Review: Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

With the weather starting to warm up and summer right around the corner, I decided to try out a lawn water slide. I did some research and decided to test out the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide.

The slide is 25 feet long by 6 feet wide made of extra-thick PVC, with a zig-zag pattern sprinkler running along the entire length. Two sleds are included for a faster, more comfortable ride.

Who Should Use This Product?

The Wow World of Watersports Super Slide is perfect for families who are looking for a way for outdoor summer fun, and a way to stay cool without a pool. It’s relatively large for a lawn slide (25 feet long; it’s also possible to seamlessly attach up to four of them together), so make sure you have enough room in your yard to use it safely.

You will also need an outdoor hose to power the sprinkler, of course, and you’ll have to make sure your lawn is clear of obstacles and debris. But if you have everything you need for it to run, it’s a perfect way to pass those hot summer months.

Initially, I just wanted to get a water slide for the kids to enjoy. But before long, I was using it myself and having a blast.

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What You Should Know

Before I go any further, let’s take a look at the specs so you can see whether or not the Super Slide is the right fit for you:

  • Size: 25 feet by 6 feet
  • Material: heavy-duty PVC (twice as thick as the average lawn slide)
  • 8-inch high side walls
  • Zig-zag patterned sprinkler system
  • Easy-connect hose design
  • Extra-slick surface; no need to add soap
  • Accessories: two 36-inch by 24-inch sleds; air pump included

If those features fit your needs, be sure to read on!

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My First Impressions

My research indicated that this was the first lawn slide I should try, but I was still a bit skeptical. Lawn slides can be very hit or miss; they have a tendency to be uncomfortable or shoddily constructed. When the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide arrived, it was hard to tell whether or not it would live up to the reviews.

The set-up was pretty easy. Any large, inflatable object is going to require a bit of wrestling, but the included air pump worked well and helped tremendously. The easy-connect hose nozzle was also as-advertised and worked quickly and effectively.

I cleared the area of sticks and rocks, but I was still worried the slide would hurt to use. But the extra-thick PVC was comfortable and slippery. My concerns were quickly assuaged; our first use was easy and fun.

The Use Phase

When we first started using the Wow World of Sports Super Slide, we eased into it by just sliding on our bodies like you would on a traditional lawn slide. That worked great; the sprinkler system covers the entire slide, and the side walls are high enough that we never felt like we would go over the edge.

But once we got used to it, we tried the included sleds, and that really took things up a notch. It’s even more comfortable, and if you get a running start, it can go really fast! The kids loved this. We would definitely recommend trying these out!


My research indicated that the Wow World of Sports Super Slide was the first lawn slide I should test out. But I was definitely bracing for this process to go on for a little while. There is a wide variety of ways that lawn slides can go wrong, and products don’t live up to their reviews all the time.

But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Super Slide didn’t just live up to the reviews; it surpassed them! It was a major hit, not just with the kids but with the grownups too. We had a blast playing with it, and we can’t wait to use it all summer. I’m even considering getting a second one and using the unique attachment feature to double the length!

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a lawn slide, there are really three main factors to look for: comfort, quality construction, and of course, fun! The Wow World of Water Sports Super Slide hits every one of those marks. The extra-thick PVC made it so we didn’t feel any painful bumps along the way, and the sleds made the experience even more fun than we were expecting! I definitely give it five out of five stars.

Brett Gordon

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