses guns (also often called “blasters”) which fire infrared beams. Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s invisible and harmless to people. In fact, you’re around it every day, as practically all objects emit some type of infrared radiation.

Near-infrared waves are a type of infrared light which are close in composition to visible light. They also emit no detectable heat. These infrared beams are used in a variety of common applications such as your TV remote, wireless computer gear, and, yes, laser tag toys.

Gun-like devices which fire infrared beams were first developed in the late 1970s. Interestingly, both toy companies and the military were major innovators in the early days of laser tag. The military worked to develop non-lethal training equipment while the toy industry wanted to develop the next hit toy.

Toy companies succeeded first. Laser tag toys were a hit from the moment they hit store shelves. In 1976, Star Trek Super Phaser II Target Game was the first toy to use infrared beams and targets.

It was a two-player game. One player wore the Target Reflector Badge. The other carried the Super Phaser II Gun with Sonic Buzzer. The goal was to shoot the player with the badge. The blaster emitted a buzzing sound to indicate a hit.

If you played in low-light conditions, you could see the blaster emit a beam of light. Multiple people could play – the blasters all worked together – but additional sets were required.

Another Star Trek laser-based toy was released shortly after. It was the Star Trek Phaser two-pack. Each phaser looked like the ones from the first Star Trek movie.

These phasers were the first to have the sensor built into the gun instead of placed on a vest. Both the sensor and transmitter were built into the front of the phaser. A sound effect would play to register a hit.

Both types of laser tag (sensor on vest and sensor on gun) remain popular today!

What are the Different Types of Laser Tag Set?

Laser tag gear varies significantly in quality, price, and purpose. That’s because it was developed simultaneously along both a toy and a military track. Basically, gear is divided into four categories:

Toy Grade

This is probably the most common type of laser tag gun. Toy grade gear is suitable for kids. It’s durable, affordable and frequently includes built-in lights and sounds. While they’re not the most precise type of laser gun, they’re certainly accurate enough for playing with friends.

Toy Grade gear is used at home both indoors and out. Most of the gear on our list is Toy Grade.

Business Grade

This gear is made specifically for use in commercial locations such as laser tag arenas. Aside from blasters and vests, Business Grade gear includes features for running games such as scoring equipment and administrative components.

Business Grade gear is similar to Toy Grade but with added durability. It’s designed for heavy, daily use from tons of players. Business Grade gear is only necessary if you operate a laser tag business.

Tactical Grade

Tactical gear is for serious laser tag enthusiasts, usually older kids, teens, and adults. The products typically resemble real weapons with high-quality construction. They’re also usually more expensive than Toy Grade equipment.

Tactical Grade and Business grade have a fair amount of overlap. You’ll often find Tactical Grade gear at high-end laser tag arenas.

Military / LEO Grade

This is the highest quality laser tag gear. They closely resemble real weapons in weight, design, and feel. Military Grade gear is designed for training members of law enforcement and the military.

It’s available to the public but can be expensive. If you’re interested in serious laser tag, you’re probably better off buying Tactical Grade instead of Military Grade. It’s better suited for actually playing laser tag while Military is designed more for combat training.

What are Popular Laser Tag Games?

Like paintball or airsoft, laser tag can be played in a variety of ways. Most require at least two people, although solo target shooting is also an option.

Here’s a closer look at the different ways to play laser tag:

Home Games

Laser tag toys are well-suited for at-home play. Games can be played indoors and out. A large area with some obstacles is ideal. You can play in a park or outdoor area using trees and other natural obstacles. You can also build your own course in your backyard with cardboard boxes and other simple items.

Home games are usually pretty simple. Each team attempts to score the most points. There are many ways to play:

  • Each player has a set number of lives, and the winner is the last persons standing
  • Teams compete to reach a certain score. The first win to do so wins.

Of course, you can also make up whatever rules you like to create custom games, too. Home laser tag games are great for unstructured play.

Commercial Laser Tag

Large laser tag arenas first appeared in the late 70s and are still popular across the country today. Most arenas use low-light, foam obstacles and even fog to create a fun, interactive environment.

Commercial games are usually timed, team-based competitions. Scoring is automatic. While you can bring your own equipment, commercial gear is also provided.

The environments are typically superior to anything a person can create at home. However, commercial game costs are higher than buying a toy set for home. Also, you might have to play games with strangers. Many arenas have age limits, too.

Tactical Laser Tag

Tactical laser tag is played in large outdoor areas such as parks and forests. Most of the shooting takes place across long distances. Tactical laser tag matches require high-end Tactical Laser Tag gear with an emphasis on scopes and sights. In most games, players wear headband sensors, which requires the most skill to avoid hits.

Tactical laser tag is typically a pop-up event. A rental company will provide equipment and setup while also managing the games. Most tactical laser tag events are for large groups of adults or teens, such as a church group or company.

What are the Benefits of Laser Tag?

Laser tag has tons of benefits for all ages.

Laser tag is great exercise. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends kids ages six and older get at least one hour of vigorous to moderate exercise each day. Laser tag matches can easily keep kids running, jumping and otherwise staying active.

Laser tag is also great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Kids learn to aim at a moving target. Additionally, younger kids can develop these skills by shooting at stationary targets.

Home laser tag games are great for unstructured play. Kids can make up their own laser tag games. Creating new games helps kids flex their imagination muscles. Plus, kids learn how to negotiate with their peers as they work together to create rules.

Additionally, laser tag helps develop other social skills, too. Kids learn how to be gracious in both winning and defeat. They also learn how to coordinate with teammates to accomplish goals.

Laser tag can also foster an interest in STEM subjects. After all, lasers are pretty cool. Kids often want to know how their laser tag set works. It’s a great way to introduce basic concepts such as radio waves, the light spectrum and more.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

Laser tag is very safe, which is a big part of the appeal for many parents. Laser tag is much safer than airsoft, paintball or even Nerf. It’s the only projectile type of game which doesn’t actually use projectiles. However, there are still some potential safety issues.

The infrared light emitted from a laser tag set gun is different than the light emitted from a laser pointer or similar device. Laser pointers can quickly damage eyes.

Laser guns, especially toy grade guns, are less likely to cause serious damage. But the potential does exist. Eye protection should be worn, especially if you’re wearing a sensor on your head. Many commercial places require eye protection for liability reasons.

However, the most common laser-tag-related injuries involve accidental trips or falls. People of all ages can become so focused on winning the match they end up colliding with equipment. Laser dark play areas can be dark, filled with obstacles and even smoky!

Make sure all players understand to take it slow and be aware of their surroundings. Also, the play area should be age appropriate. Younger kids should only play in well-lit, open areas.

Final Thoughts

Laser tag can brighten up any dreary day! Kids love the sci-fi fun of battling with lasers, while adults love how games promote activity and teamwork.

Laser tag toys allow for safe, easy fun at-home. You can find a variety of sets for practically any age or budget. The future of fun… is lasers!

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