18 of the Best Lego Sets for Boys (New 2021 Edition)

Best Lego Sets for BoysLegos are a timeless toy that has brought joy to families for generations. They’re versatile, promote a wealth of benefits for child development, and cater their designs to the latest trends. With so many options to choose from, choosing the best Legos for your boys can feel overwhelming.

Rest easy—we’re here to help you out.

In this article, we’ll be covering eighteen excellent Lego options that cater to a variety of age ranges and interests.

1. Lego City Great Vehicles Heavy Cargo Transport

You’re bound to be impressed with the detail that Lego put into creating this Heavy Cargo Transport set.

Equipped with a flatbed trailer attached to a heavy cargo truck, boys will love transporting the toy helicopter around. And it gets better. The helicopter has spinning rotors, a chain that hangs down, and an accessible cockpit.

Your child’s imaginative play will be augmented thanks to small accessories that allow them to interact more with the minifigures. They include items like mugs, a fire extinguisher, and walkie-talkies.

If your child has other Lego sets, they’ll be able to connect the trailer with a variety of other Lego vehicles, thanks to a universal connector.


  • Great value with a mid-range price tag
  • The truck, helicopter, and minifigures are well proportioned
  • High quality, sturdy pieces
  • Encourages imagination with so many different parts


  • Some pieces are small and easy to lose
  • Can break apart easily with rough play

2. Lego City Monster Truck

Any boy who has watched a monster truck race will swoon over Lego’s crafty City Monster Truck.

At 3 inches high, this truck is ideal for boys ages 5+. There are 55 pieces in the set, making construction relatively easy, despite a few small pieces.

With massive tires offering excellent stability, your boy is sure to spend countless hours having the Minifigure drive this truck around your house.

The finishing touch to this monster truck is bright, attractive colors and a fanged-monster decoration on the hood. The decoration is already on the hood, so you won’t have to worry about applying stickers.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to put together
  • Suitable for children without other playmates
  • Colorful and stylish


  • A little on the small side
  • Some of the pieces don’t fit snugly enough

3. Lego City Police Station

The intricate 3-level Lego Police Station kit will entertain boys for hours. Lego leaves no stone unturned with this police kit, including 894 Lego pieces that range from a police officer and crook figures to a police dog to a police cruiser.

Get ready to make some space on your floor. When it’s constructed, the police station measures more than 9″ high and both 14″ wide and deep. And, of course, your child will want plenty of room to play with the police car, motorbike, and police truck.

The Police Station Lego set is ideal for boys age 6 – 12.


  • Over 800 pieces ensure that it will take your child a while to build.
  • Attention to detail (cooler, coffee maker, and computers)
  • A plethora of vehicles and figures for playing.
  • Compatible with other Lego creative construction sets.


  • At over $200, this is one of the most expensive Lego kits on this list.
  • Tedious as there are lots of small pieces.

4. Lego Creator 3in1 Deep-Sea Creatures

Lego’s Deep Sea Creatures kit is part of their 3in1 line. Therefore, your boys will get to enjoy building different Lego designs from a single box.

The term “three” is a little misleading with this kit in the best way possible. The sea creatures your child can build include a squid, shark, crab, and Angler Fish. You can also make a treasure chest using parts from the other sea creatures.

Additionally, the shark has movable joints and reflective eyes. It’s a fantastic way for your child to get creative and imagine life under the sea.

In total, the kit contains 230 pieces and is ideal for boys aged 7+. The longest components include the shark, which is 8 inches long, and the squid, which is 7 inches long and a whopping 8 inches wide.


  • Low cost
  • The shark is bendable, making it great for playing with
  • Easy for most children to build without assistance
  • Holds kids’ interest since they can deconstruct pieces to create new sea creatures


  • It’s best to separate the pieces into colors and shapes first since there are a lot of small ones
  • You can only build one animal at a time since the parts are shared among sea creatures

5. Lego Marvel Avengers War Machine Buster

If you know a boy who’s obsessed with the Avengers, then this Lego War Machine is the perfect fit for him.

With 362 pieces, this set will keep your child occupied with building it, not to mention flexing their imagination as they play with it. It comes with various Avenger tools, including a rapid shooter, stud-shooting cannons, and flick missiles, to name a few.

The Avengers War Machine Buster set is a great Lego option for siblings and friends to play with since it comes with four minifigures.

It’s designed for children aged 7+.


  • Variety of figurines to play with
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely detailed and authentic
  • Great collector item for Avengers fans


  • War Buster doesn’t have elbows, limiting his movement
  • Some parts fall off easily; non-moving parts can be glued for ease of use

6. Lego Creator 3in1 Rocket Truck

Lego’s 3in1 Rocket Truck is an exceptional value for boys who are into hot rods. In this single set, they can create a rocket truck, quad bike, and off-roader.

