10 Best Boomerangs for Kids (Guide) – 2022 Reviews

Best Boomerangs for Kids - Review Guide Featured ImageBoomerangs are a toy kids return to again and again. These fun flying airfoils are great to play with in the park, backyard and other outdoor area. Learning proper throwing techniques is a fun challenge which helps develop concentration, fine motor skills and more.

Looking for the best boomerang for kids in 2022? We’ve reviewed eight of the most popular boomerangs available. Plus, we’ve also included a guide with everything you need to know about how to buy and use a boomerang.

10 Best Boomerangs

Circle number 1 Top Pick

1. Blue Speed Racer from Colorado Boomerangs

This blue boomerang from Colorado Boomerang is easy to throw and perfect for beginners and kids.


  • Safe, easy-to-use boomerang designed for beginners
  • Includes instructional booklet and several training videos
  • Tight turning radius
  • Travels between 25 and 35 yards


  • Best for right-handed use
  • Requires bending for best use

Colorado Boomerangs is well-known for quality boomerangs, and this Blue Speed Racer is their model designed for beginners. This is a right-handed boomerang with a helicopter hover which can travel between 25 and 35 yards. Designed for kids ages 10 and up.

Included with the boomerang is a 24-page booklet called “How to Throw Boomerangs” as well as several instructional videos. In order to get the best performance, you’ll want to bend the boomerang a bit before throwing. With a tight turning radius, this boomerang works well in yards and other relatively small spaces.

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2. Homee Handmade Australian-Style Boomerang

An Australian-style handmade wooden boomerang which is environmentally-friendly and safe for use by kids.


  • Authentic, handmade wooden boomerang
  • Australian-themed design with kangaroo illustrations
  • Safe for kids aged eight and up


  • Wooden boomerang can hit pretty hard
  • Requires high degree of skill to throw properly

This boomerang from Homee is an authentic re-creation of the traditional boomerangs used in Australia. Handmade from high-quality wood, this boomerang is durable, non-toxic and safe for the environment. Each boomerang features painted illustrations of tribal designs and kangaroos.

Because it’s made out of wood, this boomerang is recommended for children ages eight and above. Also requires a fairly large open area for use. Includes instructions with simple throwing techniques.

Circle number3

3. Colorado Boomerangs Technic Gecko

This colorful, uniquely styled boomerang from Colorado Boomerangs requires very little upper arm strength to throw, making it a great choice for younger kids.


  • No excessive arm strength required!
  • Perfect for kids ages eight and up
  • Airfoil design helps boomerang return to thrower
  • High spin rate allows for long, controlled flight


  • Best used in moderately windy conditions

Traditional wooden boomerangs can be difficult to throw correctly because proper techniques require a fair amount of arm strength – often more than a young child is capable of. The Technic Gecko has a lightweight, custom molded design which requires very little arm strength.

A high spin rate and airfoil mean the boomerang is naturally able to return. Best for use in light and medium winds. Suitable for kids ages eight and up.

Circle number4

4. Solar Boomerang from Colorado Boomerangs

An easy-to-throw boomerang which changes colors from white to dark purple after contact with sunlight.


  • Cool color-changing capabilities
  • Easy for kids to throw and catch
  • Includes instructional videos


  • Small
  • Requires proper throwing technique

This boomerang actually changes color! Originally bright white, exposure to natural sunlight changes the colors to purple and a lightning bolt image appears. Can be thrown up to 45 degrees off the wind direction, which allows for easy hovering over long distances.

As with most products from Colorado Boomerangs, the Solar Boomerang includes access to a variety of How to Throw Boomerang videos. Made from durable plastic, this is a right-handed boomerang suitable for kids ages eight and up.

Circle number5

5. Fun Express Four Dozen Plastic Boomerangs

A pack of four dozen high-quality plastic boomerangs perfect for party favors, rewards for good behavior and more.


  • Four dozen toy boomerangs
  • High-quality plastic doesn’t splinter or bubble
  • Perfect for party favors and other giveaways


  • Very basic boomerang design

Looking for lots of boomerangs but don’t want to spend a fortune? This pack of 48 plastic boomerangs is perfect for parties, classrooms and other kid-friendly gatherings.

