Review: Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber

As parents, we encourage our children to get the proper amount of exercise, outdoor time, and socialization. Many times, schools provide these needs, but what happens when you have young children who can’t attend?

Backyard playground sets are a parent’s best friend for those days when you don’t have the energy to go to the park. We recommend the Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber.

What is a Climber?

Climbers are small jungle gyms or playgrounds that are safe and entertaining for smaller children. These products are typically made out of hard, sturdy plastic, which is the case with the Step2 Climber. They also usually have some types of activities to do. For our recommendation, there are two slides and a steering wheel.

Parents feel safe allowing their children to play on climbers because they are usually low enough to the ground that a fall won’t result in serious injury. They’re also sturdy enough to support more than one child at the same time, although they don’t do well with the weight of larger children or adults.

Climbers make an excellent solution for families who have limited yard space or as an addition to a larger yard with multiple playsets. Between my four children, I had an entire acre of nothing but Step2 activity centers, climbers, and houses. We’ve tried them all. As a mom and a buyer, I love that these products seem to last forever. My children all used the same ones for over 15 years.

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Step 2 Play Up Double Slide Climber

When you have more than one child, you know how frustrating it can be when they don’t want to take turns or share. Most younger children aren’t perfect at taking turns. When I found out that the Step2 Play Up Climber had two slides instead of just one, I was sold immediately.

Having a slide on each side climber allows your children to play together. Instead of arguing about who’s turn it is to go down. They can go at the same time to see who reaches the bottom first. My children loved racing with each other. They’re very competitive.

The built-in ladder has thick steps, which is perfect for smaller feet. They don’t have to worry about their feet slipping or the ladder moving under them. There are even handholds if they need extra support. It is low to the ground, which makes it perfect for small children.


Directly across from the two-step ladder is a raised platform with a thick, solid steering wheel. On the same side as the steering wheel is access to one of the slides. It is at a lower elevation and is shorter. The second slide is on the opposite side of the wheel. This slide is higher and steeper.

The back wall has appropriately placed cutouts, so your daring child can climb the wall instead of taking the easy way out and using the ladder. The wide opening at the top gives your child plenty of room to ease over the wall without tumbling.


This climber can hold up to 180 pounds or up to three children. It is intended for outdoor use only. However, I’m not ashamed to admit I used to have a similar slide climber in my children’s playroom years ago. But I had a lot of room too. It is pretty bulky, so it does take up a lot of space.

This climber is ideal for children aged 2 to 6. The dimensions are 84″ x 53″ x 61″ (” equals inches). It weighs seventy-eight pounds, so it’s not the type of product you can move around easily. It’s better to set it up and leave it.

It does require adult assembly, but it’s easy to put together and doesn’t take much time. You can download a PDF version of the instructions if you prefer electronic over paper form. And it is recommended that you install it somewhere where there is adequate protection underneath in case of accidental falls. Grass or play mats are good ideas.

Encourage Climbing with the Step2 Double Slide Climber

Climbing helps children build essential muscles in their arms and legs. It helps with hand-eye coordination and improves their stability and confidence. When children learn how to conquer climbing and heights when they’re younger, they’re less likely to face problems when they are older.

Encourage your children’s natural curiosity about climbing with a safe solution – the Step2 Play Up Double Slide Climber. You’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this jungle gym. They last so long you can use it for your entire family, then some. Order your climber today and watch your children get active while having a blast.

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