As with all of Lego’s 3in1 sets, only one vehicle can be created at any given time. Therefore, your child will be entertained by building, deconstructing, and rebuilding three different vehicles.

The Rocket Truck set is ideal for children aged 7+. It can fit a Minifigure, so if you have other Lego sets, your child can pull a Minifigure from them.


  • You get three different vehicles for the value of one
  • Durable and wheels run smoothly
  • At 8 inches long, it’s big enough to play with but easy to transport
  • Attractive colors and design


  • Doesn’t come with a Minifigure, although there’s space in the vehicles for one
  • It can be hard to decipher the pieces since they have similar shapes and colors

7. Lego Architecture New York City

Up to this point, we’ve covered Legos for boys starting at the younger age scale. Lego’s beautiful New York City kit is the perfect option for boys over 12 years old looking for a challenging and more intricate Lego experience.

This modern, refined Lego set includes the Statue of Liberty, Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and One World Trade Center.

The final 598 piece product looks so much like the real thing that it’ll have adults wanting to order a kit for themselves.


  • The buildings are scaled well
  • Highly detailed design
  • The set is narrow, making it easy to display in front of bookshelves and other small spaces
  • Despite many small pieces, it’s still a manageable build for most children


  • While the buildings resemble the real thing, reviewers have commented that the Statue of Liberty isn’t realistic
  • Some people feel it’s too small for its price tag

8. Lego Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Harry Potter is a modern-day classic, and so your boy is bound to enjoy this timeless Lego piece.

The set comes with 753 bricks, plus six minifigures of Harry Potter’s most popular characters; Hermione, Ron, Seamus, Argus, Severus Snape, and, of course, Harry Potter.

Your child will also get to play with Hedwig, the owl, the Whomping Willow tree, and a toy car. All this against the backdrop of the Hogwarts castle wall.

Lego’s Chamber of Secrets Whomping Willow set is an excellent introduction to the many other Harry Potter kits they offer. If your boy has other Harry Potter sets, he’ll be able to mix and match the pieces between them.

It’s ideal for children ages 8 – 14 years old.


  • You can change up the castle rooms
  • Fun details like potions, spell books, and wands
  • Enough space inside to accommodate 2 – 3 minifigures
  • Compatible with other Harry Potter Lego sets


  • Owlery and the common room are small
  • Small pieces that can make building tedious for some

9. Lego Marvel Spider-Man Bike Rescue

Lego’s Marvel Spider-Man Bike Rescue is an excellent value set that comes with various figures and extras for playing. It’s an excellent option for interactive play among children.

Perfect for children aged 6+, this 235 piece set features Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and a Carnage figure. Of course, the highlight is the Spider-Man bike, which includes a tech spider shooter and a web gun.

The Spider-Man bike is a smaller Lego design, at over 1-inch high and 5-inches long. Therefore, your child can entertain themselves for hours with it without taking up too much space on your living room floor.


  • Multiple pieces encourage imaginative play
  • Parts are separated into different bags for ease of building
  • Perfect for younger children since it’s easy to build
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • The bike has a bit of a plain appearance
  • Some purchasers noted that the stickers were missing

10. Lego DUPLO Big Construction Site

While there are plenty of intricate Legos for boys six years and older, Lego offers fantastic options for younger children, too. The DUPLO set is the perfect way to introduce your toddler to Legos.

Large Lego pieces in this set include a dump truck, a toy crane with a rotating cabin, and a working claw, among many others.

The 67 pieces are specifically designed for your child’s small hands for ease of gripping. Pieces range from five to eleven inches in height and two to four inches wide.


  • Encourages creativity and hand-eye coordination
  • Lots of building combinations to keep your boy entertained
  • Pieces are large to prevent choking, although parental supervision is always important
  • Enough pieces for two or more children to play with at the same time


  • Some people have noted that the crane doesn’t properly attach to its base
  • The cost is high for the number of pieces

11. Lego City Space Mars Research Shuttle

The multi-piece Lego City Space Mars Research Shuttle is the perfect option for boys who want to be astronauts when they grow up.

With 273 pieces, this easy to put together Lego set is ideal for children ages 5+. It comes with two astronaut figurines, a HeliDrone, and a storage drone. Of course, the research space shuttle, which measures 9-inches long, is the highlight of this toy.

No detail is left unturned with this Lego set, which comes with features like a little satellite, spinning rotor, and a cockpit that fits the minifigures.


  • High quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of detail and pieces for children to play with
  • Sparks questions and the desire to learn about outer space


  • A bit costly for the number of pieces
  • Some of the pieces are painful if stepped on

12. Lego Creative Brick Set

Lego’s Creative Brick Set is unique from the other Lego sets on this list because it doesn’t have a set theme.