Each boomerang measures 10 inches long and made from high-quality plastic. They have no sharp edges, bubbles or rough spots. A full assortment of different colors is available.

Circle number6

6. Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

Don’t be fooled by the triangle-shaped design – this boomerang soars up to 90 feet before returning.


  • Soars up to 90 feet before returning
  • Unique triangle-design is easy to throw and catch
  • Available in orange, yellow and magenta


  • Requires bending before each throw

Aerobie is mainly know for their circular, long-range flying discs. But their Orbiter Boomerang is equally impressive. With a triangle-shape and open center, this boomerang is easy to throw with precision. You can hold, throw and catch the Orbiter in a variety of ways which allows for plenty of personalization.

Each disc is 11.5 inches. A variety of bold colors are available. Easy to throw and catch, this soft boomerang is suitable for both right and left-handed use.

Circle number7

7. BumbleBee Precision Boomerang

The BumbleBee Boomerang is easy to control and easy to see thanks to the bold black-and-yellow design.


  • Four blades allow for precise control
  • Bright colors increase visibility
  • Includes instruction booklet


  • Boomerang isn’t especially durable

Another top-quality offering from Colorado Boomerangs, the BumbleBee Boomerang uses a four-blade design for easy liftoff and long travel distances. Plus, this boomerang is lightweight and easy to throw. Perfect for beginners as young as seven.

The bright yellow and black colors make this boomerang easy to spot in the sky. Not every throw will result in a boomerang’s return, but the BumbleBee is easy to find even in high grass and low light. Also includes a 24-page illustrated booklet with proper throwing techniques.

8. Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Boomerang

Designed for both lefties and righties, this is a wooden boomerang with colorful decorations.


  • Colorful birch boomerang
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 35 to 40-yard throwing range


  • Wooden boomerangs can splinter and warp

Wooden boomerangs have a timeless style and the Spirit of Fire from Channel Craft is no exception. This boomerang is hand-crafted from lightweight and durable fine-grade birch. Able to fly between 35 and 40 yards in an elliptical pattern.

Also includes instruction for use. This boomerang can be thrown using either your left and right hand, making it easy to share with friends.

9. Manu Pro Blue Boomerang

With a one-of-a-kind design from boomerang legend Manuel Schuetz, kids as young as eight will have no problem throwing this boomerang up to 60 yards.


  • Designed by professional boomerang athlete
  • Made from lightweight, durable plastic
  • Soars up to 60 yards


  • The unique design might require adjustments to your throwing style

No other boomerang on our list looks quite like this one from Colorado Boomerang. The reason for its unique look is because it’s designed by World Champion Manuel Schuetz, a top boomerang athlete and designer.

Made from lightweight and durable molded plastic, the Manu Pro can fly up to 60 yards with excellent accuracy. It also includes both an instructional video and a 24-page booklet titled “How to Throw Boomerangs.” It’s recommended for kids eight and up.

10. Kanga Boomerang Three Pack

This three-pack of foam boomerangs is a perfect party favor or group gift.


  • Three pack of colorful boomerangs
  • Each boomerang is made of soft foam
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Safe for kids as young as five


  • Best for indoor use
  • Foam is flimsier than plastic or wood

Soft and safe but fun to throw, this three-pack of foam boomerangs if perfect for kids between the ages of five and 13. They’re right-handed boomerangs in three different colors (however, you don’t get to pick the individual colors when ordering).

The foam construction makes them perfect for indoor play – and no wind is needed for them to fly far. Aside from the three boomerangs, the set also includes a “How to Throw Boomerangs” instruction booklet.


Frequently Asked Questions about Boomerangs

Boomerangs are tons of fun – but they were originally designed as serious weapons. Boomerangs were used over 2,000 years ago by Indigenous Australians, Ancient Egyptians and others. They were a powerful and popular hunting tool with many advantages over spears.

Of course, today’s boomerangs for kids are significantly safer, with softer materials and design choices to help minimize the risk of injury. But the basic method of flight remains the same. Boomerangs are a flat airfoil which spins around an axis perpendicular to the flight path.

