Top 10 Best LEGO Train Sets – 2021 Guide & Reviews

Best Lego Train Sets - Blog post featured imageWhat’s more fun than playing with a toy train? Building that train yourself!

The best Lego train sets are some of the most exciting and popular types of LEGO toys. A wide selection is available, from classic locomotives to trains inspired by Harry Potter.

Looking for a LEGO train but not sure which one is best? Here are ten awesome options plus a quick guide. Next stop? A gift any kid is sure to love.

All aboard!

Our #1 Choice – LEGO City Cargo Train Set

A large, busy set packed with accessories including a motorized locomotive, cargo, track, Mini-Figs, and more.


  • Large, detailed modern train
  • Includes lots of track
  • Seven-speed motorized engine
  • Includes animals, Mini-Figs, and accessories


  • The remote control isn’t always responsive
  • Can be too complicated for younger kids

The LEGO City Cargo Train is an 888-piece set perfect for fans of trains, animals or LEGO City playsets.

The set features a locomotive with an open cabin, two cargo wagons, and a fuel wagon. It also includes an entire cargo train station with a sliding crane, office, trash bin, and other accessories.

The motorized train moves along the tracks at seven speeds. Twenty curved tracks and eight straight ones can be combined to create a large loop. It’s easily operated via the eight-channel, seven-speed infrared remote control.

The set also includes a variety of fun accessories, animals, and Mini-Figs. You get a cow, fire extinguisher, straw bales, milk bucket, wheelbarrow, and more. The four Mini-Figs are a forklift driver, train driver, farmer, and truck driver.

It’s a moderately advanced set made for kids between the ages of six and 12.

Our #2 Choice – LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express

A ghoulish train set from LEGO’s Hidden Side connects to a smartphone for interactive fun.


  • New Hidden Side series
  • Toy connects to Augmented Reality app
  • Large 698-piece train set with Mini-Figs


  • The Hidden Side toy line is not well-known
  • Only includes one track piece

Hidden Side is LEGO’s newest line; it features a variety of ghostly creatures and young monster hunters. Plus, all Hidden Side toys include an augmented reality app with games, videos, and augmented reality features. For example, you aim the camera at the set to “reveal” animated ghosts flying around the train.

The 698-piece set features a haunted train with three cars and a small, spooky train station. It also includes five Mini-Figs: Jack, Parker, J.B., Ms. Santos, and Chuck. They’re characters from the Hidden Side Universe (Jack and Parker are the two main characters).

The set includes a single track which holds the train. However, the track can connect to any existing LEGO tracks.

Our #3 Choice – LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

This detailed Harry Potter playset features scenes set at the fan-favorite Platform 9¾.


  • Detailed Potterworld train set
  • Includes Harry, Ron, and Hermione Mini-Figs
  • The train holds several Mini-Figs


  • Requires additional track pieces

Recreate the scene where it all began for the Boy Wizard. The 801-piece LEGO Hogwarts Express set includes a train, railway bridge, and the famous Platform 9 ¾.

You also get five major Potterverse characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Remus Lupin and the Trolley Witch.

The large train measure three inches high by 18 inches long and one inch wide. It fits with all other LEGO Harry Potter sets (and LEGO sets in general) except for the Hogwarts Castle, which is a non-traditional size.

Our #4 Choice – LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train Set

This festive set features a locomotive and enough track to circle the family Christmas tree.


  • Cheerful Christmas theme
  • Motorized engine
  • Can be set up around the Christmas tree
  • Includes a wide range of holiday accessories


  • Power Functions motor required to move the train

Make LEGO part of the holidays with the Christmas Train Set. As with the classic Emerald Night train, the circular track wraps around your Christmas tree for festive fun.

The 734-piece set includes a locomotive, caboose, decorative lights, and a bench with a streetlamp. Everything is colored a cheerful Christmas red and green with wreaths, bows and other holiday decorations.

The five Minifigures include a boy, girl, grandmother, locomotive driver, and ticket collector. They’re all unique to the set.

The main drawback is that the train doesn’t move on its own unless you buy a Power Functions motor, which is sold separately. However, the motor also powers a wide variety of additional LEGO vehicles, too.

Our #5 Choice – LEGO City Passenger Train

A motorized, modern passenger train which fits in well with other City train sets.


  • Modern train design
  • Motorized engine
  • Controlled by Bluetooth
  • Includes Mini-Figs and accessories


  • Android or Apple device needed to operate the train

The City Passenger train has a contemporary, sleek design which looks right at home with the City trains collection. It has a motorized engine, two passenger cars, a platform and rail accessories.

The four Mini-Figs are a Lego train conductor, train attendant, and two passengers. You can fit many more Minis in the passenger cars. It fits in well thematically with the City Cargo train set.

One of the coolest features is Bluetooth connectivity. You can control the train from any Android or Apple device.

Our #6 Choice – LEGO Creator Blue Express

This 71-piece locomotive features loads of detail and a classic style.


  • Old-fashioned design
  • Compact toy
  • Fits on standard LEGO tracks
  • Three different build options


  • Set is small
  • Doesn’t include track

LEGO Creator Blue Express locomotive has a classic design with six wheels, two buffers, and a front (non-working) light. It’s one inch tall, three inches long and one inch wide. The 71-piece set is ideal for Lego train fans between the ages of six and 12.

