Review: Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

Finding toys appropriate for babies is a challenge. When I recently started searching for toys for my little 6-month-old baby, everything was either a choking hazard or not very entertaining. Luckily, after some research, I found Fisher-Price’s Rock-a-Stack.

Rock-a-Stack is a classic that never goes out of style and has been a staple baby toy since its inception. With five colorful rings and a wobbly base, this toy is not only tons of fun, but perfect for educational and developmental purposes, as well.

Who Should Use This Product?

Babies six months and older will enjoy playing with this toy thanks to its vibrant colors, rocker base, and easy-to-grasp rings. I purchased this particular item because I wanted a toy that would be amusing for my baby, but also help develop motor and thinking skills.

Parents searching for an entertaining toy that combines fun with development should consider Rock-a-Stack. Grasping the rings helps with dexterity and fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Stacking the rings develops gross motor and thinking skills. It is also an extremely safe toy, which can be difficult to find for babies.

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What You Should Know

Rock-a-Stack has many excellent features that make it a great choice for growing babies. Let’s take a look at its core characteristics.

  • Five vibrantly colored rings that babies can grasp or stack
  • A rocker base that wobbles back and forth
  • A shiny and reflective top ring has beads inside that rattle and swirl
  • Introduces the concepts of relative size and stacking
  • Helps advance hand-eye coordination and motor skills

With so much to offer, Rock-a-Stack is the perfect toy for encouraging babies to play and learn at the same time.

My First Impressions

When I opened Rock-a-Stack, I was pleased that it looked exactly like its picture. The colors were incredibly bright and vibrant, which I knew my little one would love. The rings felt very light, and the height seemed right for my 6-month-old. The shiny top ring has beads inside that rattle to add another dimension to playtime.

As soon as my daughter saw this colorful toy, she wanted to play with it right away. She didn’t understand how to stack the rings correctly, but she loved teething with them, holding them, and pushing them around on the floor. She was less interested in the base, though she did give it a few whacks to watch it bounce back and forth.

She could not get enough of the top ring and especially liked shaking it to hear the beads rattle inside. Even better, Rock-a-Stack held my daughter’s interest for a long while the first time she played with it and continues to do so weeks later.

The Use Phase

Since the first playtime, Rock-a-Stack remains a favorite toy of my daughter. The doughnut-shaped rings are thick, which makes it easy for babies to grab them. They are simple to clean with water, and the colors hold her attention. She has even created different ways of playing with them. She can stack, roll, toss, or sort the rings depending on her mood.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack has stood up to her teething with hardly any damage and is very durable. It seems like it will last for years and will be beneficial to her development into a toddler.


I am thrilled with this purchase. It provides the exact combination of fun and education that I was looking for in a toy. I am excited to see how my daughter plays with it as she gets older, and I have a feeling this toy will stay with her throughout her toddlerhood.

Since Rock-a-Stack is such a great developmental toy, I am also looking forward to how much she will learn while she plays. From colors to motor skills to problem-solving, I feel confident that this toy will benefit her growth. Rock-a-Stack encourages her sense of curiosity, too, which makes me feel good when I see her playing with it.

Final Thoughts

I have no complaints about Rock-a-Stack. For such an inexpensive toy, the quality is fantastic, and it is incredibly durable, even with my daughter using it for teething. I consider this toy a must-have for any child, as it provides hours of fun and discovery. Plus, it promotes color learning, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

I rate Rock-a-Stack a perfect 5/5. This toy is a classic for a reason, as it offers hours of endless entertainment and learning. I know my daughter is safe when she plays with Rock-a-Stack and that she is developing critical skills, as well as having fun with the colors, sounds, and movements of the toy.

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