Not all boomerangs are the same. When shopping for the best boomerang for kids, here are the

What are the Benefits of Boomerang Toys?

Playing with boomerangs has a variety of benefits:

Improves Motor Skills

Throwing a boomerang correctly requires the movement of a variety of muscles in the arms and upper torso. Regular play helps strengthen a child’s hands, arms and shoulders. Also increases flexibility, hand-eye coordination and overall balance.

Increases Visual Acuity and Concentration Abilities

Before throwing a boomerang, the child must first scan the landscape for potential obstacles to avoid. This helps develop the ability to recognize objects at far distances. Plus, throwing the boomerang requires focus and concentration. The child will have to study the wind’s direction, speed and other environmental factors before throwing.

Gets Kids Outdoors

Boomerangs have no internet connectivity or batteries. They’re relatively simple toys which can only be used outside. Throwing and catching the boomerang is a fun activity which gets kids off the couch and away from the screens. Even better, boomerangs are great for both solo and group play.

What’s the Best Boomerang to Buy?

Although all boomerangs use the same basic principles for flight, not all boomerangs are the same. When selecting a boomerang, pay attention to the following:

Age Restrictions

Always follow the manufacturer’s age recommendations. Boomerangs can cause injury if thrown directly at someone. Young kids could accidentally hurt themselves or someone else if they don’t have enough motor control to throw a boomerang properly.

Also, age restrictions help make boomerang uses more fun. Learning the proper techniques for throwing a boomerang can be confusing for little ones. Kids under the age of seven are often too young to use the boomerang correctly, which often makes them frustrated.

Materials and Design

Boomerangs are commonly made from either wood or plastic. Wood is the traditional material used, but it does have some disadvantages. Plastic is often lighter, more durable and more water resistant.

You’ll also have design options to choose from. A traditional boomerang has one V-shaped blade with a slight bend. However, more modern boomerangs can have three or four blades, resembles spokes on a wheel. Blades help increase the boomerang’s lift capabilities. Plus, extra blades make the boomerang easier to throw.

How Do I Throw a Boomerang?

Learning to throw a boomerang does take some practice, but kids as young as seven are usually able to pick up the basics pretty quickly. Although most of the boomerangs listed above include either an instruction booklet or video, here’s a basic rundown on how to throw a boomerang.

The Grip

Grip the bottom of the boomerang. Two common options are the cradle grip and the pinch grip. With the cradle grip, your first finger wraps around the boomerang to touch your thumb. With the pinch grip, your fingers are at the bottom of the boomerang while your thumb does the holding.

Use whatever type of grip is the most comfortable. You want to be able to put as much spin as possible on the boomerang when thrown. A tight grip is usually not necessary.

Layout Zone

This is the angle of the boomerang when thrown. Generally, you want to throw the boomerang at about 45 degrees from vertical. If the boomerang is thrown from a horizontal position, it’ll quickly climb high only to plummet to the ground.

Each boomerang will have a different ideal angle, which will also be affected by the weather. As a general rule, the windier the weather, the closer the boomerang should be thrown to vertical.


Release the boomerang at a slight upward angle. Too low and the boomerang will climb quickly but drop Too high and the boomerang can stall. Aim for an object just on the distant horizon to help achieve level, consistent flight.

The Important of Spin

Don’t try to put spin on the boomerang when throwing. Instead, let the boomerang fly out of your hand. Much like a football, the boomerang will spin on its own in the air.

If the boomerang returns but lands in front of you, you’ll want to throw more into the wind. If the boomerang lands behind you, throw more away from the wind. Learning to throw the boomerang effectively will likely require lots of practice in many different wind conditions.

Catching a Boomerang

If a boomerang is going to cause injury, it’ll likely occur during an attempted catch. Never attempt to catch a boomerang which is coming towards you at high speeds. Only catch a boomerang if it’s hovering slowing while moving downward.

Final Thoughts

Boomerangs are classic fun and a great way to keep kids active and engaged outside. Plus, boomerangs help improve motor skills while developing upper torso muscles and overall physical coordination. Although once an ancient weapon, today a boomerang is a fun toy your kids will love, so don’t hesitate to pick one up for the kiddo in your life.

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