Top 6 Best Electronic Pets for Kids (2022 Reviews)

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While a real-life, breathing pet is ideal, an electronic pet is still a great consolation prize. Kids can have a lot of fun with an e-pet and can pick up some much-needed socialization while they’re at it.

Electronic pets are essentially stuffed animals with the ability to walk, talk, and move. Powered by batteries, each and every e-pet possesses slightly different capabilities.

Are you in search of a quality e-pet for your child? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best electronic pets on the market in 2022.

2022’s Best Electronic Pets

Best Friend Max by Secret Life of Pets

If you’re looking for an e-pet that’s as cuddly as it is functional, Best Friend Max is a terrific option.


  • Made out of soft plush material
  • Can operate on and off leash
  • Capable of saying 15 different phrases


  • Leash tends to disconnect easily
  • Struggles to talk on carpet

If you’re looking for the absolute best electronic pet on the market today, you definitely need to check out Best Friend Max from Secret Life of Pets. Measuring in at around 13.5 inches tall, this electronic weighs in at around 2 pounds.

It operates in two different ways. When it’s on a leash, it will walk with you to wherever you want to go. When it’s off the leash, it will wag its tail, move its head, and respond to petting.

And did we mention that this dog can talk? Overall, this electronic dog can say 15 different phrases. He can say these phrases whether he’s on a leash or off a leash.

Made out of a plush material, Max is about as soft an e-pet as you’re going to find. This means that you can also use him as a stuffed animal, cuddling with him each and every night.

FurReal Friends Flurry, My Baby Snow Leopard Pet

While it’s a little expensive, this snow leopard from FurReal Friends offers above-average cuddle-ability and functionality.


  • Sports a soft plush exterior
  • Produces over 45 combinations of sounds
  • Capable of walking, kicking, and cooing


  • Functionality isn’t the most consistent
  • A little expensive for what it does

Another furry and fluffy e-pet option is the My Baby Snow Leopard Pet from FurReal Friends. Measuring in at around 12 inches long and 7 inches tall, it’s not the biggest e-pet, but still big enough to serve its purpose.

Like Max reviewed above, these electronic pets are capable of walking. In addition to this, it can also kick and make cooing sounds. All of these functions are triggered by the shaking of her rattle. The rattle essentially acts as a remote control.

This snow leopard can also make noise, producing over 45 different combinations of sounds.

It’s produced with a furry, plush exterior, making it about as soft as electronic pets come. Not only can you use it as an interactive toy, but as a stuffed animal. It makes for a terrific cuddling companion.

PawPals Kids Walking and Barking Pet Puppy Dog

If you’re looking for a cuddly, e-pet on a budget, this would be a great choice.


  • Wags, yaps, and walks
  • e-Pet comes with remote control leash
  • Very cuddly
  • Affordably priced


  • Inconsistency in construction

Perhaps the most lifelike electronic pet on our list is this one from PawPals. Featuring shaggy blonde hair, it’s attached to a leash and can be treated very similarly to a real dog.

This pet measures in at 9 inches x 11 inches, giving it average size compared to other pets on our list. In order to operate, it requires three AA batteries. These can be either rechargeable or one-time-use batteries.

In terms of functionality, this dog is fairly advanced. Not only can it walk, but wag its tail and yap as well. Its motions are controlled by its included leash. The leash can be either connected or disconnected, acting as a remote control in either instance.

Available for a reasonable price, there’s no reason not to give this electronic dog a chance.

WEoffer whatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog

Overall, this electronic dog from WEoffer whatYOUwant is a solid budget buy.


  • Can walk, bark, and make other noises
  • Fairly solid construction
  • Decent battery power
  • Very affordable


  • Not ideal for cuddling

This next e-pet isn’t exactly authentic, but it’s still very functional. A dog named Harry, it is capable of everything that other types of electronic pets are capable of.

Unfortunately, this dog does not possess any fur. This makes it virtually impossible to cuddle with (unless of course your child likes cuddling with a big chunk of plastic). It measures in at around 7 inches long, and at around 6 inches tall.

Harry runs on 3 AA batteries, a set of which will be included with your purchase. These batteries stay charged for a reasonably long time before they have to be changed.

As far as motions go, this dog is fairly functional. It can walk, bark, and make a series of different sounds. The type of sound it makes is based on where you touch it. It’s entirely motion activated.

YUANBAI Happy Panda

Though it’s not the most authentic e-pet on the market, this panda from YUANBAI is still a solid option for those who are buying on a budget.


  • Available in many colors
  • Very responsive
  • Solid construction
  • Affordably priced


  • Doesn’t possess an authentic appearance

This next e-pet is a little on the smaller side. Nonetheless, it’s still very functional, interacting with you as you move and make noises.

The movements made by this pet include everything from blinking eyes, to head turning, to leg movement. In addition to movements, it can also make sounds. Though it should be noted, most of these sounds present themselves as unintelligible babble.

This panda is not designed for cuddling purposes. With the exception of a bit of hair, it’s made entirely out of plastic.

Measuring in at around 4 inches x 2.5 inches, it can clasp onto your finger tightly and move around with you. Available in pink, black, blue, gray, purple, and brown, there is sure to be one that your child loves.

FurReal Plum, The Curious Panda Bear Cub

Plum is a cute and realistic electronic Panda that your child will play with for years to come.


  • It’s large and perfect for snuggles
  • Several points of movement in the face make it expressive
  • Day and night modes


  • Some kids (and parents) may find it a little too lifelike
  • Batteries can run out quickly

For kids who’ve always dreamed of owning a playful panda, FurReal’s Plum is an incredible toy. Your child will be amazed at how expressive and lifelike this panda is. It’s made for interactive play during the day and snuggles at night.

Plum has over 100 sounds and motions, so your child isn’t as likely to grow tired with it after a couple of hours. During the day, Plum will hug your child when picked up and babble back when spoken to. It plays peek-a-boo and will dance along to music. In addition to babbling, Plum also laughs and snores.

The panda comes with bottle and brush accessories. It interacts when fed or brushed. At nighttime, Plum changes modes to help your child calm down for bed. It makes sleepy noises, snuggles, and plays lullabies. Your child will love making Plum their constant companion.

What Should You Consider When Picking an e-Pet?

Choosing an electronic pet is a fairly personal process. A great deal of the process has to do with what type of pet you’re looking for. However, there are some different things you must keep in consideration in order to choose the right pet for you. They include battery power, material, sounds, and movement capabilities.

Battery Power

The vast majority of e-pets are powered by one-time-use batteries. You’ll typically see a configuration of batteries such as two AA batteries or three AAA batteries. It’s important to know what the pet requires before making a purchase.

You also want to ensure that the pet doesn’t suck the batteries dry too quickly. You should be able to get at least a few weeks out of one set of batteries.


The material of the electronic pet you choose is left strictly up to you, but you should consider what you plan on doing with the pet before making a purchase. Do you plan on cuddling with it at night? If so, find something with a plush exterior. Do you just plan on playing with it? Then a plastic exterior will do.


Electronic pets can make all manner of sounds. While some can produce over 50 different sounds, others only produce 10 or so sounds. Obviously, the more sounds a pet makes, the longer you can play with it without getting bored. Choose wisely.

Movement Capability

Perhaps the key thing to consider when choosing between electronic pets is movement capability. Different pets will be able to perform different movements. While some will only be able to walk or shake, other electronic pets will be able to wag their tails and turn their heads. Again, the more a pet can do, the longer you will be able to play with it without growing bored.

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