The classic city trains design is just one potential build. You can also use the pieces to build a Carriage or a Fast Train. The three-part modular design allows for easy and fast reconfiguration.

While the train fits on any of the best LEGO train tracks, you’ll need to buy them separately as they’re not included with the set.

Our #7 Choice – LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Train Set

Catch the next train to Infinity and Beyond with this Toy Story set perfect for kids two and older.


  • Toy Story theme
  • Includes Buzz and Woody Mini-Figs
  • DUPLO set designed for younger kids


  • Set is small
  • Mini-Figs might be more interesting than the train

DUPLO is LEGO’s line of larger, softer blocks for kids as young as two. Of course, kids of all ages love Buzz and Woody, making the Toy Story Train set one of DUPLO’s most popular.

The 21-piece set features a steam Lego train with a removable roof. It also includes a cactus and both Woody and Buzz DUPLO figures.

The train is five inches high by seven inches long and two inches wide. As with all DUPLO train sets, the large pieces are safe for young kids.

Our #8 Choice – LEGO City High-Speed Passenger Train

This motorized train seats multiple Mini-Figs and includes track, a way station and lots of accessories.


  • Motorized train with seven speeds
  • Includes infrared remote
  • Includes three Mini-Figs
  • Classic, popular LEGO train set


  • Not smartphone compatible
  • Mini-Figs selection isn’t very exciting

Another set from the City line, the LEGO High-Speed Passenger Train has been a fan favorite for many years. It includes a way station with seats, warning signs, lights, a pedestrian crossing platform and three Mini-Figs (a conductor, passenger, and cyclist).

Of course, the main feature is the high-speed passenger train. It has three cars which seat any standard Mini-Figs.

Use the infrared remote to operate the train. It has seven speeds. The train is recommended for kids six and older.

Our #9 Choice – LEGO DUPLO Steam Train with Remote Control

A motorized train with lights and sounds which kids as young as two can operate safely and easily.


  • Motorized 59-piece DUPLO train set
  • Makes many lights and sounds
  • Designed for kids ages two to five
  • Connects to smartphone


  • Batteries don’t last long
  • Probably not appealing to older kids

The DUPLO Steam Train is one of the few motorized options in the DUPLO line. The free app turns your smartphone into a remote control for the train. Plus, it includes a variety of other enhanced play features.

The 59-piece set includes a two-car train, station, two figures and a circular track. Additional DUPLO track can also be added.

The set includes five Action Bricks. Kids can place them on the track. When the train passes over an Action Brick, it makes a sound, turns on a light and performs other actions.

Our #10 Choice – LEGO City Switch Tracks (Eight Piece Set)

A set of eight extra tracks compatible with all standard LEGO sets.


  • Four curbed tracks and two switch tracks
  • Fits all standard LEGO sets and trains
  • Easy to setup


  • Doesn’t fit DUPLO

Increase the fun by increasing the track. LEGO sells packs of eight tracks which fit all standard LEGO trains and playsets. (Note that these tracks do NOT fit DUPLO.)

The set includes four curved tracks and two switch tracks. They’re the same quality tracks included with all of the best Lego train sets.

Although they might not seem like the most exciting toy on the list, spare tracks add tons of fun to existing train sets. Additional tracks let you drive the train throughout the house, around the Christmas tree and elsewhere.

What are the Types of LEGO Trains?

LEGO trains are divided into three categories (although slight overlap occurs):

  • Motorized
  • Licensed


Motorized trains move on their own power.

Older LEGO models (like the Emerald Night city train set) include an infrared remote control. It’s usually simple to operate with either a button or lever.

Newer models use Bluetooth to connect to Android or Apple devices. These types of trains usually have more features than the ones with infrared remotes. Included smartphone apps create an Augmented Reality featuring games and images. The LEGO Hidden Side series uses apps extensively.

All motorized trains can be hand-powered. If you don’t have a smartphone or the batteries in the IR remote run dry, kids can still push the train around the track by hand.


LEGO has a long and successful history with licensed properties, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter.

Most Lego train sets based on licensed properties are from the Potterverse. Harry and his friends have many adventures involving trains. Famous scenes such as Harry’s visit to Platform 9¾ are depicted in LEGO form.

Interested in Harry Potter but don’t want a train set? Check out more Harry Potter LEGO sets here.

Toy Story is another popular license with Lego train sets.


DUPLO is LEGO’s line for younger kids. They’re safe for kids ages two and up. Typically, kids can play with traditional LEGOs around the age of five (but age guidelines vary by set).

DUPLO blocks are twice the length, height, and width of the traditional type. They’re easy for little hands to hold. Plus, their large size makes them extremely difficult to swallow.

Finally, DUPLO blocks, although large, attach to other LEGO bricks without a problem. As kids grow up, they can integrate their DUPLO blocks into a larger LEGO collection.

However, there’s one notable exception. DUPLO train tracks are much larger than the traditional type. A traditional LEGO train won’t run on DUPLO tracks and vice versa.

Of course, LEGO offers a huge variety of sets. If you’re looking for something without a train, check out our giant guide to the best LEGO sets for 2021.

Final Thoughts

LEGO + Trains = Fun!

Boys and girls of all ages love the best LEGO train sets. After building the sets, kids can spend hours moving the train. Plus, modern sets use apps to enhance the fun with games and images.

LEGO trains help drive creativity and imagination.

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