Instead, this 790 piece set encourages imagination by offering an array of bricks and 33 colors for children to create their own Lego designs.

The set also includes toy doors, baseplates, tires, and wheel rims in addition to regular bricks. If your child needs help with designs, the set comes with a book of ideas and instruction.

Lego touts this set as ideal for anyone between the ages of 4 and 99 years old because of its versatility and endless options for creativity.


  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Great for both children and adults
  • A variety of brick options to encourage unique designs
  • Large box for storage


  • Despite a broad diversity of pieces, some users have commented there aren’t enough pieces of any one color.
  • Many of the blocks are on the small side.

13. Lego Dinosaur Fossils Building Set

If you have a teenage boy interested in dinosaurs and paleontology, this Lego set is perfect for them.

With 910 carefully crafted pieces, these skeletons practically look like the real thing. Your child will be able to build three dinosaur skeletons—Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon.

A display stand accompanies each model. The kit also comes with a paleontologist and sapiens skeleton to bring life to this make-believe museum.

The Tyrannosaurus rex is the largest dinosaur in the set at over 7-inches tall and 15-inches long. Due to its intricacy, this set is ideal for boys ages 16+.


  • Realistic design
  • Encourages interest in paleontology
  • The small magnifying glass magnifies
  • Offers a sleek, finished display look


  • Ribs on the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex can be fussy to install
  • Display pieces only. Legs are fixed to the bases and can’t move.

14. Lego Minecraft The Zombie Cave

A perfect option for video game lovers between the ages of 7 and 14, this Lego Minecraft set will entertain children for days.

A lot of engineering went into making this set realistic. It has a Steve Minecraft Minifigure, zombies, a bat, coal and other ore elements, and mining gear. Children can even make their own toys, such as a TNT.

With 241 pieces, Minecraft is an easy Lego set to build, take apart, and rebuild. At over 4-inches high and 7 inches wide, this set is large enough to play with but not so huge that it’ll take up lots of space.


  • Lots of figurines and accessory pieces
  • Easy to build and dismantle
  • Good value set for the price
  • A working trap door where things can fall through


  • Some people find it helpful to pull blocks from other Lego kits to add to its appearance
  • A little too easy to put together for children in the older age range

15. Lego Police Helicopter Chase

Lego’s action-packed Helicopter Chase set offers countless hours of fun for boys ages 5+.
The kit comes with four figurines, an ATV rider, truck, and motorbike, among other smaller accessories to assist a helicopter speed chase.

The helicopter itself has a magnet that can attach to a stolen safe on the truck bed. Thanks to so many accessories, this is a Lego set perfect for independent play and playing with other children.

At over 11-inches long and spinning propellers, you’ll likely find your child zooming around the house with it.


  • Easy to build
  • Withstands rough play
  • Lots of parts to encourage creativity
  • The ATV is exceptionally realistic with a solid build


  • Snake rattler’s hat is prone to falling off
  • The helicopter hoovers but doesn’t fly

16. Lego Creator 3in1 Fire Dragon

The exciting Fire Dragon is a fun design that can be turned into three different creatures, thanks to its 3in1 line.

Creatures included in this kit are a fire dragon, saber-toothed tiger, and scorpion. The fire dragon is the feature model and stands at 4-inches high, 12-inches long, and 9-inches wide. With space on its wings for other Lego pieces, it offers endless options to mix and match among Lego sets.

As with most 3in1 Lego sets, only one creature can be constructed at a time using the Legos in the kit. It’s ideal for children ages 7+.


  • Pieces are set up to offer custom designs like jets, spaceships, and airplanes
  • Useful for swapping pieces with other Lego sets
  • Easy to build and rebuild
  • The dragon stands up on its own


  • Dragon doesn’t have arms
  • The claws can be challenging to install

17. Lego City Town Square

With this immersive Lego set, your boy will truly feel like they’ve been transferred to a new city.
Lego has left no stone unturned with creating a realistic city landscape. The set comes with twelve minifigures. Examples include a tram driver, pizza delivery man, and a coffee shop saleswoman are among them.

It also comes with countless city pieces such as a tram, car dealership, hot dog stand, and newsstand, to name a few.

The tram is the longest piece in the set, at over 14-inches long. But you’ll need much more space than that, as the nature of the cityscape requires a large area to adorn.

At a whopping 1,683 pieces, this Lego set is ideal for boys ages 6 to 12.


  • Tons of pieces for building and play
  • Lots of options for redesigning the cityscape
  • Tram is modern and runs smoothly
  • Keeps kids occupied since it takes a while to build


  • Pricey, although you get a lot of value
  • Easy to lose pieces since there are so many of them

18. Lego DUPLO Classic Brick Box

The large, colorful DUPLO brick set is the perfect starter kit for your toddler.

