Review: Blue Speed Racer Boomerang

Spring is here, and it’s a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. It can get annoying if you don’t have something to occupy your time. What’s the point in being outside if you’re still staring at your phone?

Some people enjoy kites, but those who know how to have fun enjoy boomerangs. You’ve got to try the Blue Speed Racer. It’s amazing!

What Are Boomerangs?

Boomerangs are pieces of wood or plastic that have been specifically designed so that when they are thrown, they fly in a circular pattern. They always end up coming back to the thrower. Now, whether you are successful at throwing a boomerang determines if you can catch it once it returns to you.

I am great at throwing boomerangs, but I have had horrible experiences with catching them as they fly back at me. I always end up catching them wrong so that they hit my finger or my bone just enough to make it throb for a bit.

Yeah, I’m that klutz. Don’t judge.

Traditionally, boomerangs are shaped sort of like a V and are just a curved stick. But with modern updating, you can now find boomerangs like the Blue Speed Racer, which has three pieces that merge in the middle. These boomerangs fly faster and are more accurate; they’re also super easy to catch.

Blue Speed Racer Boomerang

So I’ve said that the Blue Speed Racer has three spokes. It reminds me of a helicopter rotor, but not with four long pieces. The extra piece makes it easier to catch this boomerang and is excellent for beginners.

I don’t know if I’d consider myself a novice because I’ve failed at throwing boomerangs for the last twenty years, but I did notice that this one was a lot easier to catch on its return. When thrown correctly, this boomerang will have plenty of spins, which will help it return to you on its way back.

It is recommended to throw this boomerang up to 45 degrees against the wind so there will be enough spin. These boomerangs are imported from Australia, so you can be sure you’re getting an authentic piece when you order a Blue Speed Racer.


If you haven’t already guessed from the name, this boomerang is blue. Each spoke flares out from the middle and has a hole at the end. In the middle of each fin is a black and blue checkered flag pattern. The central hole is shaped like a star, and it’s narrower towards the center and widens as it gets to the end of the piece.

The product is made out of ASB plastic, which means it is sturdy enough to handle hard impacts like smacking a tree or side of the house. However, it’s recommended not to let the boomerang hit too many obstacles. It might eventually bend the spokes, which will result in improper flying.

It does not require any tweaking or adjusting to make the boomerang fly. All you do is throw against the wind for maximum curving. Overall, the product is 10.75” x 9.5”. It’s small enough to fit most hands. My six year old handles it with no problem.

Safety Warnings

The Blue Speed Racer is lightweight enough for anyone to lift and throw, although it can be dangerous if it hits a person. It is advised not to throw this boomerang when there are a bunch of people around, so it doesn’t cause injuries.

The seller does issue a warning that these are real boomerangs and not toys, so you should not allow children to use them without adult supervision. This particular boomerang is meant for right-hand throwers only. It could be difficult, but not impossible, to throw left-handed.

The company does supply easy to follow instructions so you can get maximum usage from your boomerang, which is helpful if you’re a beginner or just not very good, like myself. You can also watch tutorial videos to learn how to throw it.

Get Your Blue Speed Racer Boomerang Today

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a nice day outside, you might enjoy throwing around a boomerang. The Blue Speed Racer boomerang is ideal for beginners. Between the simple design and the easy to follow instructions, you should be a professional boomerang thrower in no time.

I give this product a five out of five-star rating. I love the price. It’s affordable enough that I was able to get all four children and myself one without breaking the bank. And it’s so easy to use that even this nonathlete can look like a professional.

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