At 65 pieces, your toddler of 18+ months old will have the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and visual-spatial awareness.

In addition to large bricks, this set comes with a car, flowers, window, and people figurines. DUPLO bricks are especially designed with your toddler in mind. They’re easy to handle and resistant to choking, although supervision is always required.


  • Large, easy to grip bricks
  • The car has moving wheels
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • At under 70 pieces, they’re not too tedious to pick up after playtime


  • Doesn’t have a theme
  • Because there are so few pieces, there’s only enough to make one design at a time

What to Consider Before Purchasing Legos

Legos aren’t like they used to be. With countless styles and designs, there are a few items you should consider before purchasing Legos. They include:

  • Age
  • Interest & Hobbies
  • Active vs. Model Sets
  • Colors
  • Price

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one.


Age is the first factor you should consider when purchasing Legos. Lego boxes are clearly marked with an age range. There will always be a starting age range (for example, seven years old).

In some cases, an age range will be listed (such as 7 – 12). In other cases, there isn’t a cap on age (such as 7+).

The good news? There’s a Lego set for just about everyone. Lego sets start for toddlers and go all the way up to adults of 99+ years old.

Interest & Hobbies

Nowadays, there’s a Lego set for just about every interest and hobby. Lego is continuously engineering new designs, and they even have contracts with movies and video games.

So, before you choose a Lego set for your boys, consider if they prefer a more creative approach with standard blocks or if they’d prefer to build Legos with a set theme.

Active vs. Model Sets

When it comes to function, consider whether your child will roughhouse their Lego set or if they’re looking for a more refined model that they can keep on a shelf.

Lego caters to both options, so it’s just a matter of knowing what will work best for your child.


The goal is to have your child playing a lot with their Legos. So, you’ll want to make sure to choose colors and designs that appeal to them. Picking a Lego set with attractive colors is especially important if you’ll be purchasing a general building set without a theme.

Lego has done a great job of offering various color options, so the most challenging part will likely be picking your child’s favorite.


As you may have already gathered from this article, prices for Legos vary significantly. Economical Legos start in the single digits to teens. The price range can go up into the hundreds of dollars, especially in detailed models with a high piece count.

So, decide how much you’re willing to spend on a Lego set and work from there.

Benefits of Legos

Legos are so much more than just a toy. Parents who have exposed their boys to Legos can likely attest that they are both fun and educational.

Below are six benefits of Legos for children:

  1. Develops fine motor skills
  2. Helps with spatial awareness
  3. Improves reading and learning to follow instructions
  4. Enhances concentration and patience
  5. Encourages problem-solving and mathematical thinking
  6. Promotes the development of planning skills

Mixing and Matching Lego Sets

As you may have gathered from this article, most Lego sets are designed to be mixed and matched.

But should you do it?

That depends.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of mixing and matching Lego sets.


  • Near endless building opportunities.
  • Some Lego sets come with fewer pieces, making them feel incomplete without other Lego kits.
  • Your child will be able to build larger, taller designs.


  • If you want to rebuild an original set after mixing and matching, it can be a nightmare to sort out the pieces.
  • Buying multiple Lego kits can get expensive.

As a final note, most, but not all, Lego sets are compatible with other kits. For example, a toddler’s DUPLO bricks won’t be compatible with bricks from the Creator line.

To know whether or not your old Lego sets can be mixed and matched with the new kit you want to buy, simply read the box of your new Lego set.

Lego Instructions

Lego is well known for offering detailed, step-by-step building instructions.

If you happen to lose your instruction booklet, simply head to Lego’s website and search from the thousands they offer online. You can even download the Lego Building Instructions app to make it easier to source long-lost instructions for Technic sets.

Lego’s online instruction offers an additional benefit—alternative instructions for sets that can be built in various ways.

Are you unsure if your Lego set comes with alternative designs?

No problem. Simply type your set number into their system, and they’ll let you know.

Even if your set doesn’t come with different designs, it’s still worth checking out their website. You just might get inspired, especially if you have multiple Lego sets to mix and match.

Value of Legos

Legos may have originally started as only for kids, but over the years, they’ve developed styles and complexities that appeal to adults too. In either case, Legos can have both sentimental and monetary value for its owners over time.

Kits that turned into collector’s items have been known to sell for thousands of dollars when their retail value was in the hundreds. In fact, they went on to claim that Legos could be a better investment than stocks.

So, if your child outgrows their Lego set, you may want to tuck it in a safe place and hope its value increases.

Final Word

Legos are bound to bring joy and learning opportunities for the boys in your family. There’s a Lego out there for every child; they offer an array of designs, difficulty levels, colors, and uses.

What are you waiting for? Whether it’s your first Lego purchase or twentieth, take the leap and purchase that dream set for your child.

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